Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary in 2023

Are you considering taking the leap and becoming a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner? This exciting field is full of opportunities to practice in several different types of facilities. The need for quality mental health practitioners grows every day, and facilities are willing to pay a high psychiatric nurse practitioner salary.


What is the Average Salary of a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner?

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners (PMHNP) work closely with patients suffering from mental health disorders to help them manage their conditions and lead happy, healthy lives. As a PMH-APRN, you will be qualified to assess, diagnose, and treat clients with psychiatric disorders using a spectrum of techniques including psychotherapeutic and pharmacological treatments. The average Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner salary is $126,390 per year. Most Psychiatric APRNs will earn close to $96,000 at their first job, and with experience will see their salary climb passed $150,000.

Type Starting Salary Experienced Salary Average Salary
(Source: Compiled using data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

10 States Where Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners Are Earning the Most


With its warm-year-round climate, endless options for outdoor adventures, and unlimited access to fresh produce, California is a fantastic place to practice as a PMHNP. The average salary is $149,070 per year. You may choose to work at the Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA in Los Angeles, which is ranked 8th in the Nation for psychiatric hospitals. If you appreciate working somewhere with a view, several mental health facilities like Capo by the Sea Holistic Treatment Center, overlook the Pacific Ocean.


There’s much more to Alaska than harsh winters and Eskimos! In the summertime, Alaskans enjoy almost 24 hours of daylight to explore the breathtaking wilderness by hiking, kayaking, and backpacking. In the Winter, they dress warm and venture out for skiing, snowboarding, and ice fishing. PMHNPs here earn an average of $147,150 yearly. Most work in the large population center of Anchorage, in one of the many counseling centers and acute psychiatric care facilities.


From gorgeous beaches to exciting Luaus to incredible wildlife there’s a lot to love about the Aloha state! There are dozens of acute and chronic mental health facilities on the islands, which employ PMHNPs who earn an average yearly salary of $144,150. Queen’s Medical Center in Honolulu has a fantastic reputation for acute care. Addiction treatment facilities are common in Hawaii, where the warm weather and natural beauty guide clients to empowerment and self-love.


Massachusetts is one of the best states in the union for healthcare. McLean Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital are considered the #1 and #2 best Psychiatric hospitals in the United States. Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner salary in this state is $141,270 per year, on average. Childhood education in Massachusetts is consistently ranked among the best in the nation, and it is home to world-class colleges like Harvard University, MIT, and Tufts University.


The Yale School of Nursing has one of the top Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner programs in the country, and their hospital, Yale New Haven, is ranked 9th nationally for Psychiatry. PMHN’s here average $139,340 annually. When they’re not working with top Psychiatric teams, they are free to roam miles of breathtaking hiking trails and state parks. The fall foliage in New England is world-famous, and the fresh sea-food is to die for.

New Jersey

New Jersey residents have easy access to all the amenities of New York City and enjoy a more reasonable cost of living. New Jersey is home to amazing diners, delicious bagels, and beautiful beaches along the Jersey Shore. Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey is a top hospital. The average Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner salary here is $138,330 per year.

New York

New York Presbyterian Hospital is ranked number 3 in the U.S.A. for Psychiatry, and works closely with two Ivy League Universities, Columbia and Cornell. The average PMHNP Salary is $137,830. The need for quality mental health professionals is extremely high in NYC and there is opportunity to work in every type of care setting, from acute to chronic. If city life isn’t for you, there’s still much to love about the state of New York, including wine country, woodland hiking, and breathtaking fall foliage.


Minnesota is ranked 7th in the Nation for overall healthcare, and 3rd for mental health care. Mental Health Nurse Practitioner’s average annual pay is $136,580. They enjoy the flexibility of working at top facilities in the large metropolitan city of Minneapolis, in the bustling suburbs surrounding the city, or even in the serene wilderness of the “North Shore”. Minnesota is home to the Mayo Clinic, which is widely considered the best hospital in the country.


With about 2,500 miles of Pacific shoreline, the world-famous Giant Redwood forests, and some of the most beautiful hiking in the country, there’s a lot to love about the Evergreen State. Washington is home to several nature-esque mental health and addiction treatment centers, located near the ocean or in secluded forests. For example, Lake Hughes Recovery treatment center is located on a 100-acre Certified Organic Peach and Pomegranate Ranch. PMHNP average yearly pay here is $135,520.


Wyoming is one of the most affordable states to live in, with the low cost of living and relatively low taxes. It is home to world-famous Yellowstone National park, and several other popular hiking destinations. Wyoming is also ranked among the top states for overall health and well-being. The average yearly salary for Mental Health NPs is $133,240.

State Wise Average Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

Below you will find a table laying out the average hourly, monthly, and annual salary of PMHNPs in each state.

State Hourly Monthly Annual
Alabama $53.64 $9,300 $111,570
Alaska $70.74 $12,260 $147,150
Arizona $59.35 $10,280 $123,430
Arkansas $53.84 $9,330 $111,990
California $71.67 $12,420 $149,070
Colorado $62.43 $10,820 $129,870
Connecticut $66.99 $11,610 $139,340
Delaware $59.57 $10,320 $123,920
District of Columbia $61.03 $10,580 $126,940
Florida $56.49 $9,800 $117,500
Georgia $58.73 $10,180 $122,170
Hawaii $69.30 $12,010 $144,150
Idaho $58.09 $10,070 $120,840
Illinois $57.64 $9,990 $119,890
Indiana $57.54 $9,980 $119,690
Iowa $58.87 $10,210 $122,450
Kansas $55.33 $9,590 $115,080
Kentucky $53.97 $9,350 $112,240
Louisiana $55.85 $9,680 $116,150
Maine $56.59 $9,810 $117,710
Maryland $62.10 $10,770 $129,160
Massachusetts $67.92 $11,770 $141,270
Michigan $57.80 $10,020 $120,240
Minnesota $65.66 $11,380 $136,580
Mississippi $60.65 $10,510 $126,150
Missouri $54.55 $9,460 $113,460
Montana $55.10 $9,550 $114,620
Nebraska $56.49 $9,800 $117,500
Nevada $59.66 $10,340 $124,080
New Hampshire $63.57 $11,020 $132,210
New Jersey $66.51 $11,520 $138,330
New Mexico $61.81 $10,710 $128,560
New York $66.27 $11,490 $137,830
North Carolina $60.10 $10,420 $125,020
North Dakota $58.49 $10,140 $121,670
Ohio $57.50 $9,970 $119,600
Oklahoma $54.04 $9,360 $112,410
Oregon $63.81 $11,060 $132,720
Pennsylvania $55.56 $9,630 $115,550
Rhode Island $61.42 $10,650 $127,740
South Carolina $54.92 $9,510 $114,230
South Dakota $56.55 $9,810 $117,620
Tennessee $53.13 $9,210 $110,490
Texas $62.94 $10,910 $130,920
Utah $56.52 $9,800 $117,550
Vermont $58.75 $10,180 $122,200
Virginia $57.80 $10,020 $120,230
Washington $65.16 $11,300 $135,520
West Virginia $53.71 $9,310 $111,720
Wisconsin $57.63 $9,990 $119,860
Wyoming $64.05 $11,100 $133,240
(Source: Compiled using data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

City Wise Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Salary

This table displays the average salaries for the best paying Cities in the county, again broken down into hourly, monthly, and annual rates.

City Hourly Monthly Annual
New York $63.78 $11,060 $132,680
Los Angeles $66.57 $11,550 $138,480
Chicago $53.57 $9,290 $111,420
Houston $65.62 $11,370 $136,490
Phoenix $53.40 $9,260 $111,070
Philadelphia $52.76 $9,150 $109,740
San Antonio $50.19 $8,700 $104,390
San Diego $61.56 $10,670 $128,040
Dallas $56.22 $9,740 $116,950
San Jose $73.70 $12,780 $153,280
Austin $53.85 $9,330 $112,010
Jacksonville $47.20 $8,190 $98,170
San Francisco $71.85 $12,450 $149,450
Columbus $52.71 $9,140 $109,640
Fort Worth $56.22 $9,740 $116,950
Indianapolis $56.42 $9,770 $117,340
Charlotte $50.68 $8,790 $105,430
Seattle $58.22 $10,090 $121,100
Denver $56.14 $9,730 $116,770
Washington $56.21 $9,740 $116,930
Boston $64.16 $11,120 $133,470
El Paso $53.41 $9,260 $111,090
Detroit $54.04 $9,360 $112,410
Nashville $45.46 $7,880 $94,550
Memphis $55.60 $9,630 $115,650
(Source: Compiled using data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Where Do Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners Work?

Regular Hospitals

Psychiatric care in hospitals occurs in separate mental health units but is also a component of the care for general population patients.

Psychiatric Hospitals

These facilities treat mental health conditions exclusively. This level of care is for acutely ill patients in need of continuous observation.

Mental Health Clinics

These outpatient facilities help patients manage their chronic mental health conditions. Patients are regularly seen in the office setting.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers

Patients generally reside in this setting for less than 30 days, during which time they receive treatment for addictions or mental health conditions.

Community Health Centers

These facilities care for patients whose income falls below a legislated limit. Patients receive treatment and counseling for their mental health condition.

Elementary and Secondary Schools

Practitioners in these settings help students struggling with mental health conditions, to help them cope and succeed in the academic setting.

Home Healthcare Services

Home care Practitioners work with clients in their own home, to help them manage their chronic mental health condition.

Prisons and Jails

There is a great need for quality mental health care for incarcerated patients. Practitioners in these settings help inmates manage their conditions while rehabilitating.

Job Outlook for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners

U.S. Bureau for Labor Statistics projects a 52% increase in employment for NPs, as compared to 7% average across all occupations. There are currently more mental health patients than the system can adequately care for, and that need continues to grow. PMHNPs are desperately needed to care for our growing population of mentally ill patients. The health care practice of NPs is being expanded to improve access to care for all citizens.