17 Best Travel Nurse Practitioner Companies of 2023

Written By: Lauren Rivera BSN, RNC-NIC

Travel nurse practitioner companies pair nurse practitioners with contracts within their specialty, location, and practice setting of their choice. Recruiters assist NPs with obtaining an assignment and arranging the logistics of travel, licensing, and credentialing. Each assignment with a travel nurse practitioner agency typically provides the nurse practitioner with housing, travel expenses, malpractice insurance, car rental, and health benefits, as well as a generous salary. There are many travel nurse practitioner agencies available, read on to find out the 17 best travel nurse practitioner companies of 2023 to help you make an informed decision on which company to choose to work with.

What Exactly Does A Travel Nurse Practitioner Company Do?

Travel nurse practitioner agencies serve as recruitment agencies that organize and coordinate assignments for travel NPs. Working with travel nurse practitioner companies allows for a seamless process from finding a travel position to negotiating pay rates and benefits packages. Most agencies offer competitive salaries, paid travel, housing, benefits, and medical liability insurance. A Travel NP is assigned a recruiter who is responsible to help locate a position, assist with travel, licensing, and credentialing, and help support them during their assignment. Utilizing travel nurse practitioner agencies allows NPs to have a greater level of choice and control in their career while having the flexibility to travel and explore new practice settings.



(Below listed in alphabetical order are 17 companies that provide the best career opportunities for travel nurse practitioners in 2023.)

1. AB Staffing Solutions

AB Staffing Solutions LLC is a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing and travel nursing. They were founded in 2002 and are accredited by the Joint Commission. Forbes list ranked AB Staffing as the Top Healthcare Staffing Company of America’s Best Professional Recruiting Firms, making it one of the best travel nurse practitioner agencies. AB offers travel nurse practitioners weekly payments via direct deposit, insurance coverage, including health, vision, and dental, 401k plans, short or long-term disability plans, and per diem lodging. Travel NPs with AB Staffing Solutions will have access to thousands of jobs, flexible scheduling, and location freedom. Here travel nurse practitioners are offered access to a self-sign-up job portal and a personal recruiter. AB Staffing specializes in placing travel nurse practitioners throughout the United States. AB’s Travel NPs are responsible for caring for patients, scheduling, and administering follow-up appointments, and maintaining accurate patient records.

2. Aureus Medical Group

Ranked among the top travel nurse practitioner companies, Aureus Medical Group is a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, as well as a Medical Solutions Company with over 35 years of experience. Their mission statement is “to be the staffing provider and employer of choice by helping people achieve their goals.” They hold the Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval. Aureus Medical Group has a dedicated team of recruiters who focus on positions for nurse practitioners. They offer highly competitive compensation and benefits for NPs. Aureus also assists with the licensure process and provides continual support regarding contract negotiation, travel coordination, relocation, and housing arrangements. They also give NPs an unlimited $600 loyalty bonus for every 600 hours worked! At Aureus, you can choose travel nurse practitioner roles in healthcare systems, hospitals, or private practice offices.

3. Barton Associates

Barton Associates, founded in 2001, is a leading national locum tenens company that places travel nurse practitioners in short-and long-term positions across the United States. Counted among the best travel nurse practitioner agencies, they state that they were inspired by the pioneering, humanitarian work of Clara Barton, and their mission is to staff facilities nationwide so that underserved areas can receive the quality healthcare that they deserve. Barton Associates focuses exclusively on staffing and recruiting locum tenens providers. Their locum tenens licensing and credentialing services are among the best in the industry. Travel Nurse Practitioners can expect to serve in roles such as critical care units in the hospital, family practice offices, psychiatry centers, urgent cares, or pediatric facilities.

4. CompHealth

CompHealth has placed over 7,300 providers across the United States. They are backed by CHG Healthcare, one of the largest healthcare staffing companies, allowing them to have a vast number of positions to pull from. They have thousands of short-and long- term positions across every specialty. Locum tenens NPs are provided with private housing, travel and transportation expenses, comprehensive malpractice insurance, licensing fees, employment benefits, and 401k matching, as well as weekly direct deposits. If a travel Nurse Practitioner desires to be placed in a permanent position, CompHealth will negotiate on their behalf to ensure the best salary, benefits, and incentives are given. Travel Nurse Practitioners can choose from roles in urgent care facilities, gastroenterology, cardiology, intensive care, psychiatry, family practice, and oncology across the United States. CompHealth considers itself one of the best travel nurse practitioner agencies in the business.

5. Cross Country Locums

Cross Country Locums, a part of Cross Country Healthcare, leaders in healthcare staffing, has over 30 years of experience in placing travel nurse practitioners. They accommodate many prestigious facilities and government agencies. Here travel nurse practitioners are provided excellent liability insurance, as well as travel and housing coverage. Cross Country Locums considers nurse practitioners independent contractors, hence the pay will be directly deposited weekly. However, you will receive a 1099 form, and taxes will not be withheld, they will be the responsibility of the NP. Cross Country has a mission which is Care for All, where they are committed to helping you succeed in your lifelong devotion to caring for others.

6. Fastaff

Fastaff is a leading provider of urgent and crucial temporary nurse practitioners. They are a premier Rapid Response staffing agency. Fastaff has partnered with many prestigious healthcare facilities and small community hospitals, which allows them to have a large pool of positions to choose from. They offer premium pay and provide housing during the entire length of your stay, as well as airfare or mileage to your assignment. Assignments range from 2 to 13 weeks and can often be extended. Fastaff provides free continuing education opportunities as well. Testimonials from staff boast about respectful and helpful recruitment teams. Travel nurse practitioners state that Fastaff has some of the highest pay rates in travel nursing, good health insurance, bonuses, and are helpful with licensing and accommodations.

7. Flexcare

As one of the top travel nurse practitioner companies, Flexcare Medical Staffing is a national leader in travel nursing. Their mission is to improve the lives of everyone they touch by delivering premier staffing solutions with integrity and transparency. Flexcare provides one expert point of contact in the form of a “S1NGLEPOINT” recruiter who is accountable for the entire traveler experience. They guide you through the job search process and ensure your assignment goes smoothly. They offer competitive pay packages that are hassle-free. Flexcare offers Premier Traveler Access, an app where you can search assignments, view pay packages, save favorite locations, sign up for job alerts, and customize your profile. You can turn on email and text alerts to be the first to hear about new opportunities. At Flexcare travel nurse practitioners who refer a colleague can earn up to $1,000 through the FlexFriends Referral Program.

8. Goldfish Medical Staffing

Nurse practitioners who travel with Goldfish Medical Staffing are offered positions in urgent care facilities, critical care, emergency medicine, sleep medicine, psychiatry, neonatology, cardiology, and family practice. Goldfish Medical Staffing was founded in 2007 by seven partners. Their core values include integrity, honesty, and hard work: with the intention to exceed your expectations through their extraordinary dedication. Goldfish Medical Staffing assigns one point of contact for locum tenens nurse practitioners, they are available 24/7, and have a dedicated risk management team for any needs that may arise.

9. Leaderstat

LeaderStat has earned the Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction Award and Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction awards from Clearly Rated. Their expert recruiters find available positions, arrange travel, housing, and facilitate compliances. They work with hospitals and healthcare systems across the country with specializations in med-surg, ICU, PCU, ER, OR, PICU, NICU, and L&D. LeaderStat offers travel nurse license reimbursement and a referral bonuses. They offer traditional 13-week assignments, however, both shorter and longer assignments may be negotiated. Extension assignments up to 3-5 weeks are available as well. Leaderstat’s mission is to be the primary source for talented leadership for healthcare organizations nationwide. Should an organization need a healthcare leader immediately, LeaderStat provides interim managers and executives, in addition to travel nurse practitioners.

10. LocumTenens.com

LocumTenens.com states that they are the largest and most-visited job board in the industry. Travel nurse practitioners can sign up to gain free access to the job board and take advantage of the many features, such as responding to jobs or candidates, managing job searches, communicating anonymously, and managing their resumes. In addition to a job board, Locum Tenens is a recruitment agency focusing on individualized specialties with a recruiter committed to each specialty. Locum Tenens has a dedicated telemedicine department, for nurse practitioners looking to provide telehealth services. They are the first and only URAC-certified staffing agency offering telehealth services.

11. MedWave Healthcare Staffing

MedWave Healthcare Staffing, one of the popular travel nurse practitioner companies in the nation, helps place nurse practitioners in travel assignments and assists them every step of the way from the application process through license compliance. They have created a streamlined compliance process to assist practitioners, they arrange drug screens, physicals, and handle any documentation required. MedWave offers generous meal and housing stipends and assists with finding housing for your assignment. They offer 24/7 support to ensure a smooth assignment. Their website is organized with any forms you may need pertaining to payroll, including timecard sheets, direct deposit, and tax forms. The average assignment with MedWave is 3-16 weeks with the opportunity to extend. Travel nurse practitioners with MedWave speak very highly of the recruiters and how supportive they are.

12. Staff Care

Staff Care places travel nurse practitioners in locum tenens assignments at urgent care centers, top hospitals, and specialty clinics. They assist with all the necessary paperwork, licensing, travel arrangements, and housing. Staff Care can assist locum tenens nurse practitioners with obtaining licensure in states that they aren’t yet licensed. They also offer a bonus for referring fellow healthcare providers. Bonuses of up to $2,000 are available when the referred provider works 20 days or 160 hours. Staff Care has a streamlined notification process for job alerts, where NPs will be alerted by email or text of any new positions that are posted that match their skills, desired location, and specialty.

13. Sunbelt Staffing

With over 30 years in the industry, Sunbelt Staffing has formed excellent relationships with several hospital systems, providing travel nurse practitioners a plethora of assignments to choose from. They have received the Gold Seal of Approval for Healthcare Staffing Services from the Joint Commission since 2007. Sunbelt Staffing creates an individualized job search for travel nurse practitioners to match them with the perfect assignment. Travel NPs may access the website for available positions as well. Sunbelt has also founded Sunbelt Cares, a program to give back to the local Florida communities to support environmental and social causes. They encourage the program through companywide initiatives such as a volunteer day.

14. Triage Staffing

Triage Staffing serves five major divisions of acute care. They provide one point of contact and have in-house compliance and accounting specialists. They also have on-staff clinical liaisons and a mentoring program that is run and managed by clinicians. Most contracts offered are 13 weeks. Triage locates housing for you or provides a housing allowance. Employees are eligible for benefits including 401K, medical, and dental, and vision as well as vacation time and continuing education and certification reimbursement. Travel nurse practitioners are paid on a weekly basis and can tailor their benefits package for what fits them. A $750 bonus is offered for any referrals for fellow travelers.

15. Vista

Vista Staffing Solutions has a dedicated advanced practice team that will help you zero down on the best travel assignment options. They have carefully screened worksites to match your skills and experience. Benefits include paid travel, professional liability insurance, housing, and local transportation. Vista helps with licensure, credentialing, and securing privileges. They have excellent compensation and do not charge placement fees. Vista offers telehealth staffing solutions as well if that is something that interests you. Vista has an active job board for nurse practitioners to search assignments across various specialties such as cardiology, gerontology, dermatology, emergency medicine, family medicine, women’s health, oncology, pediatrics, and occupational medicine.

16. Vivian Health

Vivian Health, formerly NurseFly, allows travel nurse practitioners to create a profile that allows hundreds of potential healthcare employers to view them via an app. The profile allows you to set up preferences regarding salary, location and desired shift. NPs can communicate with multiple employers via the app, where recruiters can directly reach out and negotiate. Vivian health has the largest marketplace for healthcare workers. Vivian provides a comprehensive salary calculator to compare pay with the most up-to-date job market. Their app calculates the cost of living for potential assignments in different cities, reviews are posted on local facilities from healthcare professionals, so you have an idea of the culture before accepting an assignment, which can be really helpful in making a decision.

17. Wilderness Medical Staffing

Wilderness Medical Staffing places locum tenens providers in assignments throughout the continental Northwest (Idaho, Montana, Washington, Wyoming) and Alaska. Founder Mary Ellen Doty recognized the need for a healthcare staffing company that provided excellent medical care in rural and remote areas while she worked as a nurse practitioner in rural Alaska and Montana. Assignments in emergency medicine, primary care, and urgent care are typically the most needed. Locum tenens providers here are considered independent contractors and are not eligible for employee benefits, however, housing and ground transportation are covered. Wilderness does not cover licensing fees, but they do assist in getting the process started. Accepting an assignment with Wilderness will allow you to have a tremendous impact on rural communities.

6 Ways To Determine Which Travel Nurse Practitioner Company Is Right For You

1. What type of recruiter support is available?

Recruiter support is paramount to having a successful assignment. Recruiters represent and negotiate on your behalf to ensure benefits such as housing, transportation, and salary needs are met and that the onboarding process goes smoothly.

2. What destinations does the agency serve?

Many nurse practitioners make the decision to travel because they want the flexibility to travel and choose short assignments. Research which destinations the staffing agency serves to make sure the fit is right for you depending on your traveling desires.

3. What type of housing is provided?

Most travel NP staffing agencies provide housing, however, some do not. Speak with a recruiter to see what type of housing is available, determine if you will have a roommate, and if accommodations will be made for you or if you must arrange your own housing.

4. What type of benefits are offered?

Many travel nurse practitioner staffing agencies offer benefits such as medical, dental, and vision, as well as a 401k package. However, there are companies that do not. Before signing on with a staffing agency determine if you will need access to benefits and if they are provided.

5. Does the agency offer competitive pay?

Compensation is typically the top reason why nurse practitioners decide to become travelers. When considering a position look at the base rate or taxable income as well as non-taxable income such as housing and food allowances and compare them to other agencies before deciding. Take a look at overtime and extra hours pay to make sure the agency is making it worth your time. Find a travel NP agency that is willing to negotiate on your behalf.

6. Does the staffing agency have a good reputation?

Read employee reviews to make sure they are satisfied with their employer. Having a recruiter that will go an extra mile for you and an agency that appreciates their staff is imperative for having an enjoyable assignment. Try reaching out to fellow travel nurse practitioners and ask them about their experiences.

Summing It Up

Using recruiters and agencies is the most common way for travel nurse practitioners to find jobs. What are the best travel nurse practitioner companies? Well, each company offers its own unique salary, benefits, and support packages. As you can see there are various nurse practitioner agencies to choose from. Speak to your recruiter to let them know what your locum tenens nursing goals are. Some NPs are only interested in traveling and finding temporary positions, while others like to work briefly at an institution to see if they desire a long-term position there. Now that you know the 17 best travel nurse practitioner agencies of 2023, decide which company will best fit your needs.

Lauren Rivera BSN, RNC-NIC
Lauren Rivera is a registered nurse with over 13 years of experience in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Besides her nursing license, she is nationally certified in neonatal nursing, and is a certified breastfeeding counselor.