3 Best MPH Programs in Colorado – 2024

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With a Master’s of Public Health degree from one of the MPH programs in Colorado, you can manage healthcare service delivery at the community level, develop healthcare policies for municipalities or the state, or identify people who are at risk of contracting a specific illness. MPH-prepared professionals in the Centennial State earn top salaries, too; their average salary is $70,780 a year. MPH programs offer flexibility: Whether you want to attend school at a campus or online, you’ll find a program that will fit your specific needs. Take the first step toward a more satisfying career by reading the information below about the 3 best MPH programs in Colorado for 2024.



(Based on our Ranking Methodology, we have ranked the 3 best campus-based and online MPH programs in Colorado.)

1) Colorado School of Public Health (Anschutz Medical Campus) - Aurora

Programs Offered: MPH (On-Campus & Online)

Concentrations Offered: Applied Biostatistics, Community & Behavioral Health, Environmental & Occupational Health, Epidemiology, Health Systems, Management & Policy, Maternal & Child Health, and Population Mental Health & Wellbeing

Online Concentrations Offered: Leadership & Public Health Practice and Population Mental Health & Wellbeing

About the School: If you have decided to pursue your master’s in public health, you ought to consider one of the best MPH programs in Colorado that not only offers you a resourceful environment but also has a world-class faculty to support your career aspirations. Colorado School of Public Health is one such place that offers an MPH degree in collaboration with three reputed schools. This collective vision not only provides you with a choice of campus locations but also brings in the expertise of faculty from the three universities. With a wide choice of concentrations, you can achieve leadership to address healthcare issues within your chosen area of emphasis.

Program Details: To start with, you must have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Depending on the area of emphasis you choose, you either attend classes on the Anschutz Medical campus or take classes entirely online. Except for the two tracks of Leadership & Public Health Practice and Population Mental Health & Wellbeing, you can add an emphasis on global health for all the other concentrations and gain a global perspective to solve global public health challenges. As such the curriculum comprises 42 credits, however adding the global emphasis will entail completing an additional 3-credit course.

The program can be completed within two years, however, if need be you can stretch the duration up to five years. During the first year, you must complete core public health courses that educate you on the foundations of public health, health systems, management & policy, environmental & occupational health, epidemiology, biostatistics, and social & behavioral factors & health. The second-year mainly entails completing concentration-specific courses, electives, practicum, and a capstone. Electives, comprising of nine credits can be either in methods-based or topic-based courses. Upon completion of the rigorous didactic courses and well-designed practice experiences, in addition to being skilled in your chosen area of emphasis, you will also gain deep knowledge of public health.

Key Highlights

• Colorado School of Public Health is the first and the only accredited school of public health in the Rocky Mountain West. With high standards of education, the MPH program here is commonly considered as one of the best MPH programs in Colorado and has produced public health leaders who have contributed to health welfare in the state and region.
• The school takes pride in its collaboration with the WHO for promoting family and child health, besides being one of the six Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Food Safety Centers of Excellence.
• The Leadership & Public Health Practice, and Population Mental Health & Wellbeing tracks are both sought-after online MPH programs in Colorado that can be completed entirely through the distance format.

2) University of Colorado Denver - Denver

Programs Offered: BA/BS to MPH

About the School: As a public health professional you will play a vital role in promoting health by controlling the outbreak of diseases, and evaluating & implementing health policies. The University of Colorado, in collaboration with the Colorado School of Public Health, can help you achieve this goal through its 5-Year Public Health BA/BS to MPH. Here you can earn your bachelor’s in public health from the University of Colorado Denver and complete the MPH coursework at Colorado School of Public Health. Although this master of public health program in Colorado is a free-standing program and does not require a bachelor’s degree in public health to be eligible, completing the combined degree can help you save time and money

Program Details: To qualify for the bachelor’s in public health you must have a strong educational background, whereas if you have already completed your bachelor’s you can directly apply to the Colorado School of Public Health for the MPH degree. Upon enrollment into the 5-year program, depending on whether you choose the BS or BA degree, credit requirements range from 43 to 77. Thereafter you proceed to complete the MPH coursework of 42 credits. Upon completion of this program you will obtain two degrees; BA/BS and an MPH.

Some of the core topics you focus on include environmental health, epidemiology, health policy, and social determinants of health. The MPH program can be completed at any of the three campuses of the Colorado School of Public Health, depending on your choice of concentration and preference of location. Also, you can instead choose to complete the masters’ level courses entirely online, provided your area of interest lies in either Leadership & Public Health Practice or Population Mental Health & wellbeing.

Key Highlights

• The undergraduate portion of the program is offered in the face-to-face format on the University of Colorado’s Denver campus.
• The program offers a wide choice of public health electives for both the undergraduate degrees of BA and BS.

3) Colorado State University-Fort Collins - Fort Collins

Programs Offered: MPH

Concentrations Offered: Animals, People, & the Environment, Epidemiology, Global Health & Health Disparities, Health Communication, Physical Activity & Healthy Lifestyles, and Public Health Nutrition

About the School: Whether you are keen on impacting the health of humans, animals, or improving the environment, at Colorado State University you can enhance public health by enrolling in its innovative MPH curriculum. Counted among the well-known MPH programs in Colorado, the public health school’s Fort Collins campus emphasizes practice learning and provides the student with umpteen learning opportunities outside the class. What's more, this amazing campus is a fine blend of excellent education and offers a galore of recreational activities.

Program Details: CSU offers several concentration options, ranging from Health Communication, Animals, People & Environment to Global Health & Disparities, so depending on your interest you can choose your area of emphasis. To qualify for any of the six concentration tracks you must have completed a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0.

While the Animals, People & the Environment track prepares you to focus on diseases shared between animals and humans, thereby ensuring a safe environment, if you take the Epidemiology concentration, you will graduate with skills to play a key role in disease prevention. The Global Health & Health Disparities concentration is meant for those who find their calling in solving global health problems. On the other hand, the Health Communication track trains you to conduct mass communication campaigns to influence better health at a community level.

If you are passionate about being physically active and healthy then you must consider the Physical Activity track that prepares you to make people change to healthy life choices. Public Health Nutrition can be a promising career avenue and if you desire to make an impact in this field, you must enroll in this track to learn to apply to the science of nutrition in promoting good health. Regardless of the concentration you choose, to graduate with the MPH degree you must complete 42 credits.

Key Highlights

• CSU’s campus ranks among the best college campuses in the nation. The college offers outstanding facilities and resources which you can enjoy during the course of your study here.
• The small-sized classrooms of the college provide a close-knit environment, making way for building meaningful connections with faculty and peers.



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