NCLEX Quick Results – Everything You Need To Know

Written By: Darby Faubion BSN, RN

Becoming a nurse is an exciting journey. A few steps along the way are to graduate from nursing school and pass the licensure exam. Perhaps you are in nursing school now or are a recent graduate preparing to take the NCLEX. Are you anxious about learning whether you passed the exam? Have you wondered how to find out if you passed the NCLEX early? The NCLEX Quick Results Service can take the worry out of waiting after you take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX.) In this article, I will share everything you need to know about NCLEX quick results and answer some frequently asked questions about this tool.

Can You Get Your NCLEX Results Early?

If you have graduated nursing school or are preparing to graduate, you are probably both excited and anxious about taking the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX). Once you take the test, it is natural to want NCLEX fast results. The NCLEX Quick Result Service is offered as an option for candidates to get unofficial NCLEX test scores after completing the exam and submitting it for scoring.


How Early Can You Get Your NCLEX Results?

Official NCLEX results are released by a candidate’s state board of nursing approximately six weeks after the test is complete. A month and a half of waiting can feel like an eternity, which is why the NCLEX Quick Results Service is something many test-takers use. Some NCLEX candidates may access unofficial test results in as few as two business days after completing the exam by using the NCLEX Quick Results Service option. Because the results provided by the Quick Results Service are unofficial, they should not be used to authorize candidates to practice as a nurse.

4 Advantages of Getting Your NCLEX Results Quickly

If you are preparing to take the NCLEX and have heard of the NCLEX Quick Results, you may have wondered why some people choose to use this option. While it is not required, there are a few advantages to getting an NCLEX fast result. Here are four benefits of getting your NCLEX results quickly.

1. You can stop stressing!

While the NCLEX Quick Results are unofficial test results, they are believed to be accurate, which means you can stop worrying about whether you passed the test or not. Since you do not have to worry about whether you passed the NCLEX, you can take a deep breath and relax... Until your next adventure begins, anyway!

2. Using the NCLEX Quick Results Service can give you an idea of whether you need to retest.

While no one wants to fail the NCLEX, it can happen. One advantage of getting your results quickly is knowing if you should prepare to take the exam again. It can take up to six weeks to receive official NCLEX results. By using the Quick Results Service, you can find out if you need to begin studying to re-take the exam. If you do need to retest, you can get a jump start on preparation for the next time!

3. For less than $10, you can find out how to plan for your next steps and begin making career or education plans.

If you get your NCLEX results quickly, you can start planning your next academic or career move. Although the results are not official, they are believed to be accurate, which means you can decide what you want to do with your life next.

4. You can begin filling out job applications with confidence.

The results you get from the NCLEX Quick Results Service are not official and cannot be used as verification of licensure. However, if you use the service and your quick results show you have passed the NCLEX, you may decide to begin filling out job applications. Prospective employers realize your official results will be available approximately six weeks after you take the test. Still, many are willing to accept applications, and some will conduct interviews with offers of employment contingent upon you receiving your license. This tool can give you the boost of confidence you need to make pursuing a job a reality.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Your NCLEX Results Quickly?

You will have to pay a fee of $7.95 to get your results early through the NCLEX Quick Results Service.


If you have taken the NCLEX or are preparing for the exam, it is understandable that you want to get your test results as soon as possible. You may be able to get your NCLEX results as early as two business days after taking your exam by using the NCLEX Quick Results Service option. The following are simple steps to follow to access this service.

1. Go to the Pearson VUE website and log into your candidate profile.

2. After logging in, click on “My Account” and select “Quick Results.”

3. If your results are available, you will see an option to click on the "Purchase" button. (The fee for the Quick Results Service is $7.95.)

4. Fill in payment information and select “Next.” You need a valid credit card or debit card with enough money to cover the service fee.

5. The next page is the order confirmation page. Here, you will click “Submit Order.”

6. Your receipt and results will appear after you submit the order.

My Final Thoughts

Once you have finished nursing school and taken the NCLEX, it is natural to wonder how to find out if you passed the NCLEX early. While official results are only available from your state board of nursing, you can take the information from this article to get everything you need to know about NCLEX quick results and access unofficial results in as few as forty-eight business hours.


1. Are NCLEX Quick Results Accurate?

The NCLEX Quick Results/Pearson Vue Quick Results are believed to be 100% accurate. However, the quick results are computer-generated and unofficial. Official results are released by the state board of nursing, not the NCLEX Quick Results Service.

2. How Official Are NCLEX Quick Results?

Test results offered by using the NCLEX Quick Results Service are not official. While they are believed to be accurate results, they are not recognized as official by the NCSBN or state regulatory nursing bodies.

3. Do NCLEX Quick Results Really Take 48 Hours?

The NCLEX Quick Results/Pearson Quick Results typically take at least forty-eight business hours before they are available. In some cases, candidates have been able to access results in less time, but most are unavailable until two business days or longer have passed.

4. Can NCLEX Fast Results Be Posted Sooner Than 48 Hours?

NCLEX unofficial results may be posted in less than forty-eight hours. However, most candidates must wait at least two business days before they can access NCLEX Fast Results.

5. Can I Get NCLEX Quick Results Immediately?

NCLEX Quick Results are not available immediately. After you take the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN, you must wait at least two business days before attempting to obtain your Quick Results.

6. Do All States Have Fast Results For NCLEX?

Currently, all states except Alabama and Arkansas offer NCLEX Fast Results Service. Louisiana offers the service for NCLEX-RN results, and West Virginia only offers NCLEX-PN results. Additionally, candidates who test in Canada are unable to access the NCLEX Quick Results Service.

7. Do I Need to Sign Up for NCLEX Quick Results?

There is currently no option to sign up for NCLEX Quick Results. Instead, forty-eight hours after testing, you may log into your Pearson VUE account and follow the prompts on the Quick Results tab to order results, if they are available.

8. Do I Have to Pay for NCLEX Quick Results?

Yes, there is a $7.95 fee for accessing NCLEX Quick Results. If your results are not available, your credit card will not be charged.

9. Why Am I Unable to Buy Quick Results For NCLEX?

If you are unable to buy results for the NCLEX Quick Results, this means the results have not yet been published. In most cases, you should be able to use the Quick Results Service after forty-eight hours or two business days. However, not everyone's results are available in that short amount of time.

10. How Do NCLEX Fast Results Show Up?

NCLEX Fast Results are computer-generated unofficial NCLEX scores. You can access them by logging into your Pearson VUE account and purchasing the Quick Results with a credit or debit card. The result will be published on your receipt when your payment is processed.

11. Can I Get NCLEX Fast Results on a Holiday?

The NCLEX Quick Results are computer generated and available approximately forty-eight hours business hours after testing. Although results are not generated on non-business days, you may access them on any day after the first two business days.

12. Can I Get NCLEX Fast Results on Saturday?

NCLEX Quick Results are available two business days after submitting the test for scoring. While you may be able to see the result on a Saturday, this only happens if the Saturday is at least two business days after you tested.

13. Can I Get NCLEX Fast Results on Sunday?

If two business days have passed since you took the NCLEX exam and your state participates in the NCLEX Quick Results Service, you may be able to access your results on a Sunday. However, the results will not be available until

Darby Faubion BSN, RN
Darby Faubion is a nurse and Allied Health educator with over twenty years of experience. She has assisted in developing curriculum for nursing programs and has instructed students at both community college and university levels. Because of her love of nursing education, Darby became a test-taking strategist and NCLEX prep coach and assists nursing graduates across the United States who are preparing to take the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX).