3 Best Nurse Practitioner Programs in Idaho – 2024

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Idaho NPs have an expansive scope of practice, which includes the ability to diagnose, treat and prescribe without physician oversight. As of 2022, 1,170 nurse practitioners worked in The Gem State, and the demand for graduates of accredited nurse practitioner schools in Idaho is expected to grow by 20 percent by the year 2030. Nurse practitioners are often the sole primary care providers in the more remote parts of the state. As a nurse practitioner in Idaho, you can expect to earn approximately $117,720 a year. Keep reading to find out about the best nurse practitioner programs in Idaho for 2024.


(Based on our ranking methodology, the following are the 3 Best NP programs in Idaho for the year 2024.)

1) Idaho State University - Pocatello

Programs Offered: DNP and Post Master's DNP

As an RN if you are considering enrolling in one of the best nurse practitioner programs in Idaho to advance your career with a doctoral degree, then you must investigate the DNP and post-master’s DNP programs offered by Idaho State University. The nursing school celebrates 60 years of excellence in nursing education, producing evidence-based nurses who are treating patients across the state with holistic nursing care. The school’s innovative research has led to solving issues that are faced in delivering optimum healthcare throughout the state, especially the underserved and rural localities.

The nursing school’s state-of-art simulation lab is a safe place, mimicking a real-world clinical environment where you can hone your advanced practice nursing skills. Fitted with high fidelity manikins, the center is fully equipped with devices used in the medical field. Also, with five hospital private rooms, one assisted living room, four open beds, two clinical exam rooms, and a classroom, the center helps you develop vital professional skills in clinical reasoning, technology, and decision-making.

DNP Concentrations: Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP)

To qualify for this DNP program, you must have completed your BSN with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Also, an unencumbered RN license is required, and to enhance your chances of admission it is preferred that you complete two years of work experience in healthcare or nursing. This DNP is an online nurse practitioner program in Idaho that delivers the entire coursework online and allows you to complete clinical experiences in your community. Depending on your preference, you can choose between a part-time or full-time schedule. The program prepares you as a clinical leader for the improvement of health in your chosen area of specialization, either in family health or psychiatric mental health.

The DNP-FNP track requires completing 78 credits. The evidence-based curriculum spans across three years and ends with a DNP project. Similarly, the psychiatric track also requires 78 credits and requires you to complete core courses, advanced practice courses, and PMHNP specific coursework.

Post Master's DNP Concentrations: This 26-credit post-master’s DNP is meant for NPs who are already certified as either an FNP or PMHNP and are keen on completing their doctoral education while retaining their specialization. The program allows you to deepen your knowledge by taking courses in professional issues of the DNP, research, & practice in rural communities, advanced leadership, genetics, statistical analysis, and healthcare informatics.

2) Boise State University - Boise

Programs Offered: MSN and Graduate Certificate

Do you like spending time with the elderly? If you find your calling in taking care of their special needs, One of the leading nurse practitioner schools in Idaho, Boise State University can help you reach this goal by training you in the advanced care of the geriatric population through its MSN and graduate certificate programs. Besides, as a nurse practitioner in Idaho, you will enjoy rewarding and well-paying employment options across various acute & primary care facilities.

As a nurse practitioner student here, you will be prepared to provide holistic nursing care to a diverse patient population. Its dedicated faculty, comprising of experienced educators strive towards student success, ensuring each NP graduate is equipped with the clinical expertise to offer advanced care in any type of clinical setting, including community health centers, private clinic, long term health facilities, hospice centers, surgical units, and emergency departments.

As a graduate of this college, you will demonstrate enhanced critical thinking and communication skills. Furthermore, out of all the Idaho nurse practitioner schools, Boise State stands out for its MSN program’s affordable tuition cost and impressive certification exam pass rates.

MSN Concentrations: Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

Depending on whether you are keen on offering acute or primary care to adults beyond the age of 12, with this MSN you can choose to specialize in either primary or acute care of adults and the elderly. Also, if you are wondering if you would be able to attend classes while working, then here, you can earn your degree by taking online classes and completing supervised clinical in your geographical location. As such, the AGNP curriculum comprises of 50 credits in advanced nursing courses, nurse practitioner core, and specialty-specific courses. The coursework also includes 700 hours of relevant clinical practice. Precisely, the clinical practice includes three rotations and one direct care residency, in addition to three on-campus intensives.

Graduate Certificate Concentrations: Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner

If you are a nurse practitioner seeking to expand your role in adult-elderly care, then this program is right for you as not only can you opt between acute or primary care, but upon completing the program you will also be eligible to take the certification exam specific to your chosen track.

While both, the acute and primary tracks require completing 19 credits, the courses are specialization specific, comprising of procedures & diagnostics, and management of adult/geriatric illness. You also must complete three clinical rotations and a residency in an interdisciplinary environment to hone skills in clinical proficiency and patient management.

3) Northwest Nazarene University - Nampa

Programs Offered: MSN

Are you looking at nurse practitioner programs in Idaho that offer faith-based nursing education grounded in liberal arts? If so, Northwest Nazarene University can be considered a rather suitable choice as this nursing school provides a Christian learning environment, where you are trained to grow intellectually, professionally, and spiritually. Patent-centric and family-centric holistic care are the hallmarks of NP education at this non-profit Christian university. Also, if you are from the military, seeking a transition into civilian life, NNU can make your journey of becoming an NP a rather smooth one as it offers several benefits and support initiatives to suit your special needs.

The school designs its NP program keeping the working nurse in mind, so if you ever thought of earning an NP degree in family health without going to school, NNU offers the MSN-FNP coursework entirely online along with clinicals in your community.

MSN Concentrations: Family Nurse Practitioner

The MSN-FNP degree is a unique opportunity for ADN prepared RNs to advance their nursing careers in primary care. Also, the program is open to BSN graduates who are ready to take the next step into their nursing careers. While after a BSN you require completing 48 credits, the ADN-RN to MSN-FNP path requires an additional 9 to 15 credits of bridge courses. Regardless of your entry point, once enrolled you sequentially take courses, starting with foundational courses and progressing to specialty-specific courses. In addition to the online coursework and clinical practicum, you must attend four 1-week on-campus intensives which provide for valuable learning lessons. Upon completing the program, you will be eligible to get certified as an FNP, after which you can provide primary care to individuals and families across the lifespan.



What are the Total Number of Accredited NP Programs in Idaho?

The American Association of Nurse Practitioners reports that currently there are Five accredited nurse practitioner programs in Idaho.

Program Type #
MSN to DNP 1
Post-Master's Certificate 1

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