8 Nurse Practitioner Cover Letter Examples + How to Write

Written By: Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN

Once you have developed an excellent and professional NP resume, you are ready for the next step in your application process, the cover letter. This essential element should be created thoughtfully and not taken lightly. Your NP cover letter can be the tipping point of what gets your foot in the door for an interview. So, it is important to be mindful of the contents and learn how to create a compelling nurse practitioner cover letter. You may be wondering how to write this essential document. Are you asking what are the best nurse practitioner cover letter examples?

As most applicants struggle or underestimate this step, you are wise to seek help in creating an effective cover letter. You have come to the right place for answers. In this article, “8 best nurse practitioner cover letter examples + how to write”, I will guide you step-by-step to help you to formulate a unique and outstanding cover letter to accompany your resume and job application. I make the process practically painless, and you can rest assured that your NP cover letter will do the job to impress a prospective employer.


A nurse practitioner cover letter is a document that typically accompanies a resume or application for a job. A cover letter is the first step in selling yourself as a qualified applicant. An NP cover letter is thoughtfully prepared to introduce the candidate and entice the reader to invite you for a job interview. Here you clearly include which position you are applying for. Also, the contents may give a highlight or two about the candidate but is not a replica of the resume. Although formal and professional, this document can have a lighter, even chattier feel compared to your resume.



A cover letter is recommended for NPs who wish to personalize their job search documents and increase their chances of receiving a call for an interview. As an NP on the hiring end, I highly recommend a cover letter to accompany a resume and job application. A cover letter paints more of a picture of the applicant than just a resume. A resume in itself can be dry and impersonal. Through a cover letter, I have detected warmth, a sense of humor, and eager and willing job applicants. Some letters have made me smile, and many have caused me to be excited to meet the writer. I have found that a nurse practitioner cover letter is an effective tool to get your foot in the door for an interview.


Many times, an employer has to sift through many applications. If you want to stand out above the rest, including an enticing yet succinct summary of who you are and what you have to offer can give you a leg up. A thoughtful NP cover letter will serve this purpose.

1. You can relay information that is not in your resume:

A nurse practitioner resume consists of bits of information and facts arranged in a manner that is easy to read and succinct. The resume does not typically explain situations such as the reason for a job change or gaps in your resume. Nor can a resume display your enthusiasm and passion for a job. A well-prepared nurse practitioner cover letter allows the writer to say what cannot be included typically in a resume or job application. It is one extra piece of the job application puzzle.

2. You personalize the application:

I have read delightful cover letters where the candidate relays a touching story or reveals a personal fact that hits home for me as the reader. Although some prepare a strictly professional nurse practitioner cover letter, you should always give it a personal touch. This aspect can be as simple as staying away from a “canned” cover letter and developing your own to fit the position and institution to which you are applying.

3. A cover letter shows interest:

Adding a cover letter to your job application shows that you’re interested in the job enough to have made the extra effort of sending an accompanying note. You can also illustrate your passion for the job in the cover letter.


Be sure to include these 8 essential parts in every NP cover letter you create. You should write a new and personalized letter for every job you apply for. A cover letter needs only 3-6 short paragraphs and should never extend beyond one page. Keep it light, to the point, and professional.

1. Heading:

Every nurse practitioner cover letter starts with 2 headings. The format may differ as to how you want to arrange this portion. Choose a template you desire and see how the headings are placed on the document.

At the top of the document, include your contact information:

• Your name
• Address
• Phone
• Email address (optional and can be included in the closing section of your letter)

Next, include the full name and contact information of the reader. Find out exactly who to send it to. Many times, you can find this information in the job ad. If not, call to find out.


• Employers Full Name
• Job title (if applicable)
• Company Name
• Address

Remember to include the date near the top of your document. Depending on your chosen format, the date should be either the first item on the paper or under your name and contact information.

2. Salutation:

A personalized greeting is 100% more effective than “To Whom It May Concern”. Spend the time to research whom to address your cover letter to. Use the contact person's last name and include titles such as Mr., Ms., and Dr.

3. Opening Paragraph:

Here you introduce yourself. Be sure to include that you are an NP, the exact job you are applying for, and the name of the organization/institution/practice. You can create an interesting nurse practitioner cover letter by adding a personalized touch to this or the next few paragraphs. Once you include the essentials, you can “go off script a bit” to show your exceptional or unique side. Just remember to keep it professional.

A snappy first paragraph will “hook” the reader into delving further into your resume. You want to be memorable (in a good way).

4. Relevant Experience:

Here highlight why you are a great candidate for the job. This section covers all pertinent career or clinical (for new grads) experience. Pick and choose the background that will best fit this position. Don’t over-crowd this paragraph with nonessential experience.

5. Qualifications for the Position:

Even if you do not have much relevant experience for the position, you should have some valuable capabilities you want to include. New grad highlights can consist of computer skills and current technology and innovation. Remember to include soft skills such as leadership, problem-solving, telehealth, and communication, as they are equally crucial for most NP jobs.

6. Closing Paragraph:

Here you can do a quick summary of why you are a great candidate for the position. Show excitement about the potential of working for this organization/position.

7. Sign-off:

In this last short paragraph, most NPs thank the reader for their consideration and hope to have further opportunities to discuss qualifications/the job or meet in the future. Include your phone number and email once again.

8. Your Signature:

End the letter with your salutation, such as “Best Regards” or “Sincerely”. Then post your full name. It is optional if you want to include your credentials. If possible, sign the letter with the typed version beneath it.

For example:

Donna Reese, FNP
Donna Reese, FNP


(Below are the 4 best examples of new graduate nurse practitioner cover letters you can use to create your own cover letter in 2023.)

New grad NP cover letters are an excellent way to show enthusiasm and highlight your new training and willingness to learn. While your resume may be sparse due to a lack of NP experience, your cover letter can compensate for this negative point. By exuding your passion and team spirit, prospective employers will be excited to meet you.

EXAMPLE #1: New grad family nurse practitioner

Jayden Brown is a recent FNP who can’t wait to get her feet wet as an NP. Her passion and enthusiasm are evident in her cover letter, which is a very enticing trait for an employer. In this nurse practitioner cover letter example, note the positive and descriptive words she uses to demonstrate her go-getter attitude. This type of attitude may land the job, so she is wise to highlight this trait. Jayden picked out one particular clinical rotation to highlight her abilities as an NP.

Jayden also personalized the letter by adding comments about the area and her fond memories as a child. Although this type of friendly pleasantry is not essential, it can make the letter more memorable and unique if applicable.

April 2, 2023

Jayden Brown
2030 Pinecrest Dr
Lewes, DE 39801

John Lewis
Director of Human Resources
Bayside Family Practice Center
Salisbury, DE 39801

Dear Mr. Lewis,

As a recent FNP grad, I was excited to see an NP position open at Bayside Family Practice Center. I fondly recall spending time at beaches near Salisbury as a child, and I love the area. Is the Long John Ice Cream Shop still in business? I dream of that ice cream!

I see that you are seeking a full-time NP for your Salisbury Office. Due to my extensive family practice clinical experience, I am confident that I would be an excellent fit for this position. I was fortunate to have an outstanding education and practicum as an FNP candidate at the University of Oklahoma. As a student, I particularly enjoyed working in the private practice of Dr. Deleo, where he provided me with endless opportunities to learn on the job. Here, I could hone my critical thinking and assessment skills to see over 20 patients independently each day. Dr. Deleo, along with each of my other FNP candidate preceptors, has remarked on my ability to swiftly adapt to the environment and job and efficiently diagnose and treat the patients.

One highlight of my education was learning state-of-the-art techniques and teachings from top-notch professors and physicians. I am excited to put my newfound expertise into practice, and Bayside would be the perfect match for the job I seek. I look forward to joining an exceptional team to further my knowledge. I enjoy both being a student and a teacher and am a willing learner. I appreciate new opportunities and relish a challenge.

I am eager for the possibility that I may be able to be a part of your elite team of professionals. I hope my recent education brings a fresh perspective to Bayside Family Practice. I am certain that my passion for excellent patient communication and care will be an asset to your patient community.

I would be delighted to get a call for an interview to discuss the position and my qualifications for this job. Feel free to contact me by phone (366-xxx-xxxx) or email (jbrown@nursingprocess.org) at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jayden Brown
Jayden Brown

EXAMPLE #2: FNP seeking educator position

In this new grad NP cover letter example, Jackson has minimal actual work experience in the field, so he wisely emphasizes his extensive education. Since he is seeking a position as a nurse educator, his doctorate and field experience in education should be adequate to be a viable candidate. Jackson includes power words such as communication, leadership, and learning to emphasize his qualities as an educator. He also reviewed the job ad and highlighted the areas of expertise that are required for the position. Jackson includes a recommendation from a professor, which is always valued in the education world.

By adding unique and specific examples of teaching and innovative thinking, Jackson clearly illustrates his transferrable experience for this job.

April 1, 2023

Jackson Simonez
444 Powers Ave.
Tampa, Florida, 62778

Dr. Joan Riccardo
Dean of Nursing
Tampa University
65 Bayside Ave.
Tampa, Florida, 62778

Dear Dr. Riccardo,

As a doctorally prepared family nurse practitioner, I was delighted to hear about an opening for a nurse educator for the BSN nursing program at Tampa University. My professor, Dr. Eugene Grant, has spoken highly of your program and has recommended that I apply. The impeccable reputation of Tampa University’s nursing program has made me heartily agree and I would be honored to be considered for the position.

As a doctorate candidate, I was fortunate to have numerous opportunities to teach and mentor young nursing students. My passion for education and learning has led me to desire a full-time position as an educator. As a graduate student assistant, I was commended for my excellent organizational and communication skills. I taught Nursing Theory and Family Dynamics to BSN students and assisted with clinical rotations in pediatric and adult health.

As a nurse leader, I have taken the initiative to create my own series of online educational videos for nursing students. The promotion of the nursing field is a priority for me, and teaching young minds has proven very satisfying. I hope to further my expertise as an instructor for BSN students.

With my education, innovative mind, and drive, I will make an excellent candidate for the nurse educator position at Tampa University. I would be dighted to talk further with you about my skills and the job.

Please feel free to contact me at 326-xxx-xxxx or js@nursingprocess.org for further discussion. I appreciate your time and consideration.

Jackson Simonez
Jackson Simonez

EXAMPLE #3: New grad PMHNP with criminal justice niche

Most new grad NPs do not have much actual working experience as a nurse practitioner. As this NP cover letter example demonstrates, you can bolster your chances of getting an interview by focusing on a specific niche or specialty that may interest the employer. Thus, even though you are a newbie in the field, your specialized training will be a draw and an advantage over other applicants.

April 19, 2023

Marilyn Newton
4198 Janelle Drive
Pittsburg, Pa 20238

John Johnson
Director of Human Resources
Pittsburg City Bureau
29 E. 4th St.
Pittsburgh, PA 20239

Dear Mr. Johnson,

It was with great interest that I noted an opening in the forensics unit in Pittsburg for a psychiatric nurse practitioner. With my recent forensic nurse training, I am a qualified applicant for this position and would love to explore this opportunity further.

Last year, at Duquesne University, I completed an advanced nurse forensics certification. My clinical experience included valuable training on the Pittsburgh City Forensics unit. Here, I was able to assist victims of all types of assault and abuse along with preparation for the testimony of certain forensic-related cases. I found the work highly stimulating and satisfying. Making a difference in the lives of those that we served made an impressive impact on me.

As a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner, my goal is to practice in the field of forensics. With my experience in communication, counseling, and educating patients, I am a willing and ready health professional that is anxious to assist our most needy citizens of Pittsburgh. Your division is the ideal fit for my skills and career desire.

I look forward to talking to you further about this position and my qualifications. Please feel free to reach out at your convenience at 717-xxx-xxxx or mnpmhnp@nursingprocess.org. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Marilyn Newton
Marilyn Newton

EXAMPLE #4: New grad PMHNP with applicable RN experience

Typically, an NP does not dwell on RN experience in a cover letter but instead highlights more applicable skills as a nurse practitioner. In this nurse practitioner cover letter example, Darlene has no NP experience, but her work as an RN directly lines up with this particular NP job in a long-term care facility. Thus, she does include her transferrable work history as an RN in this cover letter. Darlene showed her ingenuity and passion for this population by highlighting some successful programs she established. Although Darlene is an inexperienced psych NP, most employers would be happy to have such an eager and resourceful PMHNP on their staff.

April, 21.2023

Darlene Dowling
56 Hinman Rd, Mohawk, NY 34019

Sister Rita Santis
Director of Nursing
Juniper Communities
1204 Broad St, Ilion, NY 33379

Dear Sister Rita,

I am submitting my application as a psychiatric nurse practitioner after noticing your ad on Indeed for a PMHNP. I am thrilled at the prospect of working at Juniper Community. With my extensive long-term care nursing background, I would love to have the opportunity to polish my NP skills working with the senior population at Juniper.

I am passionate about older adults and their mental and physical well-being. As an RN and in my MSN training, I have proven that I am always respectful and mindful of the needs of our older adults by providing excellent communication and optimal care. At my previous RN job at Bethany Village, I developed numerous programs to improve patient satisfaction, such as adult outdoor spaces and exercise and relaxation stations. Here, the residents could gather, play and enjoy the great outdoors with adapted equipment made specifically for their limitations. In addition, I established a partnership with the local elementary school for the seniors to mentor the young students. This program proved to be a huge success, with most residents participating.

MY MSN clinical rotations at numerous mental and behavioral health facilities have prepared me well to do intakes and assessments and diagnose and treat psychiatric conditions. Meticulous medication management and team collaboration are a priority for me as a provider, along with education of patients and family regarding their condition and treatment

With my rounded psychiatric and long-term care background, I feel that I am a good match for the PMHNP position at Juniper. I hope that I will have the opportunity to assist the Juniper team to bring joy and well-being to its residents.

I look forward to hearing from you at your discretion. Feel free to contact me by phone at 315-xxx-xxxx or email at dd23@nursingprocess.org. Thank you for being so considerate in reviewing my application.

Darlene Dowling
Darlene Dowling


(Below are the 4 best examples of experienced nurse practitioner cover letters that you can use to create your own cover letter in 2023.)

Creating nurse practitioner cover letters for NPs with experience may be simpler than for new grad NPs. Your vast experience, much of the time, can speak for itself. However, a well-prepared document to accompany your resume is just as vital for those with years of NP experience. There are times when the competition is fierce for a position. Also, it is possible that a newbie NP can outshine one with more expertise and background in the field.

Cover letters for experienced nurse practitioners should still be unique and individualized to the job. It would help if you concentrated on your experience as an NP. You no longer need to discuss your clinical or schooling unless you feel it will bolster your chances of getting an interview.

EXAMPLE #1: Experienced family nurse practitioner

This NP cover letter example is a very straightforward representation of an experienced cover letter. Kurk has the right qualifications for the posted job and focuses on this fact. It is to the point without sounding overbearing and cavalier. He clearly expresses his desire for the job, leaving the reader with no doubts that this candidate is an eager applicant.


Kurk Timmons
210 Roadhouse Rd
Hummelstown, Pa 17100

Julia Wise
Director of Human Resources
3030 Reis Dr
Philadelphia, PA 77723

Dear Ms. Wise,

I am writing to express my interest in the FNP Minute Clinic position at CVS in Harrisburg, PA. I read the job description on LinkedIn and was excited about the prospect of working in this capacity at CVS. I am a highly qualified candidate for this position with my passion for ambulatory care and NP experience in urgent care.

Throughout my career, I have been acknowledged for my hard work and dedication to my practice, patients, and employer. As an FNP at UPMC Urgent Care, I worked independently and saw approximately 20 patients of all ages daily. My practice abilities and organizational and communication skills helped me achieve the highest rankings on my evaluations.

I greatly enjoy my work as an FNP working in ambulatory care. I wish to continue along this career path. A position at CVS Minute Clinic will meet my goals and fit my lifestyle well.

I believe that my background fits the qualifications for this position nicely. I would love to have the opportunity to prove that I am an exceptional candidate for the job.

Feel free to contact me via email or phone (717-xxx-xxxx) at any time. My email is ktimmons@nursingprocess.org. I look forward to hearing from you. Have a wonderful day.

Kurk Timmons
Kurk Timmons

EXAMPLE #2: Seasoned FNP with women’s health niche

Highlighting your best transferrable assets is always beneficial, as illustrated by this nurse practitioner cover letter example. Judy Baum has much experience as an FNP, particularly in women’s healthcare. However, the cover letter is not the place to list all of her lofty experience. She must highlight her most transferable work and maybe pick a few unique facts. Although Judy is not a women’s health NP, her expertise in this niche makes her a top contender for the job.

April 24, 2023

Judy Baum
310 Eastern Ave.
Salisbury, Maryland 30110

Lisa Devans
Human Resources Director
John Hopkins University Medical Center
5030 City Line Ave.
Baltimore, MD 16666

Dear Ms. Baum,

I read with great interest the job posting at John Hopkins for an NP at your women’s hospital. With my 16+ years of experience as an FNP working in women’s health, I am confident that I would be an excellent candidate for this position. As a provider for women, I have a long and successful record of providing high-quality, empathetic, and competent care for the women in the greater Baltimore area. If given the opportunity, working alongside the qualified women's health team at John Hopkins would be a highlight in my career.

As an NP, I am fortunate to have worked in 3 exceptional women’s health facilities to round out my expertise in this field. My assessment skills are sharp, and I have been privy to learning the most up-to-date reproductive techniques and care. I pride myself on my effective communication skills and have built a healthy clientele at my previous employers. I am happy to share my knowledge and now do so with my online outreach podcasts on women’s health topics. Additionally, I write for women’s health journals on trending topics such as menopause and HRT.

Additionally, I am bilingual in Spanish and English, which should be an asset to your organization. I have always served as a translator, when necessary, throughout my career. I am honored to serve this population with my language expertise.

I am excited at the prospect of furthering my career at John Hopkins. I am confident that the extensive expertise that I bring, along with my team spirit and passion for women’s health, can help meet our community's needs successfully.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to reach out at 895-xxx-xxxx or jbaum@nursingprocess.org. I appreciate your consideration.

Judy Baum
Judy Baum

EXAMPLE #3: Accomplished psychiatric nurse practitioner relocating to a new area

Sometimes there is a unique circumstance that necessitates a job move. If the reason for the job change is considered reasonable and positive, it does not hurt to mention this in your cover letter. Prospective employers may not ask why you are changing jobs, but they always consider this question behind the scenes. When hiring, there is always a risk that a new employee could be less than stellar, or worse yet, fired from a previous job. If you are relocating or reentering the job force after furthering your education (for example), you can state this in your introductory letter. It is not necessary, but your employer may be interested in this fact

In this NP cover letter example, Leslie is relocating from Indiana to Detroit, Michigan, to help care for her aging parents. It is quite a change, and I am sure she will have many questions about the area and organization. Her expertise should get her the job. Leslie's tone in this letter reflects her eagerness to assimilate to the city and its inhabitants.

April 24, 2023

Leslie Singleton
16 Witchy St
Gary, Indiana 56721

Lester Black
Hiring Manager
Detroit University
789 Bevington Way
Detroit, MI 98012

Dear Mr. Black,

As an experienced psychiatric nurse practitioner relocating to the area, I was pleased to see an opening for a PMHNP at Detroit University. With my 10+ years of experience in children and adult psych nursing, I am confident I can make a difference to the young adults at Detroit U.

Early in my NP career, I was surprised at how many teens and young adults suffer from emotional and psychological distress. My work as a provider at the Indiana Teen Behavioral Center was challenging and fulfilling. This experience and my work in addiction counseling have opened my eyes to the urgency and demand for competent providers in mental health for this population.

Now that my own teens are young adults with families, I am needed by my parents. Thus, I am moving from small-town Indiana to Detroit, where they live. I plan to make this city my home and hope that a position in your university’s mental health division will help fulfill my goals at this juncture. I look forward to meeting new colleagues and this life and career challenge. I am eager to explore your great city and join the community. In anticipation of this move, I have applied for my NP licensure for Michigan.

As an adventurous and adaptable NP, I am anxious to use my extensive listening and assessment skills to assist young adults to improve their mental health and stability while they study. Having children who have recently attended university away from home has provided me with additional insight into the many issues that colleagues face these days. I am willing to go the extra mile to assist your students to be successful in their educational outcomes.

I would be delighted to talk with you further about this position. Please contact me at your convenience on my cell (910-xxx-xxxx) or by email (lsing@nursingprocess.org). Thank you for considering me for this position.

Leslie Singleton
Leslie Singleton

EXAMPLE #4: Psychiatric NP seeking a telehealth position

In this NP cover letter example, Selena hopes to land a telehealth job. By emphasizing her tech skills and independent work ethic, she wisely chooses such applicable experience for this particular type of job. This illustration points out how to pick and choose from your vast repertoire of skills and experience to highlight what will be a good fit for the position.

April 25. 2023

Selena Martinez
2020 Appian Terrace
Sedona, AZ 16498

Millicent Probst
Human Services Manager
Cloud Mental Health Therapy Services
1200 16th Blvd
New York, NY 32560

Dear Ms. Probst,

I read your ad on LinkedIn for a Telehealth PMHNP at Cloud with great interest. With my 8+ years as an NP serving our veterans and their mental health issues, I am confident I can help the online community needing psychiatric care. I have proven to be a dedicated provider that can do the job with compassion and excellent outcomes.

My experience as a provider working with patients struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues will be an excellent base for my practice. Having worked independently in VA outreach clinics and home health, I have honed my organizational skills to keep up with a tight and rigorous schedule of patients. I know medication management outside of an inpatient environment can be challenging. Thus, I have developed check-in systems that help balance this issue. I would be happy to discuss my techniques further at any time.

During the pandemic, telehealth visits became the norm for my division. I developed our telemed protocols and trained staff on our procedures and software system. I am excited about the future of the telehealth industry and would love to be a part of a dynamic community of virtual providers at Cloud.

I would love to discuss this exciting position with you further. I believe I have much to offer your organization and am eager to discuss my qualifications more fully in person. My contact information is 910-xxx-xxxx and mprobst@nurisngprocess.org. I hope to hear from you and thank you for your time.

Selena Martinez
Selena Martinez


(The following are the 10 steps to write an outstanding nurse practitioner cover letter in 2023.)

By following the helpful steps below, you should be able to create an outstanding nurse practitioner cover letter that is sure to impress any potential employer.

STEP #1: Research the Position and Organization

About the Step:

Don’t assume you know about the position or organization where you are applying to work. Since it is recommended to individualize NP cover letters to the job you seek, it would help if you spent time getting familiar with the practice/organization/job duties.

Pro Tip:

Read the job ad carefully, especially the details about the position. Go online or ask around about the organization. You can then utilize this information to use as background to formulate a cover letter. Extra tip: You can then utilize these facts to formulate knowledgeable interview questions.

STEP #2: Write a Rough Draft

About the Step:

Unless you are a super NP with exceptional editorial and writing skills, you should first write a rough draft of your NP cover letter.

Pro Tip:

As a writer, I find it best to write a document. Then let it “rest” and return later with a fresh eye to polish and perfect my written work.

STEP #3: Show Your Passion

About the Step:

An NP who shows excitement about the position or specialty area is sure to catch the eye of the reader.

Pro Tip:

By highlighting your enthusiasm and passion for your profession, specialty, or job, the reader will want to meet you. Nothing is more enticing than passion for your work.

STEP #4: Write to the Job

About the Step:

Create an individualized and fresh cover letter for each job you apply for.

Pro Tip:

Combine your skills with the job specifics. This technique will create a harmonious union, leading the reader to conclude that you are a perfect match for the position.

STEP #5: Let Them Know Why You Want the Position

About the Step:

If you are excited about the position, show it in your NP cover letter!

Pro Tip:

As an employer, there have been times when I was unsure if the applicant really wanted the position. At times, I was uncertain if they even knew what the job was. Don’t be lackluster in your enthusiasm for the position. Be clear that you are excited about working at XYZ practice and being a part of the team. Express WHY you want the job.

STEP #6: Add Something Memorable

About the Step:

Those who prepare nurse practitioner cover letters that positively grab the reader's attention are more likely to get called for an interview. Many hiring personnel may be swamped by their own work, which includes applications, resumes and cover letters for numerous positions. If your cover letter (and resume) is memorable, a potential employer will hopefully recall your cover letter in the midst of the possible chaos.

Pro Tip:

As an employer, I like to match a face with a few facts. I can often recall interesting tidbits from an applicant, such as someone moving to the area from an interesting city or an NP trained in a unique niche. You may stand out from the masses by including a notable tidbit about yourself. Showcase your exceptional side.

STEP #7: Don’t Just Restate Your Resume

About the Step:

Don’t waste the reader's time by reciting your resume's facts. An NP cover letter and resume are 2 separate and different documents.

Pro Tip:

Use your cover letter to add your individual flare and exceptional highlights explicitly geared to the job you are applying for. Any facts that come from your resume should only be a brief summary.

STEP #8: Show Your Willingness to Learn

About the Step:

Employers love eager NPs who are not afraid to learn new techniques and are not intimidated by challenges.

Pro Tip:

Although most of us prefer to work within our comfort zone, showing your ability to adapt to unfamiliar situations is essential. Working on the supervisory end of several practices, I have seen the most experienced staff push back when asked to expand their knowledge. On the other hand, our younger, less experienced NPs have risen to the task of conquering fresh techniques and expectations beautifully. Truthfully, many employers may choose the latter category of NP due to this common trait. You may gain a foot up over other applicants by showcasing your willingness to learn.

STEP #9: Proof It

About the Step:

Always carefully review your NP cover letter for spelling and grammar once finished. Employers are turned off by poor grammar and mistakes in an applicant’s documents.

Pro Tip:

Find a friend/colleague or a professor to help you edit your cover letter. Their human input is valuable. Many NPs utilize Grammarly and Microsoft Editor for help in this area. If you are a new grad NP, be aware that many colleges offer free resume and cover letter guidance in their career development office.

Remember to use the appropriate font and margins. Most professionals utilize one-inch margins and single-spaced sentences with a space between paragraphs and before and after your closing. Stay away from fancy fonts. It is recommended that you choose an 11 or 12-point font size. Play around with what looks best to fit the page.

STEP #10: Use a Template

About the Step:

Why recreate the wheel when using a cover letter template will make the process of writing a resume easier.

Pro Tip:

Many NPs prefer a business format for their nurse practitioner cover letters as it looks professional and concisely conveys their point to the reader. Look online for free or paid templates to choose from.


Blunder #1: Not Individualized

About the Blunder:

Forgetting to write a fresh and customized NP cover letter for each job that you apply for is a big mistake.

The Fix:

Remember to carefully review the job description and write your letter highlighting why you are an incredible fit for that particular NP job. Name the institution where you are applying and other details that may be listed in the ad.

Blunder #2: Too Long (or short)

About the Blunder:

Nurse practitioner cover letters should be concise yet still cover the essentials.

The Fix:

Your letter should never be longer than one page. By including the parts of a cover letter listed in this article, you can be satisfied that you have included everything you need for an impressive introductory document.

Blunder #3: Grammatical Errors

About the Blunder:

The most extraordinary NP cover letter can be ruined by grammatical errors.

The Fix:

Always double-check your spelling and punctuation. Utilize free software such as Microsoft Editor to help you double-check your work. You may want to enlist someone good at writing to review your document.

Blunder #4: To Whom It May Concern

About the Blunder:

Nurse practitioner cover letters need to address the reader by their name personally.

The Fix:

Take the time to find out who the letter should be addressed to. Call the employer's office if necessary to ensure that you correctly spell the name and title. Don’t be too familiar by addressing by first name alone. The letter should be to Mr., Mrs., Ms., or Dr. and then their last name.

Blunder #5: Left Out Essentials

About the Blunder:

Although NP covers letters can be brief, remember to make them effective by including the essential elements of a remarkable document.

The Fix:

By following the essential steps in this article, you will certainly have included all you need to impress the reader.


After reading “8 best nurse practitioner cover letter examples + how to write”, I hope you are more confident about writing a well-formulated and impressive cover letter. Your question should be answered about what are the best nurse practitioner cover letter examples? By following the steps provided and reviewing the examples, you should have all the tools necessary to create your NP cover letter effortlessly. By adding a bit of creativity and your unique slant, you should be on your way. All you have to do is start writing! I wish you the best in this step of your job hunt and career.


1. When Should I Write My NP Cover Letter?

Create an NP cover letter when you find a job you plan to apply for. Since the cover letter should be individualized based on each position, creating one ahead of time would be a waste of time.

2. What Should I Avoid Saying In My NP Cover Letter?

Avoid reiterating your resume. Instead, pick a few highlights supporting that you are a great candidate for that job.

3. How Long Should My NP Cover Letter Be?

Most cover letters are not even a full page. Never go over one page in length.

4. Can I Write My NP Cover Letter In Any Font Or Color?

Always make your cover letter professional. That translates to black ink and standard fonts such as New Times Roman and Calibri. Stay away from fancy fonts.

5. What If My NP Job Description Does Not Request A Cover Letter, Should I Still Write One?

In the professional business and medical field, a cover letter is expected. A cover letter is standard for those who are educated, such as an NP.

6. Can I Use The Same Cover Letter For All NP Positions I’m Applying For?

Never make the mistake of using a very generalized cover letter to send for numerous positions. You should write a fresh and individualized cover letter for each job that you apply.

7. How Many Cover Letters Do I Need When Applying For New Grad NP Job Positions?

You should write one cover letter for every position that you apply.

8. How Many Cover Letters Do I Need When Applying For Experienced NP Job Positions?

You should write one cover letter for every position that you apply.

9. Can My NP Cover Letter Expire?

It is recommended that you date your cover letter when sending it out. At the very least, ensure you add a current date to each new cover letter. However, it would be best to write a new note for each position, as different information should be included in the headings and content to fit the job.

10. Are There Any Basic Rules I Need To Follow While Writing My NP Cover Letter?

The basics of an NP cover letter are outlined in this article. In addition, make the letter unique, sell yourself to the job, and remain professional.

11. Can I Ask Someone Else To Write My NP Cover Letter?

It is common to ask someone else to write your cover letter. University career departments typically can help new grads with this task. Also, you can pay a professional to do the job. These professionals are conveniently found online.

12. Can I Use Ready Online Templates To Write My NP Cover Letter?

Yes, I recommend looking over several online templates to find one that is professional and that you like.

13. What Are Some Tools Or Apps That I Can Use To Write The Best NP Cover Letter?

Utilize editing tools such as Grammarly and Microsoft Editor. In addition, cover letter templates can be found on numerous online sites, such as LiveCareer and ResumeGenius.

14. How Do I Submit My Cover Letter For A Nurse Practitioner Job?

Typically, cover letters are submitted online these days. However, you can still send a paper cover letter, along with a resume, via the mail. Of course, you can hand-deliver the cover letter and resume also.

Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN
Donna Reese is a freelance nurse health content writer with 37 years nursing experience. She has worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner in her local community clinic and as an RN in home health, rehabilitation, hospital, and school nursing.