Best Online 1-Year Nurse Practitioner Programs For 2021

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(Currently as there are NO online nurse practitioner programs that you can complete in 1-year, so we have ranked programs that will take you less than 20 Months to complete.)

1. William Paterson University - Wayne, NJ (20 Months)

Concentrations Offered: Family Nurse Practitioner

Do you desire completing your NP education by enrolling in one of the best 1-year nurse practitioner programs online but not sure where to start? Well, although not typically a one-year program, you could give a thought to the NP program offered by William Paterson University. Within as little as 20 months, this program not only trains you with exceptional advanced practice skills but also prepares you to join the workforce rather quickly. Here through flexible schedules and online classes you can gain specialized skills in the care of individuals & families across the lifespan. The college offers this program with affordable tuition costs, allowing you the provision of paying per course. Moreover, with the school being a military-friendly institution, if you are a veteran, you can expect solid support to make your student journey a rather smooth one.

The program is open to BSN graduates with an encumbered RN license and a minimum GPA of 3.0. The 47-credits that you must complete comprise MSN core and FNP specific courses. You start the program with foundational courses in theoretical concepts for nursing, nursing research strategies, population health, legislation & social policy, pathophysiology, and health assessment. The FNP-specific courses educate on the health promotion and disease prevention of patients across the lifespan. As a graduate of this program, you will graduate with excellent critical thinking, leadership, and communication skills.

2. Georgetown University - Washington, DC (19 Months)

Concentrations Offered: Family Nurse Practitioner

Are you passionate about offering advanced primary care to individuals and families across the lifespan? If so, Georgetown University’s NP program can be an option you may want to consider. Also, as an aspiring NP, if you have been searching for enrolling into one of the best faith-based 1-year online nurse practitioner programs, then here, you can come close to achieving this goal as the college trains you to become an FNP within a short duration of 19 months. By offering a curriculum grounded in Jesuit values, besides graduating with skills in advanced nursing care, you will leave the college with a strong sense of commitment to serve the community. At Georgetown, graduates report a remarkable performance, with all of them passing the national certification exam on the first attempt. So, if you ready to take the next step in your nursing career, this program can put you on a career path that not only opens-up a broad spectrum of jobs in primary care, but will also provide immense fulfillment & satisfaction.

To apply, you must be an RN with a bachelor’s in nursing. Upon being accepted, you can choose between part-time and full-time classes, based on your preference. However, since you are looking at joining the workforce rather quickly, the full-time path will be more suitable. With classes being offered through the online format, even with the full-time classes, you will be able to juggle work and family responsibilities. This MSN-FNP program requires completing 44 credits and a minimum of 650 clinical hours. Also, throughout the program, you must be prepared to attend two campus intensives. Upon graduation, depending on the state you intend to practice in, you will be able to treat patients autonomously. As a certified FNP, you will be responsible for health promotion and disease prevention of patients across the lifespan.

3. La Salle University - Philadelphia, PA (20 Months)

Concentrations Offered: Family Nurse Practitioner

Ever thought of completing your NP education through fast track study? Do you also prefer the convenience of online classes? Well, you may ask if there are any 1-year nurse practitioner programs online that can prepare you for this advanced practice nursing position. La Salle University’s MSN-NP program, although not typically a one-year program can train you in a short duration of 20 months, unlike most other MSN-NP programs that span across 28 to 36 months. With most students graduating in less than two years, the program is designed to make you eligible for the certification exam rather swiftly. This 100% online program, offered with the FNP specialization has produced highly qualified nurse practitioners who provide exceptional care to individuals & families, especially focusing on the vulnerable populations. By completing your education here, not only will you leave the college as a competent FNP and a lifelong learner, but you will also lay a solid foundation to build upon for an array of careers. Also, regardless of your residency status, you will be eligible to avail of the same tuition costs as residents. This can prove to be a rather affordable education option, more so for those who prefer paying tuition per course.

This MSN-FNP program is a 45-credit coursework that emphasizes evidence-based practice, nursing research, health promotion & disease prevention. During your 20 months of study, you will understand the various psychological, social, cultural, environmental, and economic factors that influence health. Admission into this program is open to registered nurses with a minimum GPA of 3.2 and an active RN license. The curriculum takes you through a total of 16 courses, comprising core and FNP-specific courses. Some of the topics you will master include nursing research for evidence-based practice, advanced practice for population care, advanced pathophysiology, pharmacology, health assessment, and primary care of families across the life span. Finally, to graduate you must complete a seven-week practicum in primary care settings where you enhance critical thinking and clinical reasoning skills.

4. Northern Kentucky University - Highland Heights, KY (20 Months)

Concentrations Offered: Adult-Gerontology Acute Care Nurse Practitioner

So, you are a registered nurse, wondering if there are any 1-year nurse practitioner programs online that can prepare you for the role of an adult-gerontology acute care nurse practitioner. Well, as such there are no nurse practitioner programs that can help you graduate within one year. However, Northern Kentucky University’s NP program is designed to put you on the career path of adult-gerontology care within as little as 20 months. This online program includes clinical residency and a capstone course to provide you the opportunity of applying the newly acquired knowledge to practice. Known for its online nursing education, the program is offered by an expert faculty who bring in their years of nursing experience to the classroom. Whether you are looking at gaining skills in acute care or to manage the health conditions of adult & elderly patients, you will be rather well-equipped with evidence-based knowledge and critical thinking skills to solve the complex issues of adult & geriatric care.

With six start dates, you can enroll in this program when it is best suited to you. To be eligible, you must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 in your BSN and an active RN license. Also, at least 1000 hours of clinical practice as a nurse is required. The curriculum comprises 18 courses, with each course lasting for seven weeks. The 46-credit coursework educates you on the theoretical foundation of nursing practice, health care policy & economics, diagnostic reasoning, advanced pharmacology, and role development of an NP. The specialty-specific courses take you through diagnosis & disease management in acute care. Towards the end of the program, you complete the four residency courses where you practice professional skills in an ICU/ED/urgent care setting. Finally, after completing all the courses you must go through a culminating experience, bringing together all the lessons learned in the program.

5. Herzing University - Menomonee Falls, WI (20 Months)

Concentrations Offered: Family Nurse Practitioner

Are you a registered nurse eager to kickstart an advanced practice nursing career? If you have been pondering over the idea of online 1-year nurse practitioner programs as your starting point to this journey, you must know that Herzing University’s NP program, although not a one-year nurse practitioner program can serve as one of the fastest routes to achieve this goal. Offered with an MSN, the NP specialization in family health trains you to treat patients of all age groups in various types of primary care settings. With a 100% online coursework, you can continue working while pursuing the FNP credential. The college emphasizes interdisciplinary learning and requires you to complete clinical experiences in diverse clinical environments. Although Herzing allows you to choose the clinical site, if you are unable to do so, it steps up to do so, arranging a site from many of its clinical partners. Ensuring that you graduate with marketable skills, the college expects you to complete at least 500 patient encounters as part of your clinical training requirement.

Designed for an RN with a BSN, this MSN-NP program can be completed within 20 months. The population-focused curriculum comes with six start dates, so you can begin when you are ready. Although all the courses are offered online, the clinical experiences require on-site attendance. To prepare you for successful clinical experience, the college offers a Clinical Readiness Course, and similarly to prepare well for the FNP certification exam, you undergo a Virtual Bootcamp. The 48 semesters hours required for graduation include 30 hours in FNP-specific courses. As an FNP student, you will learn about health policy & management, healthcare informatics, research methods & evidence-based practice, advanced health assessment, pathophysiology, pharmacology, clinical decision-making, and healthcare of infants, children, adolescents & women. Upon graduation, you can explore opportunities for practicing autonomously or provide care to patients in various primary care environments, including the rural and underserved areas.

6. Samuel Merritt University - Oakland, CA (20 Months)

Concentrations Offered: Family Nurse Practitioner

Samuel Merritt University’s NP education is known for clinical excellence and the quality of graduates it produces. While shortlisting NP programs that offer RNs a fast-track career advancement, if you are keen on enrolling in one of the best online 1-year nurse practitioner programs, then this nursing school can serve you well as even though the program is not one year, you can complete it within 20 months, much quicker than the standard MSN-NP program length of 28 to 36 months. The quick transition to the workforce through this program can be rewarding as you will be able to earn and pay off loans much sooner. Especially for those who are seeking financial aid to make your education affordable, the college offers several options in terms of scholarships and student loans. As a graduate of this program, you will be trained to provide culture-sensitive care to patients in urban, rural, and underserved environments. Furthermore, besides carrying a compassionate attitude you will demonstrate enhanced critical thinking, interpersonal, and interprofessional communication skills.

To qualify for this program, you must be a BSN graduate and an RN with an active license in Arizona California, Colorado, Illinois, Nevada, Ohio, Texas, or Virginia. The curriculum comprises 49 credits in core and FNP-specific courses. To complete the clinical requirements, the college assists you in finding suitable sites within your community. Also, throughout the program, two on-campus intensives are required for which you must visit the Sacramento campus. During the five semesters of your coursework, you learn about research methods, theoretical foundations, professional role development, advanced health assessment, physical assessment, pathophysiology, health promotion, pharmacology, and analysis of health policy issues. Additionally, you are educated on health promotion & disease prevention and the care of chronic & complex health conditions. So, even though you started with searching for 1-year nurse practitioner programs online, you are here, learning about one of the popular and fastest NP programs in California, upon completion of which you will be equipped to explore a wide range of employment options.

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