14 Best MPH Programs in Texas – 2024

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Could one of the MPH programs in Texas be the right choice for you? Graduates of MPH programs in the Lone Star State earn high salaries that average $80,600 a year. A Master’s of Public Health is also an extremely versatile degree that can prepare you for employment opportunities in fields as diverse as health education, epidemiology, community health, and healthcare administration. Many Texas MPH programs are offered online, and that means you can pursue your educational goals while keeping up with your existing job and family responsibilities. Keep reading to learn about the 14 best MPH programs in Texas for 2024.



(Based on our Ranking Methodology, we have ranked the 14 best campus-based and online MPH programs in Texas.)

1) The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston - Houston

Programs Offered: MPH (On-Campus & Online)

On-Campus Concentrations Offered: Customized MPH, Dietetic Internship, Community Health Practice, Environmental Health, Health Promotion & Health Education, and Health Services Organizations

Online Concentrations Offered: Epidemiology and Healthcare Management

About the School: By graduating from one of the best MPH programs in Texas you can equip yourself with excellent skills in public health practice and research. The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston offers one such MPH program that prepares you using tools and resources both inside and outside the classroom. Being located in the world’s largest medical center, you will enjoy several interdisciplinary learning opportunities across various disciplines housed on the campus. Whether you desire affordable education or are keen on being mentored by a faculty that engages in innovative research, this MPH school has got you covered as the college in addition to offering competitive tuition costs provides an environment conducive for research. Here, you can complete the MPH program either in-person or online, depending on the concentration you choose.

Program Details: The college requires to have completed an undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 to be considered for admission. Depending on your interest and goals you can either enroll in the customized MPH where you can tailor the coursework or choose any of the concentration options. While the tracks in epidemiology and healthcare management can be completed online, if you choose the customized MPH, dietetic internship, community health practice, environmental health, health promotion & health education, or health services organizations track you must attend face-to-face classes. Regardless of the track, to graduate you must complete 45 credits in core and specialization specific courses except for the customized track, where only 18 credits comprise the required core, allowing you to choose the remaining courses from a wide range of cross-disciplinary options.

Key Highlights

• This MPH program in Texas is not only offered in-person at the Houston campus but also at six other campus locations across Texas. This makes it rather feasible for students to attend classes closer to home and also explore experiential learning opportunities at many of the college’s local partner sites which often translate into employment opportunities post-graduation.
• Upon enrolment into this college, you will be part of a community that is actively involved in fighting the pandemic through active research and community partnerships.

2) Texas A&M University - College Station

Programs Offered: MPH (On-Campus & Online)

On-Campus Concentrations Offered: Environmental Health, Occupational Safety & Health, Health Promotion & Community Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, and Health Policy & Management

Online Concentrations Offered: Epidemiology

About the School: Texas A & M University is a public health school in Texas that has produced several leaders to influence change and better the lives of people in the state. Innovation in education and research being its hallmarks, the college not only houses students from all 254 counties in Texas but also across the nation. Well recognized across the nation for offering one of the best MPH programs in Texas, MPH education here comes with six concentration options. All the tracks are offered on-campus with only the track in epidemiology coming with the option of on-campus or online learning. As a graduate of this program, you will be prepared to address the unique public health needs of the urban as well as rural population.

Program Details: To qualify for this master of public health program in Texas you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution. The minimum GPA requirement is 3.0, except for the health promotion & community health science track where you can gain eligibility with a GPA of 2.75. Depending on your interests, you can gain specialized knowledge in environmental health, occupational safety & health, health promotion & community health services, epidemiology, biostatistics, or health policy & management. Regardless of the track you enroll in, you must complete around 45 credits in core, concentration-specific and elective courses. The common core courses create a solid foundation in key areas of public health mindset, investigation & control of acute public health events, assessment & intervention, and framing & persuasion of public health programs. Additionally, every track includes a capstone and an experiential learning experience.

Key Highlights

• As a student of this MPH program in Texas, you can participate in various research projects conducted by the faculty. This way not only will you gain valuable experience, but you can also contribute towards the several solutions to improve health.
• The college boasts of 32 patents by its faculty, leading to strong industry ties. As an MPH student this can kickstart your entry into the industry, little wonder that almost all graduates find suitable placements, with many serving in leadership positions across diverse organizations.

3) Baylor University - Waco

Programs Offered: MPH (On-Campus & Online)

On-Campus Concentrations Offered: Community Health, Environmental Health Science, and Epidemiology

Online Concentrations Offered: Community Health

About the School: Do you care about making a difference in community welfare? Are you looking at online MPH programs in Texas that emphasize community health? Well, your search may end with Baylor University’s MPH program that offers a track in community health through the distance format, in addition to specializations in environmental health science and epidemiology. Through robust training that includes a practice-based approach and global exposure, you will be prepared to improve the health of the community at all levels, locally as well as globally. Here, the small-sized classes make way for effective mentorship while creating a close-knit environment where you can build bonds with peers and faculty, often that last for a lifetime.

Program Details: To be eligible for this program you must have a baccalaureate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. While the track in community health can be taken online as well as in the face-to-face format, if you are interested in pursuing your MPH in environmental health science or epidemiology you must attend classes in-person. Regardless of the format or track you choose, to graduate you must complete a total of 42 credits. The track in community health emphasizes foundations of public health, health behavior & public health, epidemiology, statistical methodology, environmental science, assessment & planning in public & community health, and administration & leadership in public health. With the other two tracks, the core courses remain the same, and the concentration specific courses deepen your subject knowledge in your chosen area of emphasis. Additionally, all tracks include an internship of 400 contact hours and a practicum of 200 hours.

Key Highlights

• If you are currently in Baylor’s BSPH program you have an option of completing a joint degree of BSPH/MPH in community health within five years, instead of six years if taken separately.
• The college offers assistantships to eligible full-time on-campus students, providing them with a 75% fee reduction and a stipend.

4) University of North Texas Health Science Center - Fort Worth

Programs Offered: MPH (On-Campus & Online)

On-Campus Concentrations Offered: Public Health Leadership, Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Maternal & Child Health

Online Concentrations Offered: Public Health Leadership

About the School: If you ever thought of becoming a leader in public health but not sure where to start, then enrolling in one of the best MPH programs in Texas will be the most prudent first step. University of North Texas Health Science Center’s MPH program that prepares you with future-ready leadership skills can be a rather befitting choice. Whether you come from a public health background or desire a career change, when you enroll here, you will graduate with exceptional skills to impact change in the community. Established 20 years back, today, through active research, this public health school is at the forefront in addressing pressing issues such as opioid addiction, vaccines & immunizations, interpersonal violence, alcohol abuse, to name a few.

Program Details: The college offers its popular public health leadership track face-to-face as well as through a 100% online coursework. Additionally, based on your interests you can also enroll in either the biostatics, epidemiology, or maternal & child health concentration tracks. To be eligible for any of the tracks you must have an undergraduate degree. Any past work experience in public health or a related field will be a bonus.

The leadership track is focused on preparing you with interdisciplinary skills to help you effectively play leadership roles in various work environments including government, non-government, profit, or non-profit. The 48-credit coursework regardless of whether you take online or in-person classes educates you on health disparities, biostatistics, epidemiology, and foundations of individual & community health. You also learn about health communication strategies, health management & policy organizational leadership, public health law, and community health program evaluation.

On the other hand, the tracks in Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Maternal & Child Health offer courses that prepare you with specialized skills in your chosen area of emphasis. Regardless of the track, the credit requirement of 48 credits, also includes an MPH practice experience of 3 credits or 600 clock hours.

Key Highlights

• Are you an experienced professional seeking online MPH programs in Texas that can take you to leadership positions in public health? For those with a minimum work experience of three years in public health or a medical field, the college offers a 100% online leadership track that requires completing only 42 credits instead of 48.
• The leadership track allows you the flexibility of choosing 12 credits in elective courses of your choice. This customization can prove to be a great boon for students looking at gaining skills specific to their interest to complement leadership in public health.

5) The University of Texas Medical Branch – Galveston

Programs Offered: MPH

Concentrations Offered: Epidemiology, and Aerospace Medicine

About the School: One of the few master of public health schools in Texas that offers specialization in aerospace medicine, the University of Texas Medical Branch produces MPH professionals that work towards the protection and promotion of people who work for aviation and the space flight environment. Besides, the college also trains MPH professionals in epidemiology, and biostatistics, the two in-demand fields in the public health arena. Regardless of the path you choose, as a graduate of this college, you will demonstrate evidence-based knowledge and interdisciplinary collaborative skills to enhance public health across all levels.

Program Details: Based on your interest you can enroll in either of the three specializations and complete the required 42 credits in the face-to-face format. The program is open to students who have completed their undergraduate education from an accredited institution. Regardless of the track, the common core courses educate on public health assessment, planning & evaluation, professionalism & leadership, epidemiology, social determinants of health, biostatistics & data management, qualitative methods, health policy & management, and public health ethics. Additionally, you must also complete specialization-specific and elective courses, besides the applied practice and integrative learning experience.

Key Highlights

• The aerospace program offers diverse practicum opportunities at partner sites, ranging from Nasa, Johnson Space Center, military aerospace to aviation medicine, and the Federal Aviation Administration.
• Here, should you be keen on expanding on your professional role, the college offers dual degrees in MD/MPH and Ph.D./MPH. While the joint degree in medicine can equip you with the medical knowledge to effectively improve health in various types of settings, the Ph.D. degree along with an MPH can open-up avenues in advanced public health research and practice.

6) Sam Houston State University – Huntsville

Programs Offered: MPH

Concentrations Offered: Global Health & Social Justice and Health Education & Promotion

About the School: If you are driven by the cause of social justice and health promotion, graduating from one of the best master of public health schools in Texas like Sam Houston State University, that strongly focuses on global health and social justice can be your best bet. Program graduates are known to be in demand among employers in the region due to enhanced marketable skills in critical thinking, interpersonal skills, and leadership skills. The college’s MPH program is offered as an on-campus offering with two specialization options in global health & social justice and health education & promotion.

Program Details: To be eligible for this program you must have an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 for the last 60 hours of coursework. You may enroll in any of the two concentrations and complete the program within two years of full-time study. The global health track trains you to impact health in rural and urban areas across the globe. Whereas the health education concentration focuses on health disparities and effective promotion of health through communication and education. Regardless of the track, to graduate you must complete 42 credits in core and concentration-specific courses.

The 12 credit core courses teach you about current topics in environmental health, epidemiology, health services administration, theoretical foundations of health promotion, and biostatistics. Additionally, the coursework also includes six credits of elective courses and two internships.

If you opt for the global health track you will take courses in public health & social justice, immigrant & refugee health, management & leadership, and health care policy. Whereas the health education track comprises courses in foundations of community health, human ecology, and communication theories in health promotion.

Key Highlights

• Each concentration comes with an appropriate list of course options from which you must choose two elective courses.
• The internship opportunity consisting of 200 to 400 hours is to be completed either in a school, community, or medical setting.

7) Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center- Lubbock

Programs Offered: MPH (On-Campus & Online)

About the School: MPH programs in Texas that prepare you to join the workforce in as little as 15 months are few. Well, if you are keen on starting your public health career quickly you can consider enrolling in the MPH program at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center. Not only does the college offer an accelerated format, even if you enroll in the regular MPH program, here you can conveniently earn your degree through the online medium. Furthermore, there is also an on-campus option for those who seek in-person instructions. Whether you are looking at advancing your professional career or are a fresh graduate aspiring to become a public health leader, with a supportive academic environment, the college prepares you for leadership roles through rigorous didactic training and applied & integrated learning experiences.

Program Details: The MPH program is offered with a choice of three program options, the on-campus regular program, the online regular program, and an accelerated online program, so depending on your educational background and preferences you can choose. While the curricular requirements for all three programs are the same, requiring you to earn a total of 45 credits, the accelerated track is comparatively more intensive as you complete the coursework within a shorter duration of 15 months than the stipulated timeline of two years. All three of these master’s in public health programs in Texas prepare you in key competencies of biostatics, environmental health, epidemiology, health policy & management, and social & behavioral sciences.

Key Highlights

• As a culminating experience, you can opt for a research thesis, public health project, comprehensive exam, or a capstone. Regardless of the option, you will use this experience to synthesis the newly acquired knowledge in solving a public health issue.
• The college also offers its MPH in combination with an MD degree. Should you plan to take this dual degree you must apply to both the degree schools separately.

8) The University of Texas at El Paso - El Paso

Programs Offered: MPH

Concentrations Offered: Hispanic & Border Health

About the School: If you are shortlisting Texas MPH programs that prepare you for the health promotion of diverse communities, then the University of Texas at El Paso’s MPH program must be high on your list. The program not only trains you to improve the health of diverse populations, particularly emphasizing Hispanic and border issues, but also comes with the added advantage of affordable tuition rates. The college’s faculty is highly experienced and most of them, fluent in Spanish have years of experience in working with the Hispanic and the border areas of the nation. Also, you can get involved in various research projects conducted by them to address public health issues in nutrition, air quality, prevention of HIV-AIDS, domestic partner violence, to name a few.

Program Details: This MPH in Texas is a 42-credit coursework that comprises 15 credits in core, 9 credits in the concentration-specific courses, and 6 credits in practicum. The remaining credits are to be completed in electives and a culminating experience. Through this coursework, you will be made adept at foundational competencies of evidence-based approaches, public health & health care systems, planning & management, policy in public health, leadership, communication, and interprofessional practice. The concentration-specific courses train you in managing chronic & infectious diseases, reducing health disparities, and public health & research, in the context of Hispanic and border health. To be considered for admission a minimum undergraduate GPA of 3.0 is required, besides having any health-related experience.

Key Highlights

• The college offers assistantship opportunities in teaching and research where you can gain valuable learning lessons, in addition to earning financial benefits.
• As an MPH student here, you can participate in the Students for Public Health, a professional organization that organizes events and fairs to promote public health. This opportunity can provide an effective platform for professional networking and skill-enhancement.

9) The University of Texas at San Antonio - San Antonio

Programs Offered: MBA/MPH (On-Campus & Online)

About the School: Do you aspire to achieve a master’s degree in two in-demand fields of public health and business? Well, you can reach this goal by enrolling in the MBA/MPH dual degree offered by the University of Texas at San Antonio. Ranked among the best master of public health schools in Texas, the college has also earned acclaim for business studies, ranking among the best part-time MBA programs in the state, according to the US News & World Report. Here you will graduate with stellar skills in business and management to solve the many public health challenges of today. Some of the prominent employers where program graduates have gone on to work include the Baptist Medical Center, Methodist Healthcare Ministries of South Texas, Inc., University Health System, UT Health Science Center San Antonio.

Program Details: This dual degree requires you to have completed a baccalaureate degree to be considered for admission. With two start dates in spring and fall, the program offers flexible schedules, keeping in mind the needs of working students. You can pursue the coursework either face-to-face or through the distance learning format. To graduate, you must complete a total of 57 credits. If taken as a stand-alone program, the MPH requires 45 credits, while the MBA has a graduation requirement of 36 credits. But because you can combine up to 24 credits, you can complete this dual degree with lesser time and costs. The program educates you on vital topics, including biostatistics, environmental health services, epidemiology ad public health policy/management. The business courses teach you financial accounting concepts, accounting analysis, economic theory & policy, and management & behavior in organizations.

Key Highlights

• To make your education affordable, you can apply for scholarships and even take up an assistantship in teaching or research, where you can earn about $3000 per semester by assisting for 20 hours per week.
• Application to this dual degree must be done individually to each school. You must apply during the first half of each program, meaning if you have started with the MBA coursework you must apply to the public health school within the first half and vice-versa. This timely application allows you to enjoy the benefit of this dual degree, wherein you can integrate your coursework from both schools.

10) Schreiner University – Kerrville

Programs Offered: Accelerated MPH Dual Degree (4+1)

About the School: MPH programs in Texas that offer a holistic education experience can prepare you professionally as well as enhance your growth as a person. Schreiner University’s MPH program provides you with in-depth knowledge of key public health competencies and also helps you grow intellectually, spiritually, and socially. The college offers a combined MPH degree to students currently in their undergraduate study either in public health or any other health discipline.

Program Details: The combined degree is offered in an accelerated format, allowing you to complete a six-year coursework compressed into five. This program is a collaborative offering between Schreiner and the University of Texas School of Public Health San Antonio Regional Campus. The graduate portion of the program is offered by the University of Texas and starts in the summer before the undergraduate senior year. The courses that you take during the summer fulfill the requirements for the undergraduate curriculum as well as some of the graduate credits. The graduate coursework can be completed either through the online or hybrid format and will cover courses such as epidemiology, assessing social & behavioral interventions, public policy & law, and understanding health disparities especially concerning the vulnerable.

Key Highlights

• The college accepts admissions on a rolling basis so you can apply any time of the year and expect a reply within one or two weeks of submitting your complete application.
• After you complete the undergraduate portion of the program, you must then apply to the graduate school, upon acceptance of which you will take MPH courses.

11) Texas A & M University-Commerce - Commerce

Programs Offered: MPH (Online)

About the School: Texas A & M University-Commerce’s MPH program is counted among the best online MPH programs in Texas. Learning here happens through the distance format preparing you to take up leadership roles in the highly in-demand field of public health. As a graduate of this college, you will be prepared to influence a positive change in the community, both locally and around the world. Through evidence-based knowledge and interdisciplinary practice, you will be equipped to work in any type of environment be it, federal, private, profit, and non-profit organizations.

Program Details: This online MPH program in Texas can conveniently fit into the busy schedules of working students. The college also offers an on-campus program, only available to international students. The 42-credit curriculum that takes almost 18 to 24 months is completed on a full-time basis. The coursework includes vital topics such as program planning, health psychology, global health, and health promotion. To be eligible for this program you must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.00.

Key Highlights

• The college offers small-sized classes, and its accomplished faculty makes every effort to build a personal connect with students. This individualized mentorship not only makes way for effective learning but also for building meaningful bonds with peers and faculty.
• If your undergraduate GPA is below 3.00 you will require presenting a GRE score to be eligible for admission.

12) The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio - San Antonio

Programs Offered: MD/MPH (On-Campus & Online)

About the School: If you are searching for online MPH programs in Texas that offer public health education along with a degree in medicine, then you must look no further than the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio’s MPH program. The integrated coursework offered in collaboration with the school of medicine and public health prepares you to treat and improve health problems in the community. Not only is the MPH part of the program offered in the online format, for students who prefer in-person instructions, the college also offers the MPH coursework on-campus as well. As a student of this dual degree, you will benefit from the combined resources of two schools, be it professional partnerships or the expertise of its faculties. As both these degrees complement each other, upon graduation you will have an edge over other public health graduates in exploring a variety of employment options.

Program Details: This dual degree of MD/MPH can either be completed within four or five years, depending on the schedule you opt for. To enroll, you must apply to both schools separately. The MPH portion of the dual degree can be customized to match your career goals and interests. The core MPH courses make you well versed in health promotion & behavioral sciences, biostatistics, public health ecology & the human environment, epidemiology, management & policy, and qualitative research in public health.

Key Highlights

• With the customized MPH, out of the total 45 credits that you must complete to graduate, 21 credits are tailored to accommodate courses that match your interest.
• If you are not cut out for the dual degree, the college’s San Antonio campus also offers a stand-alone MPH program. This master of public health degree in Texas can be pursued either as a customized track or with concentration options in Environmental Health, Epidemiology, or Health Promotion & Health Education.

13) University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler – Tyler

Programs Offered: MPH

About the School: By completing your MPH from the University of Texas Health Science Center at Tyler you will not only obtain an education that is affordable, but you will also build on skills and knowledge under the mentorship of a highly qualified and experienced faculty. One of the well-known MPH programs in Texas that focuses on rural health, here through exceptional real-world experiences you will be prepared to enhance the health of the community, particularly the rural and underserved populations. Equipped with this degree, you can take up pivotal roles in health departments, non-profit social service organizations, disaster preparedness organizations, health insurance companies, or research institutions.

Program Details: Like most other MPH programs in Texas to qualify for this program, you must complete a baccalaureate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 from an accredited institution. The program starts twice a year in fall and spring and takes two years to complete. The 42-credit coursework educates you on environmental & occupational health, epidemiology, social & behavioral aspects of community health, health policy, administration & management, biostatistics, and rural health. The curriculum also requires you to complete elective courses, two internships, and a capstone project.

Key Highlights

· The college offers an MPH Tuition Scholarship to eligible students on a semesterly basis for which you must apply before each semester. The scholarship award can be up to $750 per semester.
· The elective courses must be taken from each of the four core focus areas. If you desire to take electives all from within one core area, special permission from the dean is required.

14) West Coast University-Dallas – Dallas

Programs Offered: MPH (Online)

About the School: Are you seeking online MPH programs in Texas that help you enter the workforce in as little as 12 months? If so, you may want to check out West Coast University-Dallas’s 12-month MPH program that not only offers the entire coursework through the distance learning format but also provides the flexibility of multiple start dates throughout the year. The college’s strong focus on interdisciplinary education prepares you to work in varied types of work settings. Here, you can complete the MPH education with a competitive tuition cost, and to add to that if you work at any of the college’s partner employers you can avail of financial grants and further reduce the costs.

Program Details: Admission into this program is open to students who have completed their baccalaureate education with a minimum GPA of 2.7. The program can be pursued either on a full-time or part-time basis. To complete the 42 credits of the program, you will take courses in foundations of public health, managerial epidemiology, environmental & occupational health, legal & ethical issues in healthcare management, biostatistics, health research methods, health promotions & social-behavioral, cultural diversity & health disparities, leadership principles, global family health, and infectious diseases. The coursework ends with a public health capstone.

Key Highlights

• If you have a GPA ranging between 2.5 to 2.69 you may gain admission on a conditional basis, provided you maintain at least 3.0 as the GPA during the first trimester of the program.
• Students from the military, active, reserved, and their families are eligible for a reduced tuition cost of $570 per credit instead of $670 for non-military students.



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