8 Nurse Practitioner Resume Examples + How to Write

Written By: Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN

This article, “8 best nurse practitioner resume examples + how to write + common blunders to avoid,” is a helpful document to provide you with the essential information to prepare an outstanding NP resume. Some of you may be seeking the best nurse practitioner resume examples? We present resume tips and examples for new grad NPs as well as those with experience. Learn the most effective techniques to write your NP resume without stress. We make this task easy for you. You no longer need to fret and put off creating an impressive resume. So, feel free to peruse our NP resume guide and get started on developing this essential document that is sure to wow any prospective employer.


A nurse practitioner resume is a document that NPs thoughtfully prepare to best represent their education, skills, and experience to entice a prospective employer to contact them for a job interview. The resume typically goes along with a job application and cover letter. NPs may hire a professional resume writer to develop their resume or can create their own document.

This step in the hiring process should not be taken lightly, as your resume is typically what will get your foot in the door initially. Once you are face-to-face with a prospective employer, you can then dazzle them with your personality and other outstanding attributes. However, your resume represents hard facts about you that need to be worded in a way that demonstrates that you are the best candidate on paper.



Oh yes, all nurse practitioners need a well-developed and enticing NP resume. Sending an application without a resume is a no-no for any nurse practitioner job. You do not personally have to write a resume (there are professionals that can help out), but you need to have one in your job-finding toolkit when in the career market. Many NPs will develop a general resume to keep on hand and then personalize it when they find a position they want to apply for.

Suppose you don’t include a resume with your application. In that case, you risk being eliminated from the pool of applicants as your lapse may be deemed disorganized, lazy, or taking a shortcut. Without a resume in hand, the employer may not see the whole picture of who you are and all that you have to offer.

For new grad NPs, it is especially important to write a resume as your work experience as a nurse practitioner will be sparse. You need to find ways to include some of your training and other experience in your nurse practitioner resume to boost your “Experience” section. Instead of feeling concerned that this area is essentially blank, dig deep into your clinical experiences to fill in the blanks. You can even make a subsection under work experiences to list your clinical placements, such as “MSN Practicum Clinical Experience”.


1. You increase your chances of getting an interview:

NPs typically are achievers who want to perform to the top of their abilities. Writing a spectacular nurse practitioner resume will help showcase all the exceptional qualities and experience you bring to the table. This document can be your springboard to the next step in the hiring process. The reader will look forward to meeting you at the interview in hopes of making you part of the team.

2. A potential employer may find something unexpected that brings you to the forefront of applicants:

We typically don’t like to think that an employer will hire us based on anything other than our qualifications, but it happens at times. You never know what aspect of your resume will catch the reader’s attention and make them want to invite you for an interview.

On numerous occasions, I have been asked questions about certain aspects of my resume that catch me by surprise. In one instance, I happened to know the interviewer’s sister from the school I listed in my education section. Other times, I have shared a favorite college professor or interest with a potential boss. Common ground is usually a positive attribute, creating an environment of kinship in this situation.

3. The reader does not have to dig as much:

I can relate to a few instances where I was the reviewer for NP resumes. Although the applications were filled out, those without a resume attached provided an incomplete picture as I reviewed the submissions. Indeed, those with well-developed resumes caught my attention more than those without. I found it frustrating to need to dig deeper to find information that could have been so easily displayed in a resume.

You don’t want to annoy your potential employer before ever walking in the door.


As you will see in the enclosed nurse practitioner resume examples, there are 5 essential sections to include in any NP resume. These headings should consist of your contact information, objective, education, work history (or experience), and licensing information. There is no hard and fast rule on which format or order you choose to display these details, except be sure to list your contact information and objective statement first. In addition, you can add other subheadings as you see fit (described below).

1. Contact Information:

The first section of all nurse practitioner resumes needs to include your full name, address, phone number, and email. Some experts do not advise that your address be attached. Essentially, you need to make it very easy for a potential employer to get ahold of you to set up an interview. The contact information is often bolded or in larger font, especially your name. You may or may not include your NP credentials behind your name. I like to see up-front if the applicant is an NP, but this is your preference. Depending on the job, you may also include your professional portfolio link.

2. Objective (or Summary):

Every NP resume should incorporate an objective statement. This summary is the second section of the document. It should be individualized for each job that you apply for.

In this 2-3 sentence section, you should include:

• Your title of nurse practitioner and your specialty.
• What job you are applying for.
• Mention the employer by name (i.e., Harrisburg Hospital or St. Johns Family Practice Associates).
• Use descriptive and enticing words to briefly describe some of your positive qualities and experience that may entice the reader, such as organized and enthusiastic.
• You may include a goal if you are seeking a position that will further your career, such as “seeking an opportunity to hone my NP skills in pediatrics”.

3. Education:

Your nurse practitioner resume should list your most current education first (which most likely is where you received your nurse practitioner degree). Next, include your undergraduate education, which may be your nursing degree. Listing your high school and unrelated education is not always recommended if you do not have room in your resume. It is your choice. Whatever you decide, remember to list your education in descending chronological order.

A recommended layout for the education section of NP resumes can be as follows.

Complete University Name (it is optional to include the city and state of the institution, especially if it is local or a well now college).
Date you enrolled-Date you graduated
Degree (Master of Science in Nursing)
Program (Family Nurse Practitioner)

4. Licensure:

Nurse practitioner resumes should include where you are licensed to practice. List what states you are licensed to practice as an NP. List your certification and the certifying body (i.e., Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Certification through The Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing). This is especially crucial for telemedicine positions where you may prescribe across state lines. Display your license as follows: license type, licensing state/body, license name and number (optional), and expiration date. For certifications, list the name, then conferring organization, expiration, and certification number (the number is optional).

Make sure that you include your nursing license and licensing information also.

5. Experience:

In a nurse practitioner resume, your experience should comprise the majority of the document. Most NPs choose a chronological layout for their resumes, although various formats are acceptable. Here you’ll list your previous jobs with the most recent position first. Continue to backtrack in reverse chronological order as you document your experience.

Document your job title, employer, and the dates you started and ended the position. You can also include a short, bulleted list of tasks, skills, and achievements to describe the role and contribution to the organization.

If you are a new grad NP, don’t be too concerned about your lack of experience as a provider. Instead, list some of your most applicable clinical rotations to emphasize that you have experience in the field.

Remember to list your RN experience as well after your NP positions. This valuable experience does not need to be as detailed as your NP experience, but be sure to include it in this section.

6. Skills:

Some nurse practitioner resumes include a section with a bulleted list of relevant skills. However, it is not essential, and you can add some of these skills under your experience section. Look at the resume length to determine if it needs to be filled out and can accommodate this section. Also, if you have an exceptional skill or technique that may help you to land a job, you should find a place to highlight this fact. The skill section may be the place.

Remember to include soft and hard skills in this section. Both are equally important for an NP job.

7. Other Areas to Include:

Although there are some basic formats for nurse practitioner resumes to follow, you can add your own flair and create headings and subheadings if you feel that you have information that is essential for the position. As you develop your resume, you may need to add or subtract information to fit into the recommended 1-2 page length.

If you have room on your NP resume and/or the information can be related to the position, you may want to include the following:

• Additional Experience (non-nursing)
Professional Memberships
• Volunteerism
• Awards and Accomplishments
• Publications and Presentations


As a new grad nurse practitioner, you may need to pull in some of your clinical experience to detail your skills as an NP. Without actual nurse practitioner job experience, your resume may not impress potential employers. When applying for new grad NP jobs, you should round out your resume with other valuable experience and assets that you possess that will impress a prospective employer. The 4 best nurse practitioner resume examples for new grads in 2023 below will give you some idea of how to formulate a stellar NP resume even without actual NP job experience.

EXAMPLE #1: New grad family nurse practitioner

Some nurse practitioner resumes clearly paint a picture of the writer. This example illustrates a go-getting and enthusiastic young NP who appears eager to light the world on fire. Although she has never worked as a nurse practitioner, her passion and ability to learn and adapt may make her an excellent provider once she gets her feet wet on the job.

Utilizing words like dynamic and eager to learn is a trait that many prospective employers value highly. In addition, by listing her accomplishments as a nurse and NP student, she stands out as someone who will raise the bar for the team. Jayden also included a section on skills to further boost her resume.

Jayden Brown, FNP

2020 Pinewood Dr
Lewes, Delaware 39901


Progressive and dynamic FNP seeking a nurse practitioner position at Bayside Family Practice Center. Exceptional computer skills with current knowledge of the latest EMR and tech equipment. Quick learner with a team spirit, hoping to further expertise alongside the team at Bayside to continue the exceptional patient care for the community.


• Leadership
• Technology savvy
• Suturing
• Assessment
• Time management
• Organization

• Adaptable
• Diabetic management
• Assisting in OR
• Critical thinking
• Team player
• Positive attitude


University of Oklahoma, 2021-2023
Master of Science in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner Program

University of Oklahoma, 2017-2021
Bachelor of Science in Nursing


• Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, AANP, Oklahoma, 2023
• Registered Nurse, Oklahoma State Board of Nursing, 2021-current

MSN Clinical Experience

Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Clinical Practicum, 600 Hours

Hours divided between the following locations to provide patient care and education, assessment, and medication prescribing and monitoring.

• UPMC Hospital, Children and Teens Center
• Joe Deleo MD Family Practice
• Hamilton Health Center
• Lancaster Health Clinic
• Lancaster School Health Clinic
• UPMC Women’s Health Center
• Godiva Counseling Services

Work Experience

Oklahoma City University Hospital, ICU, RN, 2021-present

• Worked on a 21-bed ICU
• Provide quality care in alignment with current nursing best practices for patients
• Worked in collaboration with the medical team to provide seamless and effective patient care
• Precepted nursing students

Awards and Achievements

• Received Daisy award as a new RN
• Trainer for new EMR program
• Awarded University of Oklahoma Alumni Pin for Outstanding Leadership as a student
• Graduated Magna Cum Laude as an undergraduate
• Graduated Summa Cum Laude in the MSN program

EXAMPLE #2: Doctorally prepared FNP without experience

There are instances where nurses choose to stay in school after graduating with their MSN-FNP to continue their education to attain their DNP. In these circumstances, the NP may have little to no on-the-job nurse practitioner experience for their resume. Fortunately, as this nurse practitioner example hopes to illustrate, NP jobs in education often value education as much as experience. Jackson chose to add a skills section that can sell his education-relevant soft skills. Note that his skills section uses a different format instead of the typical bullet style. This horizontal style may not be as visually appealing as others, but it saves page space. Some NPs include the skills section near the top of the resume, while others may add this information after the education and work experience sections. Either format is acceptable.

Although Jackson is from Florida, he made sure that his licensing is up to date for a position in New York and listed it as so. His bilingual skill is also prominently displayed as it will be valued in Florida as well as New York City.

Jackson Hernandez-Hewitt, FNP, DNP



Bilingual, doctorally prepared FNP seeking a clinical nurse educator position at NYU Hospital. Passionate about furthering the nursing profession with hopes of adding expertise to the dynamic team at NYU.

Key Skills

Leadership | Educator | Task Delegation | Patent Advocacy | Assessments | Problem Solving | EPIC | Change Agent| Organization | Patient Counseling | Staff Supervision | Strong Communicator


The University of Central Florida, 2021-2023
Doctorate of Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN to DNP Program

Orange City College, 2019-2021
Masters in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner

Bayside College, 2014-2018
Bachelor of Science, Nursing


DNP Candidate, 2021-2023
DNP 500 clinical hours – MSN to DNP Track

• Completed 90 hours in clinical practice at John Edwards Family Practice
• Completed 100 hours of inpatient adult-gerontology practice at Bayside Hospital
• Completed 110 hours of education precepting of BSN students at the University of Miami
• 300 hours ambulatory and outpatient, urgent care pediatric and adult services Bayside

MSN Candidate, 2019-2021
Completed 675 clinical hours in, Family Nurse Practitioner Program

• Northwest Florida Surgery Center- assisted attending surgeons on rounds and pre- and post-op education
• Doctor’s Memorial Hospital- Pediatric Unit
• Morton Plant Hospital- Women's Health Inpatient and Outpatient Clinic
• Lee Memorial Family Health Center
• Lee Memorial Urgent Care

Bayside Memorial, RN, 2018-2021

• Provided nursing care for chronic and acute health conditions on a 36-bed adult unit
• Provided nursing care for patients post-operatively
• Charge nurse and mentor for nursing staff
• Precepted BSN students
• Worked collaboratively with physicians and staff
• Served as a translator for Spanish-speaking patients when necessary


• Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, AANP, Florida, 2023
• Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, AANP, New York, 2023
• Registered Nurse, Florida State Board of Nursing, 2018-current
• Registered Nurse, New York State Board of Nursing, 2023

Professional Affiliations

• Clinical Nurse Leaders Association
• American Association of Nurse Practitioners

EXAMPLE #3: Psych NP with a niche specialty

This nurse practitioner resume example has very little actual nurse practitioner or nursing experience to document. However, she does have a specialty niche in criminal justice that may help her to land her dream job on a forensics unit. Martha wisely highlights this fact that may help her to shine above the rest of the applicants even though she is a newbie PMHNP. Martha expanded the description of her clinical and education experience in her forensics certification program to highlight some vital elements that may be useful for her desired job. Martha also includes the professional organizations she belongs to, as her association with the International Association of Forensic Nurses is a plus for this job.

Martha Simons, PMHNP, AFN-C



Inquisitive and detail-oriented nurse practitioner seeking a position as a forensics specialist with the Pittsburg Police Department. Eager to utilize psychiatric and forensics NP education and experience to assist the community in its most crucial times of need. Level-headed in crisis and willing to learn the ropes to become a part of the elite forensics team and assist the police unit.


Duquesne University, 2022-2023
Forensic Nursing Post-Master’s Certificate (AFN-C)

Duquesne University, 2019-2021
Master in Nursing, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program

Duquesne University, 2014-2018
Bachelor of Science, Nursing

Forensics Experience

Pittsburg City Forensics Unit, 2023

• Completed 96 hours working alongside 2 PMHNPs on a busy city forensics unit
• Treated victims of sexual and physical abuse
• Identified and treated child and elder abuse
• Worked with human trafficking unit to provide psychological care to victims
• Helped to prepare testimony and attended criminal trials for victims

Duquesne University, 2022

• Completed advanced nurse forensics certification education requirements, including testimony preparation, trauma counseling, criminal justice for providers, crisis intervention
• Documentation of patient encounters

Work Experience

Duquesne University Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program Practicum, 2020-2021

• Completed 640 hours of inpatient and outpatient psychiatric nurse practitioner on-site training
• NP Candidate practicum at Hillside Psychiatric Institute, Pittsburg Women’s Correctional Facility, Lincoln Emotional Wellness Spa, Wellsboro County Suboxone Clinic

UPMC Pittsburg Hospital, RN, Floor Unit, 2018-2019

• Worked as an RN on a busy 36-bed general floor unit
• Worked collaboratively with physicians and staff
• Provided patient education and medical care for optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction


• Certified Forensics Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Commission of Collegiate Nursing Education, 2023
• Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, AANP, PA, 2023
• Registered Nurse, PA State Board of Nursing, 2018-current

Professional Affiliations

International Association of Forensic Nurses
Association of Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nurses

EXAMPLE #4: Inexperienced PMHNP seeking a job in a long-term care facility

This nurse practitioner resume example highlights relevant previous RN experience. Susan is counting on her extensive RN geriatric experience to win over her future employer to obtain a job as an NP in a long-term care facility. Note how she emphasizes this fact in her objective statement and work experience sections. Susan decided to add a skills section since she did not have any NP work experience to include. These soft skills and her leadership and senior care experience as an RN illustrate that her next steps as a PMHNP can naturally transfer to an NP job in a long-term care facility.

Susan Seeds, PMHNP

12 Hoernerstown Rd, Mohawk, NY, 34019


Experienced long-term care nurse and nurse practitioner seeking a position as PMHNP at Willow Valley Senior Community. Passion for our senior population with excellent communication skills with hopes of bringing the Willow Valley residents joy and optimal health.


Mohawk Valley College, 2021-2023
Masters in Nursing, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner Program

Mohawk Valley College, 2000-2004
Bachelor of Science, Nursing


Organized / Compassionate / Equitable / Patient / Leader / Forward-thinking / Imaginative / Artsy / Driven / Tech Savvy / Educator / Management / Team Player / Encouraging / Crisis Intervention / Budgeting / Time Management

Work Experience

MSN PMHNP Candidate 2021-2023

• Completed 32 credit PMHNP course
• Completed 640 clinical hours including:

100 hours at Utica Hospital Mental Health Center
90 hours in Syracuse High School Intervention Unit
110 hours UPMC private mental health practice
100 hours at NY State Correctional Facility
100 hours at US/Canada Border Detention
100 hours at Central NY Crisis Center, including rape and abuse counseling

Bethany Village Senior Community, RN, 2004-2021

• Provided nursing care on a 40-bed long-term and rehab care facility and 12 bed Alzheimer’s Unit
• Charge nurse
• 2018-2021 Director of Nursing
• Responsible for the direction and supervision of nurses and CNAs performing resident care
• Prepared budgets and staff schedules
• Addressed staff, family, and resident needs or concerns
• Increased staff retention by 75% in 2 years


• Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, AANP, New York, 2023 (current)
• Registered Nurse, State Board of Nursing, New York- 2004-Current

Professional Memberships

• American Geriatric Society
• American Association of Nurse Practitioners
• Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society


Once you have worked as a nurse practitioner, you no longer need to document your clinical experience. You should include your RN work history but the focus should mainly be on your NP experience. Experienced NP resumes may be up to 2 pages in length. Below are the 4 best examples of experienced nurse practitioner resumes that you can use to create your own resume in 2023.

EXAMPLE #1: Experienced FNP resume with exceptional accomplishments to boost resume

This NP resume example details an experienced family nurse practitioner seeking a position at a CVS Minute Clinic. Note that Diane utilizes words in her objective to emphasize attributes that would be of value in this position, such as “experienced, organized, productive, and exceptional communication and assessment skills”. Although this NP does not have numerous NP jobs to display, she illustrates that she sticks with a job and possesses many stellar qualities for an NP, such as good tech skills, leadership, and ambulatory, urgent care experience. Instead of a skills section, Diane chose to include “Accomplishments” to illuminate her strengths and character. Since she had room in her resume and only 2 jobs listed, Diane also mentioned a particular clinical rotation this is quite relevant to this position.

Diane Allison FNP, MSN

2020 Reisinger Drive
Harrisburg, NC 28075


Organized and productive family nurse practitioner with 5 years of urgent care experience seeking an NP position at CVS Minute Clinic. Proven ability to work independently with exceptional communication and assessment skills. Hoping to become a part of the exceptional CVS team of providers to bring outstanding patient care to the community.


Southwest Carolina University, 2014-2016
Masters in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Georgia State University, 2008-2012
Bachelor of Science in Nursing


UPMC Harrisburg Urgent Care, Nurse Practitioner. 2017-present

• Examines up to 20 patients per shift to include assessment, diagnosis, and treatment plans.
• Draws blood, orders tests, and makes referrals as needed.
• Administers immunizations and prescribes medication ensuring safety protocols are followed.
• Collaborates with a team of NPs and physicians when necessary.
• Rotates weekly to staff mobile medical clinic van to area homeless population.

Livingston Hospital, Med-Surg Unit, RN. 2012-2016

• Worked on a 34-bed med-surg unit as RN
• Team leader and mentor for unit and new RNs
• Developed onboarding manual for new staff
• Unit educator for EMR updates

Relevant MSN Clinical Experience

Ambulatory Care Family Health Clinical Rotation, Walmart Clinic, Atlanta, Georgia. 2011-2012

• 50 clinical hours in an ambulatory retail-based health clinic.
• Diagnosing and treating various health conditions and minor injuries for various age groups.
• Administrations of vaccines and testing.
• Collaborating with NP and physician in attendance.


• Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, AANP, North Carolina, 2017-Current
• Registered Nurse, State Board of Nursing, Georgia and North Carolina- 2012-Current

Awards and Accomplishments

• Instrumental in leading our team of providers to develop and implement a mobile medical clinic for the homeless in our community.
• As an RN, received the Lillian Wald, Humanitarian Award awarded by the National League of Nursing
• Led a volunteer medical team in Haiti for 3 years. Included medical, dental, and eye clinics for all ages.


• American Association of Nurse Practitioners
American Medical Association
• Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society

EXAMPLE #2: Seasoned family nurse practitioner with a specialty area

This nurse practitioner resume example highlights an accomplished FNP specializing in women's health. Since Lydia is seeking a position in a women's hospital, she makes sure that she emphasizes her previous relevant experience and specialized training in this area. The objective clearly defines how as an FNP, Lydia has the additional skills to work in women's health. This NP decided to include a section on “Scholarly Works” as she rightly chose to include a relevant publication she authored in a respectable women's health journal. For this entry, she followed the guidelines on how to document a publication on a professional resume.

Lydia indicates that she is relocating, which removes the (sometimes negative) question of why she is leaving her current job.

This resume is straightforward and includes only the essential elements as Lydia's work history speaks for itself to sell her as a capable and experienced provider in women’s health.

Lydia Breckensham CRNP



Hardworking nurse practitioner bringing 16+ years of experience as a provider delivering outstanding patient care in the field of women's health. Seeking an NP position at John Hopkins Women’s Hospital. Forward-thinking NP with specialized training in OB and women's health issues with a passion for reproductive health relocating to the area and desiring to be a part of the John Hopkins family.


University of Florida, 2005-2007
Master in Nursing, Family Nurse Practitioner Program

University of Florida, 2000-2004
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Work History

Kaiser Permanente, Women’s Health Clinic, Nurse Practitioner, 2020-present

• Provided wellness and reproductive care for women and teens, including birth control, pregnancy testing, and education
• Provided outpatient care for pregnant patients
• Treated women in menopause
• Performed appropriate medical screenings and treatment
• Ordered lab tests and interpreted results
• Collaborated with a team of medical professionals

Planned Parenthood, Nurse Practitioner 2010-2020

• Obtained accurate medical history and documented in EMR
• Performed physical examination to include obstetric exam
• Provided telehealth services when necessary
• Performed pregnancy and STI testing and interpretation with follow-up counseling
• Prescribed and counseled on contraceptive methods
• Prescribed emergency contraception and abortion medication as directed
• Provided pre-and post-abortion counseling and monitoring
• Worked in collaboration with a physician
• Collaborated with the healthcare team and community agencies as needed

Sun City Gynecology and Associates, Nurse Practitioner, 2007-2010

• Provided reproductive and women’s health care for 20 patients per day
• Worked in collaboration with 3 providers
• Secured a complete health history
• Provided counseling and treatment for STIs, pregnancy, abortion, menopause
• Prescribed medication and contraception as necessary
• Ordered and interpreted tests
• Provided community support and education regarding sexuality issues, STIs, contraception, and pregnancy

Trident Hospital, Med-Surg Unit, RN, 2004-2007

• Provided nursing care for men and women on a 30-bed medical-surgical unit
• Worked in collaboration with unit and team
• Regularly precepted nursing students


• Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, AANP, Florida, 2007-Current
• Registered Nurse, State Board of Nursing, Florida- 2004-Current

Professional Memberships

• American Association of Nurse Practitioners
• Florida Nurse Practitioners Association
• American Medical Writers Association

Scholarly Publications

Author: Breckensham, Lydia. The Effects of Stress on Estrogen. American Journal of Women’s Health. 2020; 155:35-39.

EXAMPLE #3: Psychiatric Nurse practitioner resume for telehealth position

This nurse practitioner resume example brings to light a non-nursing degree in addition to her nursing education. Leslie listed her computer degree and related experience as she felt this skill would be valuable while working in telehealth. Leslie had a work gap in her resume between her computer and nursing job. Her “other interests” section explains this detail when she mentions having children. Also, note that Leslie indicates that she is studying 2 languages, which would be helpful to know as a healthcare provider. Leslie also displays licensure in several states, which is a requirement for this particular position in telemedicine.

Leslie Worthington

1650 Linglestown Rd
Hershey, PA 17737


Diligent PMHNP with expertise in ADHD seeking an NP position with OnlineADHD. Previous experience working with children and adults in telehealth. Exceptional communication skills and EMR competency. Eager to combine ADHD experience with telemedicine to better serve the greater tri-state area.


St. Stevens University, 1994-1996
Masters in Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program

Millersville University, 1986-1990
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Shippensburg University, 1980-1984
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Penn State Hershey Medical Center, Nurse Practitioner, 2000-present

• Perform patient assessments for teens and adults to monitor response to psychiatric treatment and medication
• Prescribe medication and treatment for a variety of psychiatric conditions
• Worked 50% of time inpatient on a 20-bed mental health unit
• Worked 25% of the time in outpatient telemed for follow-up care
• Spent 25% of time working at a community outreach for teens with behavioral and mental health issues

Chocolate Ave. Children’s Mental Health Services, Nurse Practitioner, 1994-2000

• Performed assessment and treatment for children and teens with behavioral and mental health issues
• Evaluated, counseled and prescribed, and monitored medication for patients with ADHD
• Worked in tandem with interdisciplinary teams in-office and in the community, including schools

Baycare Children’s Hospital, RN, 1990-1994, Inpatient Psychiatry

• Provided direct patient care to children on a 26-bed behavioral health unit.
• Administered and monitored medication and treatment
• Conducted therapy sessions on relaxation and mindfulness, anger management, and positive self-esteem
• Oriented new nurses to the floor and served in preceptor role to nursing students
• Charge nurse

Additional Experience

INTEL Technology, Computer Programmer, 1984-1986

• Developed in-house web app that allowed employees to manage and recommend products
• Collaborated with the team in the development of 2 other product apps


• Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, AANP, Pennsylvania, 1996-Current
• Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, AANP, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware, 2022-Current
• Registered Nurse, State Board of Nursing, 1990

Professional Memberships

• American Association of Nurse Practitioners
• Pennsylvania Nurse Practitioners Association
• New Jersey Nurse Practitioners Association

Other Interests

Wife and mother of two children. Currently studying Chinese and Spanish.

EXAMPLE #4: Substance Abuse PMHNP

This NP resume example is that of a PMHNP interested in a substance abuse job. Although Sandra’s experience should be adequate to land the job, she has added a skill list to her resume for extra insurance. The soft skills that she included will be valuable while working with the challenges of drug and alcohol rehab. Sandra did have a gap in her work history which the reader can easily surmise was due to her returning for her APRN education. She included her RN experience in the emergency room, which is helpful to highlight her experience in a crisis and fast-paced environment. Additionally, as an ER nurse, she has dealt with her fair share of alcohol and drug-related emergencies, adding to her positive attributes for this job.

Sandra Schlotzhauer, PMHN



Enthusiastic and energetic seasoned PMHNP passionate about recovery seeking NP position at El Paso Detention Center. Skilled in detoxification and rehabilitation monitoring, and counseling. Exceptional communication skills with a knack for motivating clients and the team to achieve optimal wellness and successful outcomes.


Temple University, 2012-2014
Masters in Nursing, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Program

Widener University, 1999-2003
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Work History

AEGIS Rehabilitation Center, Nurse Practitioner, 2020-current

• Performed assessment, monitoring, and treatment of patients during detox and rehabilitation at a 70-bed men’s and women’s center
• Developed and implemented a new EMR system
• Informatics representative and trainer
• Collaborated with a team of doctors, NPs, nurses, and psychiatric staff

New Jersey State Correctional Facility, Nurse Practitioner, 2015-2020

• Delivered high-quality mental health care to women in a 100-bed correctional facility
• Provided monitoring and treatment during detox
• Contributed to ongoing mental health counseling and education of female inmates
• Worked with medical team to keep patients safe and emotionally fit

Jersey City Medical Center, RN, Emergency Room, 2003-2012

• Provided nursing care for busy level 1 trauma center emergency department
• Provided nursing care for patients in crisis due to alcohol and drug overdose, along with detoxification
• Collaborated with the medical team to ensure optimal patient care
• Assist providers with emergency procedures
• Provided excellent communication to patients and families in stressful situations
• Team leader and charge nurse


• Excellent listening
• Calm in a crisis
• Team player

• De-escalation skills
• Team leader
• Crisis Trained


• Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, AANP, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, 2014-Current
• Registered Nurse, New Jersey State Board of Nursing, 2003


• Achieved top-performing provider award
• AANP Pennsylvania State Award of Excellence for Nurse Practitioners


(The following are the 10 steps to write an outstanding nurse practitioner resume that stands out in 2023.)

STEP #1: Gather the facts

About the Step:

You may need to dig a bit to recall the exact information necessary to prepare your resume. Gather and jot down your previous work history, license information, and education dates. Consider what other information you want to include, such as professional memberships, certifications, volunteerism, and research, and document these tidbits.

Pro Tip:

It can be a bit daunting to get started when writing a nurse practitioner resume. Having these facts on hand instead of digging for them as you write helps jump-start the process. As a seasoned NP, I have much to recall for my resume, some of which are not recent. Make sure that you save your old resumes on your computer so that you can find these often hard-to-remember facts easily. Having an old resume on hand will make updating easier when applying for a new job in the future.

STEP #2: Research the process

About the Step:

Many NPs can not effectively develop a well-prepared resume off the top of their heads. Unless you have recently written your resume, you may be more comfortable following a template or examples to point you in the right direction. By researching the steps on how to write a great NP resume, you rest assured that you are incorporating the essential elements in your document.

Pro Tip:

By reading this article, you should have all the information necessary to prepare an outstanding nurse practitioner resume.

STEP #3: Wow them with your objective statement.

About the Step:

You will want to draw in the reader immediately by detailing a compelling and personalized objective statement. This first glimpse into who you are and your goals should excite your prospective employer to make them want to dig deeper into your NP resume.

Pro Tip:

Spend some time on this portion of your resume. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that what you write in your objective is not essential. In fact, it is crucial. Write a new personalized objective statement for each job. This point cannot be stressed enough! Use strong descriptive words, such as determined, team leader, and organized, to depict your skills and character. Formulate these descriptors to boost your traits to match the qualities that your future employer is seeking.

STEP #4: Add your education.

About the Step:

This is a straightforward step in the NP resume writing process. Don’t forget to include any relevant (or even unique) certifications or extra training. However, only your college education should be included under the education portion of your resume. If you have “other” training, list a separate subheading such as “additional training”.

Pro Tip:

Make sure your dates are correct in this section, as “gaps” may be questioned. If you do have gaps (or excessively long college enrollment) in your education, be sure to have a prepared answer on hand in case you are questioned about it. Gaps on a resume are sometimes considered red flags. So, if you can fill them in, this potential question mark will be eliminated. Some NPs will explain this potential pitfall in their resume by listing reasons such as mission work, care of children or parents, or educational travel.

STEP #5: List your work experience.

About the Step:

Add a heading of “experience” or “work history” for this section.

Pro Tip:

If you have trouble finding words to describe your job, look at resume examples or job descriptions. However, it is advised that you never copy the job description for your potential position word for word anywhere in your NP resume. Once again, be prepared to discuss any gaps in your work history if granted an interview.

STEP #6: Include your licensing information.

About the Step:

You must include which states you are licensed to practice. Many job descriptions list what state licenses are required for the position. Some NPs mention this fact in their objective statement, but it is not necessary as you only need to list it in a subheading of “license”.

Pro Tip:

Remember to include all states where you are licensed to practice. This is especially important in telehealth work, where you may prescribe and treat across state lines. Make sure to only list current licenses and mark this fact with a “current” status next to the license information.

STEP #7: Add skills and any other pertinent headings.

About the Step:

Additional subheadings may or may not be necessary for your nurse practitioner resume. Once you have covered the basics listed above, you should then determine what else needs to be added. Depending on the length of your document, you can add value by including other subheadings.

If you are a seasoned NP and your resume is not yet 2 pages, you can round out the document by including additional unique or relevant details. Ideas are 2nd languages you speak, mission work, or publications you authored. It is acceptable for a new grad resume to be 1 page but be sure to add any necessary sections to your resume as needed.

Pro Tip:

Here, you can be creative and go “off script” a bit once you have completed your education and work history. Self-analysis of your background compared to the position description will help you formulate what areas you may want to include. However, it is not recommended that you “fill space” with insignificant information.

STEP #8: Prepare a rough draft

About the Step:

Now that you have all the vital information necessary to develop your NP resume at your fingertips, it is time to formulate a rough draft of your document.

Pro Tip:

Start with the less challenging portions. Hold off on your objective if this paragraph is difficult for you. First, document your education and work history. If you have trouble finding words to describe your job, look at resume examples or job descriptions. However, it is advised that you never copy the job description for your potential position word for word anywhere in your resume.

Once you have a rough idea of how long your document will be, tweak it to fit within the 1-2 page resume rule. If too long, delete items that may not be relevant to your desired job. On the other hand, add additional headings to round out a sparse resume to improve your chances of getting an interview.

STEP #9: Individualize the resume to the job.

About the Step:

You must tweak your resume to customize it to fit your desired position. Make sure that your objective is explicitly designed for the job. Unfortunately, that means you will need to customize every objective per position.

Pro Tip:

Look over the job description for your potential job. Add keywords to your resume that will echo what the employer seeks in an NP. If your resume does not seem strong enough for the position, dig further in your arsenal of “other” experience to see if you have any transferable skills or experiences to add to your resume.

STEP #10: Proof it!

About the Step:

Your polished resume will not be perfect if it contains errors. Take the time to proof your document so that it is flawless.

Pro Tip:

Use programs for spelling and grammar check on your computer, such as Grammarly, Hemingway, and Microsoft editor, to catch any mistakes. I always enlist a colleague to read over my resume. This step provides human feedback on the tone and overall feel of the document. Once you are happy with the final results, you are ready to send it off. Be sure to include a cover letter with your NP resume for a complete picture of what you have to offer.


Blunder #1: Too long (or short)

About the Blunder:

An NP resume should be no longer than 2 pages. One page is recommended for new grad NPs and even some experienced ones. However, if you are a seasoned NP and it spills over onto a 2nd page, that is acceptable.

The Fix:

If your resume is too long, eliminate any “filler”. Carefully review your resume and include what is most relevant for the job. You do not need to include many details on work experience as an RN unless it will help you to land the job or if you do not have any other experience to add.

Blunder #2: Full of errors

About the Blunder:

Nothing looks sloppier or makes the reader less impressed than a resume that is full of grammatical and spelling errors.

The Fix:

Review your completed resume carefully, checking your spacing, spelling, and grammar. Have someone else review the document who has a talent for editing. Utilize computer programs for editing, such as Grammarly or Microsoft Editor.

Blunder #3: Keep it professional looking

About the Blunder:

Make sure that your resume is not visually unappealing or hard to read due to your chosen format. Typically, a nurse practitioner resume is not flashy and overwhelming. However, the standard is a professional-looking resume that is broken down into different sections and organized well.

The Fix:

There are numerous templates and formats for resumes. Pick a template or resume example that appeals to you and looks professional, and follow that format. Stay away from highly colored and confusing formats and ones that include pictures. Some of those templates are designed for the corporate world and jobs where creativity is necessary. Stay away from fancy or hard-to-read font types. Instead, stick with standard fonts such as New Times Roman and Calibri.

Blunder #4: Not including all essential parts

About the Blunder:

Although you do not have to include every section that is recommended on your nurse practitioner resume, it is crucial that you include the parts that will get you the job. The essential headings for an NP resume consist of your objective statement, work experience, education, and licensing information. However, you should weigh what else to include in your resume to fit each job you apply for.

The Fix:

NPs often write a rough draft of their resume. This first attempt may include too much information or skip essential facts that may help you to get that all-important interview invitation. Carefully review what you have prepared and see if it speaks to the job you are seeking. Once you have covered the essential elements of a resume, carefully add whatever else you feel will be of value.

Blunder #5: Boring

About the Blunder:

Nurse practitioner resumes need not be boring. Although straightforward facts are listed, for the most part, you can jazz it up with expressive words in your objective statement. Try not to be too general or copy a canned template.

The Fix:

By utilizing distinctive and descriptive words to illustrate your personality and traits, you can create an interesting picture of yourself as an appealing and experienced provider. By adding unique accomplishments such as leadership experience or specialized training/techniques, your NP resume is bound to shine above the others. Also, be sure to use spacing and BOLD type for headings to make the resume more visually appealing to the eye. Do not jam too many words onto a page to make your resume fit the page.

Blunder #6: Not individualizing it to the job

About the Blunder:

I recently was asked to edit an NP resume for someone hoping for a leadership/management role. She had plenty of great experience, but she forgot one essential element. She did not include anything about her leadership experience (which was notable). Additionally, her objective statement was also too general, once again leaving out any mention of leadership experience. In essence, she did not follow the rule of individualizing her resume to fit the job.

The Fix:

Since her resume was rather long, I recommend that she condense her unrelated volunteer experience to make room for a new subsection. This left room for the heading “Leadership/Management”, where she could add this more relevant data to her resume. She also realized her blunder in her objective and tailored it to better highlight her leadership skills and experience better.


Writing an impressive and professional nurse practitioner resume can be daunting for some. We realize this fact, so we have provided you with this all-inclusive guide “8 best nurse practitioner resume examples + how to write + common blunders to avoid”. Now that we have provided you with the tools to prepare your resume and have answered, “what are the best nurse practitioner resume examples?” you should have all that you need at your fingertips to get started. Good luck with the first steps in the process of looking for your perfect nurse practitioner job. You will be glad that you took the time to figure out how to prepare one of the most important documents for your career, your NP resume.


1. What Is The Difference Between An NP Resume And NP CV?

A curriculum vitae (CV) is different than an NP resume. A CV is more of a summary of experience and is much longer and in a different format than a resume. A resume is standard for a nurse practitioner (not a CV). The exception may be in instances of academic applications.

2. Which Format Is Best For A New Grad NP Resume?

New grad NP resumes should be one page long and list your objective, education, work history (to include RN), and licensure. In addition, it can consist of a skills list, clinical placement details, and any other important information that you feel is necessary for the job you seek.

3. Which Format Is Best For An Experienced NP Resume?

A nurse practitioner with experience may develop a resume that is 1-2 pages long. It should include your objective, education, NP work history, and licensure. Your RN work history should be included but does not have to be as detailed as your NP work experience unless you feel this information is relevant to the job you are seeking. You may list other headings to include any additional important information that you think is necessary for your desired position.

4. How Long Should A Resume Be For A New Grad NP?

A new grad NP resume should be one page long.

5. How Long Should A Resume Be For An Experienced NP?

A seasoned NP resume can be 1-2 pages.

6. What Is A Good Objective For A New Grad NP Resume?

A good objective for a new grad NP resume should include words showing that you are passionate, eager, and willing to learn a job.

7. What Is A Good Objective For An Experienced NP Resume?

A good objective for an experienced NP resume can include descriptive words that describe their experience and personality that describe characteristics of the position that they seek.

8. How To Add Nurse Practitioner Clinical Experience To My New Grad NP Resume?

You can add NP clinical experience in several ways. You can add it at the top of your work experience as “MSN FNP Candidate”. Also, you can make a separate heading titled “MSN Clinical Experience”.

9. How Do I Write My MSN FNP Credentials On My New Grad NP Resume?

You can add your credentials right at the top of your NP resume after your name, such as Cynthia Brown, FNP.

10. How Do I Write My DNP FNP Credentials On My New Grad NP Resume?

You can display your credentials next to your name at the top of your resume, as in Cynthia Brown, DNP, FNP.

11. How Many Resumes Should I Bring To An NP Interview?

I always bring numerous resumes to an interview. You should bring one for each interviewer and one for yourself. I have had up to 5 interviewers sit in on an interview, so ensure you have plenty of copies of this document.

12. As An Experienced NP, How Much Work History Looks Good On My Resume?

You should include all of your NP work history. If you have an overabundance of work history, you can pare down your RN experience to just one line for each job.

13. Should I List RN License On My New Grad Nurse Practitioner Resume?

List your RN license information on all resumes, as many employers request this detail.

14. Do I Need A Different Resume For Each NP Job I Apply To?

Although you should have a basic resume prepared in advance, you should tweak it to customize it to each job you apply for. This would specifically include your objective to name the position and company for which you apply.

15. How Often Should I Update My NP Resume?

Update your NP resume regularly as you gain new experience, skills, certifications, etc. This way, you will not forget to add these impressive details at a later date.

16. How Much Time Does It Take To Create An Outstanding NP Resume?

Although it varies from person to person, you can create your NP resume in about 2 hours.

17. Should I Put My GPA On My New Grad NP Resume?

It is not necessary to put your GPA on your new grad resume. Instead, you can add honors you achieved due to your GPA or actions.

18. Should I Include Preceptorship On My Experienced NP Resume?

Yes, serving as a preceptor is important to include in your NP resume.

19. Can I Use Ready Resume Templates To Create My NP Resume?

Yes, ready-made templates are an excellent way to create your NP resume. Just make sure you do not copy generalized wording and not your own.

20. What Useful Online Tools Can Be Used To Create An Outstanding NP Resume?

There are some terrific resume templates, such as livecareer, that you can purchase online. However, if you are looking for a free template, Microsoft Word offers basic templates that are acceptable. Also, you can utilize Grammarly or Microsoft Editor to proof your NP resume.

Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN
Donna Reese is a freelance nurse health content writer with 37 years nursing experience. She has worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner in her local community clinic and as an RN in home health, rehabilitation, hospital, and school nursing.