6 New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Examples + How To Write

Written By: Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN

Finding your first nursing position after graduation can be a daunting task. Knowing what steps to take to find your dream job will help propel you toward your goal of gainful employment as an RN. Once you have prepared an excellent resume, be aware that you have one final action to take in the application process; that of a persuasive cover letter. You may be unclear about how to write an exceptional cover letter and wonder what are some excellent examples of new grad cover letters? Using a professionally prepared cover letter as a guide is a great way to learn how to compose a top-notch document. Read the following article “6 best new grad nurse cover letter examples + how to write” for recommendations that will help you get started on your best ever nursing cover letter without stress.

What Exactly is a New Grad Nurse Cover Letter?

A new grad nurse cover letter is a brief document that is sent along with a recent RN graduate resume. RNs who do not have experience as nurses would fall into this category.

A cover letter is a vital addition to any job application for a nurse. It serves to make a more personal connection with a potential employer while pointing out why you are the best candidate. This letter is crucial for a new grad nurse as you do not have any nurse employment experience. Thus, you will need to sell yourself the best you can on paper to get to the next step in attaining your first nursing job; the nursing interview.

How is a New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Different from an Experienced Nurse Cover Letter?

Although both an experienced and a new grad nurse cover letter contain many similar elements such as credentials and pertinent experience, there is one main difference. An RN who has been employed as a nurse will include the essential work background in a cover letter. RNs fresh out of school lack a history as a nurse. Therefore, recent graduates should highlight their relevant clinical experience to demonstrate that they have what it takes to be qualified for the position.

After graduating from my BSN program, I recall feeling inadequate to apply for a "real" nursing job. Although I had excellent preceptors and clinical experiences, I knew that I could be up against seasoned nurses vying for the same pediatric nurse position. I was convinced that I had to write an impassioned cover letter to go with my resume to influence the reader that it was worthwhile to take a chance and interview me. I chose to emphasize my experience with children and outstanding clinical experience in pediatrics. This focused approach must have worked as I was granted an interview and offered the job right after graduation.

4 Reasons Why an Excellent Cover Letter Makes a Difference to New Grad Nurses

A top-notch cover letter is customary in the nursing industry. Here are a few reasons why.

1. Nurses are professional-

One of the main themes in my training as a BSN student was that we were always to represent ourselves professionally. Our professors drilled into us that we were never to let down our guard and must perform to our highest standard at all times on the job. We were to be leaders and proud to be BSN students and nurses. As professional nurses, our future employers hold us to a higher standard than that of a non-professional. A well-written new grad nurse cover letter is a standard expectation for those who are educated individuals.

2. Leads to an interview-

The main reason to develop an excellent new grad RN cover letter is to lead to an interview as the end result. By capturing the attention of a potential employer through an impressive and appealing cover letter, you will hopefully sway the reader to want to meet you for a formal interview.

3. Expands on resume-

There most likely are some essential elements that you want to include in your new grad nurse cover letter that are not a part of your resume. The cover letter is a great place to show your passion for the position and provide details tailored to the specific hospital or job that will further highlight your qualifications.

As a new grad, I was recently married, and we were moving to a small town so that my husband could return as a student at the local university. Unfortunately, this locale had only one hospital in the area. There was no shortage of nurses at that time, so my choices as an RN were limited. Physician office and home health jobs were generally reserved for nurses with experience, so I was worried that I might not find employment. My new grad nurse cover letter to the hospital administrator had to impress, as it was my only shot for work in the area. I painted a picture of my professional standards, desire to live in the region, and the fresh and current nursing trends that I could bring to the position. To my relief, they hired me.

4. You may be up against experienced nurses-

You will need to figure out a way to increase the likelihood of hire when the pool of applicants includes nurses with more experience than you. Being a fresh grad, the probability of being up against seasoned nurse candidates is high. By emphasizing your transferable skills and passion for learning in a new grad registered nurse cover letter, you may be able to convince a potential employer that you are worth the risk.

What are Some Excellent Examples of New Grad Nurse Cover Letters?

(Below are 6 excellent new graduate nurse cover letter examples that will work for you in 2024.)

Example #1: Cover Letter of Diane Joyner

Diane Joyner
2255 Conference Center Way, Bloomsburg, PA 17815
Tel# 123-123-1234

March 28, 2024

John Doe
Lock Haven Hospital
24 Cree Drive, Lock Haven, PA 17737

Dear Mr. Doe,

I was thrilled to see that Lock Haven Hospital seeks an RN for their pediatric unit. I am a recent graduate BSN nurse who has a passion for pediatrics as well as extensive experience working with children of all ages. We will be moving to Lock Haven this Fall, and I would love to be a part of the Lock Haven Hospital staff and community. What a picturesque area and charming town!

In my school clinical experience, I especially enjoyed and excelled in my pediatric rotation. I am very comfortable nursing children and was complimented by the nursing staff about my natural ability to sense the needs of these young patients and attend to their care. I am adept at developing nursing care plans for children and the IV skills necessary to access small veins. In addition, I am knowledgeable and familiar with diabetic care due to caring for several diabetic children regularly. As a mother, I can relate to other parents on a personal level as well as empathize with their struggles. My work as a CNA in college has helped me become familiar with the day-to-day routine of inpatient nursing as well as the needs of patients. My bedside manner is warm and compassionate as a nurse, and I pride myself in effective and relatable communication and health teaching skills.

As a recent graduate, I have had the privilege of learning the most current nursing, pediatrics, and medication trends. Electronic medical records, smart beds and telemedicine as well as the latest mobile devices for access to health information have been a part of my training. I am anxious to be able to incorporate all that I have learned into my nursing practice. I was fortunate to have an extensive and quality pediatric clinical experience at a large and progressive hospital where I cared for several patients independently each day. In addition, I was able to develop my problem-solving and leadership skills in this specialty as I was given the responsibility of team lead on numerous occasions while on my pediatric rotation. I particularly appreciated the opportunity to lead my peers which no doubt will be a valuable transferable skill as an RN.

I am confident that I am an excellent candidate for the pediatric RN position due to my considerable experience with children, passion for pediatrics, and skillset that I bring. I would be honored to be a part of the nursing staff at Lock Haven Hospital.

Thank you for your time and consideration of my application. I look forward to learning more about this exciting opportunity. Feel free to contact me at 123-123-1234 to speak to me further.


Diane Joyner

What Makes This An Excellent New Grad Registered Nurse Cover Letter:

This new grad nurse cover letter example illustrates how her clinical rotation along with “other” experiences can feature the qualities of an excellent nurse candidate. Highlighting Diane’s exceptional pediatric training, her experience with Diabetic children and as a CNA, as well as being a mother, will certainly prove beneficial. In addition, passion for the field and confidence in new technology and nursing innovation can bring your potential to the next level. Utilizing keywords like smart beds and hand-held medical devices will conjure visions of bringing the practice up to current trends. This is a positive point for a candidate that can teach and efficiently operate the new technology.

Example #2: Cover Letter of Jan Bock

Jan Bock
3181 Masonic Drive, Boseman, MT 59718
Tel# 123-123-1234

March 28, 2024

Diane Sullivan
Farmington University Hospital
10 University Drive, Boseman, MT 59718

Dear Ms. Sullivan,

My name is Jan Bock, and I am a new BSN nurse. I am excited to begin my career in nursing and was thrilled to find an RN opportunity available at Farmington Hospital in your ICU unit. I would be honored to be considered for this position. I am confident that I would love to be part of the great Farmington team, as I had the privilege of completing a portion of my practicum at your facility.

In my nurse's training at the University of Montana, I received exceptional guidance and opportunities in critical care nursing. With over 90 clinical hours in ICU, CCU, and the ER, I was able to experience numerous patients with a variety of medical conditions and injuries that will transfer to skilled care as a nurse in the ICU. Due to my expertise and adaptability to critical care, I was chosen to extend my practicum to include the Covid and burn units. My keen ability to grasp the latest technology and wide array of experiences has enhanced my nursing practice.

I have proven to be an organized nurse with outstanding critical thinking skills who is efficient at multi-tasking. As a nurse in the ICU, I can monitor and coordinate all lines necessary to safely attend to my patient’s needs. In addition, I possess excellent communication skills with patients, their families, and medical staff. Having the ability to grasp new knowledge and implement strategies as emergencies arise quickly has greatly benefited me while in the critical care setting.

My clinical experience and aptitude for critical care will make me an exceptional candidate for the position of ICU RN. I welcome you to reach out to me to discuss my qualifications at 123-123-1234 further. Thank you in advance, and I look forward to meeting you.


Jan Bock

What Makes This An Excellent New Grad Registered Nurse Cover Letter:

This is one of the new grad nurse cover letter examples that highlight a confident tone. Even though you do not have any actual nursing job experience, you can still portray your confidence as an excellent future nurse. Jan used keywords such as critical thinking, communication, and multi-tasking to describe her as an RN who can think on her feet. As an ICU nurse, these characteristics along with her keen mind and ability to juggle many tasks at once, will serve her well in a hectic ICU environment. One caveat that she had taken care to include was the fact that she had participated in a successful clinical rotation at the hospital where she was applying. Having personal experience at Farmington will give her a foot in the door.

Example #3: Cover Letter of Joan Zimmerman

Joan Zimmerman
4154 Broad Street, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404
Tel# 123-123-1234

March 29, 2024

Lisa Brown
Timmerman University Hospital
110 Cherry Drive, Tuscaloosa, AL 35404

Dear Ms. Brown,

I am excited to apply for the CCU position at Timmerman University Hospital. As a new graduate RN, I can’t think of a better hospital to begin my career as a nurse. I trained at Geisinger Medical Center, a large teaching institution similar to yours, and I loved every second of my critical care experience. To be on the Timmerman critical care team would be a dream come true for me.

My keen knowledge of the cardiac system and complex care necessary in CCU were emphasized in my critical care clinical rotations. As a top-performing student, I was able to work independently with skill and compassion to care for 1-2 patients each day. In addition, I received high accolades from my professors and medical staff regarding my competent nursing and leadership abilities when serving as a team leader. I quickly absorbed the materials, skills, and technology necessary to efficiently perform all duties as a nursing student while working in critical care.

One particular experience in the CCU stands out for me. As nursing students, we are often designated the task of holding pressure to the site after the removal of an arterial line. For some, this can be a tedious task. As I was holding pressure to the site, I talked to the sleeping patient and visually assessed him for any signs of distress. I monitored his vitals and checked the lines while continuing to hold pressure. I noted that his color suddenly became more pale, and he was beginning to sweat. His vital signs were dropping slowly. I signaled a nearby nurse, who confirmed that this patient might be in distress. She expressed her appreciation that I was keenly monitoring this patient. This example taught me a valuable lesson on the importance of astute observation in the CCU and motivated me toward a career as a CCU nurse.

I believe that I am a strong candidate for the CCU RN position at Timmerman. With my aptitude for learning along with my ability to independently pick up new skills, I am confident that I will make an excellent CCU nurse. I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this position further at your convenience. Please feel free to reach out to me at 123-123-1234.

I look forward to hearing from you.

With Regards,

Joan Zimmerman

What Makes This An Excellent New Grad Registered Nurse Cover Letter:

This new grad nurse cover letter sample is slightly different than the previous. In the third paragraph, Joan did not list her qualifications as recommended. However, she told a story that effectively painted a picture of her experience and qualifications, which is an interesting twist for a cover letter. Critical care nursing takes a special kind of nurse who possesses a keen intellect and quick ability to detect subtle or abrupt changes that can be life-threatening. CCU nurses need to work independently and with the skill to juggle many pieces of equipment and technology at the same time. Through her story and rest of her cover letter, Joan demonstrated that she had the skillset necessary to be a successful CCU nurse.

Example #4: Cover Letter of Lizzie Arndt

Lizzie Arndt
1019 Spring Haven Trail, Jersey City, NJ 07304
Tel# 123-123-1234

March 29, 2024

Larry Gordon
Silvan Heights Medical Center
6500 Main Street, Trenton, NJ 08601

Dear Mr. Gordon,

As a new graduate RN from East Stroud University, I am delighted to submit my application for the RN obstetrics position advertised on LinkedIn. I am an enthusiastic candidate for this position with the experience and motivation to bring innovative skills and highly developed ideas to the unit. I would be honored to be a part of the Silvan Heights medical team.

I have been fortunate to have excellent clinical experiences in obstetrics where I learned in both the inpatient and outpatient domains. As a nursing student, I cared for pregnant and new mothers in their homes through a home health agency and inpatient women’s unit. I found that women’s health still had many needs, some of which I attempted to solve with the institution of new educational materials for safety and health for this group. This experience was rewarding and exciting for me and motivated me to explore this specialty area further. I found that I was accomplished and loved working in women health and obstetrics and wanted to devote my career to this field of medicine. My professors and nurses on the inpatient and outpatient units corroborated my expertise by awarding me a perfect score in my women’s health rotation which included labor and delivery, PICU, NICU, and general women’s health.

Communication and patient education are so important in women’s health. I am proud to skillfully and empathetically educate women so that they can optimize their well-being for themselves and their unborn children. In addition, I have obtained specialized skills in obstetrics such as IV placement, applying external fetal monitors, pre-and post-op care along with breastfeeding support. I learn quickly and adapt well to change. I am a supportive and agreeable team member and enjoy working with all medical personnel.

I am eager to learn more about the RN obstetrics position at Silvan Heights. Don't hesitate to contact me at 123-123-1234 to further discuss my qualifications at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours sincerely,

Lizzie Arndt

What Makes This An Excellent New Grad Registered Nurse Cover Letter: New grad nurse cover letter examples

typically should center on specific information tailored to the job where applying. Lizzie’s letter hones in on all of her OB experience and highlights areas that make her an exceptional candidate for the job. Listing a perfect score in school is not necessary, but, in this instance, Lizzies exceptional aptitude for women’s health is emphasized by her grades along with her willingness to go the extra mile by developing educational materials. Lizzie lists some essential soft skills such as empathy, communication, and supportive team member, all of which are admirable attributes of an obstetrics nurse.

Example #5: Cover Letter of Lynn Horton

Lynn Horton
111 Plainfield Avenue, Syracuse, NY 17815
Tel# 123-123-1234

March 29, 2024

Patricia Linn
Marymount Hospital
8 Linden Road, Utica, NY 13501

Dear Ms. Linn,

I am writing to express my great interest in the RN oncology position that you have advertised at Marymount Hospital. As a new graduate RN, I have positioned myself to be prepared to step into an oncology nurse job as it has been my goal throughout my college career. My careful selection of clinicals and work experience has been oriented to better understand the needs of oncology patients and their families along with gaining insight into the pathophysiology and medical treatment for cancer.

At Utica College of Nursing, I had an excellent preparation for oncology nursing. I experienced an extensive and informative clinical rotation in home health, where I cared for both children and adults of all ages dealing with cancer. In addition, in my pediatric clinical, I was responsible for numerous children on the pediatric oncology unit and gained familiarity and experience in dealing with the inpatient side of children’s cancer. In my med-surg training, I gained further knowledge in this specialty area as I cared for 4 older adults with oncological issues.

I have had the unfortunate experience of recently watching a friend die of cancer. I was by her side for the last 6 months of her suffering as her private aide. This personal experience provided me with immeasurable insight into the needs of dying patients and their families and the ongoing care necessary to keep them comfortable. Additionally, my work as a CNA on the oncology unit at Utica Hospital has contributed to my bank of knowledge and expertise in oncology to enrich my nursing practice. I have proven to be a quick and eager learner and enthusiastically embrace whatever comes my way in nursing.

I am very excited to begin my career as a nurse and fervently hope that it is in the field of oncology. I am confident that I am a good candidate for the RN oncology position at Marymount Hospital. I would be very eager to discuss the role further. My contact is 123-123-1234.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Lynn Horton

What Makes This An Excellent New Grad Registered Nurse Cover Letter:

This new grad nurse cover letter example is a great illustration of how to formulate your letter to fit the job. Lynn certainly has provided a convincing argument that she is qualified for an oncology position. Through the details of her clinical experience, along with that of her dying friend and CNA work, it is unlikely that other new grad RNs can measure up to her expertise in the field. Highlighting inpatient and outpatient experience as well as with adult and pediatric oncology should certainly get her foot in the door for an interview. Words such as compassionate, eager, quick learner, and insight are striking ways to boost the human and admirable qualities of the writer.

Example #6: Cover Letter of Paul Linney

Paul Linney
1141 Ethels Lane, Tampa, FL 33602
Tel# 123-123-1234

March 30, 2024

Wang Chen
Tampa Psychiatric Hospital
2020 Bayview Avenue, Clearwater, Fl 33755

Dear Dr. Chen,

I was very interested to find an open position for an RN at Tampa Psychiatric Hospital. My goal as a new graduate RN is to be able to work as a mental health nurse, and I would love to be a part of the medical team at this prestigious mental health facility. My training and innate ability to empathize and communicate with patients with mental illness have led me towards a keen interest in this field.

At the University of Tampa, I minored in psychology along with my nursing courses. I completed all of the life span psychology courses in addition to two extra counseling classes. On the psychiatric unit where I completed my clinical hours, the staff consistently commended my comfort level and ease while working with the patients. Besides the typical psychiatric clinical experience, I was fortunate to also work with patients in detox and substance abuse treatment. In addition to completing 30 psychiatric clinical hours, I extended my psychiatric training in the outpatient clinical rotation. Working with traumatized youth, I held weekly counseling sessions that furthered my expertise in mental health. As a volunteer, I augmented my knowledge of the at-risk population and of people with mental disabilities while working at our local Boys Club, soup kitchen, Special Olympics, and home for adults with mental and emotional challenges.

Along the way, I have polished my listening and communication skills as well as have a genuine heart for those with psychiatric and emotional conditions. My knowledge of psychiatric medication is current as well as the most up-to-date theories and treatments in this field. I was routinely chosen to team lead while in my psychiatric clinical rotation, which has given me significant insight into leadership and the importance of working as a team.

With my extensive psychiatric background, excellent communication skills, and passion for psychiatric nursing, I am confident that I would be a worthy candidate for the position of psychiatric RN at Tampa Psychiatric Hospital. Please feel free to contact me at 123-123-1234 to further discuss my qualifications. I hope to speak with you soon regarding this exciting job opportunity.


Paul Linney

What Makes This An Excellent New Grad Registered Nurse Cover Letter:

Paul has an impressive background and is well qualified for the psych RN job. As far as excellent new grad cover letter samples, this one proves just that. By illustrating his extra psych coursework, he highlights more knowledge about the field than many new grad nurses. In addition, he emphasizes all of the exceptional points of his psych clinical, which includes detox and drug rehab, along with his leadership experience. He made sure to include unrelated nursing experience, such as his work with those with mental disabilities, which will earn him extra points as a candidate. Using words such as current, listening, communication skills, and counseling will hit all of the high points of what makes a successful psychiatric nurse.

How to Write an Excellent New Grad RN Cover Letter?

Adhering to a template and the 12 steps listed below will simplify the writing of your new graduate nurse cover letter. It is recommended to approach resume writing in divided steps to make the task less daunting. First, write a rough draft, letting your ideas flow. Then follow these 12 tips step-by-step to perfect your polished resume that will stand out in 2024.

1. Heading-

Follow a professional business letter format for your new grad nurse cover letter. That includes utilizing basic fonts such as Calibri or Arial in 10–12-point font size. The most common size is 12 point, but depending on the length of your letter, you can choose 10 or 11 size to make the content fit the page.

With that in mind, begin your letter with the heading portion. At the top of your cover letter, list the following heading information:

• Your Name and Contact Information
• The date
• The recipient's name and address

Then start the content of your letter with a standard formal greeting utilizing a professional title such as Mr. or Ms. There is no need to write the first name. Simply add the last name, such as Mr. Green or Dr. Jones. You must find out the person's name who will be reading the letter and address that individual specifically. "Dear Sir", will not bode well in a professional cover letter. For example, Dear Mr. Brown is the proper greeting.

2. Opening Paragraph-

The opening paragraph is a brief synopsis of who you are professionally and your intentions for a particular job. This portion of a new grad RN cover letter should consist of approximately 3-4 sentences. Keep it concise, but try incorporating some personality and enthusiasm into your opening paragraph. The point is to grab the attention of the reader.

Items to include in the first paragraph are:

• Your professional credentials (RN or BSN)
• Which specific job you are applying for
• A few brief points about why you are a great fit
• Why you want to work for this particular institution or position

3. Background-

Here is where you pick and choose which of your clinical and other related experiences will best fit your desired job. For example, if applying for a psych position, highlight your training in mental health and any personality traits that you possess that will augment your psychiatric nurse persona. Words like empathy, excellent listening and communication skills, and a non-judgmental attitude denote that you have some essential traits of a good mental health nurse.

For this section, don't forget to look beyond the obvious and see if you have any transferable experience in addition to the background that you gained in nursing school. Besides your psychiatric clinical rotation, where else did you pick up some techniques and skills that could cross over into the psych nursing realm? Consider volunteer experience where you may have worked with an underserved or senior population where you can point out that many suffered from depression or other psychiatric disorders. Then continue this stream of thought to demonstrate further how you communicated effectively with this particular sub-group.

4. Qualifications-

The 3rd paragraph of your new graduate nurse cover letter needs to sell why you are qualified for the position. Achieve this by shaping your content for the job. By highlighting new and fresh techniques in the field, you can jump ahead of seasoned nurses who may not bring this essential element to the table. Specifically, include computer skills, the most current theories, and technology and innovation that you are adept at to excite the reader that your contributions can modernize nursing practice.

Other qualifications in this essential paragraph can be:

• Specific clinical experience
• Other job or volunteer transferable experience
• "Soft skills" such as communication, leadership, group experience, compassion, and problem-solving

5. Closing Paragraph and Sign-Off-

Now that you have hopefully sold yourself as the most promising candidate for the job, it is time to finish your new grad registered nurse cover letter with a strong closing. This last paragraph wraps up why you can confidently say that you are the best applicant. Then thank the reader for their time and express eagerness to talk soon, discuss the position further, and expand on qualifications. Once again, provide a phone number to contact you for an interview.

This section is typically 3-4 sentences. You can break it into more than one paragraph for emphasis if you desire.

End the letter with your sign-off. Your closing salutation is simply the word "sincerely" or "regards" with your full name below it. If it is a hand-written letter, leave a line for your signature, with your name typewritten below it. The recommendation is not to include your credentials after your signature in this section.

6. Don't Just Reiterate Your Resume-

A cover letter is not the same as a resume. So don't bore your reader with a rendition of your resume posing as a cover letter. Typically, an employer spends less than a minute on both your cover letter and resume, so use their time wisely by utilizing your letter to provide new and compelling facts to impress. You can use some of the same highlights from your resume but with a different, more personal slant that is an expansion of information.

For example, a new grad RN applying for a job in the ER can expand on her critical care experience as a student. Phrases like “good under pressure” and “thrive in a busy environment” will augment the straight facts presented in her resume. The goal is to make your best nursing qualities come to life on paper.

7. Outshine with Your Willingness to Learn-

What you don't have in actual nursing experience can be counteracted with enthusiasm and the ability and willingness to learn new skills. Emphasizing that you are a quick learner and enjoy acquiring new knowledge and skills will outshine some experienced nurses who may be less agreeable to venturing outside their comfort zone.

I have seen this exact same scenario over the years when a new grad nurse was awarded a position over a well-qualified and seasoned nurse. What seemed to be an unwise move on the surface (hiring a new grad RN), turned out to be a perfect choice in the long run. The young nurse proved that she could catch on quickly to concepts and job duties. Her current knowledge of computers and technology was highly skilled and appreciated by the older staff. In addition, a young nurse can bring enthusiasm and passion to a job which is a breath of fresh air that is needed many times in nursing.

8. Detail Why You Want the Job-

If you are excited about the prospect of working as a nurse, put it into words in your new grad nurse cover letter. Someone who is lackluster on paper about the position will not excite the employer compared to an enthusiastic nurse who exudes eagerness about the hospital, area, job, profession, and specialty in the cover letter.

You can use words like thrilled, excited, and passionate to augment your appeal that you are an excellent choice for the job. Then make your case as to why you are so eager to work in this particular position.

9. Showcase Your Exceptional Side-

You are a unique person with many interesting facets and abilities. You possess nursing skills and positive attributes bubbling just below the surface that will form you into a quality nurse. Help your future employer see all you have to offer by highlighting the exceptional characteristics that will make you stand out in the profession.

You don't have to be a star student to be an outstanding nurse, but if you are, it might behoove you to utilize words such as intelligent, top performer, and exceptional achiever. However, many nurses may not fit this category and are just as likely to achieve nursing success. Employers are aware of this and look for other non-academic characteristics in future nurses. Traits such as compassion, organization, and leadership qualities are also highly commendable attributes in a nurse. Search your soul to discover qualities and strengths that you can showcase in your resume.

10. Fashion the Letter to the Exact Position-

The beauty of a new grad RN cover letter is that you can specifically detail your content to one particular job. Don't make the mistake of being too broad or general in your correspondence. Each cover letter you write for a job application must be original and tailored to fit the exact position and institution where you are applying.

If you are applying for a home health job, you need to discuss why you would make a great home health nurse. Provide an example or 2 to convince your employer that you are suitable for this position. When I worked in home health, organizational and independent work skills were essential. Additionally, since many patients were older seniors, my experience working in a nursing home in college benefited my practice as an RN. Pull from all aspects of your background and expertise to convince the reader that you are a perfect fit for the job.

11. Show Your Passion-

A new nurse's energy and enthusiasm can be contagious and a great addition to the unit. If you can convince your future employer that you possess these qualities, you may be successful at landing the job. Most employers are wise enough to know that a mix of seasoned nurses and new enthusiastic grads with new ideas will strike a positive and productive balance in nursing. But don't assume that this theory holds true for all hiring administrators.

Some points to highlight in your new grad nurse cover letter to show your passion for the job are:

• Adaptability
• Ease with technology
• Willing to accept change
• Eager and positive attitude
• Fresh perspective

12. Proof Read-

Once you have completed your new grad RN cover letter draft, it is time to edit it. Look it over with a critical eye for how it sounds. Is it positive and enthusiastic? Do you hit all of the points outlined in this article on how to write an excellent new grad nurse cover letter? Then check for spelling and grammar mistakes. Utilize Grammarly or Microsoft editor to double-check your work.

Be sure to follow a business format for the set-up for your letter. That translates to one-inch margins and single-spaced sentences with a space between paragraphs and before and after your closing.

Once you are satisfied with your letter, pass it on to a second pair of eyes to proofread and give input. Choose wisely and pick someone who knows something about punction and writing. College professors are usually willing to assist their students in some of the paperwork necessary to find a job, so they would be one great candidate for this request. Most universities also have a department that aids students with resume and cover letter prep, such as the career services department at the University of Notre Dame.

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Your New Grad Nurse Cover Letter

Don't disqualify yourself from a potential nursing job due to a new grad RN cover letter that is less than optimum. Take to heart the following common mistakes to avoid when writing your letter to formulate a professional and enticing document to go with your resume.

1. Too general-

Using general terms or the same cover letter for multiple jobs will sink your application to the bottom of the pile.

2. Improper format-

Pay attention to the guidelines for a professional business letter and adhere to the format precisely as recommended.

3. Too wordy-

There is no good reason to pad your new grad nurse cover letter by filling it in with wordy explanations. Be concise and choose your words judiciously so that each one has an impact.

4. Duplicate resume-

Your resume will speak for itself. The cover letter should only pick out a few key examples, which you then expand on to illustrate your point.

5. Not selling yourself to the job-

Each new grad nursing cover letter should interlink your qualifications and attributes to the specific job where you have applied. Don’t be modest. Emphasize why you are the best candidate for this particular position.

6. Too informal-

A professional business letter is a formal letter that follows a dignified tone and format. Writing to the reader casually or too personally as you would a friend is not acceptable.

7. Spelling and grammar errors-

A well-prepared new grad nurse cover letter is a great start. But to transform it into a polished and professional document, thorough editing is a must!

3 Consequences of a Poorly Written New Grad RN Cover Letter

An ill-prepared new grad nurse cover letter can lead to unfortunate consequences such as:

1. You may not be granted an interview-

Getting to the interview stage in your job search is obviously an essential step. Your new grad nurse cover letter and resume are the tools to initially get your foot in the door.

2. You may misrepresent yourself-

With your cover letter, you can paint an alluring picture of a well-qualified nurse, or if ill-prepared, the image can be fuzzy or, worse, not appealing. Put your best foot forward in your cover letter to illustrate all of the best qualities to entice the reader to want to know you better.

3. Compensation and opportunities may be compromised-

If you do not present the best representation of yourself in your new grad RN cover letter, you may still be granted an interview if the pool of applicants is small. However, you may be offered a more undesirable job with lower compensation.

I recall a nursing student in my BSN program who had a nursing goal that we fellow students felt was unrealistic for a new nurse. Her dream upon graduation was to be an administrator in the health industry. She had no interest in caring for patients, and her attitude and grades reflected her somewhat unconventional perspective.

I would think that her cover letter would have to have a unique and persuasive slant to help her land an administrative job right out of school. Perhaps a highly professional cover letter detailing her leadership and managerial qualities would help to propel her towards her dream career in administration. Possibly, her cover letter was her most important tool to land her an interview where she had the opportunity to further elaborate on her positive attributes for the role.

My Final Thoughts

I trust that this informative article has answered your question of what are some excellent examples of new grad nurse cover letters? By following the simple steps outlined in “6 best new grad nurse cover letter examples + how to write”, you should be on your way towards preparing your original, professional and compelling letter. Hopefully, you are now confident and motivated to finalize the written process that is first necessary to land an interview for your ultimate job. Good luck in writing your cover letter and the interview, which you surely will be granted once you submit your superb new grad nurse cover letter.

Frequently Asked Questions Answered by Our Expert

1. What Is The Difference Between New Grad Nurse Cover Letter And New Grad Nurse CV?

A new grad RN cover letter is a persuasive document highlighting why you are a good candidate for the position that you are applying for. The cover letter is to accompany your resume. A new grad nurse CV is not a cover letter. The CV is similar to a resume and is used instead of a resume in some instances. A CV (or curriculum vitae) is much longer than a resume and is not typically used in the US by nursing applicants.

2. Is A Cover Letter Necessary For A New Grad Nurse?

A new grad nurse cover letter is highly recommended in all instances. To increase the likelihood of hire, it would behoove you to include a professional cover letter.

3. Can I Use The Same Cover Letter For All New Grad Nurse Positions I'm Applying For?

An original cover letter is always the recommendation so that you can individualize it to the specific job. Include the hospital, the name of the position you are applying for, and details that explicitly define why you are qualified for that job alone.

4. How Many Cover Letters Do I Need When Applying For New Grad Nurse Job Positions?

You will need an original new grad RN cover letter for each position that you apply. Don’t worry; once you have formulated your first letter, the process will go much easier and more quickly for subsequent letters. Just follow your template and first letter as an example and guide.

5. Can My New Grad Nurse Cover Letter Expire?

Once you have job experience as a nurse, you will no longer use the same new grad RN cover letter format. Experienced nurse cover letters will draw more on actual job experience vs. that of a recent grad which details more information about education and clinical experience. Although a new grad cover letter may not officially expire, you will need to update your cover letter (as well as your resume) as you gain more experience.

6. My New Grad Nurse Job Applications Says A Cover Letter Is Optional, Should I Still Submit One?

Oh yes, include the cover letter! It is worth the extra time and effort to construct a proper cover letter every time you submit your resume and application. Including a cover letter is a very important step in the application process and employers look favorably on those who do so.

7. Do Cover Letters For New Grad Nurses Have To Be Long?

Cover letters for RNs without nursing experience should be no more than one full page. That includes the headings and signature lines.

8. As A New Grad Nurse, When Should I Write My Cover Letter?

The cover letter should be prepared at the time that you submit your application and resume. There is no way that you can prepare an individualized and quality new grad nurse cover letter ahead of time as it is designed to fit the specific job that you are applying to.

9. What Should Be Included In A New Grad Nursing Cover Letter?

As specified above in the “how to write a cover letter” section, the document should include the following sections:

• Heading
• Salutation
• Opening paragraph of who you are and your intentions for which specific job
• Background paragraph, where you highlight your education and clinical experience
• Qualification paragraph, which is used to “sell” the employer on your qualities and abilities as a nurse
• Closing paragraph and sign-off

Please refer to the detailed instructions on these sections listed previously for an expanded explanation of what to include in a new grad registered nurse cover letter.

10. What Should Not Be Included In A New Grad Nursing Cover Letter?

You should not duplicate the content of your resume in a cover letter. However, you can pull out a few highlights to expand on. Keep your cover letter positive, leaving out any complaints or negativity. Of course, spelling errors should not be included in a new grad nursing cover letter. Try to be specific and not vague in your descriptions, and keep all content professional.

11. How Much Time Does It Take To Write A Cover Letter For A New Grad Nurse?

Part of the time spent on a new grad nurse cover letter may be due to research to figure out how to construct a proper letter. This article should cut the prep time down to a minimum. Now that you have the tools and examples to get you started, the actual letter should not take more than an hour to prep. Remember to have someone else proof your letter before you send it out.

12. Can I Ask Someone Else To Write My New Grad Nurse Cover Letter?

If you do not have the time or are not comfortable writing your own new grad nursing cover letter, it is feasible to ask someone else to write it for you. Just be sure that you give plenty of input (ideas outlined in this article) about why you are a qualified candidate for the position. Professional cover letter writers do not know all of your outstanding traits and reasons that you should be chosen for a job. There is a chance they may produce a more generic, substandard letter. You will need to provide and outline all of your best points to guide them to formulate a top-notch and persuasive document. For this reason, it may be easier for you to compose the letter yourself and then pass it on to someone more experienced or eloquent to polish it up for the final product.

13. Is It A Good Idea To Use Ready Templates To Write My New Grad Nurse Cover Letter?

Sure, templates are a great place to begin when preparing a new grad RN cover letter. Just make sure that you include all of your original and individual attributes and reasons why you are an outstanding prospect for each position where you apply.

14. Are There Any Online Apps Or Tools That Make Writing A Good Cover Letter For A New Grad Nurse Easy?

Just google cover letter template or tools, and you will find a lengthy list of online sources to aid you in your cover letter prep. Many are from professionals who require payment but keep looking as there are free apps available. My Perfect Cover Letter offers a wide choice of templates for nursing cover letters. Resume Genuis also offers free nurse cover letter options.

Donna Reese MSN, RN, CSN
Donna Reese is a freelance nurse health content writer with 37 years nursing experience. She has worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner in her local community clinic and as an RN in home health, rehabilitation, hospital, and school nursing.