100+ Nursing Resume Objective Examples + How To Write

Written By: Darby Faubion BSN, RN

Whether you are a new nurse graduate or a nurse with years of experience, applying for a new nursing job can feel a little overwhelming. One of the most important things you can do is prepare a great resume. If you plan to create a resume, you may have wondered, “What are some great nursing resume objective examples?” Nursing resume objectives are important parts of resumes. In this article, I will share 100+ great nursing resume objective examples + how to write them.

What Exactly Is A Nursing Resume Objective?

A nursing resume objective is a two to three sentence statement that is placed at the top of your resume. It should be an eye-catching statement that describes a brief view of your professional experience and skills and explains what makes you the perfect candidate for the job.


When Should You Include An Objective On Your Nursing Resume?

While anyone can choose to include a nursing resume objective, there are some situations when it is a wise addition to your resume. Recent nursing graduates, nurses transitioning from a non-nursing career, and those with specific roles in mind can use resume objective statements to grab the interviewer's attention.

5 Reasons Why A Great Nursing Resume Objective Makes A Difference

There are several opinions about how to write a nursing resume and how to present a nursing resume objective. It is essential for nurses to understand why a great nursing resume objective can make the difference in being called for an interview or securing an offer of employment. Here are five reasons a great nursing resume is important.

1. A great nursing resume objective gives nurses the opportunity to make a good first impression.
2. A well-written objective on a nursing resume helps demonstrate your written communication skills, which are vital for nursing success.
3. A nursing resume objective can show prospective employers how you have cultivated your career.
4. Resume objectives are an excellent way to briefly showcase your experience.
5. Great Nursing resume objectives offer excellent opportunities to show confidence in your knowledge and skills.

How To Write A Great Nursing Resume Objective?

Although a nursing resume objective is important, it shouldn’t be something scary to write. The following are 10 tips for writing a great nursing resume objective.

1. Keep it simple:

A nursing resume objective should be three sentences or less.

2. Tell how many years of experience you have:

You do not have to write a paragraph about your experience. The detailed work experience will come later in the resume. In your objective, you can say something like, “Dedicated pediatric registered nurse with ten years’ experience seeking full-time position...”

3. State the position you want:

This step is especially important if there is only one position at the facility that interests you. If you are willing to accept a different position, you can use broader terminology or refer to a willingness to accept other offers.

4. Mention the Facility:

A nursing resume objective should include the name of the facility where you are applying. By including the facility’s name, you demonstrate genuine interest to hiring managers. Familiarize yourself with the position you are applying for and construct an objective that compliments that role. Just remember, if you apply to more than one facility using the same resume template, be sure to edit your resume to include the name of the new facility each time.

5. Describing Yourself:

Use strong, complimentary adjectives when describing yourself, including dedicated, compassionate, hard-working, team-focused, patient-centered, and goal-oriented.

6. Action verbs are important!:

Use words that show your actions, such as demonstrates, performs, or communicates, to describe your skills or abilities. For example, “demonstrates effective communication skills” or “performs well in high-stress situations."

7. Mention Hard Skills:

Prospective employers want to know what you will bring to the job. Highlight a few hard skills relevant to the position you want. A few examples include emergency and critical care experience, critical thinking and problem-solving skills, promotes patient safety, solid patient and family education experience.

8. Mention the type of patients you hope to work with:

For example, "RN seeking a position at Wilmington Pediatrics; desires to provide high-quality patient care to pediatric patients and their families utilizing solid nursing skills and experience."

9. Mention personal goals which clarify your love for nursing and the role for which you are applying:

If you want a job as a Nurse Supervisor, you can include phrases in your objective such as "desires to build interpersonal and interprofessional relationships which promote positive patient outcomes and solidarity among team members."

10. Mention your degrees/title:

Some nursing jobs require specific degrees such as associate, bachelor's, or Master's in nursing. While it is appropriate to say, "RN seeking position of," it is also okay to include the highest level of nursing degree you have earned. Nurses applying for supervisory or administrative positions or those wishing to become nurse educators should always include their degree level.


(Below are 16 great nursing resume objective examples categorized by the level of experience.)

Entry-Level Nursing Examples

From newly graduated nurses to those with up to two years of work experience typically fall into the category of entry-level nurses. When writing an objective for an entry-level nursing resume, remember prospective employers realize you do not have a long history of nursing experience. Be straightforward and honest. Use eye-catching terms to describe yourself, as in the examples below.

1. New, very enthusiastic Registered Nurse with excellent communication and critical-thinking skills seeking employment as a staff Registered Nurse at St. Mary’s Medical Center. History of proven expertise in healthcare legalities and protocols and a strong desire to build long-term professional relationships.

2. Recent nurse graduate seeking a position in public health at Franklin Department of Public Health where utilization of knowledge and skills can be utilized and expanded. Strong desire to provide quality nursing care to clients in the public health setting.

3. Registered Nurse seeking a staff nurse position at Magnolia Nursing Center. Desires to work in an atmosphere where education and training achievements are combined with interpersonal skills to provide high-quality nursing care to clients and their loved ones.

4. New, Registered Nurse with strong desire to learn and grow seeking the position of Med-Surg RN at Welch General Hospital. Graduated top five percent of nursing class, motivated to develop strong nursing skills and promote favorable patient outcomes.

Intermediate-Level Nursing Examples

After gaining a few years of work experience, you may find yourself searching for a position that offers more opportunities to grow and be challenged. With two to four years of nursing experience, you can apply for intermediate nursing roles. The intermediate nurse resume objective should mention prior work experience.

1. Hard-working, dedicated Registered Nurse desires a position as Medical-Surgical Nurse Leader at Nelson Community Hospital. Eager to utilize previous clinical experience to expand my role while helping improve patient and professional outcomes. Patient-focused, able to demonstrate care, clinical knowledge, and experience to become an effective part of the interdisciplinary team.

2. Energetic registered nurse with experience in emergency nursing seeking a position at Fairfield Hospital emergency department. Eager to demonstrate competence in high-stress, fast-paced environments while promoting safety, competency, and improving patient outcomes.

3. Registered Nurse certified in pediatrics seeking employment as head nurse for Gilbert School Board. Experienced providing care to pediatric and adolescent patients with diverse healthcare needs, including two years as the charge nurse on the pediatric ward at present employer.

4. Certified Emergency Registered Nurse with four years of experience in emergency nursing seeking full-time position at Fowler Medical Center. Desires to work collaboratively with the interdisciplinary team to provide high-quality care to patients in emergency or crisis situations to stabilize and prepare for a transition to appropriate services. Demonstrates excellent critical-thinking and problem-solving abilities, excellent communication skills with patients of all ages, bilingual with Spanish as a second language.

Senior-Level Nursing Examples

RNs with five to ten years of nursing experience are considered Senior-Level Registered Nurses. It is not uncommon for Senior-Level nurses to seek jobs that utilize specialized training and skills or some form of management or administration. The following are examples of senior-level nursing resume objectives.

1. Registered Nurse with twenty years of experience seeking a position to utilize specialized nursing, administrative, and management skills. Delivers compassionate, high-quality, detail-oriented, goal-focused, and patient-centered nursing care to all patients. Eager to demonstrate skills as a senior-level registered nurse at Oakdale Memorial Hospital. nursing resume objective

2. Highly qualified, enthusiastic RN desiring position at Glenwood Specialty Hospital where high standards of education, knowledge, and skills can be utilized. Clinical and administrative experience including floor nurse, charge nurse, and Assistant Director of Nursing. Dedicated to providing safe, efficient patient care that promotes positive outcomes and demonstrates ongoing support of the interdisciplinary team.

3. Professional nurse with long history of clinical knowledge and experiences desirous of job opportunity suitable for senior-level registered nurse at Clairmont Hospital. Strong organizational and leadership skills, effective communicator, experience as a nurse educator. Dedicated to performing with high levels of nursing standards and practice.

4. Registered Nurse with a history of clinical, educational, and administrative roles seeking a full-time job opportunity at Willstaff Medical Center. Desires the opportunity to establish a long-term working relationship where expertise in direct patient care, leadership, and team building can be leveraged to create positive patient experiences and contribute to effective patient care.


(When preparing an objective for nursing resume, use words that relate to your current title or degree and the position for which you are applying. Below are 70 great nursing resume objective examples for both registered nursing and advanced nursing positions categorized by job title.)

CRNA Examples

1. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist with eight years’ experience seeking employment at Glenbrook Medical Center Surgery Center. Adept at safety administering anesthesia services to clients, comfortable learning new procedures, and works well in fast-paced, high-stress environments.

2. Highly trained, knowledgeable, and efficient CRNA with experience caring for obstetrics and gynecology patients seeking placement at Southaven Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital. Solid nursing experience managing anesthesia care for a diverse OB/GYN clientele, including high-risk obstetrics patients.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Examples

1. Diligent, passionate Clinical Nurse Specialist seeking CNS position at Liberty Medical Center. Extensive experience diagnosing and treating patients across the lifespan with acute and chronic medical conditions. Detail-oriented, motivated, demonstrates effective time-management and communication skills, certified in emergency medical response.

2. Knowledgeable Clinical Nurse Specialist with experience specializing in cardiology, critical care, leadership, and management, seeking a long-term position as Clinical Nurse Specialist at Malmay Healthcare Services. Desires opportunities to utilize and build upon current knowledge and skills, implementing best practices and proven clinical data to improve care delivery and patient outcomes.

ER Nurse Examples

1. Confident, patient and team-oriented professional registered nurse seeks position as an ER Nurse at Glenoaks Medical Center. Utilizes communication, organization, critical thinking, and interpersonal skills to elevate patient care, contributing to enhanced performance of the interdisciplinary team and improved patient outcomes.

2. Dedicated registered nurse seeking employment opportunity at Ollivier Emergency Hospital. Competent in the utilization of communication, organization, and best nursing practices to support emergency care; critical-thinking skills and empathy will help in the delivery of exceptional service to patients, their loved ones, and the healthcare team.

NICU Nurse Examples

1. Dedicated, team-oriented registered nurse with five years in neonatal intensive care seeking position as NICU Nurse at St. Fredericks Hospital. Competent in providing exemplary care using knowledge of patient advocacy, care coordination, and assessment to promote positive patient outcomes.

2. Experienced neonatal intensive care registered nurse seeking employment at Midsouth Medical Center as a lead NICU nurse. Clinical reasoning, critical-thinking skills, and leadership skills coupled with a strong desire to provide effective patient care, as evidenced by twenty years' experience in the neonatal intensive care specialty.

Nurse Practitioner Examples

1. Nurse Practitioner with three years of experience as a registered nurse followed by post-master's study, FNP certification, and practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner seeks FNP position at Reed’s Community Care Clinic. Experienced in rural health, urgent care, and emergency nursing; excellent communication, critical thinking, and ability to multi-task.

2. Enthusiastic, patient-oriented Pediatric Nurse Practitioner seeking position as Pediatric Primary Care Nurse Practitioner at Franklinton Pediatric Medical Clinic.

3. Energetic, outgoing Certified Family Nurse Practitioner desiring employment opportunity at Mason Family Clinic. Devoted to providing outstanding patient care by demonstrating clinical judgment and reasoning, attention to detail, and collaborative efforts with the healthcare team.

4. Certified Adult-Gerontology Acute/Primary Nurse Practitioner with ten years’ experience providing geriatric care seeks staff position at Longleaf Nursing and Assisted Living Facility. In-depth knowledge of age-related changes and common illnesses associated within the geriatric community; strong leadership and team-building skills, excellent written and verbal communication skills, and desire to promote and achieve facility objectives for high-quality, compassionate nursing care.

5. Experienced Board Certified Primary/Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with passion for providing excellent nursing care to pediatric patients and their families seeks position as Pediatric Nurse Practitioner at Grayson Pediatric Clinic. Confidently provides care to pediatric patients from birth to twenty-one years of age, diagnoses and manages acute and chronic pediatric health issues, prescribes medication and procedures based on assessment within the scope of practice.

OR Nurse Examples

1. Registered nurse with extensive experience working in the operating room and caring for patients throughout all operative phases seeking OR Nurse position at Warbington Medical Center. Strong communication skills and effective educator. Adept at implementing routine and emergency surgical nursing interventions.

2. Experienced Registered Nurse with a love for surgery seeking a position as OR Nurse at Simons Outpatient Surgery Center. Hard-working, results-driven, motivated, and knowledgeable in areas of surgery, including all operative stages, urgent care needs, patient assessments, and education.

PACU Nurse Examples

1. PACU nurse with six years of experience providing high-quality, patient-centered care seeking employment opportunity at Fuller Medical Center. Possesses a comprehensive background in geriatric, long-term care, pediatrics, trauma, and infusion nursing. Excellent communication skills and a willingness to work as part of the interdisciplinary healthcare team to promote positive patient outcomes.

2. Experienced PACU nurse seeking full-time employment with opportunities to establish a long-term working relationship at Franklin Healthcare Center. Eight years' experience providing quality, compassionate care to patients at all stages of the lifespan with varying degrees of illness and disease. Desires to maintain a solid reputation for achieving excellent patient satisfaction and promote the success of the organization while contributing to positive patient healthcare statuses.

Aesthetic Nurse Examples

1. Energetic and dedicated aesthetic nurse seeking a position at Fullerton Medical Clinic and Spa. Experienced providing services including fillers, laser skin treatments, tattoo removal. Desires to improve patients’ quality of life and build long-term nurse-patient and interprofessional relationships.

2. Certified Aesthetic Registered Nurse seeking a role as Aesthetic Nurse at Hampton Medical Center. In-depth experience in laser hair removal, Botox injections, dermal fillers, and chemical peels. Desiring opportunities to broaden knowledge and skills while providing quality patient care promoting desired patient outcomes.

Charge Nurse Examples

1. Professional, accomplished registered nurse with eight years of supervisory experience in busy hospital systems eager to join St. Mary’s Hospital. Exceptional organizational and multi-task skills, excellent communicator, and motivated leader with the ability to lead nursing teams to provide high-quality, efficient patient care.

2. Goal-oriented, results-driven registered nurse seeking a position as RN Charge Nurse at Plantation Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center. Experienced in managing multiple diverse nursing teams, promoting facility and employee growth, and supporting efforts to improve the profession and patient outcomes.

Director Of Nursing Examples

1. Highly skilled, detail-oriented registered nurse with exceptional leadership qualities seeking Director of Nursing position at Tobias Medical Center. Eight years' experience as a registered nurse, with two years in leadership positions. Adept at promoting an atmosphere of growth and development for nurses and members of the interprofessional team while providing an environment conducive to achieving and maintaining good health and well-being for patients.

2. Action-oriented, experienced nurse leader seeking Director of Nursing position at Reid Nursing and Long-Term Care Facility. Eight years of supervisory nursing experience focused on team building, improved patient outcomes, financial planning and budgeting, and facility management.

Flight Nurse Examples

1. Experienced registered nurse certified in emergency nursing and critical care seeking employment at Donovan Air Lines. Desires position utilizing previous nursing experience and to build upon skills providing comprehensive care to clients during emergencies, rescue operations, and evacuation procedures aboard aircraft.

2. Registered nurse with five years’ experience in flight nursing seeking flight nurse position at St. Michael’s Medical Center. Certified by Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing as Certified Flight Registered Nurse, prepared to provide high-quality nursing care to patients during transport, including assessment, treatments utilizing approved guidelines and standards, to improve patient outcomes.

Float Nurse Examples

1. Registered nurse with five years' experience in diverse settings seeking a position as a float nurse at Maryville Medical Center. Dedicated to quality care, professional growth, team building, and high-quality patient care. Expert communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

2. Energetic, highly motivated registered nurse applying for float nurse position at Franklin Medical Center. Ten years' experience as a registered nurse in various settings caring for patients of all ages across the health spectrum. Previous experience includes roles as a staff nurse, preceptor, charge nurse, and nursing supervisor.

Home Health Nurse Examples

1. Registered nurse seeking a position as home health nurse where my knowledge and clinical nursing experience can be utilized and built upon. Experience working as a home health field nurse, case manager, and intake coordinator will be an asset in efforts to improve cost-effective patient care, teamwork, and desired patient outcomes.

2. Compassionate, experienced home health nurse seeking employment opportunity at United Home Care. Eight years' experience providing home health care services to patients across the lifespan with diverse acute and chronic health conditions. Adept at creating and tailoring nursing care plans relevant to individual patient situations, specializing in meeting patient needs efficiently and in a timely manner.

Hospice Nurse Examples

1. Compassionate registered nurse with five years in hospice care seeking a position at Gambrell Hospice Care. Experienced in providing exceptional nursing, spiritual, and emotional care to hospice patients and their families. Certified Bereavement Counselor, detail-oriented, patient-centered care, and comfortable with crisis management.

2. Experienced hospice registered nurse with proven clinical and critical thinking abilities, strong interpersonal relationship building and communication skills, seeking a full-time position with Heart of Hospice. Desires to become an integral part of the interdisciplinary team providing high-quality, patient-centered care to hospice patients, contributing to management of end-of-life quality care.

ICU Nurse Examples

1. Seasoned critical care registered nurse seeking a position as Intensive Care Unit RN at Lady of Bayles Medical Center. Experienced in emergency, cardiac critical care, pediatric critical care, and intensive care, supportive of interdisciplinary team efforts to promote favorable patient outcomes, lifetime learner wishing to build upon previous nursing skills and knowledge while contributing to quality patient care.

2. Registered Nurse with five years' experience in ICU, CCU, ER, and Med-Surg seeking a position as ICU-RN at Mary-Goth Medical Center. Desiring employment that will utilize and help strengthen problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication with opportunities to help promote positive patient outcomes.

Interventional Radiology Nurse Examples

1. Experienced Registered Nurse seeking Interventional Radiology Nurse position at Glenmar Medical Center. Extensive knowledge and work experience in radiology as evidenced by implementing nursing theory and practice as related to interventional radiology, excellent assessment, critical thinking, and communication skills.

2. Interventional Radiology RN, team-builder, patient-focused, life-long learner, and nursing leader seeking a position as staff Interventional Radiology Nurse at Burgess Medical Hospital. In-depth knowledge of intravenous therapy, excellent port access, and IV skills, experience as sedation nurse for various radiological procedures. Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Labor And Delivery Nurse Examples

1. RN with experience working in obstetrics and gynecology seeking a position as Labor and Delivery Nurse at St. Vincent Maternity Hospital. Strong desire to use previous nursing experience, knowledge, and skills to promote maternal and fetal well-being, assist in the safe delivery of neonates, and recovery of mother and child.

2. Compassionate, patient-focused registered nurse desires employment as Labor and Delivery Nurse at Hewitt Medical Center. Experienced as head nurse for local obstetrics and gynecology outpatient services, staff labor and delivery nurse at previous employer, and is RNC-OB Certified.

Med Surg Nurse Examples

1. Outgoing, goal-oriented, patient-focused registered nurse seeking a position as Medical-Surgical Nurse at Lindblade Medical Center. Excellent critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills. Eight years of experience in various settings, including emergency, critical care, and Med-Surg.

2. Registered nurse with extensive experience in Medical-Surgical nursing desires position as Medical-Surgical Nurse at Fauntain Community Hospital. Results-driven professional desires opportunities to use previous knowledge and skills to provide high-quality patient care and perform as part of an interdisciplinary team that promotes positive patient outcomes.

Nurse Case Manager Examples

1. Highly skilled, dedicated, and patient-focused registered nurse seeks Nurse Case Manager position at McGlothin Medical Center. Extensive experience creating nursing care plans relevant to individual patient needs and desires to employ proficiencies in a new position to meet the needs of each patient, promoting favorable patient outcomes and organizational growth.

2. RN with six years' experience in Case Management desires a Nurse Case Manager position at Trinity Healthcare Resources. Has demonstrated clinical expertise creating and implementing nursing care plans, educating patients and families, and working as a relevant part of the interdisciplinary healthcare team. Effectively able to demonstrate strong communication, interprofessional, time management, and critical thinking skills.

Nurse Educator Examples

1. Master's-prepared Registered Nurse with experience as adjunct nursing instructor seeks the position of Nurse Educator at Delta Community College. Six years' clinical nursing experience in various settings, including Med-Surg, geriatrics, pediatrics, and obstetrics. Desiring a position where clinical knowledge and experiences can help develop new nurses and further the nursing profession.

2. Registered Nurse Educator seeking a position at University Medical Center. Results-driven expertise in collaborating with the interdisciplinary team, students, and faculty; Desires to educate and prepare nursing students to deliver high-quality patient-centered care and impact the nursing profession positively.

Nurse Manager Examples

1. Committed, responsible registered nurse with ten years of professional experience seeking a Nurse Manager position at Lakeshore Health Resources. Experienced in the implementation of RN duties, nurse leadership, and administrative nursing functions. Excellent communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

2. Experienced, goal-oriented registered nurse desiring a nursing management position at Kinderblock Medical Center. Several years experience in nursing leadership in diverse settings, including long-term care, emergency nursing, medical-surgical nursing, and junior nursing administration.

Nurse Midwife Examples

1. Hardworking, compassionate midwife seeking employment at Mount Vernon Medical Center. Eager to share knowledge and experiences gathered during my previous years in nurse-midwifery and to expand my clinical experiences while providing exceptional patient care and promoting maternal and child well-being.

2. Certified Nurse Midwife seeking midwife position at Parker-James Women’s and Children’s Hospital. Desires to utilize professional skills and knowledge to provide quality women’s healthcare services to patients from all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds, promoting healthy mothers and children.

3. Certified Nurse Midwife seeking a position at Oswalt Women’s Hospital. Proven history of exceptional patient care; demonstrates high-quality nursing practice to promote patient safety and promote positive outcomes for patients and families.

Nursing Informatics Examples

1. Experienced Informatics Nurse desires a position at Walker Nursing and Research Center where previous knowledge and skills can be utilized and expanded upon. Extensive knowledge of quality improvement and management, project management, hospital nursing, information systems technology and implementation, sound knowledge of statistical analysis, and computer reporting logic.

2. Highly motivated Informatics Nurse seeking employment with a reputable healthcare organization where my skills and expertise can be utilized. Extensive experience in the field of clinical information technology, in-depth knowledge of health informatics, strong research and analytical skills.

Nursing Leadership Examples

1. Responsible, committed registered nurse with more than eight years’ clinical experience seeking Nurse Leader position at Godfrey Medical Center. Extensive experience in assigning and overseeing nursing teams, including scheduling, directing, and implementing functions of nurses daily, handling accounts payable and receivable, and managing marketing to promote the positive public presence of current healthcare employer.

2. Clinical Nurse Leader with fifteen years of experience as a registered nurse desires full-time employment as a Nurse Leader at Elliott Healthcare Services. Strong communication and interpersonal skills, coupled with a love for educating and empowering nurses to reach their full potential while providing high-quality, patient-centered care.

Nursing Supervisor Examples

1. Highly trained registered nurse with strong clinical and management abilities seeking a supervisory position at Larimel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. Proven leadership, problem-solving, time-management, interpersonal skills, effective communication, and customer service oriented.

2. Nurse Manager with a long career demonstrating strong interpersonal communication and relationship building, conflict resolution, and staff development desires Nurse Supervisor position as posted at Belliveau Regional Hospital. Proven track record of leadership, managerial abilities, and strong principles of nursing supervision and administration.

Oncology Nurse Examples

1. Registered nurse with experience in oncology seeking long-term employment as a full-time Oncology Nurse at Oswalt Oncology Center. Vast knowledge of cancer and treatment options, experience caring for the physical and psychological needs of cancer patients following diagnosis and throughout subsequent treatment; excellent communication and patient support skills, ability to work well independently.

2. Oncology Registered Nurse is desiring employment opportunity at St. Francis Northside Hospital oncology ward. Experienced caring for oncology patients across the lifespan with various types of cancer and educating patients and their loved ones about the disease, treatments, and potential side effects or adverse reactions. Knowledgeable about radiation and chemotherapy.

Pediatric Nurse Examples

1. Hard-working, dedicated registered nurse seeking to obtain Pediatric Nurse position at Condella Pediatric Hospital. Proven effective communication and education skills, works well with interdisciplinary team members while building trusting relationships with patients and their loved ones. Effective, patient-focused care designed to promote positive patient outcomes and support organizational growth.

2. Certified Pediatric Registered Nurse desiring to secure employment at University Medical Center Pediatric Clinic. Skilled at assessing pediatric patients, preparing pediatric patient care plans, and providing education to parents and pediatric caregivers. Experience working in pediatric acute care hospital ward, pediatric ICU, and pediatric outpatient clinics.

Plastic Surgery Nurse Examples

1. Registered nurse seeking Plastic Surgery Nurse position where my knowledge, skills, and previous clinical experiences can positively impact patient outcomes. Experienced with cosmetic plastic surgery nursing, knowledge of various cosmetic services, and capable of assisting cosmetic surgeons performing laser treatments and other cosmetic procedures.

2. Plastic Surgery Nurse desiring position with Hilton Cosmetic Surgery Associates to provide comprehensive nursing care to clients undergoing various plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures. Adept at identifying patient needs, addressing patient concerns within the Plastic Surgery RN scope of practice, and ensuring patient satisfaction with all cosmetic surgery-related treatment.

Psychiatric Nurse Examples

1. Dedicated registered nurse with extensive mental health nursing experience seeking Psychiatric Nurse position at Pecan Oaks Addiction and Recovery Center. Experienced in handling diverse mental health issues related to addiction disorders, including completing behavioral health assessments, providing education about coping mechanisms for clients and their loved ones, and working with the interdisciplinary team to promote positive outcomes for clients.

2. Compassionate, experienced RN seeking to secure employment at Longview Mental Health Hospital as a Psychiatric Nurse with opportunities to grow personally and professionally. Experience working in inpatient psychiatric hospitals, outpatient mental health treatment centers, and addiction recovery centers.

School Nurse Examples

1. Board Certified Pediatric Registered Nurse applying for consideration as School Nurse for Union County School Board. Experienced in providing pediatric nursing care, performing Kid-Med screenings and immunizations, and educating parents and children (as appropriate) about measures to achieve and maintain good health.

2. Experienced RN seeking employment as School Nurse at Northeast University Campus Health Clinic. Detail-oriented, highly motivated, independent worker; Exceptional communication and clinical nursing skills able to develop and implement health management policies and procedures in the school setting.

Staff Nurse Examples

1. Motivated registered nurse, committed to high-quality patient care and furtherance of the nursing profession seeking Staff Nurse position at Fairland Medical Center. Able to demonstrate critical thinking and problem-solving skills while working in high-stress situations caring for multiple patients.

2. Experienced RN desiring Staff Nurse position at Montabella Hospital. Committed to teamwork and the delivery of excellent patient care, extensive experience with EMRs and other medical software tools.

Stepdown Nurse Examples

1. Registered Nurse experienced in the care of critically ill patients seeking Stepdown Nurse position at Oaklawn Medical Center. Experienced caring for patients in an eight-bed intensive care unit and six-bed step-down unit, including patients across the lifespan with diverse medical conditions.

2. Experienced ICU nurse desires employment as Stepdown Nurse at Knighton Hospital. Previous roles included responsibilities such as monitoring patients to identify signs of life-threatening complications related to cardiac or respiratory failure and other emergency situations, assisted critical care physician in bedside emergency care, precepted new nurses and nursing students; two years as ICU charge nurse.

Telemetry Nurse Examples

1. Compassionate, energetic, and motivated Registered Nurse seeking employment as Telemetry Nurse at Lake Goodwin Hospital. Excellent communication skills and extensive experience in ICU, CCU, Stepdown, and Telemetry. Dedicated to a team approach to high-quality patient care.

2. RN with five years' experience in telemetry seeking a position as Telemetry Nurse at Brogden Medical Center. Extensive medical knowledge of recovery therapies, follow-up patient care, and cardiac and respiratory care procedures. Strong interpersonal skills, team player, patient-focused, motivated to find long-term employment and become established as a reliable team member.

Travel Nurse Examples

1. Energetic Registered Nurse seeking a position as Travel Nurse with ABC Travel Nursing. Ten years' experience in multiple specialty areas, including Med-Surg, Telemetry, ICU, CCU, Pediatrics, PICU, and Long-Term Care. Seeking opportunities to enhance skills, build strong interprofessional relationships, and contribute to the nursing profession.

2. RN desiring Travel Nurse position; Holds Compact Nursing License and Louisiana is my primary state of residence. Exceptional communication, problem-solving, and critical-thinking skills; comfortable working in new and challenging environments.

Utilization Review Nurse Examples

1. Registered Nurse experienced in utilization review seeking position as Utilization Review nurse at Castelle Medical Center. Experience performing case reviews, collaborating with patients and healthcare providers, and identifying the appropriateness of prescribed care based on up-to-date data and research.

2. Results-driven RN desires employment as Utilization Review Nurse. Critical thinker, effective problem-solving and communication skills, possesses an in-depth understanding of Medicare and other pay source guidelines.


(Below are 10 great nursing resume objective examples categorized by the situation.)

Nursing Internship

1. Enthusiastic nursing student seeking placement in Nursing Internship at Baylor University Medical Center. Certified Nursing Assistant certification, CPR certification; Strong communication skills, compassionate and eager to broaden knowledge and develop strong nursing skills.

2. Well-organized, eager BSN student desiring opportunity to participate in Nursing Internship at Lancaster County Hospital. Seeking to leverage current strengths to promote high-quality patient care and develop new skills to contribute to patient care. Team-oriented, patient-focused, excellent communication and computer skills, willing to work any shift.

Career Change To Nursing

1. Registered Nurse and former elementary school teacher seeking a position at Pediatrics Plus. Love of nursing and children coupled with a strong desire to promote health, wellness, and strong families. Excellent communication and relationship-building skills, compassionate, and dedicated to positive patient outcomes.

2. New RN with non-nursing healthcare-related experience desiring employment opportunity at Hefner Medical Center. Outgoing, strong interpersonal relationships, effective communication, and problem-solving skills, detail-oriented, seeking the chance to build upon previous experiences and develop a strong nursing career.

Nurse Moving To A New Geographic Area

1. Dedicated RN with fifteen years of experience seeking career opportunities following move to new state. I have declared (New State) as my primary state of residency with the State Board of Nursing, current Compact Nursing License. Special interest in cardiac care, but also experienced in Med-Surg, surgery, telemetry, and nursing education.

2. New (Name of State) resident seeking employment as Staff RN at Collins Outpatient Clinic. Desires opportunities to expand practical nursing experience and skills while providing quality nursing care to patients as a valuable part of the interdisciplinary team.

Nurse Seeking An Advancement

1. Registered Nurse desiring opportunity to advance career at Sharp Medical Center. Seeking opportunities to utilize training and skills while contributing to the success of the organization and promoting favorable patient outcomes. Critical thinker, problem solver, excellent communicator, leadership-minded and patient-oriented.

2. RN seeking career opportunity to advance and accomplish full professional potential in a reputable healthcare organization. Fifteen years of experience in various nursing settings, detail-oriented, results-driven, independent thinker with effective communication and problem-solving skills.

Nurse Restarting Career After A Break

When deciding to re-enter the nursing workforce, the way you present the information on your resume is crucial. Your nursing resume objective should focus on your future in nursing, not your past. No matter how long you have been away from the nursing workforce, your nursing resume objective should describe what you want now.

1. Experienced registered nurse seeking a position at Willis-Broward Medical Center with opportunities to broaden clinical experiences and expand nursing knowledge. Dedicated, hard-working, team-oriented with a desire to demonstrate leadership and teamwork abilities while promoting positive patient results.

2. Registered nurse with five years' clinical experience returning to nursing career desires to become a nursing team member at Lakeshore Nursing Center. Detail-oriented, critical thinker with strong communication and critical thinking skills and a desire to experience continued professional growth. Seeking opportunities to utilize continued education gathered during a sabbatical from nursing work to promote strong interpersonal and interprofessional relationships and positively impact patient outcomes.


(Below are 10 bad nursing resume objective examples that you must stay away from.)

1. Bad Example:

RN seeking full-time job, any position available, references and credentials upon request.

What Makes it Bad:

Everything about this nursing resume objective screams, “Don’t hire me!” While your resume objective should be short and direct, it needs to have substance. The objective should include the position for which you are applying, any credentials or stand-out skills relevant to the job, and some strong adjectives that describe the type of nurse you are.

2. Bad Example:

Registered Nurse with extensive experience working with COVID-19 patients seeking a new job in a lower risk environment. Prefer an outpatient medical clinic, as my skills are transferrable there.

What Makes it Bad:

First, let me be clear that it is understandable nurses working the frontline during the COVID-19 pandemic are stressed and want to find easier jobs. However, relying upon my previous experience as a hiring manager in nursing, I believe nurse managers or hiring personnel may read this nursing resume objective and wonder if the nurse genuinely wants to work at all.

The nurse could share the same information but present it in a different way. For example, “RN with in-depth experience caring for patients of all ages along the health spectrum, including recent frontline work with COVID-19 patients, seeks employment opportunity at Reed Medical Clinic. Desires to use knowledge and previous clinical experiences to educate and empower patients and improve patient health outcomes.”

3. Bad Example:

RN with ten years’ experience seeking to transition from nurse learner to nurse educator by securing Nurse Educator role at Clinton University Health Center.

What Makes it Bad:

A few things in this nursing resume objective statement are inappropriate. The nurse did not state the skills she has that make her a good candidate. The most crucial mistake in this objective is the nurse said she wishes to “transition from nurse learner to nurse educator.” Nurses must be committed to lifelong learning if they want to be effective. Hiring managers will quickly toss this resume in the “Do Not Hire” pile because they want to employ nurses with a genuine desire to learn and grow, which makes them strong caregivers and patient advocates.

4. Bad Example:

Registered Nurse with multiple hard and soft skills relevant to patient care seeking a position as ICU Staff RN at Madison General Medical Center.

What Makes it Bad:

Nurses of all experience levels have hard and soft skills. Some may be more experienced than others, but the potential is there, nonetheless. If you are going to use a nursing resume objective, it is crucial to use it wisely. Vague statements like the one in this example do not offer the reader anything of interest.

A better option would be to make a statement such as, "Experienced ICU nurse seeking a position in Intensive Care Unit at Madison General Medical Center. In-depth knowledge of critical care nursing, fluid and electrolyte imbalances associated with critical patients, telemetry monitoring, and providing total care for intensive-level patients."

5. Bad Example:

New RN confident in performing all nursing tasks, including assessing vital signs and charting, finishes assignments quickly, seeking full-time employment.

What Makes it Bad:

While assessing vital signs and completing nursing documentation are necessary parts of any nursing job, nursing assistants know how to complete those tasks. Your nursing resume objective should state what position you are applying for and the relevant skills that make you a good candidate. You can convey the same message that was intended in this bad example by changing the wording.

For instance, "New Registered Nurse enthusiastic about finding employment as Med-Surg Nurse at Haley Medical Center. Desiring position where newly obtained knowledge and skills can be utilized and built upon and to become a valuable member of the interdisciplinary healthcare team."

6. Bad Example:

RN with two years' experience looking for a job in Labor and Delivery; helped with L&D of hundreds of babies at a previous employer, needing a change of professional scenery but still need to earn a good income.

What Makes it Bad:

To be honest, I think the words "RN with two years' experience" are the best thing this nursing resume objective statement has going for it. You may want a new job or "change of scenery," but please don't put that anywhere on your resume. In fact, don't use those words at all when talking to someone about a new job.

Keep in mind, the objective statement is the first thing prospective employers read. Make it appealing to them, so they want to read the rest of your resume. Try this, "Registered nurse with two years of clinical experience in Labor and Delivery and Neonatal Intensive Care Unit seeks job as Labor and Delivery Nurse at Mountain View Women's and Children's Hospital. Demonstrates a compassionate approach to maternal and child well-being, supportive of patients and loved ones, offers high-quality, patient-centered nursing care, and has a desire to grow and become an asset to the L&D team."

7. Bad Example:

Registered Nurse with limited experience in ICU seeking a job as ICU nurse at Compton Healthcare. Room for improvement on skills but effective communicator and willing to learn.

What Makes it Bad:

I simply cannot stress enough how important your presentation is when preparing a nursing resume with an objective statement. It is okay to want a job in ICU with little or even no experience. All nurses have room for improvement, as we are supposed to be life-long learners.

A better approach to this nursing resume objective is as follows. “Registered Nurse desiring opportunity to transition career to Intensive Care Unit RN position at Michael-Gowan Medical Center. Experience in Med-Surg, Emergency Nursing, Pediatrics. Strong communication and clinical nursing skills, seeking a challenging career as ICU nurse promoting positive patient outcomes and growing strong professional relationships."

8. Bad Example:

Seeking RN job to utilize skills including patient triage, recording vital signs, administering medications, and assisting with examinations. Good work ethic and will accept any available shift.

What Makes it Bad:

The objective of ALL nursing resumes or applications should be to utilize and strengthen nursing skills. Instead of listing common nursing skills in your objective, highlight skills relevant to the position that interests you. For example, "Compassionate, hard-working Registered Nurse seeking employment at Central Wound Care Clinic. Strong communication skills, experienced in assessing patients and determining priority of care, wound care certified.”

9. Bad Example:

RN seeking employment in Case Management. Prefer a weekday schedule and am willing to discuss leadership positions in Case Management if my experience aligns with the job duties.

What Makes it Bad:

The nursing resume objective should include eye-catching terms that make the reader want to review the resume in its entirety. Avoid mentioning preferred schedules in the objective; instead, leave that for discussion during the face-to-face interview. Also, the objective should demonstrate confidence that you are qualified for the job for which you apply.

For example, “Experienced, goal-oriented, and dedicated Registered Nurse seeking opportunities in Case Management at St. Mary’s Medical Center. Excellent relationship-building and communication skills to help promote effective patient care planning and management, strong relationships with community healthcare providers developed during nursing career, which can be leveraged to provide high-quality patient care.”

10. Bad Example:

RN experienced with wound care, respiratory suctioning, and critical care desiring Registered Nurse Supervisor position at Sealine Medical Center.

What Makes it Bad:

The skills mentioned in this resume objective are great. However, they do not indicate the experience needed to be a Nurse Supervisor. Keep the terminology used in the objective statement specific to the targeted job.

For instance, "Dedicated Registered Nurse with 10+ years' experience in diverse healthcare settings seeking a position as RN Supervisor at Sealine Medical Center. In-depth knowledge and experience assessing patient health problems, developing and executing nursing care plans, maintaining medical records; strong communication and critical thinking skills; Desires to leverage proven case management skills to perform the job as RN Supervisor effectively and efficiently."

My Final Thoughts

Preparing a stand-out resume is one of the best ways to get the attention of prospective employers. An important part of your resume is the objective statement section. In this article, we have addressed the question, “What are some great nursing resume objective examples?” by sharing 100+ great nursing resume objective examples + how to write them. By using these examples, you can create a professional resume with an eye-catching objective that makes hiring managers want to get to know you better.


1. What Is The Difference Between Nursing Resume Objective And Resume Summary?

Nursing resume objectives and resume summaries include goals. However, the primary difference is that resume objectives usually focus on the job seeker’s goals. The resume summary, on the other hand, tends to shift focus from what the applicant seeks to the goals associated with the company’s needs.

2. For A Nursing Job, What Is More Important, A Resume Objective Or A Resume Summary?

Both a resume objective and resume summary can be beneficial when applying for a nursing job. Knowing when to use one or both is the key. Nursing resume summaries are typically longer and provide more detail than a nursing resume objective. They are usually more appropriate for nurses wishing to highlight skills and accomplishments to advance their careers. Nursing resume objectives are shorter and more to the point and often used by new nurse graduates or nurses who come from other professional backgrounds.

3. Where Do I Put An Objective On My Nursing Resume?

The nursing resume objective is placed near the top of the resume. You should have your name, address, phone number, and other contact information listed first, followed by the resume objective.

4. How Long Should My Objective For Nursing Resume Be?

You should try to keep your resume nursing objective around three sentences. Remember to use concise words, include descriptive adjectives and action verbs.

5. Do I Need A Different Resume Objective For Each Nursing Job I Apply To?

You may not need a different resume objective for each job you apply to. The general rule is to be specific about the position you seek and include information relevant to that position in your objective. If you apply for a Med-Surg nursing position at three facilities, you can use the same resume objective, but be sure to update the name of the facility in the objective.

6. How Often Should I Update My Objective For Nursing Resume?

At a minimum, nursing resume objectives should be updated when you gain more work experience or develop new skills.

7. How Much Time Does It Take To Write A Great Objective For Nursing Resume?

The nursing resume objective is a very brief statement of your intention to gain employment that outlines your skills and why you are a good candidate. Most people can create a great objective for a nursing resume in a matter of a few minutes, especially if you know your abilities and what the employer is searching for in a candidate.

8. How Do I Submit My Nursing Resume Objective?

Your nursing resume objective is included at the top of your resume below your name and contact information and above any detailed information such as education, work experience, and other relevant information.

9. Is It Okay If I Don’t Write An Objective For Nursing Resume?

Many employers in today’s job market say it is okay to exclude an objective for a nursing resume. However, even if an employer may not require it, a nursing resume objective is an excellent way to grab the attention of the person viewing your resume.

Darby Faubion BSN, RN
Darby Faubion is a nurse and Allied Health educator with over twenty years of experience. She has assisted in developing curriculum for nursing programs and has instructed students at both community college and university levels. Because of her love of nursing education, Darby became a test-taking strategist and NCLEX prep coach and assists nursing graduates across the United States who are preparing to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).