13 Best RN to BSN Programs in West Virginia (Online & Campus) – 2023

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If you’re an ADN-prepared RN in West Virginia, you may be wondering whether it’s worth it to continue your education with one of the many RN to BSN programs in West Virginia. RNs with Bachelor of Nursing Science degrees in the Mountain State make $76,040 a year, and healthcare employers prefer working with them. Most bridge programs take a year or less to complete, and many of them are offered online so you can schedule studying around your work and family obligations. Ready to find out more? Keep reading to learn about the 13 best RN to BSN programs in West Virginia for 2023.

What are the 13 Best Accredited RN to BSN Programs in West Virginia for 2023?

(Based on our ranking methodology, the following are the 13 best RN-to-BSN programs in West Virginia (Online & Campus).)

1. West Virginia University - Morgantown

Type: Online

As a registered nurse have you ever thought of graduating from one of the best online RN to BSN programs in West Virginia? If yes, then West Virginia University’s RN to BSN program should surely be on your list. Once enrolled, here, you will be trained by its award-winning faculty. Furthermore, the college has earned recognition for conducting the highest level of research activities. In addition to providing a conducive environment of discovery and excellence, this nursing school ensures that you have the required support at every step, therefore, here you will have access to everything from academic support to state-of-art technology.

Program Overview: This online RN to BSN in West Virginia, provides aspiring RNs like you, the opportunity to earn your BSN through a fast-paced curriculum. Upon joining, you will be able to seamlessly transfer a total of 50 credits into your BSN degree. To earn your bachelor’s degree, you will be completing 10 nursing courses that are worth a total of 28 credits. These courses will allow you to master the foundations of nursing, health assessment & communication, clinical pharmacology, maternal-infant nursing, and alterations in adult health. You will also learn child & adolescent health, ethics, health promotions, and evidence-based practice & research.

Key Highlights

• The program is offered through an asynchronous online format, allowing you to study at your own time and pace.
• This RN to BSN comes with flexible full-time and part-time schedules. Through its full-time schedule, you can graduate in as little as 3 semesters. On the other hand, the part-time program takes around 6 semesters to complete.

2. Marshall University - Huntington

Type: Online

A bachelor’s program in nursing allows you to master complex medical knowledge that you wouldn’t perhaps learn through a less comprehensive ADN degree. As an RN you can expand your knowledge base by enrolling in one of the best online RN to BSN programs in West Virginia. Marshal University is one of the oldest universities of higher education in the state and was established way back in 1837. Its main mission is to provide students with dynamic academic opportunities without breaking the bank. With a student-to-faculty ratio that is as little as 18:1, here you benefit from personalized learning experiences even online.

Program Overview: The program aims at offering registered nurses a flexible option of building upon their associate degree or nursing diploma knowledge and skills. Through this 100% online curriculum you will learn professional nursing, family nursing, health & physical assessment, contemporary nursing, community nursing, professional engagement, transcultural health, and evidence-based practice. Towards the end of the program, you will also have the opportunity to participate in a project-based experience where you will be applying your theoretical understanding into actual practice.

Key Highlights

• This RN to BSN in West Virginia is not only offered through a flexible part-time schedule but also provides you with personalized study plans; allowing you to strike the perfect work-life balance.
• Through 7-week long courses, you can take classes at a comfortable pace without rushing through the curriculum. The program can be completed within four semesters if you have already completed the general education credits.

3. Shepherd University - Shepherdstown

Type: Campus

By now you must be knowing that holding a bachelor’s degree in nursing is a must if you wish to be admitted to most of the graduate nursing degrees. To earn your BSN, you can enroll in Shepherd University. This military-friendly school can be a perfect choice for veterans and is also a member of the ‘U.S department of veteran affairs Yellow Ribbon Program. The university is located just a drive away from Washington D.C and Baltimore offering you a large amount of industrial exposure through internships and employment in the country’s most prestigious healthcare facilities.

Program Overview: This program prepares you to advance in your career or lays a strong foundation to enroll in a graduate-level program through its fast-paced yet dynamic coursework. To complete this degree, you will be taking 23 credits worth of courses in health assessment, leadership, nursing informatics, medical care delivery systems, genetics, genomics in nursing, and research and evidence practice.

Key Highlights

• Listed among the best accredited RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, the college offers you maximum flexibility when it comes to choosing your course format. After enrolling you can take classes completely online at the comfort of your home. Additionally, you can also sign-up for its hybrid classes synchronously or asynchronously and benefit from virtual as well as face-to-face classes.
• In contrast to the other RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, this one can be completed in just 2 semesters.

4. West Liberty University - West Liberty

Type: Online

Are you an AND-educated RN driven to advance in your nursing career? If so, you must be knowing that investing in your BSN could be one of the best choices you can make in that direction. West Liberty University, recently listed among the best colleges in the country by U.S News and World Report can be one of the RN to BSN schools you may want to consider applying to. This public university is also the oldest institution in West Virginia and was established way back in 1837. Its main goal is to offer you a high-quality education and also to accomplish all-round development. After enrolling, you will study in small close-knit classrooms where the student to faculty ratio is not more than 15:1.

Program Overview: Typically, this online RN to BSN in West Virginia requires you to have an associate degree from an accredited school, an unencumbered registered nurse license of West Virginia, and a minimum GPA of 2.0. Graduating from this program requires you to earn a minimum of 29 nursing credits, while seamlessly transferring almost 72 nursing credits for your associate degree. You can earn these credits by taking courses in quality & safety, ethical & legal issues, nursing leadership, healthcare systems, evidence-based nursing, geriatric nursing, population health, health assessment, and role development.

Key Highlights

• Since admissions here are offered on a rolling basis, you will benefit from a fast-phased enrollment process.
• Here will you take all upper-division nursing courses completely online at your own schedule.
• From the beginning of your journey until graduation, you will be provided an individual nursing advisor who guides you at every step.
• Unlike most other top RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, the one from this college is extremely affordable and has been named among the best value RN to BSN programs in the southern region.

5. University of Charleston - Charleston

Type: Online

Did you know that RNs holding a BSN degree enjoy greater career flexibility? Graduating from any of the best accredited online RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, like the one offered by the University of Charleston allows you to seamlessly take up leadership roles in management and education. The university is West Virginia’s biggest and fastest-growing private, non-profit college. What’s more? Here you can earn your BSN without spending a fortune as 100% of the students receive financial aid in some form or the other.

Program Overview: To be eligible for admission, you are required to submit your university transcripts reflecting a minimum GPA of at least 2.0. It is also important for you to submit proof of your active or valid temporary RN license. Upon joining, you will instantly receive 50 credits for your previous nursing degree. However, earning your BSN requires you to earn 30 credits in core nursing and health science courses. These comprise of history of health sciences, ethics & policy, health informatics, inter-professional collaboration, and statistics for evidence-based practice. Additionally, you will also learn nursing research, leadership, health policy, health assessment, and prevention & population health.

Key Highlights

• Being among the best online RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, this fast-paced program makes you job-ready in just 3 semesters.
• If you’re still pursuing your associate degree in nursing, then you can enroll in the program’s health sciences courses so that you can complete your BSN faster than otherwise.
• University of Charleston’s nursing school has more than 50 years of experience in training highly skilled nursing graduates who are relentlessly serving the community.

6. Fairmont State University - Fairmont

Type: Online

Since more and more medical centers are looking to hire only BSN-prepared registered nurses, enrolling in a bachelor’s nursing program can be a smart step that you can take for your nursing career. Listed among the best RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, this post-licensure nurse training from Fairmont State University empowers you with marketable skills that increase your opportunities past the bedside to leadership or management roles. Through its strong commitment to excellence, student success and comprehensive nursing coursework the college aims at transforming you into global leaders of the future.

Program Overview: Typically, the coursework is divided into 3 semesters. In the first semester, you will study introductory courses such as health assessment, nursing ethics, and evidence-based practice. In the second semester, you will progress to courses such as nursing informatics & technologies, population health nursing, and leadership. The final semester tests your practical abilities through a practicum in evidence-based practice. You will also take a course in healthcare delivery to complete a minimum of 30 credits of your RN to BSN core courses.

Key Highlights

• Unlike most of the other online RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, the one from this college ensures that you study one-on-one with your faculty members even online. By maintaining a student to instructor ratio of 15:1 you will benefit from having a personalized relationship with your faculty.
• If you are a working registered nurse, then this program can be a great choice for you since courses are offered through comfortable 7-week or 15-week schedules.
• Despite being an online program, the curriculum offers you the needed hands-on training through several project-based activities and practicums.

7. West Virginia University at Parkersburg - Parkersburg

Type: Online

As a registered nurse do you want an easy entry into the healthcare industry? Then you should think of pursuing your RN to BSN any of the top RN to BSN programs in West Virginia since the demand for BSN-prepared nurses is rising quickly. West Virginia University at Parkerburgs’ post-licensure in nursing program aims at offering you accessible, life-transforming academic training in a positive and conducive environment. This university is also the only public community institution that has been accredited to provide bachelor-level degrees in the state.

Program Overview: This RN to BSN in West Virginia is offered fully online so that you can simultaneously focus on your work as you advance in your education. The curriculum covers complex core nursing courses that allow you to master patient-focused skills and accelerate your professional growth. However, to be admitted, you will be required to have an unencumbered registered nurse license and an ADN or nursing diploma. The coursework can be completed in as little as 3 semesters and entails taking at least 29 nursing credits. It includes courses in the framework for professional practice, health assessment, legal & ethical issues, research in nursing, trends & issues of healthcare, informatics, evidence-based practice, and leadership & management. In the last semester, you will study community and population-based healthcare.

Key Highlights

• Here courses are delivered both through both, part-time and full-time formats allowing you to choose the one that fits best in your busy schedule.
• With the help of several financial aid and scholarship options, you will have the opportunity to reduce your tuition costs substantially.

8. American Public University System - Charles Town

Type: Online

After gaining some experience as an ADN nurse you may decide that you might want to take up more challenging roles and responsibilities. By pursuing any of the online accredited RN to BSN programs in West Virginia you will have better chances for advancement. American Public University believes in the core values of accessibility, innovation, learning, quality, and integrity. Established in 1991, the college was one of the first-degree granting universities that offered distance learning opportunities.

Program Overview: Just like most of the other online RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, this one too aims at providing you with an effortless transition from your ADN education into your bachelor’s degree. Before you enroll, it is important for you to have an active RN license and an associate degree or diploma from an accredited nursing program. The curriculum prepares you to not only work in complex leadership & management roles but also apply nursing informatics & evidence-based practice to nursing care. To earn your BSN, you will be taking courses in professional transitions, health assessment, evaluation & clinical decision making, transformational leadership, community health, and clinical pathophysiology & pharmacology. Upon taking these courses you will be completing a minimum of 28 credits to graduate from this program.

Key Highlights

• During your journey here, you will be working with highly-credentialed instructors who will constantly support, review and evaluate your progress in various courses.
• This online RN to BSN in West Virginia also allows you to seamlessly transfer credits for your active registered nurse license.

9. Wheeling University - Wheeling

Type: Online

If you have already graduated from an ADN or nursing diploma program, then perhaps a baccalaureate degree in nursing is what your career needs to have a stable future. Considered one of the best RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, Wheeling University’s RN to BSN blends innovative research, state-of-art technology with traditional knowledge and Christian values. To ensure that you gain the needed personalized experience the college maintains a student to faculty ratio that is as low as 11:1.

Program Overview: Designed for registered nurses with an associate or diploma in nursing, this RN to BSN program is offered fully online through a web-based format along with clinical rotations that can be completed in your geographical location. This BSN degree requires completing liberal arts courses, which you can directly transfer from your ADN and apply towards the BSN. Some of the courses that you will study here are basic nursing research, concepts of nursing practice, trends & issues, multi-system nursing care, comprehensive assessment, and pathophysiology.

Key Highlights

• Similar to its RN to BSN in West Virginia, the college also offers an RN to MSN program allowing you to quickly take up the advanced roles of a family nurse practitioner, nursing education specialist, or nurse administrator.
• Through its student success center, you will have access to career services, success workshops, peer tutoring, and other such resources ensuring that you fulfill your career aspirations successfully.

10. Bluefield State College - Bluefield

Type: Online

As an ADN-prepared nurse, have you ever thought of expanding your earning potential? If so, building on nursing knowledge through an online RN to BSN in West Virginia can help you achieve this goal. Bluefield State College is well-known in the community for being among the top public nursing schools in the state. By creating employee-centric programs, the college also maintains an impressive graduate placement rate of 85%. To ensure that you study in compact classes even online, the college maintains a student to faculty ratio that is as little as 13:1.

Program Overview: Similar to the other RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, this too requires you to have a minimum GPA of 2.5, hold an ACEN accredited ADN degree and also have an active RN license to meet the admission requirements of the college. Once you are accepted into the program you can complete the required coursework in 3 or 4 semesters, based on your convenience. The curriculum provides you with thorough training in nursing research, gerontological healthcare issues, management & leadership, ethics & issues, community nursing, health assessment, and complex healthcare problems. This program, comprising 30 nursing credits also includes a practicum in the final semester to offer you the required real-world training.

Key Highlights

• If you are someone who is aspiring to earn a BSN without spending a lot of your finances, then this college might be the right choice as here more than 80% of students receive financial aid in some form or the other.
• Being one of the best RN to BSN programs in the state of West Virginia, here, you have the flexibility to enroll in few open enrollment courses before starting with your academic journey. This option not only allows you to effortlessly transition into your BSN but also reduces your academic load once you are admitted into the program.
• To complete your coursework, you can either opt for on-campus classless, live online sessions or recorded videos, based on your personal preference.

11. Alderson Broaddus University - Philippi

Type: Online

From homecare to case management, earning your BSN ensures that you get to practice in diverse healthcare settings. As a registered nurse, you can earn a bachelor’s degree by enrolling in any of the accredited RN to BSN programs in West Virginia. One such program is that of Alderson Broaddus University that is listed among the most affordable RN to BSN programs in the nation. Additionally, 99% of students here receive financial aid in some form or the other. The core mission of its nursing school is to offer you accessible high-quality education that allows you to succeed as a nurse leader and fulfill your role as a compassionate and competent health care worker.

Program Overview: This online RN to BSN program not only builds up on your associate in nursing but even acknowledges it by allowing a generous transfer of credits. By completing a minimum of 24 credits from Alderson, you can scale up in nursing skills and knowledge. To qualify for this program, you must have an ADN with a GPA of 2.5. The coursework is offered through asynchronous online classes, with each course being 8-week long. Some of the courses you will take include transition to BSN nursing practice, health assessment, nursing research, nursing management, nursing professional development, community mental health nursing, finally ending with a capstone. Most students graduate from this program within 18 months of full-time study.

Key Highlights

• You can convert not only your past nursing education into credits but also earn credits for your previous work experience.
• This program is completely online and does not require any campus visits whatsoever. Also, the clinical experience which forms a part of your training can be completed at your current workplace.

12. Davis & Elkins College - Elkins

Type: Online

ADN nurses can sometimes have a tough time finding new jobs. Pursuing a BSN can make it rather effortless for you to seek fresh employment opportunities. Davis & Elkins College is one of the reputable RN to BSN schools that has been highly ranked by the US News & World Report. At this affordable school, close to 98% percent receive financial aid. Once you enroll you will be studying in close-knit classes where the average student to faculty ratio is just 13:1.

Program Overview: Like most of the other RN to BSN programs in the state of West Virginia, this one too is offered fully online, allowing you the flexibility to balance your studies with your work and family commitments. To graduate from this program, you are required to complete the core curriculum of 28 credits that trains you in various nursing courses. These include 12 courses in health assessment, evidence-based practice, nursing leadership, trends & issues, quality & safety in nursing, and community nursing.

Key Highlights

• The college offers as many as 24 credits to ADN nurses who enroll in this program with 2 or more years of work experience.
• You are required to complete 12 credits of general education courses. However, these courses can be completed before enrolling here.
• Since there are no clinicals as a part of this program, you will be free from the hassle of spending long hours in face-to-face sessions.
• By completing the minimum required credits, you can earn this BSN in as little as one year.

13. Salem University - Salem

Type: Online

An RN to BSN program improves your critical thinking, problem-solving, and clinical decision-making, opening doors to wider opportunities for growth in the healthcare industry. Salem University’s RN to BSN program builds on your previous nursing education allowing you to seamlessly transition to the complex bachelor’s level curriculum. Its main goal centers on offering you effective academic experiences that translate to excellence in leadership roles, scholarship, and general life skills.

Program Overview: Thoughtfully planned for working nurses, this RN to BSN program offers you the needed knowledge and experiences for further advancement, all at your own schedule. Typically, the program requires you to have a minimum GPA of 2.5, an ADN from an accredited university, and a current registered nurse license. Before you begin with your coursework you will be able to seamlessly transfer up to 90 credits from your associate degree towards this BSN. The 30-credit RN to BSN coursework covers health assessment, nursing research, complex health problems, nursing leadership & management, community health nursing, evidence-based practice, problems in nursing, legal & ethical issues, and community health.

Key Highlights

• Being among the best RN to BSN programs in West Virginia, you will have access to a fully functional online library, tutoring resources, and student advancement & support to make your journey as seamless as possible.
• In addition to your expert faculty here, you will have complete support from your student advisor who will guide you at every step.
• By enrolling in this fast-paced curriculum you can graduate in just 10 months.


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