A Step Towards Making a Difference - The Hispanic Nurse Scholarship Award

Merit-Based Scholarship for Hispanic Students Currently Enrolled in an Accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree Program

The Hispanic ethnic group is one of the largest minorities in America, but despite this, they still face incredible challenges and adversity when they pursue their higher education - especially in nursing. There are numerous barriers these individuals must face in order to become the nurses they desire to be. Hispanic people represent some 18% of the US population, but less than 7% of the nursing workforce is Hispanic. We are providing this scholarship to Hispanic nursing students in order to help bridge the gap between the Hispanic population and nursing community and to improve the number of bicultural and bilingual nurses in the United States to support an ever-growing multilingual community. A Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree (BSN) costs anywhere from $40,000 to $200,000 to obtain depending on the location, institution, and other factors, and we hope that our scholarship, in a small way can help offset these costs and help bring more diversity to the US nursing industry.

Important Notice: Our scholarship contest has ended. We are not accepting any new applications at this point.

How Much Is the Scholarship Award Amount?

The winning student of "A Step Towards Making a Difference Scholarship" will receive a one-time award of $1,500. The check will be directly made out to the winner's college or university. The winner can use the scholarship money to pay for direct educational costs such as tuition, fees, books, and supplies. It cannot be used to pay for board and travel.

How Many Awards Are Available Each Year?


What Is the Cost to Apply for This Scholarship?

It does not cost anything to apply for this scholarship, except for the time it takes to complete the application.

When Is the Scholarship Application Deadline?

You must submit your application along with the required documents on or before September 30, 2022, at 11.59 pm Pacific Standard Time.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements to Apply for This Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship students must meet the following requirements -

• The student must be a United States Citizen or Permanent Resident.

• The student must be 18 years of age or older when submitting the application.

• The student must be of Hispanic heritage.

• The student must have a cumulative High School GPA of 3.5 or better on a 4.0 scale.

• The student must be currently enrolled full-time in an ACEN or CCNE accredited traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree program.

(Students accepted into a program but not yet enrolled are also eligible to apply, provided they enroll by the scholarship application deadline of September 30, 2022.)

• The student must have at least one full semester of academic studies left to complete following September 30, 2022.

What Documents Do I Need to Submit in Order to Complete My Scholarship Application?

In order to complete your scholarship application, you must submit the following documents -

• The student must submit a well-crafted Resume that includes all relevant details such as high school information, SAT/ACT scores, academic awards and honors, leadership positions held, High School & Community service (including volunteer work), extracurricular activities, and employment history.

• The student must submit a written Letter of Recommendation from someone who can best describe your ability to succeed in your academic and/or career goals. The letter must give numerous examples of how/why you stand out. The letter should be signed and on letterhead from one of the following: high school teacher; a faculty member of the BSN program you are currently enrolled in; counselor or advisor; your current or past employer; or a mentor not related to you.

• The student must submit an original 800-1200 words Essay.

What Is the Topic for the Essay?


Why We Choose This Essay Topic?

We chose this topic due in part to the shortage of Hispanic nurses in the United States and the sense of urgency we feel in resolving it. By 2060, it is estimated that Hispanic people will make up 30% of the US population, and unless we can help more of these individuals find their way into the nursing workforce, they will continue to be underrepresented. Please provide us with your thoughts and ideas on the barriers and challenges Hispanic nurses face in today's educational system and workforce and brainstorm a few tips or methods we can use to bring more Hispanic nurses into this incredibly gratifying profession.

How to Write the Essay?

1) The essay must be original, impactful, and to the topic.
2) Try to demonstrate critical thinking & logical reasoning and support it with examples and evidence.
3) Communicate effectively by organizing your ideas well.
4) Check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and syntax.
5) The essay must not exceed the word count (800-1200 words).
6) Cite references wherever possible.
7) Avoid constructing an argument that is overtly political.
8) Finally! We recommend having someone proofread your essay to check for errors, the flow of language, and clarity of thoughts.

Winner Selection

After the scholarship application deadline, the scholarship committee, through an impartial and nondiscriminatory process, evaluates all the submitted applications. To get an idea of the overall profile of an applicant, our judging criteria takes-into-account five aspects that include the essay, academic performance - as reflected in the grade point average, resume, personal and professional goals statement, and letter of recommendation.

Factor Weightage
Essay 40%
• Effectively Addresses the Topic
• Compelling and Original
• Communicates Ideas Effectively
• Convincing Arguments Supported with Specific Examples and Evidence
• Critical Thinking and Logical Reasoning Skills
• Correct Syntax, Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation 10%
Cumulative High School GPA 30%
Personal and Professional Goals Statement 10%
Resume 10%
Letter of Recommendation 10%

Winner Notification

The winner of "A Step Towards Making a Difference Scholarship" will be personally notified by email and telephone on or before November 1, 2022. The winner is then required to submit the following documents for verification within 14 days of receiving the notification. If the winner cannot be reached at the email address or telephone number submitted with the application or if the winner fails to submit these documents within the allotted time-frame, we reserve the right to cancel the award and then present it to the next deserving applicant.

• The Winner must sign and submit an Affidavit of Eligibility and Publicity/Liability Release.

• The Winner must submit Proof of Enrollment in the form of either an official enrollment verification form, unofficial transcript, or tuition receipt, showing you are currently enrolled full-time or part-time in an ACEN or CCNE accredited traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Degree program.

• The Winner must submit a copy of his or her High School Transcript. An unofficial transcript is acceptable as-long-as it includes your name, school name, and grade point average (GPA).

Winner Announcement

The name of the winner of "A Step Towards Making a Difference Scholarship" will be posted on NursingProcess.org, on or before November 15, 2022.

Award Disbursement

Shortly after announcing the winner of "A Step Towards Making a Difference Scholarship" on the website, Nursingprocess.org will send a check of $1,500 directly to the financial aid department at the winner's college or university. It usually might take around ten working days to receive this check.

If I Have Further Questions, Whom May I Contact?

If you still have any further questions, feel free to Contact Our Scholarship Team.

Important Notice: Our scholarship contest has ended. We are not accepting any new applications at this point.


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