2 Best Nursing Schools in Las Vegas – 2024

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Though Las Vegas may be known as the gambling capital of the United States, it is also home to 641,676 permanent residents as of 2017, and many of these people require a great deal of highly specialized medical care. As a result, the demand for nurses ranging from LPNs to RNs, and even FNPs is quite high. The better your education, the more likely you will be to succeed in the healthcare industry, so be sure to check out the following list of the best nursing schools in Las Vegas to help you make a better decision about your future in nursing.


What are the Best Nursing Schools in Las Vegas for the 2024?

(Based on our Ranking Methodology, the following are the best-accredited nursing schools in Las Vegas, Nevada.)

1. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Why University of Nevada, Las Vegas?

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas is by far one of the best options for anyone interested in obtaining a degree in nursing. The school focuses on the most in-demand degrees and specializations, and it is especially geared toward educating the next generation of leaders in nursing. UNLV provides not only a wide variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, but it also offers continuing education (CE) in nursing designed to help you achieve all your goals both now and in the future.

The University of Nevada at Las Vegas School of Nursing is a 2019 National League for Nursing Center or Excellence and is listed as one of the top 100 MSN programs in both Nursing and Doctor of Nursing practice as ranked by US News & World Report. There is little doubt that these are some of the best nursing programs in Las Vegas, and they are also some of the most popular.

Undergraduate Programs: Of all the BSN programs in Las Vegas, the Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the University of Nevada – Las Vegas campus is a favorite. You can choose from a traditional BSN degree or participate in the RN to BSN degree program if you are already working as an RN, and you want to improve upon your associate degree education.

Graduate Programs: UNLV also offers several outstanding graduate programs, which include many unique post-masters and even post-doctoral Advanced Graduate Certificates. You can participate in the Master of Science in Nursing program, the Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing, or the Doctor of Nursing Practice, each of which prepares you for an outstanding healthcare career specially tailored to your unique needs.

Complete List of Programs Offered

Undergraduate • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Graduate • Master of Science in Nursing
• Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing
• Doctor of Philosophy Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
• Doctor of Nursing Practice
• Advanced Graduate Certificate; Family Nurse Practitioner (Post Master's)
• Advanced Graduate Certificate; Nursing Education (Post Master's)
• Advanced Graduate Certificate; Biobehavioral Nursing (Post Doctoral)

2. College of Southern Nevada

Why College of Southern Nevada?

The College of Southern Nevada School of Health Sciences is known for helping students start their careers quickly with several practical and useful undergraduate degree options. In some cases, you may be able to pursue part or even all your education online, as well, making this an incredibly popular nursing school in Las Vegas. The College of Southern Nevada is known specifically for its sense of community, and they are always working to interact with the student body as well as the numerous medical centers in Las Vegas to ensure they continue to provide the best possible education.

Undergraduate Programs: The College of Southern Nevada School of Health Sciences provides you with access to several interesting and helpful undergraduate programs that can help you enter the workforce right away while providing you with a solid foundation for further studies down the line. These include the AAS in Nursing degree, the LPN to RN track, the Nursing Assistant skills certificate, the Practical Nursing Certificate, and even a specific practical nursing program designed especially for medics and corpsmen who want to further their education, which is something only a few nursing schools in Las Vegas can offer.

Complete List of Programs Offered

Undergraduate • Nursing (AAS)
• Nursing: LPN to RN (AAS)
• Nursing Assistant (Skills Certificate)
• Practical Nursing (CA)
• Practical Nursing: Military Medic/Corpsman to LPN (CA)


How Many Nurses are Currently Employed in Las Vegas?

Across the board, from CNAs to Nurse Educators, there are 24,600 nurses employed in Las Vegas. There are more registered nurses than any other nurse profession, too, at 16,720.

Occupation Employment
Certified Nursing Assistants 4,910
Licensed Practical Nurses 2,170
Registered Nurses 16,720
Nurse Practitioners 450
Nurse Anesthetists N/A
Nurse Midwives N/A
Nurse Educators 350
Total Number of Nurses 24,600
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Work Environment and Working Hours for Nurses in Las Vegas

As a nurse in Las Vegas, your working environment and your hours can vary considerably. Remember that Las Vegas is one of the biggest sites for tourism in the United States, which means aside from the nearly 700,000 people who call the city home, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, nearly four million visitors come to the city every single month. It is this tourism population that drives the Las Vegas healthcare industry forward.

Trauma centers and emergency departments in Las Vegas are especially busy, and the hospitals with the best trauma centers are currently the largest employers of nurses in the city. If you work in trauma, this is a very stressful, fast-paced position that will require you to work nights, weekends, and even holidays. Conversely, if you work in one of the city’s many nursing homes, you could enjoy a much quieter work environment – though you will still find yourself working holidays, weekends, and perhaps even overnight hours if you choose to become a nurse in Las Vegas.

Which Las Vegas Hospitals are Hiring the Most Number of Nurses?

In Las Vegas, the ability to treat the millions of tourists visiting each month in emergency situations is critical. For this reason, some of the city’s biggest and most popular hospitals are those with thriving emergency departments, such as Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center, University Medical Center, and Summerlin Hospital Medical Center. In fact, the trauma center at University Medical Center is the area’s only Level 1 Trauma Center serving a county that has doubled to a population of just over 2.2 million people in the last two decades.

As hospitals in the local area work to accommodate the population of not only Las Vegas, but also the surrounding areas in Clark County, they will continue to hire more nurses than ever before to fight illness and injury on the front lines. Aside from trauma centers, specialist centers – such as cardiac and women’s health hospitals – are also demanding more nurses than ever before.

Rank Hospital Name
1 Sunrise Hospital & Medical Center
2 University Medical Center
3 Summerlin Hospital Medical Center
4 MountainView Hospital
5 Desert Springs Hospital Medical Center
6 Spring Valley Hospital Medical Center
7 Valley Hospital Medical Center
8 Centennial Hills Hospital Medical Center
9 Southern Hills Hospital & Medical Center
10 Dignity Health-St. Rose Dominican San Martin Campus

Which Las Vegas Nursing Homes are Hiring the Most Number of Nurses?

The elderly population in Las Vegas is on the rise, and as the population continues to grow, so too will the number of people who require long-term end-of-life or even rehabilitative care. Lake Mead Health and Rehabilitation Center, TLC Care Center, and Delmar Gardens of Green Valley, all in Henderson, are the largest employers of Las Vegas nurses. They are some of the largest employers of CNAs and LPNs in the county, as well.

Rank Nursing Home Name Location
1 Lake Mead Health and Rehabilitation Center Henderson
2 Tlc Care Center Henderson
3 Delmar Gardens of Green Valley Henderson
4 Mission Pines Nursing & Rehabilitation Center North Las Vegas
5 Life Care Center of Las Vegas Las Vegas
6 Royal Springs Healthcare and Rehabilitation Las Vegas
7 The Heights of Summerlin, LLC Las Vegas
8 Marquis Care Plaza Regency Las Vegas
9 North Las Vegas Care Center North Las Vegas
10 Nevada State Veterans Home - Boulder City Boulder City

What are the Major Reasons Behind the Strong Demand for Nurses in Las Vegas?

The demand for nurses in Las Vegas is being driven primarily by three unique factors. First is the increasing tourism in the city and the sheer number of visitors that can be found in Las Vegas every single day. Second is the booming population in not only the city itself, but also the surrounding county. Finally, on top of the expanding population and increases in tourism, more people in Las Vegas than in years past now have access to great health insurance that affords them the opportunity to go to hospitals and seek treatment when they are ill.

Starting Nurse Salary in Las Vegas

Starting out as a nurse in Las Vegas, you can expect to earn a salary that is higher than the national average for starting salaries. CNAs earn roughly $28,110 starting out while RNs earn $70,500 often in their very first year. If you choose to work as a nurse practitioner, you could earn as much as $91,790 in your first year.

Occupation Average Starting Salary
Hourly Monthly Annual
CNA $13.51 $2,343 $28,110
LVN $23.18 $4,018 $48,210
RN $33.90 $5,875 $70,500
NP $44.13 $7,649 $91,790
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Average Nurse Salary in Las Vegas

CNA: A CNA in Las Vegas earns an average annual salary of $35,860, which is much more than CNAs in other cities. These individuals work primarily in nursing and rehabilitation centers under the guidance and instruction of LPNs and RNs.

LVN: The average annual LPN salary in Las Vegas is $57,610, which is also much higher than salaries in other areas. Remember that you will not need as much education to become an LPN, so you should expect to earn less than an RN.

RN: If you want to earn a high salary working as an RN, consider doing so in Las Vegas. Here, across all RNs – whether they have an ADN or a BSN – earn a registered nursing salary in Las Vegas of $87,920 a year, which is highly lucrative. RNs are in especially high demand in trauma centers and specialty hospitals thanks in part to their ability to take on more responsibilities than their counterparts.

NP: Nurse practitioners in Las Vegas earn an average annual salary of $110,450 a year – again, much higher than NPs in other parts of the country. These individuals play a crucial role in delivering quick, quality healthcare to the booming Vegas population.

Occupation Average Salary
Hourly Monthly Annual
CNA $17.24 $2,988 $35,860
LVN $27.70 $4,801 $57,610
RN $42.27 $7,327 $87,920
NP $53.10 $9,204 $110,450
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Nurse Salary with Experience

The more experience you gain as a nurse in Las Vegas, the more you can earn. For example, while a starting RN earns $70,500 a year here, once that RN gains anywhere from five to nine years of experience, he or she can then earn an average of $87,840 a year. Even a CNA can earn almost $50,000 a year with 20 or more years of experience – something that simply cannot be said in other locations.

Years of Experience Average Salary
1-4 years $29,380 $51,350 $74,630 $95,970 N/A
5-9 years $34,220 $56,590 $87,840 $109,890 N/A
10-19 years $40,270 $62,410 $100,420 $125,180 N/A
20 years or more $49,530 $72,260 $115,760 $139,910 N/A
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Average Nurse Salary in Las Vegas Compared to Nevada State

Las Vegas nurse salaries range is on par with the state’s average, too. For example, a Las Vegas CNA earns about $730 more a year than a CNA elsewhere in Nevada, and a Nurse Practitioner earns about $2000 less than an NP elsewhere in the state.

Occupation Las Vegas Nevada Difference
Number %
CNA $35,860 $35,130 $730 2.08%
LVN $57,610 $57,140 $470 0.82%
RN $87,920 $85,620 $2,300 2.69%
NP $110,450 $112,540 - $2,090 - 1.86%
CRNA N/A $163,220 N/A N/A
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Average Nurse Salary in Las Vegas Compared to National

Compared to the national average, the nurse salary in Las Vegas is incredibly lucrative. An LPN, for example, earns 22.44% more than the national average of $47,050 at $57,610. An RN earns $87,920 per year, which is 16.43% more than the nation’s average.

Occupation Las Vegas National Difference
Number %
CNA $35,860 $29,580 $6,280 21.23%
LVN $57,610 $47,050 $10,560 22.44%
RN $87,920 $75,510 $12,410 16.43%
NP $110,450 $110,030 $420 0.38%
CRNA N/A $174,790 N/A N/A
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Nurse Salaries in Comparison to Other Closely Related Health Care Occupations in Las Vegas

When compared to closely-related healthcare occupations across Nevada, a Nurse Practitioner comes in fourth on the list, just under pharmacists ($122,980), physician’s assistants ($118,040), and physical therapists ($115,240).

Occupation Employment Average Salary
Hourly Monthly Annual
Pharmacist 1,960 $59.12 $10,248 $122,980
Physician Assistant 340 $56.75 $9,837 $118,040
Physical Therapist 1,180 $55.41 $9,603 $115,240
Nurse Practitioner 450 $53.10 $9,204 $110,450
Occupational Therapist 600 $52.02 $9,016 $108,190
Radiation Therapist 50 $42.62 $7,388 $88,650
Registered Nurse 16,720 $42.27 $7,327 $87,920
Nursing Instructor and Teacher, Postsecondary 350 N/A $6,749 $80,990
Dental Hygienist 1,750 $37.47 $6,495 $77,940
Respiratory Therapist 850 $35.91 $6,225 $74,700
Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 380 $35.20 $6,101 $73,210
Physical Therapist Assistant 420 $34.66 $6,008 $72,100
Radiologic Technologist 1,150 $34.32 $5,948 $71,380
Cardiovascular Technologist and Technician 390 $32.45 $5,624 $67,490
Dietitian and Nutritionist 260 $31.97 $5,542 $66,500
Surgical Technologist 810 $29.11 $5,046 $60,550
Licensed Practical Nurse 2,170 $27.70 $4,801 $57,610
Nursing Assistant 4,910 $17.24 $2,988 $35,860
Emergency Medical Technician and Paramedic 1,210 $16.61 $2,878 $34,540
Medical Assistant 4,520 $15.88 $2,753 $33,030
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Nursing Schools in Other Major Cities

State Wise Best Nursing Schools