5 Best RN to BSN Programs in Chicago – 2023

Written By: Editorial Staff @ NursingProcess.org

In Chicago, a registered nurse with a Bachelor’s in Nursing Science degree earns $89,750 a year on average. That’s significantly more than a registered nurse with an Associate Degree in Nursing makes. But that’s only one of the reasons why you should consider enrolling in one of the RN to BSN programs in Chicago. Healthcare facilities prefer working with BSN-prepared nurses, and they have more opportunities to advance their careers as well. Many RN to BSN programs can be completed in under a year, and you can take them online. Ready to discover more? Keep reading to learn about the 5 best RN to BSN Programs in Chicago for 2023.

Following are the 5 Best RN to BSN Programs in Chicago, Illinois (Online & Campus) for 2023

(Based on our ranking methodology, the following are the 5 best RN-to-BSN programs in Chicago (Online & Campus).)

1. University of Illinois at Chicago – Chicago

Type: Online

As an ADN trained registered nurse, advancing your education through a BSN will help you in perfecting key competencies that are important to become a leader and an effective advocate of healthcare. The University of Illinois at Chicago’s online baccalaureate education has not only received statewide acclaim for its student engagement, but is also ranked #3 in the nation by U.S. News and World Report, making it one of the best online RN to BSN programs in Chicago. To keep your education costs lower, the college maintains the same tuition fees for both in-state and out-of-the-state students. Furthermore, the college provides you with open educational resources that allow you to reduce the costs of books and other study material. The program starts thrice a year in fall, spring and summer, so you can start when you are ready. Although the program is delivered online, the college ensures a personalized learning experience as you are provided easy access to its experienced faculty who understand the nuances of online instruction.

You can graduate from this program in as little as 16 months by completing several core nursing, required non-nursing, and general education courses. The core nursing courses cover nursing informatics, caring in professional nursing, issues in nursing practice, health assessment and communication, research & statistics of evidence-based practices, and health assessment & communication. The required non-nursing courses that can be completed before your admission, include chemistry, human anatomy, English composition, microbiology, and nutrition. Finally, the program also includes general education courses and electives in liberal arts and sciences which aim towards developing skills in cultural sensitivity, understanding the US society, and enhancing interpersonal communication.

2. North Park University – Chicago

Type: Campus

Many healthcare facilities now prefer hiring only BSN qualified registered nurses. Very soon in the future, it is estimated that a bachelor’s degree will become the entry-level qualification for nurses. Understanding the uniqueness of each student and focusing on providing you with a one-on-one learning experience, North Park University offers one of the best RN to BSN programs in Chicago. Its nursing school is located at the center of Chicago’s healthcare hub, providing you with maximum educational exposure. If you’re someone who is confused about which courses to take, then the school’s personalized advising services will help you choose the right path based on your interests.

This curriculum is presented through a blended format, giving you the mobility to complete one half of each course through the online platform. This 18 to 24 month-long program comprises of 30 credit hours, out of which 24 credit hours are in nursing courses and six credit hours will be dedicated to the core curriculum requirements. Additionally, you will also complete supporting courses in anatomy & physiology, introduction to psychology, human lifespan psychology, microbiology, statistics, and sociology & anthropology. The requirement for majority of these supporting courses can be met by transferring credits from your associate degree.

3. Chicago State University – Chicago

Type: Campus

A BSN degree offers you a solid didactic understanding and longer preparation time, making you better equipped to deliver patient care with greater precision. Chicago State University is one of the leading institutions of higher education in the community, having more than 150 years of experience. It offers one of the most flexible on-campus RN to BSN programs in Chicago, which is thoughtfully planned for the working adult nurse professionals who are thinking of advancing their education. You can begin your journey here in the summer semester on a unique schedule where you will be attending classes only one night a week. Through this schedule, you can effortlessly earn a BSN qualification, at the same time continue working on a full-time basis. To be eligible for this program you are required to have at least one year of clinical work experience, an associate degree or a diploma in nursing from an accredited college, and a minimum GPA of 2.75.

The curriculum is split into 3 semesters where you will complete 120 credit hours through various courses. The core courses cover health assessment, nursing informatics, pathophysiology, community-based care of the family, research methods, nursing leadership & management, and advanced therapeutics. You will also study general education courses such as statistics, service-learning, critical thinking, introduction to psychology, microbiology, and sociology.

4. Resurrection University – (Oak Point University)

Type: Online and Hybrid

If you are currently an ADN prepared RN, then you need to know that enrolling in one of the best RN to BSN programs in Chicago could be your first step towards more advanced roles that require you to handle greater responsibility. The RN to BSN training program at Resurrection University is designed for students with an associate or diploma in nursing, who wish to gain greater expertise in the healthcare field. The curriculum is taught by its highly qualified full-time faculty whose innovative teaching methods can ease out the learning process especially for students who have been away from the classroom routine for a while. Its campus features technologically advanced classrooms and a 6200 square foot high-tech simulation center, allowing you to study using state-of-art facilities.

You can choose to enroll either in the fall, spring, or summer based on your convenience. The program is designed for swift completion and necessitates you to study only 7 courses. Each course also has a clinical component allowing you to put your theoretical understanding into actual practice. These courses include health promotion and disease prevention, professional values, information management systems, organizational & system leadership, finance & regulatory practice, and evidence-based practice. The coursework is delivered through both hybrid and online platforms, giving you the flexibility to sign up for a platform that seamlessly fits in your busy schedule.

5. The Chicago School of Professional Psychology – Chicago

Type: Online

In the ever-changing healthcare environment, a bachelor’s degree in nursing offers you maximum knowledge and comprehensive preparation. Signing up for any of the top online RN to BSN programs in Chicago such as the one offered by the Chicago School of Professional Psychology can open doors to advanced career opportunities, resulting in increased earning potential. Education here goes beyond theoretical learning and the college is committed to incorporating innovation, service, and community engagement into its curriculum. Furthermore, through its 20 global academic collaborations, you can benefit from gaining international exposure and global perspective by studying abroad. The college is also widely recognized as one of the best Military friendly schools in the state of Illinois, making it a great choice for veterans.

This RN to BSN program is delivered fully online, where you can graduate in 18 months on a full-time schedule. Here, you will be trained by an expert faculty, most of whom are experienced nurse practitioners. The curriculum focuses on educating you in ethical issues and national & global health policy, concepts in community & public health nursing, health assessment & promotion across the lifespan, nursing informatics, leadership & management, and concepts of nursing theory & research. General education courses cover subjects such as behavioral psychology, statistics, public speech, and advanced English composition.