12 Best RN to BSN Programs in Louisiana (Online & Campus) – 2024

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Are you a Louisiana registered nurse with an Associate Degree in Nursing who’s thinking about going back to school to earn a BSN? It’s a smart career move. Healthcare employers in the Bayou State have a marked preference for RNs with Bachelor of Nursing Science degrees, and BSN-prepared registered nurses earn average salaries of $79,920 a year. Your current work and family obligations don’t have to hold you back from continuing your education either because many RN to BSN programs in Louisiana offer online classes. Ready to take your nursing career to the next level? Find out more about the 12 best RN to BSN programs in Louisiana for 2024.

What are the 12 Best Accredited RN to BSN Programs in Louisiana for 2024?

(Based on our ranking methodology, the following are the 12 best RN-to-BSN programs in Louisiana (Online & Campus).)

1. Northwestern State University of Louisiana - Shreveport

Type: Online

As an RN, are you passionate about growing in your nursing career? If so, earning a Bachelor’s degree in nursing through one of the best online RN to BSN programs in Louisiana can help you do just that! One such program is that of Northwestern State University of Louisiana that has for more than 136 years supported nursing education through innovative teaching methods, research, and service to the community. Also, this affordable program comes with uniform tuition fees for even your general education credits, thereby keeping you stress-free throughout your journey here.

Program Overview: Just like the other online RN to BSN programs in Louisiana, this too is specially designed for ADNs or registered nurses holding a nursing diploma. The 30-credit hour program allows you to seamlessly complete all clinical and theoretical courses in your community. Some of the courses that you will study include English, mathematics, biology, social science, psychology, humanities, and nursing sciences. Before enrolling you need to have an active unencumbered RN license to practice in Louisiana or any other state. You will also have to present proof of personal professional liability insurance.

Key Highlights

• The college offers you an individualized plan of learning allowing you to effortlessly complete the core nursing courses based on your needs.
• If you are a graduate of an ACEN accredited nursing program, then you will also benefit from an easy transfer of 31 credits worth of lower-level nursing courses.

2. University of Louisiana at Lafayette - Lafayette

Type: Online

Pursuing any one of the best accredited online RN to BSN programs in Louisiana, like the one offered by the University of Louisiana can prepare you with relevant skills so that you can make a real-time positive impact in the medical industry. The college is the second-largest university in Louisiana and is well-recognized in the community for its thriving and dynamic healthcare educational environment. Once admitted, you will receive complete support from the school’s academic advisors, ensuring you choose appropriate courses to make the most of your journey as a BSN student.

Program Overview: Through this 100% online RN to BSN in Louisiana, you will master the application of nursing theory, evaluation of evidence-based practices, and implementation of its findings in-patient care. To meet the admission requirements, it is important for you to hold an unencumbered RN license and have a minimum GPA of 2.50 in your previous nursing education. An associate degree or diploma from a regionally accredited institution is another important criterion. Once enrolled, the coursework entails 30 credits of core nursing courses in nursing in a disaster, transition to professional nursing, trends in genetics & genomics, health & physical assessment, leadership & management, evidence-based practice, and community health nursing with diverse populations. Towards the end of your training, you will also participate in a capstone project, where you will be applying your theoretical knowledge in actual practice.

Key Highlights

• Counted among the best online RN to BSN programs in Louisiana, here, you will have the convenience of around 4 start dates each academic year, allowing you to kick off your BSN training whenever you are ready.
• Being a military-friendly school, through its ‘Office of Veteran Affairs’, UL Lafayette offers complete assistance to veteran students from the time of admissions till through graduation.

3. Nicholls State University - Thibodaux

Type: Online

Did you know that at Nicholls State University 100% of its RN-To-BSN graduates are employed or are pursuing a master’s degree? The college believes in promoting intellectual achievement, self-development, and community service and is the only school offering BSN education in the Bayou region. What’s more, here you will study in classes where the student to faculty ratio is not more than 20:1, allowing you to develop a personal relationship with your nursing faculty even online.

Program Overview: Just like the other RN to BSN programs in Louisiana, this too expands on your existing knowledge in nursing informatics, evidence-based practices leadership, and quality improvement. To graduate you will have to study courses such as gerontic care, community health nursing, health assessment, and nursing research & evidence for best practices. You will also undergo preceptorship experience in professional nursing, professional nursing practices, and nursing leadership & management. The program also includes a preparatory course for the NCLEX-RN. Finally, you will also take up 3 credits worth of nursing electives.

Key Highlights

• If you have graduated from any of the regionally accredited ADN programs, then you can seamlessly transfer maximum credits into this BSN degree, allowing you to graduate with minimum costs.
• Apart from being one of the best online RN to BSN programs in Louisiana, here, you will also have access to several financial aid and scholarship opportunities, making your education rather affordable.

4. University of Louisiana at Monroe - Monroe

Type: Online

If you have decided on expanding your ADN education or nursing diploma into a bachelor’s in nursing, then you will benefit from a lot of perks such as wider job opportunities and superior pay scales. To earn this degree and deepen your knowledge in nursing you can consider enrolling in one of the popular online accredited RN to BSN programs in Louisiana. Established in 1931, the University of Louisiana at Monroe is a state-funded college and is a well-recognized member of the University of Louisiana system. Its mission is rooted in values of collaboration, innovation, efficiency, and commitment to offer transformative BSN education to its students.

Program Overview: Unlike most of the other online RN to BSN programs in Louisiana, this program guides you outside the bedside routine and prepares you with a globalized view of nursing through several evidence-based and leadership courses. The admission process being the initial step towards earning your BSN, you are required to have a current RN license, a minimum GPA of 2.0 from a nationally accredited nursing program, and submit official transcripts of your past education. The 30-credit hour-long curriculum introduces you to courses such as principles of pharmacology, professional nursing concepts, computing, health assessment, gerontology & genomics, nursing management, and public health. Your education here ends with an 8-week long RN to BSN capstone.

Key Highlights

• Through this fast-paced RN to BSN, you can advance in your education in as little as 14 months.
• Here each course takes about 8-weeks to complete, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum without having to rush through the program.
• Apart from giving you the convenience of an online learning mode, the program also features 5 start dates each academic year, giving you maximum flexibility to being whenever you are ready.

5. Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center - New Orleans

Type: Campus

By now you must have realized that there is a connection between the level of nursing education and patient mortality rates. This is why the National Academy of Medicine promotes BSN over ADN as the preferred entry-level degree for aspiring nurses. As an ADN registered nurse you can easily earn your BSN in one year by enrolling in Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. The college has partnered with over 140 health care organizations in the state so that you can gain clinical experience by practicing at a site that is in close vicinity to you. Additionally, upon enrolling, you will have access to over six nursing organizations, that provide you an opportunity to participate in several professional growth activities and also help build your professional network.

Program Overview: The best RN to BSN programs in Louisiana such as this one, offer you a well-rounded education in both liberal arts and professional nursing. Because this program builds upon the knowledge and skills you have gained in your past nursing degree you will require taking only 30 credits worth of nursing didactic and clinical courses to graduate. The BSN courses are split across 3 semesters and train you in health assessment theory & lab, pathophysiology, nursing leadership, gerontology, nursing research, population-focused nursing, and advanced concepts of professional nursing.

Key Highlights

The college offers an innovative ‘Earn Program’, where you can take your non-clinical RN to BSN courses while concurrently pursuing your ADN degree from any of the partner colleges. After completing your ADN education, you can take the remaining courses and graduate in just 2 semesters.
• Since this RN to BSN in Louisiana is offered on campus, you will benefit from studying face-to-face with highly qualified instructors.

6. Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University - Baton Rouge

Type: Online

Ever thought of an online RN to BSN in Louisiana that also provides you with the required personalized experience? If yes, then you should think of enrolling in Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady University’s bachelor’s degree in nursing, where your instructors will know you by your name. Being a Catholic university, here, your curriculum will be guided by faith-based principles. Besides, the college has been a leader in nursing education for over 90 years and since then it has been committed to its mission of excellence in nursing education. Furthermore, the college actively engages in community service and enhances the health of the region through the outstanding performance of its students and faculty.

Program Overview: Just like the other top online RN to BSN programs in Louisiana, this too prepares you to take up positions in nursing research, leadership, community nursing, and health nursing upon graduating. The curriculum is designed to equip you with the complex knowledge and skills today’s dynamic healthcare industry demands. Graduating from this program requires you to complete 30-credit hours worth of core nursing cores. Some of these include RN to BSN evidence-based practice, leadership principles, professional nursing concepts, health assessment, community health nursing, and healthcare policy. You will also study one elective course in successful aging, mental health, and ethical & legal issues.

Key Highlights

• Counted among the best accredited RN to BSN programs in Louisiana, here, you can seamlessly transfer up to 90 credits from your previous nursing degree allowing you to earn your BSN in minimum time, effort and money.
• In addition to being extremely affordable, the program is highly flexible and allows you to take courses on your schedule.

7. McNeese State University - Lake Charles

Type: Online

Have you always dreamt of graduating from one of the top RN to BSN schools in the country? If so, then you should strive towards enrolling in McNeese State University that has been listed among the highly ranked public universities by U.S. News and World Report for 8 years consecutively. Here, you will also have access to several financial aid opportunities so that you can complete your BSN education without breaking the bank.

Program Overview: Typically, this online RN to BSN in Louisiana requires you to possess an active registered nurse license, an ADN, or a nursing diploma from a nationally accredited nursing program and also have your transcripts ready for admission. The coursework requires you to dedicate a total of 30 credit hours towards courses such as professional role transition, communication & collaboration, informatics & patient care, research & evidence-based practice, and business of healthcare. You will also learn advanced nursing concepts, community health, and leadership & management. Additionally, through two clinical experiences in community health and leadership & management, you will be able to put your didactic courses into actual practice.

Key Highlights

• This flexible program comes with 6 start dates each academic year, allowing you to conveniently enroll when you are ready.
• Through its accelerated RN to BSN schedule, you can become a BSN nurse in as few as 10 months by taking several 7-week long courses.
• If you are associated with any of McNeese’s partnered health care agencies or the military, then if eligible, you will benefit from reduced tuition fees.

8. Southeastern Louisiana University - Hammond

Type: Online

As a registered nurse if you are thinking of advancing in your nursing education, then signing up for any of the best RN to BSN programs in the state of Louisiana should be your immediate first step. Southeastern Louisiana University is Louisiana’s third-largest public university and has its mission centered around the academic, economic and cultural development of the state. The college has been recognized by the US News & World Report for its excellent education, therefore it is no surprise that its RN to BSN is counted among the best RN to BSN programs in Louisiana.

Program Overview: Created for working nurses, the program is available through flexible full-time and part-time schedules. Upon enrolling, you will take up several 8-week long nursing courses to earn a total of 31 credits. You can complete the required coursework in as little as 1 year. In addition to generic courses, you will also take up few assignments that will be personally tailored according to your interests.

Key Highlights

• By maintaining a student to faculty ratio that is as little as 19:1, the college ensures that you study in a close-knit environment. Additionally, you will also be supported by a faculty coach who will be there to guide you throughout your journey here.
• The college allows you to earn credits from not only your prior nursing education but also your past nursing experience.

9. Dillard University - New Orleans

Type: Hybrid

As a registered nurse, pursuing a BSN degree can provide you with comprehensive skills that go beyond basic patient care. Through Dillard University’s RN to BSN in Louisiana, you will gain critical thinking abilities and learn case management, health promotion, and leadership skills. The U.S News and World Report has also ranked Dillard among the top 11 historically black colleges and universities. What’s more, here, close to 100% of its nursing students receive financial aid in some form or the other.

Program Overview: The curriculum is divided into 2 semesters. In the first semester, you will be trained in the foundation of statistics, health assessment, probability, community health, and nursing research. Upon entering the second semester, you will learn gerontology, management of high-risk clients, leadership & management, and dimensions in women’s health. The program also comprises four laboratory courses in health assessment, community health, management of high-risk clients, and leadership & management. Through the laboratory courses, you will be able to gain the needed hands-on training. Additionally, the program also includes a summer semester, where you will be taking classes in nursing informatics, conceptualizations of professional nursing, and faith community nursing. You can graduate from this RN to BSN by completing the required courses to earn a total of 28 credits.

Key Highlights

• Here all courses are delivered through a hybrid format, allowing you to benefit from both online as well as face-to-face training.
• This RN to BSN allows you to seamlessly move up to 57 credits of your associate degree nursing credits into your bachelor’s degree saving you from repeating anything that you may have already learned before.

10. Loyola University New Orleans - New Orleans

Type: Online

Did you know that BSN-prepared registered nurses are better skilled to effectively function in multidisciplinary teams and patient-centered primary care systems? To pursue this in-demand entry-level nursing degree, you can enroll in Loyola University New Orleans’ online RN to BSN in Louisiana. This affordable college offers financial aid to 99% of its students. Seemingly, here a majority of its students launch their careers or move into advanced nursing degrees within 6 months of graduating. Moreover, the university believes in offering a personalized learning experience to its students; therefore, you will study in virtual classes with a student to instructor ratio that as little as 12:1.

Program Overview: Similar to the other online RN to BSN programs in Louisiana, this too will build on your associate degree or nursing diploma through a flexible asynchronous online format. This well-rounded curriculum will empower you with marketable skills by training you in 27 credits of upper-division nursing courses. Also, you can either take classes in general education, adjunct, and general elective courses or transfer credits for these courses from your past nursing education. To earn your 27 credits, you will study population health, information management, issues in professional practice, research & evidence-based practice, promotion of quality care, health assessment, health & illness, and healthcare delivery.

Key Highlights

• This dynamic program allows you to transfer up to 75% of your ADN or nursing diploma credits into your BSN degree.
• The program includes 60 hours of practicum training, providing you with the required on-field experiences.

11. Grambling State University - Grambling

Type: Campus

Did you know that registered nurses with BSN degrees are more skilled in 12 out of 16 efficiency and safety dimensions? Therefore, as an ADN nurse, earning your BSN could be a wise investment if you’re looking to boost your earning potential. Grambling State University amalgamates the academic excellence of a large university with the cohesiveness of a small campus; this balance allows you to experience the best of both worlds and study in a conducive environment.

Program Overview: This RN to BSN program in Louisiana is offered on-campus. The program allows you to take your nursing career to the next level in as few as 3 semesters. To be eligible for admissions you are required to be a practicing registered nurse and are required to have completed 60 credits hours of pre-requisite courses with a minimum GPA of 2.8. Earning your bachelor’s degree here requires you to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours in nursing practice, community health, adult health, and management. Few of these courses include health assessment, introduction to research in nursing, critical thinking, management in nursing- theory & practicum, community health theory & practicum, adult health theory & practicum.

Key Highlights

• This dynamic RN to BSN program offers you three practicum experiences, allowing you to perfect your skills by practicing in actual healthcare settings.
• Since this fast-paced 3-semester program is offered on-campus, you will benefit from interacting one-on-one with your faculty members and study on GSU’s serene campus.

12. Louisiana State University of Alexandria - Alexandria

Type: Online

Counted among the flagship RN to BSN programs in Louisiana, Louisiana State University of Alexandria ensures that you experience the same high-quality education online as its on-campus students. The college promises guaranteed enrollment to its online RN to BSN program, provided you meet the required pre-requisites. It understands that BSN education can be an expensive affair for many aspiring students, therefore its main mission is to support you in advancing in your nursing career by providing you with accessible and cost-effective training. Additionally, you can also benefit from several financial aid options offered by the college.

Program Overview: This online RN to BSN curriculum goes beyond the generic analytical and information management courses by training you to also take up leadership roles in the healthcare industry. To be admitted, you need to have an ADN degree from an ACEN accredited program. You are also required to hold an unencumbered RN license and have a GPA of at least 2.5. Once admitted, you will take 30-credit hours worth of courses in professional role development, community health nursing, management of older adults, and nursing informatics. Additionally, you will also learn ethical dilemmas in nursing, nursing research, leadership & management, and health assessment.

Key Highlights

• Through its ‘prior learning assessment policy,’ you will earn credits for even your past military or work credentials. This way, should you be an eligible candidate for this policy, you will be able to complete the program much sooner and with lesser costs.
• This online RN to BSN degree allows you to engage synchronously with your faculty members and fellow students through several video conferencing and other high-tech technologies. This makes learning more effective and allows you to network with peers and make meaningful connections.


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