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NursingProcess.org is a comprehensive resource to navigate information about nursing education and careers. On the site, you can explore information about everything nursing. Whether it is knowing about degrees, schools, or the various nursing specialties, you’ll find it all here. The site is also a go-to source if you seek details on salaries, career advice, or deeper insights about any nursing-related topic.

Who Are We?

At Nursingprocess.org, we are an independent group of passionate educators and nursing professionals who are committed to providing expert-driven information. We have no affiliations with any college, university, or organization.

What’s Our Story?

We started Nursingprocess.org in 2011, as a small core team, working out of our homes. With limited resources to start with, we set out to create a high-quality blog, bringing in nursing education and career information. Since then, the site has grown from page to page to become a credible online guide for aspiring nurses and nursing professionals. Today, our team has expanded, to continuously include experienced professionals from the nursing field.

Why Do We Do What We Do?

Nursing is a vast field with over 2000 schools, a variety of degrees, and a hundred-plus specialization options. Therefore, it can get overwhelming to make the right decision. While there is no dearth of information out there, there is indeed a gap in information that is expert-driven, trustworthy, and easy to understand.

At Nursingprocess.org, we understand the importance of expert-driven information in making prudent decisions and, therefore we want to empower our readers with a trustworthy resource to help them make great choices about their education and career in the nursing field.

What’s Our Mission?

As a premier online resource, our mission is to provide nursing-related information that is accurate, reliable, up-to-date, and backed by extensive research and professional expertise. We want to keep continuing to reach millions of readers, helping them find useful information quickly and easily!

How Do We Generate Revenue?

As is the case with any organization, we need to monetize Nursingprocess.org to keep our running expenses going. To continue providing high-quality free content to our readers, we generate revenue through advertisements. Any advertisements on the site are clearly mentioned as such. The advertisements in no way influence our editorial policy. Nursingprocess.org does not promote or endorse any school or organization.

Who Are Our Talented Writers?

The talented team of writers is what makes the heart and soul of Nursingprocess.org. We are proud of our team of nurse writers who bring their valuable insights and evidence-based knowledge to the benefit of our readers. With a wealth of experience and expertise, our writers are committed to empowering nurses with fact-based, reliable, and up-to-date information. Listed in alphabetical order, meet our talented team of writers below:

Amanda R. Loescher, BSN, RN

Amanda Loescher is a Bachelor's prepared Registered Nurse from Wisconsin. She has experience in many different fields of nursing and was a travel nurse for seven years. She currently lives in Madison, WI with her three-year-old daughter.    Read More »

Amy K. Cooney RN, BSN, SCRN

Amy has been a registered nurse for 35 years. She has had multiple specialties throughout her career. She has been ANCC certified in Medical Surgical Nursing and Nursing Professional Development.    Read More »

Andrea Mosher, CPNP, PMHS

Andrea Mosher, CPNP, is a primary care pediatric nurse practitioner with a variety of nursing experience. She has worked in medical-surgical, emergency departments, urgent care and primary care pediatrics.    Read More »

Brittney Bertagna, BSN, RN

Brittney Bertagna is currently a nurse and writer in Las Vegas, NV. She grew up in California where she attended California State University, Chico, and received a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Following her completion of business school, she relocated to Las Vegas to pursue her nursing career,    Read More »

Brooke Schmidt, RN, BSN

Brooke Schmidt is a registered nurse with 10 years of clinical experience. She is currently living in Oregon and enjoys exploring the Pacific Northwest with her family. Brooke graduated from The University of Portland with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. During her time in school, Brooke developed a passion for geriatrics and chose a specialized practicum to gain further experience with this population.    Read More »

Caitlin Goodwin DNP, CNM, RN

Caitlin Goodwin is a Certified Nurse-Midwife who has been a nurse for 12 years, primarily in women’s health. She is passionate about caring for children with developmental disabilities, as her son has Autism Spectrum Disorder. Caitlin loved working as a camp nurse for a summer camp for those with special needs.    Read More »

Chris Meyer, FNP-BC, MSN, RN

Chris Meyer is a Family Nurse Practitioner based in East Tennessee currently working at a small rural primary care clinic. Chris began his journey in healthcare as a Certified Nursing Assistant while pursuing his nursing degree. He spent two years working in a step-down unit before graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and transitioning to the Intensive Care Unit as a Registered Nurse. However, during the pandemic, Chris decided to explore other avenues and returned to school to obtain a Master’s degree, which ultimately led him to his current position.    Read More »

Darby Faubion RN, BSN, MBA

Darby Faubion is a nurse and allied health instructor with over 20 years of clinical experience. Her work history includes clinical experience in pediatrics, mental health, addiction and behavioral disorders, geriatrics, wound management, and communicable disease. Darby has worked in hospitals, long-term care facilities, and home health and hospice agencies. Darby also has experience as a nursing and allied health educator at both community college and university levels. Her love for nursing and nursing education led to her becoming a test-taking strategist and NCLEX prep coach.    Read More »

Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN

Donna Reese is a freelance nurse health content writer with 37 years nursing experience. She has worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner in her local community clinic and as an RN in home health, rehabilitation, hospital, and school nursing.    Read More »

Jennifer Schlette MSN, RN

Jennifer Schlette is a registered nurse in pediatric critical care in New York City. She is the former Director of Undergraduate Nursing at a college located in New York. After obtaining her BSN from the College of Mount Saint Vincent, she went on to complete her MSN.    Read More »

Jessica Holbrook, RN, MSN, CCRN

Jessica works in an adult intensive care unit as an ECMO specialist and as part of the medical flight team. She also works as a patient and new nurse educator in the hospital and loves to research and share information with the people she teaches.    Read More »

Julie Monroe BSN, RN

Julie Monroe is a registered nurse, freelance science writer, and graduate student who is completing an MSN in Forensic Nursing. She is passionate about nursing research, medical writing, and the pursuit of social justice for all of those who are marginalized within the healthcare system.    Read More »

Kasee Wiesen DNP, APRN, FNP-C

Kasee Wiesen is a practicing family nurse practitioner. Her nursing background includes emergency medicine, pediatrics and peri-op. Education is a passion of Kasee’s, and she has taught BSN, RN-BSN and DNP students, and has enjoyed every moment of it!    Read More »

Kathleen Gaines MSN, RN, BA, CBC

Kathleen Gaines is a Master’s prepared registered nurse with 15 years of experience specializing in pediatric and neonatal intensive care. Kathleen initially graduated from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, Virginia with a degree in English/Journalism and a minor in Biology.    Read More »

Kelsey Bader, BSN, RN

Kelsey Bader is a registered nurse from Louisiana. Kelsey has a diverse range of experiences. Some of Kelsey’s work experience includes bedside nursing in ICUs at various hospitals in COVID and non-COVID units, emergency rooms. Kelsey has worked in remote chronic care management, as a remote patient monitoring nurse, and has experience as an Assistant Director of Nursing.    Read More »

Lauren Jacobson MS, RN, WHNP-BC

Lauren Jacobson is a registered nurse and women's health nurse practitioner who is passionate about global health and specialized in sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) and gender-based violence. She currently works as an International Health Consultant in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. She continues to volunteer as a nurse practitioner by providing forensic medical and psychological evaluations for people seeking asylum in the US. She previously worked as a nurse practitioner in an OB/GYN clinic in Massachusetts. She earned a Master of Science in International Health in 2021 and is tropical medicine certified from the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in The Netherlands.    Read More »

Lauren Rivera BSN, RNC-NIC

Lauren Rivera is a registered nurse with over 13 years of experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Besides her nursing license, she is nationally certified in neonatal nursing, and is a certified breastfeeding counselor.    Read More »

Lee Ann M. Box, MSN, RN

Lee Ann M. Box is a critical care nurse and Associate Professor of Nursing. At present, she has over 20 years of nursing and education experience. Lee Ann’s work history includes current clinical experience in medical, trauma, and Covid ICU where she has practiced in both large teaching hospitals and community-based hospitals. In addition to her faculty role in an undergraduate nursing program, she has taught in a Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program and has also worked as a hospital-based nurse educator.    Read More »

Pattie Trumble, MPP, MPH

Pattie Trumble is a nurse who worked in both California and New York for many years as an emergency room nurse. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley, and an Associate Degree in Nursing from the Samuel Merritt Hospital School of Nursing. After 10 years of providing direct care, she went back to school and earned concurrent Master’s degrees in both public policy and public health from the University of California, Berkeley. Thereafter, she worked for various public health agencies in California at both the community and state levels providing economic and legislative analysis.    Read More »

Raymond Aguirre RN, BSN, PHN, CHPN

Raymond Aguirre is a registered nurse with years of experience in the medical field. He currently works as a public health nurse and has years of experience in home health, hospice, and skilled nursing facility settings.    Read More »

Sarah Cruzan, RN, BSN

Sarah Cruzan is a registered nurse with 6 years of hospital, sales, and education experience. She is passionate about engaging clients and providing exceptional care. Sarah was a competitive swimmer for 15 years. She received a scholarship to The Ohio State University and swam varsity for 4 years.    Read More »

Sarah Jividen BSN, RN, SCRN

Sarah Jividen is a healthcare content writer and experienced ER and neuro/trauma nurse. Her writing is focused on the nursing profession, breaking medical news, evidence-based healthcare and wellness trends, and motherhood. When she is not working you might find Sarah playing with her two toddlers, or exploring the great outdoors.    Read More »

How To Join Our Team?

If you hold a degree in nursing with at least 4 to 5 years of work experience and have a flair for writing, we will be glad to welcome you to our expanding team. Contact us if you want to be a part of our overall mission to provide reliable and unbiased nursing education and career information.

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