30 Nurse Practitioner Resume Objective Examples + How To Write

Written By: Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN

How do you make sure that a prospective employer notices your NP resume? With an average attention span of only 8.25 seconds, it is wise to figure out a method that impresses and gets your resume point across quickly! This is where a succinct and well-developed resume objective comes into play. A resume objective or statement is one of the first areas your future employer will read on your resume. Here you will outline some outstanding and applicable points about yourself and declare what job you are applying for. You may not know where to begin on this seemingly simple task. But make no mistake, this portion of your resume is vital to getting your foot in the door for an interview.

The best place to start is to learn how to develop an effective objective for your resume. Researching objective examples will also help you formulate a powerful opening summary statement. So, what are the best nurse practitioner object examples? By reading this article, “30 best nurse practitioner resume objective examples + how to write”, you have all the tools necessary to get started on your resume opening statement.


A nurse practitioner resume objective, sometimes called a summary, is a 2-3 sentence outline of your professional title, basic background, what position you are interested in, and sometimes a career goal. All of which is developed to fit a position at an institution of your choice. This is not a one-size-fits-all statement. Each application should have a new and specific short objective paragraph on your resume to go with the position. Although this section is brief, it must be clear, to the point and highlight attributes the employer seeks.



I have come across many NP resumes as a nurse, FNP, and health writer. When reviewing resumes, I go to the NP resume objective first to get a quick overall feel for the applicant and the exact position they are interested in. I have seen resumes without objectives, and I had to dig deep to find the simplest information: the NP’s basic background and experience and what position she is seeking. Sometimes, I was unsure if she was a nurse practitioner until I read to the bottom of the resume under education. I found these instances rather irritating.

Thus, having an incomplete objective may be strike one against you. So, beware of that point!

In other instances, I have read “canned” and very generalized objectives that did not dovetail with the job or the institution of the job opening. Needless to say, I was underwhelmed with these applicants right from the start of the resume review.

So, the answer to whether all NP applicants must include a resume objective is a resounding “Yes”! It would help to start on the right foot at the top of your resume to set the stage for success.


1. Your future employer will appreciate a well-written nurse practitioner objective:

They can quickly determine if you are a viable candidate for the position. I also felt that if an NP took the time to formulate a personalized objective, then it spoke positively about their personality. This person is willing to go the extra mile if necessary.

2. Your intention for the exact position of interest is highlighted:

With a customized nurse practitioner objective statement, your apparent interest in the job you seek is appreciated. In many instances, there may be numerous NP positions with the employer. Knowing which job the applicant is interested in is helpful.

3. Your basic qualifications are clearly highlighted in the NP resume objective:

For example, for a family practice position, if you are an FNP, state so. An employer needs to know from the outset that you have the proper credentials for the job.


(Below are the 15 best new grad nurse practitioner resume objective examples.)

1. Graduate adult-gerontology nurse practitioner with 10 years of nursing experience in senior rehabilitation looking for an opportunity to join the St. Stephens Hospital team in the long-term care unit. Dedicated and compassionate NP with a focus on exceptional patient care eager to expand skills in adult gerontology and make a difference to the patients and facility.

2. Eager to join Hamilton Health Center as a pediatric nurse practitioner and utilize my skills and knowledge to provide exceptional patient care services. Extensive RN background in pediatrics with hopes of developing advanced practice skills to contribute appreciably to the team.

3. Dedicated family nurse practitioner with 15 years RN experience in community health seeking a Lock Haven Family Center position. Highly organized with exceptional interpersonal skills with aspirations to help in the expansion of community outreach program.

4. Energetic and enthusiastic graduate acute care nurse practitioner seeks to incorporate 5 years ICU RN experience with newly acquired NP skills at the University of Utica Hospital adult critical care unit. Hoping to expand my knowledge and leadership experience in the NP role to contribute to the medical team and patients.

5. Empathetic recent psychiatric nurse practitioner graduate seeks a PMHNP position at Shady Grove Institute with the goal of contributing to the mental well-being of the patients in the outpatient program. Looking to gain experience in an ambulatory care setting and utilize new PMHNP skills while bringing the current techniques, knowledge and enthusiasm to adapt to the current culture and environment.

6. Passionate adult nurse practitioner with 12 years of nursing experience in acute care desires a nurse practitioner position with the MidPenn Urgent Care team to provide exceptional patient care to the community. Eager to gain experience as a nurse practitioner in an ambulatory, acute setting and utilize current knowledge and technology experience gained in recent acute care NP fellowship program.

7. Compassionate and organized neonatal nurse practitioner with 4 years of NICU RN experience aspires to find a NICU NP position at Philadelphia Children’s Hospital to energize and add to the success of the new NICU unit. Excellent teaching and family interpersonal skills, along with the knowledge of the latest technology, with an eagerness to learn and work with the team.

8. Enthusiastic and compassionate women’s health nurse practitioner seeks a position at Penn State Health ambulatory care women’s clinic. Eager to continue to work at Penn State, where I have enjoyed 10 + years of RN experience in women’s health. Hoping to expand my NP knowledge and contribute to the extraordinary team of providers in the clinic.

9. Team spirit and motivated adult nurse practitioner looking to join the exceptional team at Anderson Orthopedics. Hope to be able to incorporate past orthopedic hospital experience as an RN, along with certification from Duke University in the Orthopedic specialty program to provide exceptional patient care.

10. Organized and reliable family nurse practitioner seeks NP role at Minute Clinic. Experienced in ambulatory and urgent care as an RN. Ability to work independently with excellent interpersonal, communication, and technology skills.

11. Patient and compassionate women’s health nurse practitioner seeks position at Simons Cancer Institute outpatient gynecological surgery clinic. Experienced RN in oncology hopes to widen expertise as a nurse practitioner to better meet the needs of this population.

12. Driven and outgoing family nurse practitioner looking to augment 10 years RN experience as an aesthetic nurse practitioner at Cindy’s Skin Care Spa. Certified as an aesthetic nurse practitioner and a primary care NP with a proven record of exceptional patient communication.

13. Motivated adult acute care nurse practitioner with 8 years CCU RN experience seeks a cardiology nurse practitioner position at James University Hospital. Brings cardiology fellowship experience and innovative knowledge to achieve better patient outcomes.

14. Compassionate and organized psychiatric nurse practitioner seeks position at Johnson and Sway Rehab center as substance abuse NP. Hoping to mesh previous RN experience in corrections and substance abuse with new and innovative therapy knowledge as a nurse practitioner.

15. Forward-thinking new graduate pediatric nurse practitioner seeks an innovative and technologically complex role as an NP at New Visions Teen Program. Previous telehealth RN experience, along with knowledge of current trends in teen transgender therapy and treatment, can help in the development of your newest programs at New Visions.


(Below are the 15 best experienced nurse practitioner resume objective examples.)

1. Senior acute care nurse practitioner with 10 years in critical care with proven leadership qualities seeking a position at Lourdes Hospital transplant team to provide detailed and complex care. Flight nurse experience with outstanding teaching and communication skills to expertly work with patients, family, and the team.

2. Diligent and organized family nurse practitioner seeks ambulatory role at Minute Clinic. Leveraging 7 years of experience in primary and urgent care with the ability to work independently. Employing humor, compassion, and finely tuned assessment skills to fully and pleasantly address patient needs.

3. Team-spirited mental health nurse practitioner looking to join the outstanding community at Coaltown Mental Fitness Associates. Eager to utilize 15+ years of expertise in mental health and work remotely to challenge a wide array of skills in an arsenal of experience to learn and grow in practice.

4. Astute family nurse practitioner seeking a position as a dermatology nurse practitioner at Loganville Dermatology Associates. Eager to learn new skill sets and expand knowledge to augment 10 years of primary care experience. Strong knowledge of office operations and dynamics with a positive and team-spirited attitude to achieve ultimate best outcomes for the practice.

5. Visionary women’s health nurse practitioner seeking to work with OB Journeys to educate and guide patients and the incredible interprofessional team on infertility issues. Also leveraging 9 years of experience as a nurse in a fertility practice. Brings leadership and management experience and technological savvy in hopes of collaborating with teams to deliver flawless projects that make a difference.

6. Bi-lingual acute care adult nurse practitioner seeking an assessment NP position at SeniorMed. Previous experience in home assessments, EMR and skilled nursing care with an ability to work independently while providing exceptional communication to our senior population.

7. Driven adult nurse practitioner with 5 years NP experience in cardiology seeking a leadership role at Sacramento Cardiology Group as the lead nurse practitioner. Hoping to bring excellent organizational skills with a team spirit philosophy to achieve team excellence.

8. Resourceful and enthusiastic nurse practitioner seeking a position at Bethany Living. Leveraging 4 years long term NP experience with an adult-gerontology specialty. Looking forward to using exceptional communication and team leadership skills to excite and infuse joy in the senior community while providing excellent and compassionate care.

9. Highly effective doctorly prepared family nurse practitioner with 5+ years of experience as an NP and 10 years of nursing experience. Seeking a position as nurse practitioner program department chair at Governors University. Adept at mentoring NPs with highly successful increase in HCAHPS scores. Dynamic and future-thinking leader eager to provide input on the vision and strategy of this new mission and do what it takes to launch a successful program.

10. Intelligent, detail-oriented adult nurse practitioner seeking a clinical research nurse practitioner position at Lago Pharma. Hoping to combine previous clinical skills with tech-savvy and independent work abilities and exceptional communication skills to investigate and detail clinical research accurately.

11. Motivated NP expert pursuing a nurse practitioner content author position at Med Test Prep. Organized and sharp-thinking adult-gerontology nurse practitioner with stellar attention to detail and a passion for graduate-level nursing education brings current clinical skills to generate outstanding results.

12. Energetic and keen psychiatric nurse practitioner looking for a nurse practitioner position on the Oregon State Mental Health Community Forensic Services Team. Hoping to utilize ability to adapt to situations and experience with urban environments and culture to assimilate quickly and proficiently with the team to bring about excellent patient outcomes.

13. Competent and outgoing family nurse practitioner with 5 years of experience in primary and urgent care seeking an occupational NP position at JobRX. Ability to astutely perform examinations for pre-employment physicals, drug testing, and workers compensation assessments and treatment.

14. Compassionate adult-gerontology nurse practitioner with 12 years experience seeking position with Penn Hospital's home-based geriatric program. Ability to assess and meet the needs of highly complex home-limited senior patients by applying previous knowledge and skills with a passion for our older adults.

15. Patient-oriented adult care nurse practitioner with endocrinology experience seeking a position at Lochi Weight Management Clinic. Brings prior telehealth and eating disorder experience with passion for nutrition and weight loss to form successful patient and team outcomes.


(The following are the 6 steps to write an outstanding nurse practitioner resume objective that stands out in 2023.)

STEP #1: Study the job description and requirements to be met by applicants for the nurse practitioner job.

Tailor your nurse practitioner resume objective to highlight your qualifications that meet the conditions in the job description. However, never copy and paste the job requirements from the ad into your resume. I have seen employers indicate that if the candidate commits this action, their application will be tossed out.

STEP #2: In your NP resume objective use strong action verbs.

Use these descriptive words to describe yourself and skills, such as detail-oriented, organized, and compassionate. These colorful words will paint a picture of who you are.

STEP #3: Address the company's name and exact position you are applying for in your NP resume objective.

Along these lines, clearly state that you are a nurse practitioner and your specialty.

STEP #4: Assess your career goals, then write about how this position may help you reach your goals and how your actions benefit the company.

This step is optional for a nurse practitioner resume objective but is a great way to let your future employer know that you are trying to expand your knowledge and practice skills.

STEP #5: Make your nurse practitioner resume objective different for each job that you apply for.

Canned or nondescript generalized nurse practitioner resume objectives do not give the reader any information about you. Don’t waste their valuable time.

STEP #6: Your nurse practitioner resume objective should only be 2-3 sentences and between 35-50 words.

Keep it concise. Then proof it and ask for feedback.


Once you see a few examples and know the basics of formulating an effective NP resume objective, you will see how simple it is to prepare. After reading this article, it is likely that you now have your question answered about what are the best nurse practitioner resume objective examples? With the newfound knowledge from reading “30 best nurse practitioner resume objective examples + how to write”, you can get started on your resume and tackle one of the most crucial sections of the resume, the objective.

So don’t delay. Get started on that all-important resume to find the perfect job you will love!


1. What Is The Difference Between NP Resume Objective And NP Resume Summary?

An NP summary is rarely used in a nurse practitioner resume. Instead, focus on a compelling objective. For informational purposes, a resume summary concentrates heavily on work experience. An NP resume objective uses keywords to highlight skills to attract a future employer, along with explaining what kind of job the applicant is seeking.

2. Where Do I Put An Objective On My NP Resume?

The resume objective should be the first section of your NP resume, directly below your name and contact information.

3. How Long Should My NP Resume Objective Be?

Your NP resume objective should be 2-3 sentences or between 35-50 words.

4. How Much Time Does It Take To Write An Outstanding Objective For My NP Resume?

Once you read this article and have examples in front of you, writing an NP resume objective should only take a few minutes.

5. Do I Need A Different Resume Objective For Each NP Job I Apply To?

Yes, you should write a fresh resume objective specific to each NP job you apply for.

6. How Often Should I Update My Objective For NP Resume?

Update your resume objective whenever you apply for an NP position.

7. Is It Okay If I Don’t Write An Objective For My NP Resume?

It is essential that you include an objective in your NP resume. Do NOT skip this step.

Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN
Donna Reese is a freelance nurse health content writer with 37 years nursing experience. She has worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner in her local community clinic and as an RN in home health, rehabilitation, hospital, and school nursing.