Best RN to BSN Program in Every State – 2024 Rankings

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Welcome to our page with the listing of the Best RN to BSN program in every state across the nation.

Ranking Methodology Behind the Best RN to BSN Programs in Every State

We gathered a list of all nursing schools offering RN to BSN programs in every state and then ranked the Best based on the following four factors:

• Academic Quality (25%)
• Affordability (25%)
• Reputation of the School (25%)
• Editorial Staff Ratings (25%)

Known for a great value on investment, our list of Best RN to BSN Program in Every State provide students with rigorous employable BSN education at affordable tuition costs. The data required for our rankings was gathered from IPEDs, U.S. News & World Report, Niche, Grad Reports, Rate My Professors and the official school websites.

Following is a List of the Best RN to BSN Program in Every State for 2024

Read on to find out about the best RN to BSN Program nearest to you in this state-by-state roll call.

#1 in Alabama

Jacksonville State University, Jacksonville   ( Visit )

Ever thought of completing your BSN coursework in just a year? Through Jacksonville State University’s fully online RN to BSN curriculum, you will not only complete your education in 12 months but will also enjoy the perks of affordable tuition fees and the convenience of studying in the comfort of your home.

#1 in Alaska

University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage   ( Visit )

The University of Alaska Anchorage offers a 31-credit RN to BSN program that lets you swiftly transfer your ADN credits and complete your BSN coursework. Here you will learn the fundamental concepts of anatomy and physiology, social sciences, technology, & nursing informatics, biomedical ethics, and much more.

#1 in Arizona

Arizona State University, Phoenix   ( Visit )

At Arizona State University you can complete your RN to BSN degree online. This 39-credit hour curriculum prepares you to meet the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry through its innovative and dynamic coursework. You will also have access to expert instructors who have won several national nursing faculty awards.

#1 in Arkansas

Arkansas State University-Jonesboro, Jonesboro   ( Visit )

The RN to BSN curriculum of Arkansas State University can be a perfect option for working nurses to advance their careers in this field. In this 12-month or 33-credit program you will develop leadership, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills in addition to becoming well-versed with the required patient care and clinical skills.

#1 in California

California State University-Chico, Chico   ( Visit )

Apart from its outstanding reputation, California State University’s RN to BSN course comes with its highly experienced instructors, a flexible schedule for working students, and affordable tuition fees. You can enroll in its 30-credit coursework in the winter, summer or fall semesters.

#1 in Colorado

University of Northern Colorado, Greeley   ( Visit )

Did you know that employment in allied health is expected to increase at a rate of 18%? If you are already a registered nurse, you can take advantage of this opportunity by continuing your training through the RN to BSN program at the University of Northern Colorado. The program is delivered online and takes 20 months to complete.

#1 in Connecticut

Sacred Heart University, Fairfield   ( Visit )

Upon graduating from Sacred Heart University’s RN to BSN curriculum you will be prepared to fit in various roles including that of a staff registered nurse, a hospice nurse, and a patient care manager. Here you can complete a total of 30 credit hours in 1.5 years through its rigorous coursework.

#1 in Delaware

University of Delaware, Newark   ( Visit )

Since 1993 the University of Delaware has been offering quality hybrid educational courses that cater to locals as well as students from all around the world. Its 34-credit RN to BSN program encompasses several video classes, an 84-hour practicum in an actual nursing facility, and one-on-one discussions between students and instructors.

#1 in Florida

University of South Florida, Tampa   ( Visit )

If you are thinking of comprehensive nursing education to level up your patient care, clinical and managerial skills then the University of South Florida’s RN to BSN program could be a great choice. This 30-hour curriculum comprises of several courses in leadership, patient education, clinical excellence, and ambulatory care.

#1 in Georgia

University of North Georgia, Dahlonega   ( Visit )

Did you know that an RN to BSN degree could open doors to more than 31 nursing positions for you? The University of North Georgia’s RN-BSN program is ranked among the best online nursing programs in the nation with a job placement rate of 98%. You can enroll for this 3-semester long program in the fall semester.

#1 in Hawaii

University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu   ( Visit )

At the University of Hawaii, you get to complete your RN to BSN education using the online, on-campus, and HITS schedules. In this 34-credit coursework, you will complete courses like evidence practices, an introduction to genetics, nursing elective, advanced pathophysiology, leadership, and neurobiology.

#1 in Idaho

Boise State University, Boise   ( Visit )

Boise State University is one of the few nursing schools that offers a dual enrollment option allowing you to start with your RN-BSN coursework while still completing your ADN program. You can sign up for this program in either the fall, spring, or summer semesters and after which you are required to earn a total of 30 credits to graduate.

#1 in Illinois

Lewis University, Romeoville   ( Visit )

Ranked among the best RN-BSN programs in the country, Lewis University could be a great option to advance in your nursing career. Here you will study in compact classrooms that help to individualize learning and encourage active participation from students. With the help of flexible schedules, you also get the convenience to balance your work and campus-life.

#1 in Indiana

Ball State University - Muncie   ( Visit )

Ball State University’s 100% online RN to BSN program not only provides you with the mobility to study from any location but is also very affordable. Its coursework is delivered through an asynchronous format allowing you to complete courses according to your schedule. The college is also recognized by U.S. News as one of the best universities for online bachelor’s programs.

#1 in Iowa

Clarke University, Dubuque

Clarke University offers a 100% online RN to BSN degree, which is carefully designed to get you job-ready by training you in several career-relevant courses. Here you can seamlessly move up to 95 credit hours to your bachelor’s degree and also avail several scholarships and financial aid opportunities.

#1 in Kansas

Fort Hays State University, Hays   ( Visit )

Fort Hays State University offers a 3 semester-long RN to BSN program that can be completed fully online. The college utilizes student-centric teaching methods that empower you with time management, critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills. During your journey here, you will study in small-size classrooms and laboratories that feature the latest equipment.

#1 in Kentucky

Eastern Kentucky University, Richmond   ( Visit )

At Eastern Kentucky University you can graduate from their RN to BSN program by completing just 29 credit hours. The program is delivered through the traditional schedule that allows you to graduate in 2 years, or you can choose the accelerated schedule where you can complete your BSN coursework in as few as 18 months.

#1 in Louisiana

Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Shreveport   ( Visit )

Did you know that the Northwestern State University of Louisiana was the first public college to offer a baccalaureate nursing curriculum in the state of Louisiana? Ever since then the college is known for producing highly efficient nurses in the state. In its RN to BSN program, you are required to complete nursing courses constituting 30 credit hours.

#1 in Maine

University of Southern Maine, Portland   ( Visit )

Through the University of Southern Maine’s RN to BSN curriculum, you will study core nursing, humanities, physical science, and social science courses helping you have access to a wider knowledge base. You can sign-up for this program on a full time or part-time basis, with the added flexibility of completing several courses online.

#1 in Maryland

University of Maryland, Baltimore   ( Visit )

Did you know that 83% of healthcare facilities choose to hire RNs who also hold a BSN degree? If you are thinking of graduating from an RN-BSN program, then you could consider the University of Maryland as an option. You can graduate from this 31-credit curriculum in 2 semesters through a full-time or part-time online schedule.

#1 in Massachusetts

University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth, North Dartmouth   ( Visit )

The University of Massachusetts offers you an individually customized RN to BSN curriculum. This 100% online, 31 credits program comprises of courses in professional nursing, nursing care for chronic illness, therapeutic interventions, and professional development. Upon graduating from this program, you can find employment in the field of healthcare management, education, and patient care.

#1 in Michigan

The University of Michigan-Flint, Flint   ( Visit )

The University of Michigan offers a nationally recognized RN to BSN program that provides you with the job preparedness you need to have a successful career in this challenging field. Apart from the regular nursing courses, the college also provides you with opportunities to earn a certificate in nursing leadership & management, and nursing case management.

#1 in Minnesota

Minnesota State University Mankato, Mankato   ( Visit )

The RN to BSN degree of Minnesota State University prepares you to work in trauma centers, nursing homes, clinics, hospitals, and public health organizations. You can enroll in this 30-credit online program on a full-time or part-time basis in the fall, summer, or spring sessions.

#1 in Mississippi

Mississippi University for Women, Columbus   ( Visit )

Being the top RN to BSN curriculum in the south, by joining Mississippi University for Women you can have access to excellent faculty, laboratories with state-of-art equipment, and enjoy wide range of employment opportunities. The college offers a total-distance-format where you can complete your entire theoretical coursework online, and a partial-distance-format that utilizes a blend of online and classroom teaching methods.

#1 in Missouri

Maryville University-Saint Louis, St. Louis   ( Visit )

On graduating from Maryville University’s RN to BSN program you will be eligible to take up challenging positions of a nursing manager, nurse supervisor, or a clinical nurse manager. This three-semester course is designed after considering the latest trends in the healthcare industry and employs an individualized teaching approach despite being online.

#1 in Montana

Montana Tech, Butte   ( Visit )

Montana Tech University’s RN to BSN degree is based on the core concepts of caring, communication, clinical judgment, critical thinking, and professionalism. Here you will complete 48 credit hours of nursing and general education courses in subjects such as global nursing, advanced health assessment, family nursing, informatics, psychology, and biostatistics.

#1 in Nebraska

University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha   ( Visit )

The RN to BSN coursework at the University of Nebraska Medical Center is delivered through online and hybrid schedules. The college’s partnership with more than 100 medical facilities around Nebraska allows you to complete your practical training from a healthcare center that is close to you.

#1 in Nevada

University of Nevada, Reno   ( Visit )

For over 50 years University of Nevada has been a leader in providing robust education in the dynamic field of nursing. Its 30-credit RN to BSN curriculum includes a 135 hours long clinical practicum and lectures on critical courses like gerontology, information systems, dimensions of health & wellness, and legal issues in nursing.

#1 in New Hampshire

Colby-Sawyer College, New London   ( Visit )

Colby Sawyer College offers a 16-month long RN-BSN program that is delivered using an online platform and is also affordable. Furthermore, if you take up two courses per semester you get the opportunity to reduce your education costs even further through financial aid.

#1 in New Jersey

The College of New Jersey, Ewing   ( Visit )

If you are a registered nurse looking to continue with your education, then The College of New Jersey’s RN to BSN program may be the right option for you. The 32-credit curriculum is presented through face to face lectures allowing you to interact with your instructors and peers in person.

#1 in New Mexico

University of New Mexico - Albuquerque   ( Visit )

At the University of New Mexico, you can earn a bachelor’s degree by completing just 30 credit hours of nursing coursework through its RN to BSN program. The coursework utilizes a blend of evidence practices with advanced technologies allowing you to demonstrate high-quality, patient-focused nursing care across the lifespan.

#1 in New York

University at Buffalo-SUNY, Buffalo   ( Visit )

Listed among the best RN to BSN programs in the country, the University at Buffalo can help you achieve a lucrative career in nursing. This affordable program takes place fully online. You also have the flexibility of choosing between a full-time schedule that takes 1 year to complete and a part-time schedule where you can graduate in 2 years.

#1 in North Carolina

Winston-Salem State University, Winston-Salem   ( Visit )

Winston-Salem State University’s RN-BSN curriculum allows you to earn a baccalaureate degree in just 1 year. This budget-friendly program is offered online, providing you the flexibility to seamlessly fit in your life schedule if you’re working simultaneously. The lectures will focus on teaching you leadership, financial management, global and community health, and pathophysiology.

#1 in North Dakota

North Dakota State University, Fargo   ( Visit )

North Dakota State University's School of Nursing is usually placed among the top 10 schools in the Great Plains region. Its RN to BSN program is systematically drafted so that you can advance your nursing education without having to repeat anything you have learned before. You can enroll in this entirely online coursework in Fall and graduate after completing 5 semesters of education to help you succeed in a complex healthcare environment.

#1 in Ohio

Youngstown State University, Youngstown   ( Visit )

Youngstown State University’s RN to BSN online curriculum intends to improve your practical skills, widen your conceptual understanding, and gets you habituated in taking up challenging responsibilities at your workplace. The program requires you to complete 28 credit hours of nursing courses like evidence-based practice, informatics, community health, and leadership.

#1 in Oklahoma

Southwestern Oklahoma State University, Weatherford   ( Visit )

If you are already a registered nurse, then completing your bachelor’s from Southwestern Oklahoma State University can help you level up in your nursing career. This online program includes open discussions, lectures, and externship projects to always keep you engaged and motivated. You can join this program in the summer, spring, or fall semesters.

#1 in Oregon

Oregon Health & Sciences University, Portland   ( Visit )

With its innovative hands-on training, award-winning instructors, and international training opportunities in places like Thailand, the Oregon Health and Sciences University can be a great place to earn your RN to BSN degree. Here you will complete your didactic training online and practical courses will comprise of a blend of online projects and actual on-field clinical experiences.

#1 in Pennsylvania

Cedar Crest College, Allentown   ( Visit )

If you are a licensed RN from an accredited college with a minimum GPA of 2.5 and have worked for over 1000 hours then you can seamlessly join Cedar Crest College’s RN to BSN program without passing any entrance tests. Upon enrolling you will have to complete 36 credits hours to graduate from this online course.

#1 in Rhode Island

University of Rhode Island, Kingston  ( Visit )

At the University of Rhode Island, you can earn a bachelor’s degree by completing just 24 credit hours of nursing coursework through its RN-BSN program. The college offers fast-track seven-week courses helping you gain maximum knowledge by putting in a minimum amount of time.

#1 in South Carolina

Clemson University, Clemson  ( Visit )

Clemson University’s several partnerships with local colleges help you move into its BSN curriculum effortlessly. After carefully considering the requirements of working students the program is thoughtfully delivered online. You also have the convenience of selecting a full-time schedule that can be completed in 12 months or a part-time schedule that allows you to graduate at your own pace.

#1 in South Dakota

South Dakota State University, Brookings  ( Visit )

South Dakota State University offers accelerated 7-week courses in its RN to BSN program that helps you graduate by putting in minimum time. The coursework is delivered online and incorporates theories and ideas of liberal arts into your nursing education enabling you to become an efficient team player, communicator, and multitasker.

#1 in Tennessee

East Tennessee State University, Johnson City  ( Visit )

Did you know that 59% of instructors at East Tennessee State University’s nursing school have completed their doctorates? What’s more, its online RN to BSN degree holds the number one position in the state of Tennessee. This program comprises of 9 courses that help you earn the minimum 32 credits to graduate.

#1 in Texas

University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston, Houston   ( Visit )

The University of Texas Health Science Center gives you the mobility to complete your RN to BSN coursework work in just two semesters or as long as five semesters, depending on your preferred pace. Here you are required to complete 31 nursing credit hours and 29 advanced placement hours after finishing 60 hours of pre-requisite courses.

#1 in Utah

University of Utah, Salt Lake City  ( Visit )

At the University of Utah, you have the convenience to graduate from its RN to BSN degree in two, three, or four semesters. The coursework is presented fully online and encompasses a clinical experience of 45 hours under expert nurses and a 68-hour externship that can be completed at your workplace.

#1 in Vermont

University of Vermont - Burlington  ( Visit )

The University of Vermont was founded in 1791 and is the 5th oldest university in the New England region. Its RN to BSN degree comprises of 10 core nursing courses out of which you can complete 9 online. Its offline course in health assessment is a one-week-long summer course that is offered at its main Burlington campus, in its high-tech simulation center.

#1 in Virginia

Old Dominion University, Norfolk  ( Visit )

Since 1987 Old Dominion University has been known for extending effective distance education to its nursing students. Its partnerships with several colleges in Virginia can help you seamlessly transfer your ADN credits and transition into the BSN coursework. Graduating from here also comes with the added advantage of gaining the opportunity to work with some of the top employers in the state.

#1 in Washington

University of Washington, Bothell   ( Visit )

If you enroll in the University of Washington’s 45-credit hybrid RN to BSN curriculum you can easily fit in your education into your busy schedule as you will attend classes not more than twice weekly. You also have other full-time and part-time options to choose from.

#1 in West Virginia

Marshall University, Huntington   ( Visit )

The affordable RN-BSN program of Marshall University allows you to expand your knowledge in liberal arts, social science, and patient care through a synergetic online platform. The college also boasts of around 90% of its students being employed soon after graduation.

#1 in Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire   ( Visit )

The RN to BSN degree of the University of Wisconsin takes 2 years to complete and is offered through online and hybrid cohorts. This rigorous curriculum trains you in courses related to leadership, informatics, patient safety, evidence-based practices, and communication. Considering the high costs involved in quality nursing education, the college provides numerous scholarships and financial aid options.

#1 in Wyoming

University of Wyoming, Laramie   ( Visit )

If you are a working RN, looking forward to taking your career to the next level then the RN to BSN program at the University of Wyoming can help you achieve this goal. Here your education comprises several 8-week courses that you can complete online allowing you to pursue your work commitments.

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