10 Best RN to BSN Programs in Utah (Online & Campus) – 2024

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Are you a registered nurse in Utah with an ADN or a diploma? Are you looking for a way to crank your nursing career up a notch—or several notches? Then RN to BSN programs in Utah are designed for you. These bridge programs can be completed in a year or less, and many of them can be pursued online. As an RN with a BSN and clinical experience, employers will likely be competing for your services, and you’ll earn an average salary of $80,430 a year. Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out which are the 10 best RN to BSN programs in Utah for 2024.

What are the 10 Best Accredited RN to BSN Programs in Utah for 2024?

(Based on our ranking methodology, the following are the 10 best RN-to-BSN programs in Utah (Online & Campus).)

1. University of Utah - Salt Lake City

Type: Online

Counted as one of the most affordable online RN to BSN programs in Utah, the University of Utah’s BSN program prepares competent nurses who deliver advanced nursing care to communities not only across the state but also in the neighboring states of Montana, Nevada, Idaho, and Wyoming. Furthermore, as the only university healthcare system in Utah, the university’s hospital is also recognized as the number one hospital in the state by U.S. News and World Report. The main mission of the university is to provide high-quality health services to the people in the state through superior patient care, research activities, and academics.

Program Overview: Upon enrolling in this 100% online program, you will study courses that combine nursing research, evidence-based study, and real-world experiences through community-engagement activities. Through the dynamic 30-credit coursework you will learn, physical assessment, health promotion, systems & population, evidence-based practice, public health, global health, nursing initiatives, and enhanced professional nursing. The curriculum also comprises two clinicals of 45 and 68 clock hours in nursing leadership and quality improvement. To be eligible for admission, you need to have a current RN license and a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.

Key Highlights

• Unlike most of the other online RN to BSN programs in Utah, the curriculum here is highly adaptable and even allows you to take up a geriatric nurse leadership specialty alongside or prepare to pursue a graduate degree like an MS, DNP, or Ph.D. directly.
• The college provides you with maximum flexibility by allowing you to graduate in two, three, or even four semesters. You can also start your journey here on multiple start dates in the fall, spring or summer semesters.
• If you are a second semester ADN student from the Salt Lake Community College, then you can effortlessly join this program through the ‘Express Pathway’ without any application formalities and earn your BSN in just 9 months.

2. Southern Utah University - Cedar City

Type: Online

As a registered nurse, have you ever thought of earning your BSN in less than a year? If yes, then the Southern Utah University’s 10-month long RN to BSN in Utah can be the right choice for you. By engaging students in experiential education, the college aims at fulfilling its mission of offering you professional excellence and life-long learning. Upon enrolling, you will be a part of a closely-knit class, providing you the opportunity to enjoy a personalized relationship with your faculty.

Program Overview: The best accredited online RN to BSN programs in Utah such as this one, elevate your nursing skills with one-on-one training supported by dedicated instructors, and state-of-art resources. To be eligible for admission here, you are required to submit official transcripts, and evidence of your active RN license along with your application. Graduating from this program requires you to complete a minimum of 10 core nursing courses of 30 credits. These courses include nursing for wellness in older adults, influencing quality within healthcare, leadership & management, health promotion & education, Health assessment, foundations of professional nursing, and community health nursing. Additionally, you will also study the management of complex patients and the essentials of evidence-based practice. Upon completing the required courses, you will be job-ready to take up various advanced roles such as that of a travel nurse, nursing research assistant, public health nurse, and nurse manager.

Key Highlights

• Thoughtfully designed for working nurses, the program offers 6 start dates each academic year, so that you can conveniently choose to advance in your nursing career anytime.
• Here the coursework is divided into 7-week long courses that you can take up one at a time, allowing you to study at a comfortable pace.

3. Western Governors University - Salt Lake City

Type: Online

Since most healthcare organizations are working towards achieving a magnet status, earning a BSN will not only allow you to improve your credentials and skill set but also secure your career. Western Governors University has been committed to shaping the lives of its BSN students by offering world-class nursing education through its top RN to BSN program. Unlike the other online RN to BSN programs in Utah, this baccalaureate program is fairly new, yet it has become one of the leading and highly respected BSN programs in the region. The college employs a competency-based model thereby allowing you to seamlessly move through courses as soon as you have mastered them instead of waiting for the semester to end to take your next course. Additionally, being popular among employers, this competency-based teaching approach will also earn you some preferential points while seeking employment.

Program Overview: Counted among the well-known online accredited RN to BSN programs in Utah, the program here is evidence-based and guides you through courses in humanities, biochemistry, psychology, care for the older adult, health assessment, information management and application of technology, health & wellness through nutritional science, community health and population-focused nursing, organizational systems & quality leadership, and information management & the application of technology. While most of your education here will be completed online, your training will also include some hands-on experiences that can be completed in a health care facility in close vicinity to your current location. Typically, most students graduate from this program in 18 months.

Key Highlights

• Here, you can transfer as many as 81 credits from your associate degree coursework saving you time and funds.
• Since tuition fees here are charged per semester instead of per credit, you can control the cost of your education by choosing to complete more courses each semester.

4. Westminster College - Salt Lake City

Type: Online

As a working registered nurse, you should know that BSN education will soon become an industry requirement as the Institute of Medicine has been relentlessly prescribing for an 80% BSN-prepared nursing workforce. Therefore, getting your bachelor’s degree from one of the best RN to BSN programs in the state of Utah must be a prudent career step you should seriously consider. One such program that can be on your list is that of Westminster College. With the main goal of offering students with transformational learning experiences, the highly trained faculty of this program creates a conducive environment that is supported by state-of-art online technology.

Program Overview: Rooted in liberal arts, through this program you will gain a well-rounded education and develop the needed expertise in nursing care, conflict resolution, healthcare policy, and problem-solving. Earning your BSN here will require you to complete a minimum of 36 credits in courses such as environmental health, dimensions of nursing, nursing theory & research, culture, health & illness, older adults in the community, nursing leadership, nutrition, and cultural anthrophony. Furthermore, to reduce your education time the college provides several pathways through which you can transfer credits for the courses that you might have already taken while pursuing your ADN.

Key Highlights

• Through this RN to BSN in Utah, you have the flexibility to graduate in as little as 3 semesters or space out your classes to leave more room to fit in your busy working life.
• Due to its limited class size with a student to faculty ratio that is as little as 11:1 you get to stay in close touch with its dedicated faculty and gain one-on-one mentoring opportunities.

5. Weber State University - Ogden

Type: Hybrid

As an ADN-prepared nurse, you must already be aware that registered nurses with a BSN make more money than RNs without baccalaureate education. Moreover, BSN holders can also seamlessly join most graduate-level nursing programs. To earn your BSN degree, you must consider enrolling in one of the well-known accredited RN to BSN programs in Utah. One such program is that of Weber State University that has more than 60 years of experience in nursing education. In addition to gaining access to excellent online facilities, here you will study under a faculty, the majority of whom hold terminal nursing degrees. Also, the college has been listed among the best regional universities in the West by the U.S. News & World Report.

Program Overview: Capitalizing on your ADN education, this RN to BSN in Utah is designed for working registered nurses who are looking to advance their nursing careers. The curriculum is organized to be completed in 2 to 3 semesters where most of the courses focus on teaching you management principles, therapeutic concepts, critical thinking skills, and effective patient care. Some of the courses you will complete include complex patient-centered nursing, evidence based-practice, management & leadership, communication, collaboration, & information management, healthcare policy & decision making, and forensic nursing. Apart from these courses, you will also take an upper-division elective course worth 3 credits.

Key Highlights

• Here, the coursework is delivered through a hybrid format, where you will have to take classes on-campus, five times, each semester. This offers you the right balance of virtual and face-to-face learning. Additionally, the program is also presented fully online for students who qualify for the same.
• The college’s collaborations with several other institutions allow you to transfer maximum credits into your BSN degree, provided you have completed your associate degree from any of its partner schools.

6. Utah Valley University - Orem

Type: Online and Hybrid

Being an ADN registered nurse are you ready to level up in your education? If so, then enrolling in any of the best online RN to BSN programs in Utah should be your next step. At Utah Valley University more than half of its students receive financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants. Additionally, apart from providing affordable education, the college focuses on incorporating hands-on training experiences into the curriculum by offering you several internship opportunities. Besides, here you will also be participating in research activities and international healthcare experiences that will provide you with the required global exposure.

Program Overview: Unlike other popular RN to BSN programs in the state, this one offers you the option of choosing from two learning formats. If you are looking for a personalized experience, then you can enroll in its face-to-face or hybrid classes. If you are a working nurse looking for the mobility of class timings, then the online format could be the right choice for you. No matter which format you choose, you will take classes in nursing health assessment, palliative care, patient care coordination & management, pharmacology, mental health nursing, leadership, and nursing from a global perspective. After completing at least 31 credits of core nursing courses you can graduate in one year.

Key Highlights

• Through the hybrid format, you combine asynchronous online classes with campus sessions on Tuesdays, thereby gaining the best from one-on-one experiences and flexibility of online learning.
• At Utah Valley University, each course takes around 8-9 weeks to complete. This allows sufficient time to gain a deeper understanding of various nursing topics.

7. Dixie State University - St George

Type: Online

Even though there are many career opportunities for RNs with an associate degree, taking up a BSN education can expand your job horizons significantly. Dixie State University offers you high-quality nursing education that is also extremely affordable and relevant in the real world. Here you will be guided by instructors who have master’s level qualifications and years of industry experience.

Program Overview: This curriculum is delivered fully online and is designed for registered nurses who have graduated from an ADN program. The college understands that working nurses can have a very busy schedule, for this reason, it also provides you the option to enroll in its part-time classes if a full-time schedule isn’t right for you. Regardless of the schedule you choose, this online RN to BSN in Utah requires you to complete a minimum of 28 credits to graduate. You can earn these credits by taking courses such as professional nursing role, nursing research, community health nursing, nursing policy & ethics, and nursing leadership management. You will also study certain elective courses in nursing informatics, gerontological nursing, transcultural nursing, and health assessment.

Key Highlights

• Just like the other fast-paced RN to BSN programs in Utah this program also allows you to graduate in as few as 2 semesters. Alternatively, if you wish to study at a relaxed pace, then you can effortlessly take one class per semester through its part-time format.
• The college provides you with 6 start dates each academic year so that you can conveniently enroll when you are ready.

8. Provo College - Provo

Type: Online

By enrolling in one of the sought-after online RN to BSN programs in Utah such as the one offered by Provo College, earning a BSN has now become easier than ever. This dynamic program prepares you for high-paying leadership roles and administrative positions in less than 2 years. Furthermore, the college has been committed to providing you with market-driven education so that you graduate with the skills that are relevant to employers of today.

Program Overview: Before you begin your journey here, you need to have a thorough understanding of pediatrics, geriatrics, chemistry, anatomy & physiology, and microbiology. The core RN to BSN curriculum trains you in foundations & perspectives for BSN, health assessment of individuals & populations, healthcare ethics, policy & regulation, complex nursing care, nursing research, nursing leadership, and evidence-based practice.

Key Highlights

• The college’s robust transfer credit policy allows you to transfer maximum credits from your past education and graduate with minimum resources and time.
• In as few as 20 months, you will gain in-depth knowledge in evidence-based practices that can be immediately applied in the real world.

9. Ameritech College of Healthcare - Draper

Type: Online

As an ADN-educated registered nurse are you aiming towards achieving greater diagnostic proficiency and better research & evaluation abilities? If yes, then pursuing an online RN to BSN in Utah can allow you to fulfill your career aspirations and become a competent nurse rather effortlessly. Ameritech College of Healthcare’s BSN pathway is one such program you may want to consider. Having an excellent academic reputation, the college has supported thousands of its nursing students to kick off lasting careers in the healthcare industry. Because of both its institutional and programmatic accreditation, it has also become one of the highest-performing nursing schools in the state.

Program Overview: One of the major pre-requisites to enter this program is having an ADN education and a current unencumbered registered nurse license. Typically, the curriculum comprises 51-credits that can be completed in as little as 1 year or over a period of 3 years, depending on the pace you prefer. These 51 credits are divided into 13 courses, some of which include communication in healthcare, contemporary nursing issues & innovations, data-driven statistics, microbiology, holistic nursing & health assessment, nursing research, and quality & safety in nursing. Additionally, in the last two semesters, you will also study Population-Focused Nursing Care, Introduction to World Religions, Nursing Informatics & Technology, Nursing Care of the Older Adult, and Nursing Leadership & Management Systems.

Key Highlights

• Here almost all of the RN to BSN graduates are employed within 6 months of graduating.
• Being one of the top RN to BSN programs in Utah, the college focuses on providing you a one-on-one learning experience by maintaining a small student to faculty ratio. This ensures you create a personalized relationship with your faculty members and peers alike.

10. Nightingale College - Salt Lake City

Type: Online

As an RN, do you desire to explore wider career avenues? If yes, then earning a BSN could be your ticket to a promising career in the field of nursing education, informatics, case management, and healthcare leadership. Counted among the best RN to BSN programs in Utah, the bachelor’s in nursing at Nightingale College will help improve your patient care skills by providing you with a perfect balance of online didactic training and hands-on experiences through extensive clinical training.

Program Overview: This online RN to BSN in the state of Utah prepares registered nurses to advance in their education by building on their associate-level skills. You can enroll either for the summer, spring, or fall session. Upon enrolling you will take several online classes and participate in a capstone project to earn a total of 28 BSN credits. These classes will cover courses in nursing fundamentals, pharmacology, health promotion, nursing communication & informatics, population-based chronic illness, concepts of professionalism, management & leadership, evidence-based practice, and gerontological nursing.

Key Highlights

• Planning out the budget for your RN to BSN education can be a little daunting for most students, therefore the college not only provides several financial aid options but also offers you one-on-one advising services to ensure that you choose the right option to pay for your tuition.
• Counted among the best RN to BSN programs in Utah, its dynamic curriculum can be completed in as little as 8 months, provided you have already fulfilled the necessary general education requirements.


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