4 Best RN to BSN Programs in Maine (Online & Campus) – 2023

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Are you a registered nurse with an ADN in Maine? Attaining your Bachelor of Nursing Science degree from one of the many RN to BSN programs in Maine will help advance your career. With a BSN, you’ll earn more money; the average salary for BSN-prepared nurses in the Pine Tree State is $81,490 a year. And, many healthcare employers in Maine prefer working with RNs who’ve earned BSNs because these nurses are better equipped to step into leadership roles. Enrolling in one of the 4 best RN to BSN programs in Maine for 2023 will help you advance your nursing career to the next level.

What are the 4 Best Accredited RN to BSN Programs in Maine for 2023?

(Based on our ranking methodology, the following are the 4 best RN-to-BSN programs in Maine (Online & Campus).)

1. University of Southern Maine - Portland

Type: Campus

About The School: The University of Southern Maine-Portland has its campus located in the hub of the state’s most vibrant city, close to prominent healthcare centers. Its baccalaureate in nursing is listed among the best RN to BSN programs in Maine for its student-centered, affordable and comprehensive education. Here you will also have easy access to several financial aid options as the college offers more than $30 million in the form of grants and scholarships. Additionally, being a part of the University of Maine System, it addresses a wide spectrum of your educational interests through its dynamic coursework.

Program Overview: Just like the other top RN to BSN programs in Maine, here too, you will have the option to seamlessly transfer up to 60 credits from your associate in nursing. Before you begin with your upper-division courses, you need to complete pre-requisite courses such as an introduction to psychology, college writing, sociology, anatomy & physiology, microbiology, and pathophysiology. After completing your lower-division studies, you will learn core nursing courses in health assessment, theory for clinical practice, concepts of professional nursing practice, leadership, management & organization, community health, and health-related research. Since the training is delivered on-campus, you will benefit from interacting face-to-face with your expert instructors.

Admission Requirements: Even though this is not an online RN to BSN, you can submit your application online. To be eligible for admissions, you are required to have graduated with a diploma or associate degree in nursing. You will also have to submit proof of your valid registered nurse license.

2. University of Maine - Fort Kent

Type: Online

About The School: Ever thought of earning your BSN in less than a year? If yes, then the University of Maine’s 10-month long RN to BSN program can be a great option for you. The university is an ideal choice for those who wish to study in a modern environment combined with close-knit classes. Upon starting your academic journey, you not only receive personalized attention from your faculty but also the needed support and counseling required to achieve your individual goals. The college also believes in offering you with cost-effective education, therefore it charges zero application fees in addition to maintaining highly affordable tuition rates.

Program Overview: Counted among the best online RN to BSN programs in Maine, this program is designed using an accessible format, allowing working nurses to seamlessly pursue their undergraduate education. Here you can enroll whenever you are ready since the college offers six start dates each year. To earn your BSN, you will be completing 30 credits of core nursing courses. These courses are delivered through a convenient 7-week format so that you can take more classes each semester and graduate in minimum time. Although this BSN requires you to complete a total of 120 credits, here, you can instantly transfer as many as 69 credits for your previous associate-level education in nursing. The critical coursework comprises courses in promoting healthy communities, health promotions, health assessment, issues of professional nursing, leadership & management, healthcare ethics & law, transcultural care, and integrated nursing practice. You will also be taking few general education courses of 21 credits in English composition, literature, statistics, history, art, and computer science.

Admission Requirements: To enroll here, you can flexibly submit your applications online. However, to qualify for this online RN to BSN in Maine, you need to have a current unencumbered RN license or a scheduled licensure exam date. You are also required to submit all official transcripts of your previous education. Students are only admitted into this training if they have a GPA of 2.5 or above.

3. Saint Joseph's College of Maine - Standish

Type: Online

About The School: With a compelling history and tradition in the field of nursing education, Saint Joseph’s College’s RN to BSN in Maine has become a popular choice among students who wish to master advanced patient care skills or earn their bachelor’s degree. Being a Catholic school, community service will be an important part of your education here. Additionally, to makes sure that you have the right resources it offers you personal advising, career counseling, online tutoring, and internships to support your career dreams.

Program Overview: Just like the other best accredited RN to BSN programs in Maine, this one too sharpens your skills in evidence-based practice, population-based care, disease prevention, and clinical decision making. If you hold a nursing diploma, then you can transfer up to 30 credits into your BSN. However, having an ADN degree will allow you to transfer as many as 90 credits seamlessly. The courses are delivered fully online and the training that you gain can be immediately applied to your workplace. Some of these 12-week long nursing courses that you will study include clinical prevention, leadership & management, health assessment, professional transitions, and healthcare policy. You will also learn nursing informatics, evidence-based practice, quality care & patient safety to complete a minimum of 27 core nursing credits. Upon completing your theoretical classes, your education here will end with a clinical practicum, allowing you to put your newly acquired skills into actual practice.

Admission Requirements: Since applications are offered on a rolling basis, you will have the mobility to enroll all year round. While applying for admissions here, you need to submit your official high transcripts along with first-quarter grades. You also are required to have graduated from a CCNE or ACEN accredited diploma or ADN program with a GPA of at least 2.5. Along with these requirements, having an active RN license is also essential.

4. University of Maine at Augusta - Augusta

Type: Online

About The School: Did you know that the University of Maine is the third-largest public university in the state? With more than 30 years of expertise in distance education, it is no surprise that its undergraduate degree in nursing has become one of the most reputable RN to BSN programs in Maine. The college has earned several accolades and recognitions by U.S News and World Reports for its veteran-friendly programs and high-quality bachelor’s degrees. Ever thought of graduating from college by paying ‘zero tuition’? Here, by enrolling in University of Maine at Augusta’s ‘tuition guarantee program’ you will benefit from not paying any tuition or mandatory fees if you qualify.

Program Overview: This RN to BSN is structured around Jean Watson’s theory of human caring, Ken Wilber’s research on intrinsic philosophy, and Barbara Dossey’s principles of integral nursing. The curriculum entails a minimum of 33 nursing credits and is delivered through a 2-year full-time schedule and a part-time option that allows you to graduate in 4 years. Regardless of the format you choose, the coursework is presented by employing a blended approach offering you the perfect balance of face-to-face and online classes. Some of the courses that you will learn are health informatics, health assessment, community & global health, concepts of professional nursing, caring for adults, leadership & management, and nursing research. You may also have to take additional general education and nursing elective courses to earn the total 120 credits of your BSN.

Admission Requirements: Just like most of the other RN to BSN programs in Maine, this one too requires you to hold an associate degree in nursing from a nationally or regionally accredited college. To become a part of this program you should have a GPA of at least 2.5. You are also required to have a current registered license. If you do not have your RN license at the time of admissions, then you must submit it before entering the second semester of your BSN. Lastly, if you haven’t completed the pre-requisite courses as a transfer student, then you need to fulfill the university’s core education requirements before you graduate.


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