25 Best New Grad Nurse Practitioner Jobs in 2023

Written By: Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN

Are you a recently graduated nurse practitioner? If so, there is some excellent news regarding the future for new grad nurse practitioner jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the job outlook for nurse practitioners is expected to increase 52% in the next 10 years. With the demand for more NPs to fill the increased need for providers, your chances of landing your dream job right out of graduate school are good. Now that you are psyched to start your job search, you may ask, what are the best jobs for new grad nurse practitioners? This article, 25 best new grad nurse practitioner jobs in 2023, highlights all kinds of great potential work opportunities for you right out of NP school. In addition, it outlines loads of tips and advice to help boost you to the top of the list for new hires in 2023.

What Exactly Is A New Grad Nurse Practitioner?

A new grad nurse practitioner is an RN who has graduated from an accredited NP school with her MSN or DNP and has passed a nationally certified advanced nurse practitioner exam.

Unlike many other professions, new grad has a slightly different meaning for nurse practitioners. Yes, you will have just graduated from college with a shiny new degree as an NP. Having said that, you are far from an inexperienced medical professional in most instances. Unlike a physician’s assistant who may have little background in the medical field upon graduation, NPs coming out of grad school typically have at least 3-5 years of nursing experience under their belts by the time they finish their schooling.

However, a recent grad nurse practitioner has not worked as an NP in any capacity.

Finding a job as a new nurse practitioner can feel like you are starting your nursing career all over again. You may experience many of the same anxieties and fears as any fresh graduate. As you can expect, landing a job right out of NP school can be a challenge.

Read on to find out how to successfully secure new grad NP jobs with confidence and flair.


Is There A High Demand For New Grad Nurse Practitioners?

Although most employers prefer an NP who has experience as a provider, the current shortage of medical professionals has paved the way for a better chance for hire of new grad NPs. In addition, patients are now used to seeing NPs in many environments and are comfortable going to them as a provider. Patients have learned to trust nurse practitioners, and many request them for their healthcare. This increased patient confidence level has created an even higher demand for NPs.

This is a welcomed revelation for inexperienced nurse practitioners who are needed to fill jobs as providers.

In some instances, employers for new grad NP jobs seek candidates fresh out of graduate school due to their new and innovative knowledge and ability to quickly pick up on new skills. Jobs that need a lot of training, such as specialized surgical techniques, are perfect opportunities for new grad nurse practitioners who tend to be quick studies and flourish in such an environment.

Top 7 Skills Employers Want In New Grad Nurse Practitioners

Fortunately for employers, new grad nurse practitioners have many outstanding skills.

Here are a few key attributes that employers particularly desire in newbie NPs for hire.

1. Knowledge regarding the latest technology and science in your field of study
2. Willingness to learn new skills
3. Team player attitude
4. RN experience in the field where you are applying for the job
5. Telehealth experience
6. Passion for the practice area
7. Excellent computer skills

As you can see, employers for new grad NP jobs need fresh ideas and enthusiastic nurse practitioners. Your passion and aptitude for working in the current healthcare system can be a real plus when applying for jobs. It is recommended that you play up these positive points when applying for a position. On more than one occasion, I have seen an inexperienced NP hired over a highly qualified and seasoned practitioner due to the practice being attracted to the enthusiasm and innovative ideas of the new grad.


(The following are the 25 Best Jobs for Newly Graduated Nurse Practitioners in 2023.)

1. Urgent Care Center

Urgent care centers hire new grad NPs to economically supplement their staff of providers. As an NP in an acute care center, you will have the support of other providers, which is helpful for a newbie nurse practitioner. Urgent care centers specialize in many different health fields such as psychiatry, peds, or women’s health. Depending on what type of urgent care center you are employed in, you may be able to work in your field of specialty. However, most walk-in medical centers provide care for all populations and are great new grad FNP jobs.

Employers such as Select Advanced Urgent Care advertise that new grad nurse practitioners are encouraged to apply for part-time or full-time work. They provide in-person and telemedicine services for acute and chronic care. This is a prime opportunity for an FNP to get their foot in the door after graduation.

2. University Health Center

One of the best new grad nurse practitioner jobs is with a university health center. Colleges such as the University of South Florida hire recent grad NPs once certification and licensure are completed. Although this position is a fabulous opportunity for a new NP, pay is somewhat lower than other nurse practitioner positions in this type of environment. However, getting experience in a low-stress health facility is usually worth the trade-off.

Universities typically employ NPs full-time for these positions and prefer those with a background in adult, psychiatric, family, or women’s health specialties. Hours are general office hours, but you may sometimes need to hold weekend and evening clinics. One great perk is that you will have generous time off right from the start for holidays and breaks due to following the college calendar.

Duties of a university NP may include:

• Acute and chronic care management
• Ordering and performing lab tests
• Medication management
• Pregnancy testing and counseling
• STD testing, education, and treatment
• Mental health care
• Teaching as directed
• Holding educational seminars, health fairs, and outreach
• Holding positions on health and safety-related committees

That sounds like a great job, right? It is, but be aware that you will be working primarily by yourself with little support, so this position can be a bit intimidating for a new grad.

3. Addiction Medicine

Addiction medicine is a sub-specialty of its own. Facilities dealing with substance abuse and withdrawal hire nurse practitioners with a background in adult medicine, psychiatry, women’s and family health.

Addiction medicine is always looking for providers. New grad nurse practitioner jobs are plentiful in this field of healthcare due to a provider shortage in general in addiction facilities. Institutions like UM Baltimore Washington Medical Center hire nurse practitioners straight out of grad school in their department of addiction medicine. Benefits like day shift and no weekend or holiday coverage help make this position alluring for new NPs once they have secured their state licensure.

Job duties can be as follows:

• Acute and chronic care
• Medication management for acute and chronic care
• Medication management for addiction
• Withdrawal monitoring
• General physical examinations
• Women’s health issues
• Substance abuse counseling

Typically, an NP in this job will be part of a team of nurses, counselors, and other providers, which is beneficial for a new NP to attain support and guidance.

4. Nephrology

Not many nurse practitioners have a background in nephrology prior to employment. So those seeking new grad NP jobs have an equal chance of being hired in this field when up against more seasoned applicants. Georgia Kidney Associates welcomes recent nurse practitioner grads for their widespread practice in Georgia.

NPs in this position have a unique job as patient educator and provider that completes physical examinations and oversee the health of patients with any of the following conditions:

• Renal failure
• Chronic kidney disease
• Dialysis
• Electrolyte imbalance
• Diabetes
• Hypertension
• Anemia

Positions in nephrology can be in a hospital or office and are typically lower stress. Although your work schedule should be regular office hours, call may be necessary overnight and on weekends and holidays. With the support of a nephrology team, you should not have to bear the entire call burden. In addition, working with colleagues in the office or hospital is a plus for an inexperienced NP.

5. Hard to place locations

Let’s face it, not many NPs want to work in the frigid state of Alaska, dangerous inner-city locales, or on a desolate Indian reservation. Thus, the pool of NP applicants for these types of jobs may be small, making room for new grad NPs. Experienced nurse practitioner hesitancy in these areas is to your gain when seeking your first job as a provider.

Although these positions may not be one of your better new grad nurse practitioner jobs, they may be the foot in the door to gain experience at the bottom of your career ladder. Who knows, you may love your new placement, despite its obvious drawbacks.

If working in the great state of Alaska actually excites you, Better Health Alaska hires new NPs to deal with orthopedic and neuromuscular conditions. A mixture of chiropractic and restorative care, Better Health Alaska employs nurse practitioners to see patients for primary care, rehabilitation, weight loss, and preventative medicine.

The job can be pretty ideal for someone who enjoys the great outdoors along with a pleasing work environment. In addition, due to difficulty finding hires in some locations, pay for these new grad NP jobs can be quite substantial.

6. Family health private practice

Due to the current provider shortage, those seeking new grad NP jobs may be able to find work in private family practice. If you wonder what it is like to work in this environment, I can attest that it is an attractive position. Having experienced working in a small family practice staffed by another NP and 2 physicians, it was reassuring for an inexperienced NP to have other providers to help orient me. This smaller setting indeed did help me get my NP feet wet. In addition, there were enough other professionals to help spread the daily patient load.

Typically, not the highest paying setting for an NP, some locales pay high compensation in this field. One such instance is with Reno Family Physicians (RFP), where they offer top pay and competitive employment packages. RFP welcomes new grad NPs to apply, so if you would like to relocate to this area or already reside near Reno, here’s one prime possibility. Working in family health practice could be one of the best new grad nurse practitioner jobs for those with their FNP.

7. Locum Tenens (Travel Nursing)

It may not seem feasible for Locum Tenens agencies to place new grad nurse practitioners in medical facilities, but they do. So, if you are seeking a job that boasts the top paying new grad nurse practitioner salary, consider travel nursing. As one great way to build your skillset and pad your resume, travelers typically receive a substantial sign-on bonus and astonishingly high pay.

And with the present acute staffing shortages, almost all hospitals are hiring through a Locum Tenens agency to fill their staffing needs. If relocating is not feasible for NPs with families or who do not relish travel, there still are options for you. Travel NPs can now work close to home due to the high need for NPs in every city and state. So, whether or not you are up for the adventure of seeing new sites or just want to stay local and make more money than you ever thought possible as a recent grad NP, there are flexible opportunities available.

8. Occupational Care

Working in occupational medicine is typically a low-stress job for nurse practitioners. Duties primarily include drug testing, vaccinations, and physical examinations. Due to the limited primary responsibilities necessary for this type of work, occupational care is one of the best entry-level nurse practitioner jobs.

Occupational medicine clinics have popped up around the country to serve as providers to large corporations for medical screening of employees. In addition, multi-functional agencies such as Simple Clinic employ NPs to work in their occupational care division. Healthcare entities such as Concentra also hire NPs to work in the occupational injury clinic to provide a complete package to employers who need workmen’s compensation medical evaluation and treatment services.

Hours are daylight and weekdays, making this position convenient for new grad NPs with families who want to work a regular schedule.

9. Podiatry

Looking for a job where they actually prefer to hire a new grad NP and the physician likes to teach and train the providers? Then consider a career in podiatry.

Looking on indeed.com has revealed that this specialty area welcomes inexperienced NPs since the specialty skills need to be taught on-site. So, if you are a flexible and eager NP ready to learn, consider working in the field of podiatry. Since podiatry practices are abundant, you may be able to land one of the best new grad nurse practitioner jobs in your area.

You may be asking, “what does a podiatric NP do”?

In general, podiatric NPs perform many of the same services as a podiatrist.

A few examples of duties in this field are:

• Treatment for ingrown toenail, diabetic foot conditions
• Evaluation and treatment of bunions and plantar warts
• Nail care
• Health teaching and follow-up of surgical procedures
• Treats foot and ankle injuries such as sprains

Hours are regular clinic times which usually means daylight work with no weekends. This opportunity sounds very enticing for a new grad who doesn’t mind working with feet, don’t you think?

10. Mobile Care Unit

Working on a mobile care unit can be a gratifying and flexible position for nurse practitioners. Providers are employed to travel to patients’ homes, community centers, and long-term care facilities to provide mobile care for various populations and age groups.

Mobile care units employ NP for some of the following duties:

• Wellness visits
• Physical Exams
• Urgent care treatment
• Medication prescribing and management
• In-home safety assessments
• Vaccinations
• Covid testing

Companies such as Crown Health employ NPs to care for older adults and senior communities. Although this employer prefers at least one year of clinical experience, they are willing to consider new grad NPs who have applied for licensure. This is one example of why it may behoove a recent grad NP to reach for jobs with employers seeking experienced NPs. With our current provider shortage, institutions that offer new graduate nurse practitioner jobs are relaxing their requirement for previous clinical experience.

11. Pediatric Care

Are you a new grad pediatric NP looking for work? Working in a pediatrician’s office or clinic is one way to find jobs in this field. Some health practices are more expansive and cater to both adults and children. Acton Medical Associates from Massachusetts is one of the more diverse groups that serve adults and children. Acton clinics are looking for new NP grads to fill in the provider shortage gap in their offices.

If working in new grad nurse practitioner jobs, it is ideal to be part of a team of medical professionals. Most pediatric offices or clinics employ a pediatrician, nurse and MA, in addition to an NP, at a minimum. You will be glad to have the support and guidance of medical colleagues for your first NP position.

12. Medicare Health Assessments

Using a combination of home and medical facility visits, in-house appointments, and telehealth, NPs nationwide provide physical exams and care planning services for Medicare. In general, these positions are very flexible, with the NP creating her schedule and working from home when necessary. This combination suits nurse practitioners with families or other responsibilities that curtail work during non-business hours.

This type of position can pay per visit or be part-time or full-time.

Companies like Transtreme serve Medicare entities to provide health assessments in the home or doctor’s office. Transtreme offers new grad nurse practitioner jobs, welcoming inexperienced NPs to work in one of their 400 clinics and wellness centers throughout the US. Boasting the flexibility to make your schedule and offering highly competitive wages, these opportunities make for a great place to begin your career as an NP.

13. Infectious Disease

Working in the specialty area of infectious disease is another area that hires inexperienced NPs. This is especially true for practices that value education and are associated with a university. Hospitals such as Banner University Medical Center welcome new NP grads for their infectious disease practice due to their enthusiasm and willingness to learn new skills needed in this type of work. Positions with this practice offer strong mentorship and a team model. Hard-working, passionate NPs with fresh ideas are a valued part of their organization.

Are you beginning to see a pattern for hiring new grads? Surprisingly, many specialty practices prefer to train NPs who may not be experienced but have the aptitude to acquire unique and specific skills for the job. Therefore, unique and niche practices offer some of the best NP jobs for new grads.

14. Transplant Team

Working on a transplant team can be exciting for a new grad nurse practitioner. Many people on a transplant team make this delicate and essential surgery successful. You can be trained in this field to become an integral part of the unit.

As part of this elite squad of medical professionals, you may have one of the following duties:

• Coordinate care such as evaluation, monitoring, and follow-up
• Medication prescribing and monitoring
• Assisting in surgical procedure, if trained
• Patient and family education and counseling

It is inspiring to find that new graduate nurse practitioner jobs can lead to a lifetime career in this field. Transplant team jobs are out there, seeking new grad nurse practitioners to mentor and bring on board. Hospitals such as Hartford Hospital in Connecticut is just one of many medical entities looking to fill open NP positions on their transplant teams.

15. Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology may be an area where you can find new grad nurse practitioner jobs if you don’t mind taking some additional training. Since few nurses or NPs have experience in this field, hospitals are willing to train NPs to work in interventional radiology. This specialty area often utilizes surgical skills for cancer diagnosis and treatment, so a surgical or oncology background is helpful.

As an NP working in interventional radiology, you will be part of a team of skilled medical professionals working together in this specialty area. In the upstate New York town where I grew up, the newest hospital in that state hires new grad NPs to train for their interventional radiology team. This enticing opportunity is an impressive offering for any recent graduate nurse practitioner.

16. Oncology

New grad nurse practitioners with RN experience in oncology can find work in the field of cancer and hematology. The demand for oncology healthcare is increasing due to new developments in cancer research resulting in patients living longer. Cancer patients are followed throughout their lifetime after diagnosis. Thus, there is a rise in the need for more aftercare services in this specialty.

Working in hospitals or oncology clinics, the schedule is typically regular business hours. NY Cancer and Blood Specialists hire NPs to work with the health team to coordinate and manage care in areas such as chemotherapy and radiation treatment. New grads with a background in oncology are welcome to apply, making this opportunity one of the best new grad nurse practitioner jobs for oncology NPs.

17. Internal Medicine

Adult-Gerontology or family nurse practitioners are well prepared to work in internal medicine. Internal medicine practices usually follow a regular business schedule and see patients in their later years with more complex medical issues such as diabetes and auto-immune disorders. Commonly, patients need management for an array of chronic conditions due to advanced age.

Although previous nurse practitioner experience would be an asset in this field, many practices welcome new NPs to apply out of necessity to fill positions. The practice of ZLMedical in Chinatown, NY goes one step further to include the offer to sponsor the application for a visa and green card, if needed. For foreign nurse practitioners studying in the US, this unique offer could possibly be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for hire in one of the best NP jobs for new grads.

18. Rehabilitation Medicine

Are you ready to find your dream career job? New grad nurse practitioner jobs in rehabilitation can be located in a rehabilitation facility, long-term care center, clinic, or private practice. A mixture of orthopedics, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and workplace injury care, rehabilitation medicine is a career where a new NP can learn new skills and flourish. Having the opportunity to assist patients towards recovery in their disabling condition can be very rewarding,

Rehabilitation companies such as Advanced Spine and Posture hires inexperienced nurse practitioners for their team and are willing to train in their specialty medicine. Offering competitive wages, work-life balance, and a drama-free environment, positions such as these seem to be ideal for any NP seeking a low-stress job.

19. Veteran Care

Serving our US veterans is always an honor. Nurse practitioners of all types wishing to provide care for our vets can work in VA hospitals or clinics. In addition, there are now private healthcare entities that cater exclusively to this population.

MedEvals is a private company that provides all types of evaluations necessary to our servicemen and women. With offices scattered throughout the western US, these locations are strategically located near US bases for convenience for our military. Seeking nurse practitioners with a background in family, internal, adult or emergency medicine, new grads are welcome to apply.

For new grad NPs interested in a VA hospital or clinic job, be aware that US military positions require a long and arduous physical and background screening. The upside of working at a private company that subcontracts work for military exams is that this selection process is typically less rigorous.

20. Cardiology

In the past, it was difficult for inexperienced NPs to enter the field of cardiology. However, new grad NPs are being considered for cardiology positions in hospitals, clinics, and private practices due to the current environment. From treating and managing heart conditions in infants and children to acute and ongoing cardiac care in adults, there are jobs that should satisfy your desire to work in this specialty area.

If you have a cardiology background and seek one of the best new grad nurse practitioner jobs in that field, consider looking into positions with UNC Health. With appointments available for all types of recent grad NPs, UNC Health is specifically looking for nurse practitioners in their cardiology division. If you are passionate about starting your career providing care to detect and treat a variety of heart conditions, this opportunity is ideal.

21. Kaiser Permanente

Are you interested in working at one of the most elite health systems in the US? If so, you will be happy to know that Kaiser Permanente is hiring all types of NPs, new grads included. Some of the best new grad NP jobs can be found with this premier and top-paying institution.

However, there is a trade-off. Many of these positions require weekends and shift work. But with approximately 750 medical facilities to choose from, you should be able to find a job that suits your needs. Kaiser Permanente has both inpatient and outpatient facilities serving patients of all ages and with a variety of medical needs.

Wouldn’t it be exciting to be able to achieve your dream job right out of the gates after graduation? For those of you who did not think it was possible, here is proof that reaching for the most sought-after job can lead to success for a new grad NP.

22. Psychiatric Care

New grad psych NP jobs seem to be plentiful at present. Most employers seeking NPs for mental health positions do not seem to shy away from hiring inexperienced nurse practitioners. A quick search on the job boards under new grad psychiatric nurse practitioners will populate a long list of potential jobs to pick from.

Whether you want to work in a hospital, clinic, private office, or remotely, you should be able to secure a psych NP job straight out of grad school. And the best part is that psychiatric nurse practitioners are among the top wage earners for NPs.

If you are looking for the ultimate flexibility, Cerebral telehealth services offers fully remote new grad nurse practitioner jobs throughout the US. This opportunity would be a fantastic place for a new psych NP to begin a career after graduation.

23. Weight Loss

If you enjoy working with a motivated and generally healthy population, you may want to consider working at a weight loss clinic. As one of the best new grad nurse practitioner jobs, a position at a weight loss clinic is typically lower stress than many other medical environments. With regular office hours and many times an esthetically pleasing environment, you can begin a satisfying career as an NP.

Weight loss medicine is generally located in a private clinic but can be housed in a hospital.

Weight loss centers such as Options Weight Loss hires new NP grads to:

• Conduct physicals
• Order, perform and review lab tests
• Prescribe and monitor weight loss medication, including controlled substances
• Provide nutritional counseling

With offices located in 4 states, Options may have the perfect job for you.

However, if driving to work every day is not your desire, numerous telemed weight loss opportunities are available and could fit your home-based needs.

24. Plastic surgery

Working in a plastic surgery or dermatology practice is one of the best new grad nurse practitioner jobs available for NPs with previous surgical experience. Many offices in this field seek inexperienced NPs to be trained and become skilled in the procedures offered at a particular site.

You will work with a team such as the one at Dermatology & Plastic Surgery of Arizona to perform skills such as:

• Mohs surgery
• Chemical peels
• Botox, fillers, and other injectables
• Skincare
• Laser treatments
• Surgical counseling and follow-up

The work hours are typically a business schedule with weekends off. Pay is mid-range with an unhurried and low-stress environment. Positions in this field may seem like a dream come true for new grad NPs.

25. Entrepreneur

Are you anxious to break out of a traditional NP role and go out on your own? New grad nurse practitioner jobs do not have to be in a hospital, clinic, or practice where you are an employee. Suppose you have business sense, drive, an entrepreneurial spirit and the knowledge to turn a great idea into a successful enterprise. In that case, you may be on your way to a rewarding and lucrative career as a medical business owner.

Some ideas for your healthcare business are:

• Cannabis store owner
• Medical or health writer
• Medical practice such as integrative health, men or women’s wellness center, aesthetics
• Medical-surgical supplier
• Medical software developer
• Infusion services

The sky is the limit for a business or niche practice. By assessing the need for your business and applying your know-how, you can be a part of the growing body of nurse practitioners who are successfully entering the business world on their own terms. As a new grad NP, your fresh ideas and skills will only add to your realization of this exciting goal.

10 Tips For Landing Your First Job As New Grad Nurse Practitioner

If you want to be hired as a new grad, it is good to take whatever measures are necessary to land your first job successfully.

Some helpful tips to achieve your goal to work as an NP are as follows:

1. Prepare a top-notch resume-

If you want to get your foot in the door of a prospective employer, prepare a resume that will help you to stand out. It is worth the effort to spend a little time (or money) to research ways to make your resume shine or hire a professional resume writer.

2. Ask for letters of recommendation-

This is a critical point for success. Carefully choose who you plan to ask to write a recommendation letter. Then prepare by researching how to write a powerful letter of recommendation. This letter can really help you land a job, so it is vital that it is well thought out and conveys all of your wonderful attributes to the reader.

3. Prepare for the interview-

Once you get a call for an interview, you are halfway to landing the job. You will want to prepare yourself for some tough questions and know how to best present yourself for the job. Some of the questions may be the same as those for a nurse practitioner school interview. So, you can begin with brushing up on these types of general questions. Then move on to prep for questions specifically geared towards your NP job. You will be glad to have been primed and ready when you interview. Doing your homework will lower your stress, making you a more confident prospect.

4. Work small side jobs in your field-

Prospective employers for new grad nurse practitioner jobs typically seek NPs with some experience. Particularly for recent grads who have not worked extensively in nursing before enrolling in grad school, your chances for hire can be more challenging. Therefore, working as an RN or in an NP role, no matter how insignificant, will help you.

By accepting short-term, part-time, contract, hard to fill or “hire by the hour” or short-term telemed assignments, you can begin to build on your experience. Will they be your dream job? Most likely, no. But think of it as a deposit in your experience bank. Whatever job opportunities you can add will get you closer to the career position that you seek ultimately in the end.

5. Take extra courses to bolster your skills-

As stated previously, healthcare entities welcome new NPs who can bring fresh techniques and ideas to the practice. By enrolling in niche or novel classes to build your skill bank, you become a valuable commodity.

6. Highlight your new knowledge and skills-

Once you have unique and advanced expertise to contribute, showcase your abilities as a gem to present to the practice.

7. Let your passion shine-

Your enthusiasm and love for your field and patients may shine right over other more experienced candidates. So don’t be afraid to show your excitement for working as an NP for your prospective employer.

8. Build on your RN experience-

Hopefully, you will have some RN experience to highlight along with your NP schooling background. Take advantage of your more outstanding qualities and examples as an RN to illustrate what kind of capable and desirable employee you will be if hired.

9. Research your potential employer-

It is always a good idea to learn about your prospective employer prior to the interview process. For one thing, you will want to make sure that your potential new NP job is suited for you. It speaks well to your future boss that you took the time to investigate them thoroughly. Also, you can then better prepare thought-provoking and intelligent questions to ask at the interview.

10. Look for a position where you are known-

If you are having difficulty landing your dream job, think smaller. If you had an excellent experience in one of your clinical rotations, consider applying there for a position. In addition, your previous place of employment as an RN is another great option. Hopefully, your reputation as a nurse will help you to land your first NP job too.

What Are The Most-Stressful New Grad Nurse Practitioner Jobs?

Although we all have different views on what may stress us out, a few anxiety-provoking situations in new grad nurse practitioner jobs may cause even the calmest inexperienced NPs stress.

Here are a few jobs that you may want to side-step as a new NP:

1. Critical care-

Unless you love the critical-care environment and the hectic pace is your idea of a great job, avoid the ICU, CCU, ER, and all types of critical care units and positions.

2. Sink-or-Swim Environments-

I recall my first position as a nurse. It was in a med-surg unit where it was expected that I could be in charge of the floor after a 1-week orientation. I remember crying in the bathroom often, feeling overwhelmed and alone. The same can happen to an NP in some inpatient environments where you are just thrown in to work without the proper support.

3. Short-staffed Positions-

Nothing is worse than having to jump into a job where you are not only covering your assignment but an extra load of patients due to chronic short-staffing. In addition, having to work additional days, holidays, weekends, and off-hours to cover inadequacies in personnel leads to burn-out quickly.

4. Jobs where you are the only provider-

Unless you come with an armful of past nursing experience and high confidence, working as the lone provider can be very stressful and a recipe for failure. You will need peers to lean on as a new grad, and their pearls for practice and oversight is invaluable when you are fresh out of NP school.

What Are The Least-Stressful New Grad Nurse Practitioner Jobs?

One of my first NP experiences was working with a kindly physician in a one-provider internal medicine practice. Having that one-to-one mentorship and relationship really helped ease me into my new role as an NP. Thus, I would advocate for a small, yet supportive practice position such as the one I had as one of the best entry-level nurse practitioner jobs.

Other low-stress new grad NP jobs can be located in the following environments:

• Community clinic
• Weight loss clinic
• Aesthetics Clinic
• Occupational health
• Medical cannabis shop
• Minute clinic

Do you see a pattern here? Lower stress jobs tend to be in outpatient facilities. One exception may be a busy private practice where profit is the bottom line. In that case, overscheduling of patients to increase profits may lend extra stress to the job.

What Are The Highest-Paying New Grad NP Jobs?

You may be wondering how much does a new grad nurse practitioner make? It depends on which state you work and the type of work you choose. The average salary for a nurse practitioner in the US is $109,025. As a new grad, you can expect to make slightly less. However, with an increased need for NPs of all types, you may be able to negotiate a higher salary.

With that being said, 3 of the highest paying new grad nurse practitioner jobs are:

1. Home Health-

Surprisingly, home health nurse practitioners are listed as the highest-paid NPs according to Zip Recruiter, making a yearly salary of $165,399. New grad NPs can jump on this lucrative opportunity too.

2. Women’s Health-

Indeed.com indicates that NPs working in women’s health make between $102,964 and $198,264 per year.

3. Emergency Nurse Practitioner-

The same survey from Indeed.com also lists emergency nurse practitioners as top wage earners, with compensation between $106,385 and $180,435 per year. With previous RN emergency experience and an urgent need for ER NPs, new grad NPs have a good chance at being hired at an excellent salary.

What Are The Lowest-Paying New Grad NP Jobs?

If you are thinking of using your new degree to obtain a job in nursing education, good for you! As a new grad, you will be welcomed with your advanced and recent nursing knowledge.

There is a critical shortage of nursing educators. Despite the need for qualified teachers in this field, you will be one of the lowest-paid MSN or DNP-prepared NPs. Nursing education wages have not kept up with the ever-increasing compensation for advanced practice nurses. According to the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the salaries of nursing instructors are at least $30,000 less than NPs employed in positions outside of the educational setting.

Other lower-paying jobs for new grad NPs are in the clinical setting working in pediatrics and family health. However, of late, demand is driving up the wages in all specialty areas, so compensation estimates vary.

What Industries Are Hiring The Highest Number Of New Grad Nurse Practitioners?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, the following industries hire the highest number of nurse practitioners, new grads included:

Offices of Physicians:

Offices of physicians employ the highest number of NPs. Making up 3.91% of the industry or 101,220 NPs. New grad nurse practitioners working in physician offices average $80,640 in pay.

General Medical and Surgical Hospitals:

Hospitals employ 49,920 nurse practitioners. New grad NPs working in hospitals earn higher wages than their office counterparts, averaging $85,640 per year.

Outpatient Care Centers:

Nurse practitioners employed in outpatient facilities comprise 1.97% of the industry. Working in an outpatient center tops the new grad NP compensation chart, coming in at $89,730 yearly.

Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools:

Colleges and universities are the lowest paying industry for new grad NPs, reporting an average yearly salary of $78,290. 6,970 nurse practitioners are working in educational institutions.

Offices of Other Health Practitioners:

Offices of other health professionals employ an NP workforce of 6,170. Their average yearly salary is $81,170.

What States Are Hiring The Highest Number Of New Grad Nurse Practitioners?

It is not surprising that the highest population states of California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Pennsylvania hire the most significant number of new grad NPs. The state that does not fit this theory is Tennessee. Tennessee ranks 6th in hiring the most NPs but 15th in population. If you are looking to relocate to increase your chances of hire, Tennessee may be a good option.

Rank State
1 California
2 New York
3 Texas
4 Florida
5 Ohio
6 Tennessee
7 Pennsylvania
8 Georgia
9 Illinois
10 Massachusetts

How Much Does A New Grad Nurse Practitioner Make On An Average?

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, new grad NP jobs pay on average $39.88 per hour, making $6910 per month. The standard annual salary is $82,960. Compensation varies from state to state, demand areas, and by specialty. If looking for a state to live in that gives you the best cost of living, head to Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas for the biggest bang for your buck.

(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Industry-Wise Average Salary For New Grad Nurse Practitioner Jobs

Look at outpatient care center opportunities for new graduate NP jobs that pay the most. These centers average $89,730 per year for new grad positions, making them the highest paying employers in the industry. General medical and surgical hospitals pay the 2nd highest, compensating NPs at $85,640 annually. Office jobs rank next, with physician offices paying $80,640 and other types of offices paying slightly higher at $81,170.

As expected, colleges, universities, and professional schools compensate new grad nurse practitioners the worst, paying $78,290 annually. Hopefully, with the nursing educator shortage urgently advertised in the news, this area of nursing will begin to realize more competitive wages.

Industry Hourly Monthly Annual
Offices of Physicians $38.77 $6,720 $80,640
General Medical and Surgical Hospitals $41.17 $7,140 $85,640
Outpatient Care Centers $43.14 $7,480 $89,730
Colleges, Universities, and Professional Schools $37.64 $6,520 $78,290
Offices of Other Health Practitioners $39.02 $6,760 $81,170

State-Wise Average Salary For New Grad Nurse Practitioner Jobs

California is clearly the state to work if you seek the highest new grad nurse practitioner salary. Topping the list of the average wage by state, CA nurse practitioners make a standard yearly wage of $107,310. I have seen much higher compensation for NP positions in CA listed on job boards of late, which includes new grads.

Hawaii is the highest cost of living state in the US. However, this state compensates new grad NPs at a salary that is only average for the US. Making a mere $72,930 per year may not balance out the expense of residing in tropical yet costly Hawaii.

It is surprising to find that a few states, such as Alaska and Idaho, compensate their new grad NPs at a paltry rate of $49,400 and $50,640 per year. It seems absurd that a highly educated and specialized medical provider commands such a low wage.

If you are curious about what your state pays new grads, check out the state-by-state chart below. Hopefully, your state compensates NPs for what they are worth, making it one of the better states to begin your NP career.

State Average Salary
Hourly Monthly Annual
Alabama $34.47 $5,980 $71,700
Alaska $23.75 $4,120 $49,400
Arizona $43.16 $7,480 $89,770
Arkansas $39.81 $6,900 $82,810
California $51.59 $8,940 $107,310
Colorado $35.42 $6,140 $73,680
Connecticut $37.38 $6,480 $77,750
Delaware $39.51 $6,850 $82,190
Florida $27.31 $4,730 $56,800
Georgia $34.76 $6,030 $72,310
Hawaii $35.06 $6,080 $72,930
Idaho $24.35 $4,220 $50,640
Illinois $40.94 $7,100 $85,160
Indiana $41.70 $7,230 $86,730
Iowa $39.44 $6,840 $82,040
Kansas $35.51 $6,160 $73,870
Kentucky $35.53 $6,160 $73,910
Louisiana $35.44 $6,140 $73,710
Maine $40.91 $7,090 $85,090
Maryland $40.82 $7,080 $84,900
Massachusetts $44.73 $7,750 $93,040
Michigan $41.72 $7,230 $86,780
Minnesota $43.29 $7,500 $90,040
Mississippi $38.67 $6,700 $80,440
Missouri $39.52 $6,850 $82,210
Montana $41.92 $7,270 $87,190
Nebraska $40.80 $7,070 $84,860
Nevada $42.47 $7,360 $88,340
New Hampshire $41.87 $7,260 $87,090
New Jersey $44.74 $7,750 $93,050
New Mexico $41.49 $7,190 $86,300
New York $42.51 $7,370 $88,430
North Carolina $40.93 $7,090 $85,130
North Dakota $40.55 $7,030 $84,340
Ohio $36.59 $6,340 $76,110
Oklahoma $41.19 $7,140 $85,670
Oregon $42.86 $7,430 $89,140
Pennsylvania $36.74 $6,370 $76,420
Rhode Island $42.36 $7,340 $88,100
South Carolina $38.17 $6,620 $79,400
South Dakota $38.47 $6,670 $80,010
Tennessee $33.25 $5,760 $69,160
Texas $41.58 $7,210 $86,480
Utah $32.06 $5,560 $66,690
Vermont $38.38 $6,650 $79,820
Virginia $39.22 $6,800 $81,570
Washington $43.74 $7,580 $90,980
West Virginia $37.07 $6,430 $77,100
Wisconsin $42.92 $7,440 $89,280
Wyoming $42.42 $7,350 $88,230

My Final Thoughts

Now is a great time to be graduating as a nurse practitioner. There are loads of NP jobs to pick from with the current provider shortage. It is highly likely that your specialty area is in demand. Hopefully, you could find some opportunities that excite you after reading the 25 best new grad nurse practitioner jobs in 2023. By now, you should have the answer to the question of what are the best jobs for new grad nurse practitioners? Did you find any ideas for positions that may suit you? With all of the excellent tips and job insight offered in this article, you should now be confident and anxious to get started on your job search. I wish you the best to find your dream NP job straight out of grad school. With your degree and know-how, it is a reachable goal.

Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN
Donna Reese is a freelance nurse health content writer with 37 years nursing experience. She has worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner in her local community clinic and as an RN in home health, rehabilitation, hospital, and school nursing.