Best Ultrasound Technician Schools in North Carolina – 2024

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Are you looking for a career in the Tar Heel State’s healthcare sector where you’ll earn a respectable salary but won’t have to be responsible for providing direct patient care? Think about enrolling in one of the ultrasound technician programs in North Carolina. Ultrasound techs perform a service that has a positive impact on people’s lives. In North Carolina, they get paid $75,610 a year on average and typically have their choice of employment opportunities; in fact, demand for their services is expected to increase by more than 23 percent in the coming decade. Sound interesting? Get started on a new career track today by reading these descriptions of the 9 best ultrasound technician schools in North Carolina for 2024.



(Based on our Ranking Methodology, below are the 9 best Ultrasound Technician programs in North Carolina. The list includes both campus-based and online programs.)

1) Johnston Community College - Smithfield

Accreditation: CAAHEP
Program Type: Associate (Medical Sonography & Cardiac and Vascular Sonography)

Johnston Community College is one of the leading community colleges in North Carolina. It offers quality ultrasound technician education in its state-of-the-art facility under the mentorship of an experienced faculty.

JCC offers two types of associate degree programs specializing in medical sonography (General) and cardiac & vascular sonography. You are strongly advised to complete all the general education courses before applying for either of these programs. Both these are full-time programs offered during the day and will take two years (five semesters including a summer session) to complete. As part of the curriculum along with didactic learning, to gain the best possible real-world scanning experience, you will undergo clinical training at sites such as Wake Radiology, Raleigh Radiology, Johnston Health, Wayne Memorial, Duke Hospitals and Sampson Regional Medical Center.

Medical Sonography: This program focuses on general sonography, where you will gain scanning experience in the areas of the abdomen, OB/GYN and vascular structures. Every year only thirteen students are selected for this program.

Cardiac and Vascular Sonography: You will be fully trained to use ultrasound devises to generate and interpret images related to the heart and vascular structures. Every year only ten students are admitted into this program.

2) Southwestern Community College - Sylva

Accreditation: CAAHEP
Program Type: Associate (Medical Sonography)

Southwestern Community College prepares students for a fulfilling career in sonography. With a curriculum designed to impart employable skills, graduates easily go on to find employment across the state’s imaging centers and beyond. The college offers a conducive learning ambiance for students to effectively master the professional knowledge and skills.

This accelerated associate degree in general sonography starting once every year in fall will train you to use ultrasound equipment and obtain images of internal parts of the human body. This is a full-time program which will take you five semesters to complete. It focuses on abdominal, OB/GYN and vascular sonography. You will gain extensive scanning experience working on real patients during your clinical training sessions at SCC partnered health care facilities. After earning this degree, you can become a registered diagnostic medical sonographer by passing the SPI certification exam as well as other relevant specialty exams administered by ARDMS.

3) Pitt Community College - Greenville

Accreditation: CAAHEP
Program Type: Certificate - Online Program (Breast Sonography); Diploma (Echocardiography); Associate (Medical Sonography & Cardiovascular Sonography)

Pitt Community College focuses on employment ready sonography training. The college is committed to the success of its students and provides them with the required support to expand their knowledge and skills and actively engage in service to the community.

PCC offers a wide range of sonography programs in various streams –

Medical Sonography Program: This 5-semester associate degree program beginning in fall is designed to train you in general ultrasound technology as well as to give you an introductory level of exposure to vascular technology.

Cardiovascular Sonography Program: This 5-semester AAS degree program starting in fall focuses on the usage of ultrasound technology to obtain images of cardiovascular structures.

Echocardiography Program: This 3-semester long diploma program with a focus on adult echocardiography starts in fall. It is for those who have an associate degree in a medical-related field. It will train you to become an adult echocardiographer.

Breast Sonography program: This is a one to two semesters long certificate program which starts each Spring. It is basically an online program and entry is granted only to those who are registered radiologic technologists or mammographers. For hands-on training at scanning labs, you will be required to visit the campus, and your clinical rotations will take place at affiliated centers.

*Applications for breast sonography programs can be submitted throughout the year, whereas for the other three programs, you can submit your applications between 1st of September to 30th of April, each year.

4) Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College - Asheville

Accreditation: CAAHEP
Program Type: Associate (Medical Sonography)

Asheville–Buncombe Technical Community College has been offering sonography education since 2001. Its graduates are successfully working as entry-level ultrasound technicians in a variety of settings across the state, such as hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics, and imaging centers. Students are trained with job-ready skills by a faculty that have years of experience as clinicians and instructors.

Through its associate degree program in general sonography, A-B Tech provides you an opportunity to become an ultrasound technician in NC in approximately two years. The program focuses on general sonography, i.e., abdomen, obstetrics/gynecology and vascular. As part of the curriculum, you will undergo 4 to 5 clinical rotations. Each rotation typically requires 15-24 hours of dedicated training per week. A-B Tech affiliated clinical sites include renowned health care facilities such as Asheville Imaging Center, Rutherford Hospital, Hope Women's Cancer Center, Carolina Vascular Center, and Park Ridge Hospital. Graduates can sit for the Sonography Principles and Instrumentation exam administered by ARDMS and to further their career aspirations can take specialty exams in the abdomen, OB/GYN and vascular technology.

This program has a competitive admission policy. Before applying for admission, you should successfully complete courses in biology, english, math, and physics.

5) Forsyth Technical Community College - Winston-Salem

Accreditation: CAAHEP
Program Type: Medical Sonography (Associate) & Cardiovascular Sonography (Diploma & Associate)

Forsyth Technical Community College offers a well-rounded sonography education. Graduates of the program are known to have enhanced critical thinking, decision making, and communication skills by following a curriculum that incorporates ample hands-on clinical practice experiences.

Beginning in fall of each year FTCC offers sonography education with daytime classes in 2 different concentrations. Clinical training is an integral part of both these concentrations, during which you will gain scanning experience by working at sites such as Novant Imaging Centers, Alamance Regional Medical Center, Lexington Memorial Hospital, Forsyth Medical Center, High Point Regional Hospital and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Medical Sonography: This limited enrollment associate of science degree in General Sonography accepts only eight students per year and will take you two years to complete. In the second semester, you will be required to sit for the sonographic physics and instrumentation exam administered by ARDMS post completion of the sonographic physics course. Within 60 days of your graduation, you will take the ARDMS specialty exams in abdominal sonography and OB/GYN.

Cardiovascular Sonography: You have two options to pursue your education in cardiovascular sonography. The first one is a diploma in Cardiovascular Sonography - Adult Echocardiography which will take you one year (fall, spring & summer) to complete. The second is an Associate in Applied Science in Cardiovascular Sonography which will take you approximately two years (fall, spring, summer, fall & spring) to complete. The diploma is for individuals who have an associate or bachelor’s degree in any allied health field, while the associate degree does not require any previous degree. Both programs will train you to generate and analyze high-quality images of the heart. Compared to the diploma the associate degree includes more clinical time and will also train you in introductory vascular sonography. Each of these programs accepts only four students per year.

6) Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute - Hudson

Accreditation: CAAHEP
Program Type: Associate (Medical Sonography & Cardiovascular Sonography); Certificate (Cardiovascular Sonography & Echocardiography)

Caldwell Community College & Technical Institute offers specialized ultrasound technician programs in NC to suit the individual needs of aspirants. The college offers two associate degree programs and two short certificate courses.

Associate Degree Programs

These two-year degree programs start once every year in fall, and the curriculum is spread over five semesters including a summer semester. Both these programs are a combination of extensive classroom learning and clinical training sessions at well-known medical facilities. Graduates are trained to sit for the ARDMS certification exams.

Associate Degree in Medical Sonography: This program trains you in general sonography by offering a curriculum which includes courses in physics, cross-sectional anatomy, and abdominal, obstetrical/gynecological and basic vascular sonography.

Associate Degree in Cardiovascular Sonography: This two-year degree focuses on sonography of the heart, blood vessels, and vascular structures. Before entry into this program, you are required to complete prerequisite courses such as writing and inquiry, algebra/trigonometry basic anatomy & physiology and conceptual physics.

Certificate Programs

Both these certificate courses are for sonographers who are seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills. Please note graduates of both these courses are not eligible for the ARDMS certification exams.

Certificate in Cardiovascular Sonography: This is a 14-credit program and to graduate you will have to pass all the courses with a minimum GPA of 2.0

Certificate in Echocardiography: This 12-credit hour program requires you to pass all courses with a minimum 2.0 GPA to graduate.

7) South Piedmont Community College - Monroe

Accreditation: CAAHEP
Program Type: Associate (Medical Sonography) & Certificate (Musculoskeletal Sonography)

South Piedmont Community College’s excellent ultrasound teaching pedagogy reflects in its outstanding certification exam pass rates. With the rigorous training that students go through, they are thoroughly prepared for these exams as well as for a flourishing career in sonography.

This ultrasound technician school in North Carolina offers an associate degree in medical sonography and a certificate in Musculoskeletal Sonography. Both programs include on-site clinical training sessions to help you practice skills and knowledge of patients.

Associate in Medical Sonography: This 76-credit general sonography program starting once every year in fall includes 25 credits in general education and 51 credits in medical sonography. You are required to complete the general education courses before applying for this program. The medical sonography coursework includes courses in sonographic physics, abdominal sonography, obstetrical sonography, vascular sonography, and fetal echocardiography.

Certificate in Musculoskeletal Sonography: This one-semester program for students with previous college education is offered in the spring of each academic year. It provides a perfect opportunity for medical professionals such as sonographers, physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, nurse practitioners and rheumatologists to gain knowledge and skills required to perform musculoskeletal sonography. The Curriculum of this 16-credit program includes three courses in musculoskeletal sonography, one course in musculoskeletal topics and one course in sonographic physics.

8) Cape Fear Community College - Wilmington

Accreditation: CAAHEP
Program Type: Associate (Medical Sonography); Diploma & Associate (Cardiovascular Sonography)

Cape Fear Community College offers a beautiful campus located on the banks of the Cape Fear River. Sonography students thrive in its caring and close-knit environment, learning from one another under the guidance of an expert faculty.

The college offers sonography education in two different specializations -

Medical Sonography: This two-year associate degree program spread across five semesters including a summer session will train students to take up entry-level general sonography jobs at imaging centers, hospitals, and outpatient care centers. The program starts once a year in fall and to ensure students get personalized attention both in the classroom (maximum ten students per class) and at clinical sites (1 student per site), the college follows a competitive admission policy.

Cardiovascular Sonography: The college offers a one-year diploma (3 semesters including summer) as well as a two-year associate degree (5 semesters including summer) in Cardiovascular sonography. Both these programs focus on generating high-quality images of the heart using the latest ultrasound devices. You will also gain knowledge and skills in vascular sonography. Clinical experience is an integral part of both programs. You must complete a CNA course to be eligible to apply for this program.

9) South College Asheville Learning Site - Asheville

Accreditation: CAAHEP
Program Type: Associate (Diagnostic Medical Sonography); Baccalaureate (Health Science with a Concentration in Diagnostic Medical Sonography)

South College Asheville Learning Site’s campus in Ashville offers an academic environment where students are nurtured with personalized attention from an experienced faculty. The college ensures graduates are ready with the entry-level skills of an ultrasound technician by facilitating clinical placements at a variety of settings. These experiences help hone skills and go a long way in building a professional network.

South college offers an associate degree in DMS and a bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences with a concentration in DMS for individuals seeking to enter the in-demand field of sonography. Both these programs include extensive clinical experience sessions in advanced medical facilities where you will work alongside other health care professionals and master the use of the latest ultrasound technician equipment and technology.

Associate Degree in Diagnostic Medical Sonography: This full-time general sonography program will take you 27 months to complete. The 119-credit hour curriculum focuses on sonography of abdomen, pelvis and OB/GYN and vascular structures.

Bachelor’s in Health Science with a Concentration in Diagnostic Medical Sonography: This degree in health science with a concentration in DMS will prepare you for leadership positions in the field of imaging sciences. The program will provide you with knowledge and skills in diagnostic medical sonography as well as in finance and information systems to help you successfully manage imaging departments.


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