2 MHA Programs in Utah – 2024

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To qualify for an administrative position with a hospital, physician practice, residential care program, outpatient care center, or community health organization in Utah, you’ll need a Master’s in Health Administration degree or its equivalent. MHA programs in Utah will teach you about health policy, population health, financial management, healthcare quality management, and many other subjects relevant to leadership roles within the healthcare sector. The number of healthcare administration positions in Utah is projected to increase within the next decade, and healthcare administrators earn approximately $119,120 annually on average. Sound intriguing? Stay on this page to read more about the 2 best MHA programs in Utah for 2024.



1. University of Utah - Salt Lake City

Programs Offered: Full-Time MHA (On-Campus), Professional MHA (On-Campus), and MHA (Online)

About the School: If you are searching for a military-friendly master of healthcare administration program in Utah, then you may want to check out the University of Utah’s MHA programs. This college not only supports students from a military background but also caters to the specific needs of its minority student population. The MHA school offers three program options; an on-campus full-time MHA for students without prior experience, a professional on-campus MHA, and an online MHA for students with health experience. Regardless of the program you enter, the excellent education and top-notch skills that you gain will keep you ahead of the competition in the employment market.

Program Details: The college offers three options, the traditional MHA which comprises 51 credits, and the professional and online MHA both of which require the completion of 43.5 credits. Asides from these options, you can further choose from three areas of emphasis, including Healthcare Data Analytics, Leadership, and Long-Term Care, so here, you can enroll depending on your career goals and interests.

The traditional MHA is offered full-time, with afternoon and evening classes. On the other hand, the professional MHA program can be taken either full-time or part-time with classes in the evenings. The online MHA which offers the maximum flexibility is offered only as part-time enrollment to suit the typical needs of full-time working students.

All three MHA programs and the three areas of emphasis start with 34.5 credit core courses that teach you healthcare economics & policy, healthcare administration, healthcare accounting, quality management, healthcare financial management, and population health. Besides, you also learn about business ethics, leadership in healthcare, practical management in healthcare, and career strategies.

If you choose healthcare data analytics, you’ll focus on healthcare informatics, analytics, and business intelligence. Whereas, the leadership track emphasizes healthcare law, collaborative alliances, human resources management, and marketing for healthcare. The long-term care track is a collaborative effort of the MHA and the nursing school’s gerontology program. This MHA program in Utah trains you in long-term healthcare management of the aging population.

Admission Requirements: To qualify for admission into any of these three MHA programs in Utah, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. In addition, to apply to either the professional or online MHA program, healthcare work experience is required. Also, the college requires the submission of transcripts, a professional resume, a statement of purpose, and the completion of prerequisite courses in accounting and statistics.

Key Highlights

• University of Utah’s MHA school offers students ample outside-the-class learning opportunities. You can get involved in its MHA student organization, healthcare case competitions, leadership congress, or the bench-to-bedside competition, to name a few. Through this participation, you will sharpen your leadership and interprofessional collaborative skills.
• The college offers four dual degrees for aspiring MHA students who are keen on gaining expertise in two complementary fields of healthcare leadership. So, there is an MHA/MBA, MHA/MPH, MHA/MPA, and an MHA/Professional MBA to choose from.
• Here, to make your MHA education affordable, you can apply for a scholarship or financial aid as the college offers promising MHA students several options to fund their education.

2. Weber State University - Ogden

Programs Offered: MHA (On-Campus) and Executive MHA (Online)

About the School: Whether you are a working professional who prefers the personalized attention of on-campus learning or the flexibility of online classes, at Weber State University, you can choose an option that is right for you. The college offers an on-campus MHA and an online MHA program that you can enroll in, based on your preference. Regardless of the option you choose, here, you will be mentored by an accomplished faculty who stay dedicated to your success from start to finish.

Program Details: Both the MHA programs require the completion of a total of 39 credits, including electives and an internship experience. The core courses that you will take, regardless of whether you enroll in the on-campus or online program strengthen your knowledge of key competencies. You will be trained in health systems & the healthcare economy, population health, human resources management, healthcare finance, and health policy & economics. This MHA in Utah also trains you in health ethics & law, health informatics, and decision-making for healthcare leadership. In addition, to the core courses, both programs comprise electives. The electives, worth 18 credits can be chosen from a wide range of options, including post-acute care administration, medical group management, healthcare entrepreneurship, international health systems, and a leadership seminar in healthcare.

Admission Requirements: Admission requirements for both of these MHA programs in Utah are the same. The college reviews your overall application, mostly looking at your undergraduate GPA, which must be at least 3.0. and managerial work experience, which must of at least two years. Also, you must submit a GRE/GMAT score, except for practicing physicians who are not required to fulfill this particular admission requirement.

Key Highlights

• As an MHA student, you can take advantage of the college’s robust services, including one-on-one career counseling, resume building, professional networking, and coaching for the case study competition.
• One of the electives that the college offers is a study abroad course. Through this course, you will gain a global perspective by closely witnessing the management of healthcare organizations in other countries.
• This MHA in Utah reports an excellent placement rate with almost all of its graduates finding suitable jobs at the time of graduation.


What are the Total Number of Accredited MHA programs in Utah?

As per the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education (CAHME), currently there are 2 accredited Master’s in Healthcare Administration programs in Utah.

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