12 Best MPH Programs in Florida – 2024

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Interested in a career that will enable you to make a real difference to the health status of Florida’s vibrant communities? Check out MPH programs in Florida, and find the program that’s right for you. With a Master’s of Public Health degree, you’ll be able to work with urban and rural populations on issues like environmental public health, healthcare policy or epidemiology, and your average salary will be $87,110 a year. Find out whether public health is the right career choice for you by reading the information below on the 12 best MPH programs in Florida for 2024.



(Based on our Ranking Methodology, we have ranked the 12 best campus-based and online MPH programs in Florida.)

1) University of Florida - Gainesville

Programs offered: Bachelor’s/MPH and MPH (On-Campus & Online)

On-Campus Concentrations Offered: Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Population Health Management, Public Health Practice, and Social & Behavioral Sciences

Online Concentrations Offered: Public Health Practice and Social & Behavioral Sciences

About the School: Are you passionate about making a difference to the community? If the answer is an astounding yes, enrolling into one of the best MPH programs in Florida must be high on your priority list. The University of Florida equips you with excellent skills and knowledge to influence change in public health. Furthermore, the college’s supportive environment, including its committed faculty, strive in helping you succeed both during and after the completion of your studies.

Program Details: To suit individual student needs, the college offers two MPH programs in Florida, a dual Bachelor’s/MPH degree, and an MPH. Both these programs come with several concentration options, depending on whether you prefer pursuing the MPH coursework online or in the face-to-face format.

The dual degree is advantageous as you can save almost 15 credits of coursework. This is because in the senior year of undergraduate studies you can get a head start into 15 credits of the MPH coursework. Due to this, the otherwise required MPH credits of 48 are cut down to 33. To be eligible for this program you must be an undergraduate student at UF from any major. After you complete the baccalaureate portion of the program, you can complete the MPH component either on-campus or online in any concentration of your choice.

On the other hand, the MPH degree is designed for Bachelor’s degree holders who are aspiring for a career in public health. This program requires completing 48 credits, including 15 credits in core, 12 to 18 in concentration-specific courses, and around 15 credits in elective courses. Also included in the coursework is the applied practice experience and capstone, both comprising an additional 6 to 9 credits. The concentration options include Biostatistics, Environmental Health, Epidemiology, Population Health Management, Public Health Practice, and Social & Behavioral Science. All these tracks are offered in person, with only the Public Health Practice and Social & Behavioral Sciences tracks also offered in the distance format.

Key Highlights

• Both these master of public health programs in Florida, the dual degree as well as the MPH require you to earn a minimum grade C in all the MPH courses.
• The college offers you various opportunities of serving the community through participation in the Public Health Student Association that hosts several outreach events.

2) Florida State University - Tallahassee

Programs offered: MPH

About the School: Florida State University prepares you for leadership in public health, where you will be prepared to improve health behaviors, prevent diseases, and promote public & environmental health. Its well-known master of public health program in Florida is designed to fit into the work schedules of working students, with classes held in the afternoon and evenings. Apart from a conducive and comfortable learning environment, the college provides fruitful learning outside the class through internships. These internships are organized based on your interests and you may even get paid for this hands-on experience.

Program Details: This MPH program in Florida is open to undergraduate degree holders from any academic or work background. On a full-time basis, you can complete this program within two years. Graduation requires you to complete 42 credits in core and elective courses. The program takes you through courses in environmental health, health service organization & policy, public health epidemiology, and health policy statistics. Progressing through the second year, you learn about healthcare finance, healthcare management, politics of health policy, and data analysis for public health. The nine credits of electives that you must take offer a wide range of options with varying topics of interest. Also, you must complete an internship and a capstone to earn your MPH degree.

Key Highlights

• The college also offers a combined BS/MPH degree to undergraduate students in any major, through which 12 graduate credits can be taken during the final year of baccalaureate study.
• This MPH program in Florida is grounded in interdisciplinary practices and therefore offers electives from several departments, including business, economics, epidemiology, administration, and other disciplines.

3) University of South Florida-Main Campus - Tampa

Programs offered: MPH (On-Campus & Online)

On-Campus Concentrations Offered: Applied Biostatistics, Behavioral Health, Environmental & Occupational Health, Epidemiology, Global Communicable Disease, Global Health Practice, Health Care Organizations & Management, Health Policies & Programs, Maternal & Child Health, Public Health Education, Epidemiology & Global Communicable Disease (Combined), Epidemiology & Global Health (Combined), and Epidemiology & Maternal & Child Health (Combined)

Online Concentrations Offered: Epidemiology, Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Relief & Homeland Security, Health, Safety & Environment, Infection Control, Nutrition & Dietetics, Public Health Administration, Public Health Practice, and Social Marketing

About the School: Out of all the Florida MPH programs, University of South Florida’s public health education stands out for offering a broad range of concentration options, including Global Communicable Disease, Maternal & Child Health, Global Disaster Management, Humanitarian Relief & Homeland Security, Health, Safety & Environment, and Social Marketing. To prepare students for a global work environment, the college provides field experiences and study abroad courses in more than 20 countries. Furthermore, the college’s partnerships with 170 organizations across the world provide international exposure with diverse learning and research opportunities. Here, you can pursue this advanced degree either face-to-face or in the online format.

Program Details: You can enroll in this master of public health program in Florida after completing your undergraduate education from an accredited institution. Depending on the concentration you choose, you will take classes either in-person or online. If you opt for the dual concentration tracks, you will complete courses only through the on-campus format. Regardless of the track you enter, the focus of the program remains solving various problems that emerge in optimizing public health. Each concentration builds upon foundational topics of the history & systems of public health, population assessment, and translation to public health practice. Your training also includes a practicum and an integrated learning experience which is the culminating experience of this program. To graduate from this MPH, you must complete around 42 to 48 credits.

Key Highlights

• Each concentration also includes electives comprising nine credits. The range of these courses vary depending on the concentration track you choose.
• Should you desire an expanded role in health care, the college also offers a dual degree that combines MPH courses in either health administration, nursing, social work, pharmacy, medicine, or anthropology.

4) Florida International University - Miami

Programs offered: MPH (On-Campus & Online)

On-Campus Concentrations Offered: Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences (EHS), Epidemiology, Health Policy & Management (HPM), and Health Promotion & Disease Prevention (HPDP)

Online Concentrations Offered: MPH (Generalist Concentration)

About the School: Public health is a field that is expanding rapidly and the COVID-19 pandemic has only propelled it to the next level with rising demand for competent public health professionals. Graduating from one of the well-known master of public health schools in Florida has its perks, as not only will you be mentored by some of the finest minds in the field, but you also be provided with meaningful experiential learning opportunities at prominent healthcare agencies. Florida International University is one such public health school that prepares you for this fulfilling career through an on-campus and online MPH program. Whatever your preferences or goals maybe, a stellar faculty and ongoing research of international significance can provide you with an enriching learning platform.

Program Details: If you are seeking online MPH programs in Florida that train you through a 100% online coursework, then you can consider enrolling into the generic MPH program that happens to be the only such program offered in South Florida. This 45-credit generic program prepares you for an interdisciplinary public health environment and can be completed within one year.

On the other hand, if you prefer the face-to-face format you can opt for any of the concentrations that include Biostatistics, Environmental Health Sciences, Epidemiology, Health Policy & Management, and Health Promotion & Disease Prevention. Regardless of the track, you enter, you complete a 45-credit curriculum that starts with the common core courses in epidemiology, biostatistics, public health policy & management, environmental health, and health behavior & public health. To suit the individual needs of students, here you can earn your MPH degree, either through full-time or part-time classes.

Key Highlights

• As a student of this college, you can access several funding opportunities to make your education rather affordable. To know the eligibility criteria, make sure you contact the student advisor.
• This public health school ranks among the nation’s top 50 public universities for public health according to the U.S. News & World Report.

5) Nova Southeastern University - Fort Lauderdale

Programs offered: MPH (On-Campus & Online)

About the School: Do you see yourself playing a pivotal role in health care by solving various emerging public health issues? If so, you must consider enrolling in one of the well-known MPH programs in Florida that prepares you to work in a variety of work settings. Nova Southeastern University’s MPH program, training you for leadership in the public & private sector, education, and non-profit can prove to be a rather befitting choice. Here, through a flexible coursework, you will learn to critically assess and use evidence-based knowledge in finding solutions to public health problems. The college’s active research and community engagement in mental health, genetics, oral health, global health, and health disparities not only create a conducive learning environment but also provide you with umpteen learning opportunities.

Program Details: This is one of the MPH programs in Florida that can be pursued either online or on-campus. While the online classes are offered in the synchronous and asynchronous format, the in-person classes are conducted mostly in the evenings. Due to this flexibility, you can easily juggle personal and professional responsibilities alongside this academic schedule. The program focuses on key competencies of epidemiology, social & behavioral sciences, health policy, planning & management, and environmental health. On a full-time basis, the program takes two years and requires completing 42 credits in core courses, electives, an integrative learning experience, and a public health field experience. Upon completion of the program, you will be adept at evidence-based approaches to public health, leadership, communication, interprofessional practice, and systems thinking.

Key Highlights

• After a review by the program director, you may be allowed to transfer a maximum of 12 credits from an accredited graduate program towards this MPH degree.
• The choice of elective courses includes almost 35-course options, thereby allowing you to develop skills in a specific area of your interest.

6) Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University - Tallahassee

Programs offered: MPH (Online & On-Campus)

Concentrations Offered: Environmental & Occupational Health, Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Health Policy & Management, and Behavioral Sciences & Health Education

About the School: A public health school that has produced many public health leaders, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University has been serving the people of Florida and beyond for more than 25 years. Driven by excellence in education and research, the institution is counted among the best master of public health schools in Florida. The college emphasizes creating health equity for all and trains culturally competent public health professionals. Deployed by the Florida Department of Health, this public health school played a vital role in not only developing the FAMU COVID-19 Community Testing Site but also effectively implementing it to serve the community’s testing needs. The program comes with five concentration options, with all tracks being offered in the online as well as on-campus format.

Program Details: To be eligible for the online program, besides having an accredited baccalaureate degree, you must have at least three years of health-related work experience, whereas the on-campus format does not necessitate a minimum work experience. Each concentration track starts with foundational concepts that take you through core courses in epidemiology, biostatistics, health policy & management, and behavioral science & management. Thereafter, the concentration courses further deepen your knowledge in your chosen area of emphasis. To graduate, you must complete a total of 50 credits, including the applied practice experience and the integrative learning experience. Furthermore, as part of your training, you must complete 100 hours of community service, this being the only non-credit requirement of your coursework.

Key Highlights

• Among all the online MPH programs in Florida, this program stands out for being the first fully online MPH program offered by an HBCU.
• The program has also earned the distinction of being the first CEPH accredited public health program in North Florida.

7) University of Miami - Miami

Programs offered: 4+1 BSPH & (MPH or MSPH), Regular MPH, and Accelerated MPH

About the School: As an MPH student at the University of Miami, you will not only hone your practical skills in real-world settings locally but also across the globe. The college’s emphasis on evidence-based knowledge and cultural relevance reflects in its MPH education, whether you enroll in the BSPH & (MPH or MSPH) dual degree, MPH regular, or the accelerated MPH program. These three MPH programs in Florida, offered by UM’s eminent Miller School of Medicine provide unparalleled exposure to research and community initiatives. Established in 1970, the college has ever since accepted students coming from diverse backgrounds who work together to address issues of public health, particularly the ones affecting the vulnerable and underserved populations.

Program Details: Depending on your educational background, you can enroll for either the dual BSPH & (MPH or MSPH), regular MPH, or the accelerated MPH degree program. To be eligible for the dual degree of BSPH & (MPH or MSPH), you must be a junior with a strong academic record. Whereas if you have already completed your undergraduate studies, you can directly apply for the regular or accelerated MPH program. Regardless of the program, you enroll in, you complete the coursework through face-to-face classes.

With the dual BSPH & (MPH or MSPH) degree, you can take 12 graduate credits in the senior year of under graduation. This not only helps you to complete the program within five years but also provides for a solid education in public health starting early at the baccalaureate level. Apart from the credits required to complete your BSPH, you will complete a total of 45 credits to earn your MPH or MSPH degree.

On the other hand, if you enroll for the regular MPH which is a generalist program, you can either choose to complete it within two years or in an accelerated format of one year. Regardless of the path, you must complete 19 credits in core, 9 credits in generalist core, and 12 credits in electives. Because you can take 12 credits in electives, you can partly customize your degree, completing courses that match your interest.

Key Highlights

• The BSPH & MSPH dual degree is typically meant for those interested in public health research and who aspire to complete their doctoral-level education.
• The academic load in the accelerated format is much more than the regular MPH program, therefore to ensure a successful outcome you must stick to the course plan from the very start of the program.

8) University of North Florida - Jacksonville

Programs offered: MPH

Concentrations Offered: Epidemiology and Social & Behavioral Science

About the School: Some of the best MPH programs in Florida, such as the one offered by the University of North Florida can prepare you for outstanding public health service through stellar teaching and a well-designed curriculum. Here, apart from excellence in research and education, you will be provided with experiential learning opportunities locally and in other countries. Whether you are keen on making a difference to the community or simply desiring a high-paying career, as a graduate of this program you will be able to explore promising employment opportunities in a variety of settings, including federal and non-profit agencies, healthcare facilities, and private & public institutions. The program is offered in two concentration options, upon completion of which you will be eligible to become certified in Public Health as well as certified as a Health Education Specialist.

Program Details: To be eligible for this MPH program in Florida, you must have completed your undergraduate studies with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Upon enrollment, regardless of the concentration track you take, you will be prepared for the core courses that are in alignment with the CEPH’s foundational competencies. On a full-time basis, most students complete this program within two years. The 24-credit core courses, common to both the concentrations educate you in environmental health, health communication, public health program planning, public health research, epidemiology, biostatistics, public health leadership & management, and policy and advocacy. The concentration-specific courses, comprising 15 credits build upon the core after which you must complete 6 credits in elective courses. The two electives can be chosen from a list of courses, after the approval of the program director.

Key Highlights

• As a graduate student you can apply for an assistantship wherein you will assist the faculty as a research or teaching assistant. With this opportunity, you can stand eligible to earn a tuition waiver, besides earning an amount of $1500.
• You can enhance professional competence by joining the Eta Sigma Gamma Student Honor Society, which provides several benefits, including networking, community engagement, events, to name a few.

9) The University of West Florida – Pensacola

Programs offered: MPH (Online)

Concentrations Offered: Generalist MPH, Global Health, and Health Promotion, Education & Behavior

About the School: Ever thought of completing your MPH education without physically attending school? Well then, enrolling into one of the best online MPH programs in Florida should be your best bet. The University of West Florida offers an online MPH program that can easily be fit into your busy life, allowing you to work around personal and professional obligations. Here, not only do you complete your coursework through flexible asynchronous classes but also gain real-world field experience by undergoing an internship, besides enjoying an opportunity to work with the college’s expert faculty on various research projects. The college accepts students from all backgrounds into this program and prepares them for leadership in local and international healthcare organizations including the NIH and CDC.

Program Details: This MPH program in Florida is offered as a generalist track as well as with concentration options in Global Health, and Health Promotion, Education & Behavior. Regardless of the track you choose, to graduate you must complete 42 credits that take around 24 to 30 months. While the generalist track prepares you with a broad knowledge base, if you enroll in the specialized tracks you will graduate with expert knowledge to influence change in your area of emphasis. All the tracks start with common core courses in social & behavioral sciences, epidemiology, environmental health, biostatistics, and public health policy. To be considered for admission, you require an undergraduate GPA of 3.0.

Key Highlights

• Active U.S. military students may be eligible to receive a 100% out-of-state fee waiver along with other military benefits.
• As part of your training, you must complete two semesters of public health fieldwork under the supervision of a mentor.

10) Bethune-Cookman University - Daytona Beach

Programs offered: MPH

Concentrations Offered: Health Equity

About the School: If you are searching for master’s in public health programs in Florida that focus on health equity, then you may want to shortlist Bethune-Cookman University’s MPH program. This private historically black university has been synonymous with the promotion of health and disease prevention in the state. The program emphasizes social justice, health equity, and leadership. Through active engagement in community welfare you will be well trained to improve population health and in providing health equity for all, locally as well as globally.

Program Details: Like most other MPH programs in Florida, to be eligible for this program you must have completed your bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The 45-credit coursework takes two years and includes core, concentration-specific and elective courses. Through this well-designed curriculum, you will be educated in behavioral & cultural aspects of public health, environmental health, epidemiology, health policy, and social, environmental & structural determinants of health. The program also takes you through biostatistics, health advocacy, and aging and disparities. Additionally, you must complete a three-credit elective course. Upon completion of the didactic courses, practical experience, and capstone, you will graduate with enhanced critical thinking and decision-making skills to be able to impact positive change in public health.

Key Highlights

• Based on your career goals, the elective course can be completed either in critical reflection & transformative leadership or social justice for multicultural global leadership.
• The school offers military students (active duty, reservists, and dependents) several services to help them make a smooth transition to civilian life.

11) Everglades University - Boca Raton

Programs offered: MPH (On-Campus & Online)

Concentrations Offered: Generalist, Complementary & Alternative Medicine and Functional Nutrition

About the School: By completing your MPH education from Everglades University you will be prepared to solve public health problems using enhanced analytical and decision-making skills. Offered in both, the online and on-campus formats, here you will be mentored under the able guidance of its committed faculty for whom student success is a priority. The program is intensive and mainly focuses on the administrative aspect of public health. Whether you are a teacher, specialist, journalist, or administrator, here, you can achieve your dream career in public health by gaining a well-rounded education.

Program Details: This MPH in Florida can be pursued either as a generalist track or along with the Complementary & Alternative Medicine concentration or through the Functional Nutrition track. All the three tracks are offered online as well as on-campus. With the main aim of influencing public health and well-being, the three tracks include courses that educate you in the US Healthcare Systems, principles of epidemiology, healthcare policy, public health administration practices, research methods in public health, community health assessment, and biostatistics.

If you choose to specialize in complementary & alternative medicine you will master the various approaches and practical issues that emerge in the use of complementary & alternative medicine in the improvement of public health. Whereas with the functional nutrition track you learn about nutritional assessment, whole foods, and evidence-based nutrition.

On the other hand, the generalist track mainly teaches you organizational behavior, leadership skills, human resource management, and business policy & decision making. Regardless of the track you enroll in, graduation requires you to complete 36 credits.

Key Highlights

• You can complete this MPH program in Florida within 12 or 48 months. The duration depends on the number of credits you are allowed to transfer towards this MPH degree.
• Regardless of the track you enter, you must complete a capstone course, however, there is no requirement for an internship.

12) Barry University - Miami

Programs offered: MS/HSA – MPH

About the School: Uniquely standing out among all the other MPH programs in Florida, Barry University’s MPH offers you the advantage of developing a strong foundation in two of the most in-demand fields - health service administration and public health. Through this MS/HSA-MPH dual degree, you will be prepared to play management and administrative roles in a variety of health care settings. In addition to a well-designed coursework, the college’s partnerships with some of the prominent institutions in the region provide you with exceptional field experiences where you can hone your analytical and critical thinking skills.

Program Details: Like most other MPH programs in Florida, to qualify for admission to this program, you must have a baccalaureate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. The entire curriculum comprising 20 courses requires you to earn a total of 60 credits. While out of the total 20 courses, 13 courses are in the Health Services Administration and 5 courses count towards the public health curriculum. Some of the courses you take to earn the dual degree include principles of health services administration, managerial epidemiology, environmental & occupational health, health care policy, healthcare economics, health promotion & disease prevention, health law & ethics, healthcare disparities, and healthcare budgeting & financial management. You are also trained in healthcare resource management, healthcare informatics, and healthcare marketing.

Key Highlights

• This MPH program in Florida entails completing a public health field experience, in addition to two capstone projects, one in healthcare strategic planning and the other in MPH.
• The college offers this program on-site at various partner healthcare facilities. So, if you are working within any of its partner organizations you can pursue this program by having courses delivered to you right there! Some of these partners include Cleveland Clinic, Miami Children's Hospital, Delray Medical Center, Jackson Memorial Hospital, and Memorial Health Care System.



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According to the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), there are currently 11 accredited Master’s in Public Health programs in Florida.

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