7 Best MHA Programs in New York – 2024

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Want to increase your marketability as a healthcare professional in the Empire State? Check out MHA programs in New York! In New York, with a Master’s Degree in Health Administration, you’re qualified to land a job as a medical and health services manager, a hospital director, a clinic administrator and more. Many of the Empire State’s MHA programs are offered online, and that means you can continue working while you’re going to school. In New York, MHA program graduates earn $171,620 a year on average. What are you waiting for? The descriptions of the 7 best MHA programs in New York for 2024 on this page are a good place to start.



(Based on our Ranking Methodology, we have ranked the 7 best campus-based and online MHA programs in New York.)

1. Cornell University - Ithaca

Programs Offered: MHA (Campus) and EMHA (Online)

About the School: The Empire State not only promises healthcare leaders a vast avenue of job opportunities but also offers some of the highest salaries in the country. If you are keen on advancing your career to leadership positions and are seeking to enroll in one of the best MHA programs in New York, then you must check out Cornell University’s MHA programs. Here, whether you are just out of college or already working as a mid-level executive, the college offers two different tracks that train you to excel in the state’s dynamic healthcare environment. Focused on the five competencies of communication, leadership, professionalism, business & analytical skills, and the knowledge of the healthcare environment, these programs prepare you with the professional tools that are in demand in the job market, locally, nationally as well as globally. With an alumnus of more than 1000 healthcare leaders, as a graduate, you will not only become part of this large family but also be able to explore several networking opportunities.

Program Details: The traditional MHA, designed for students without any healthcare experience is an on-campus offering that takes two years to complete. On the other hand, the executive track, counted among the best online MHA programs in New York, trains healthcare professionals for leadership within as little as 18 months, through an online coursework. With over 60 years of training leaders in healthcare, regardless of the program you enroll in, you will go through rigorous didactic training and extensive real-world experiences in several interdisciplinary healthcare settings across the state. To earn your degree, you will require completing around 60 credits in topics such as managing health care delivery, population health, quantitative analysis, law & ethics, accounting, healthcare finance & economics, and health policy & strategic management.

Admission Requirements: Gaining admission into this MHA school is a highly competitive process, with each application being reviewed holistically. To start with, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Also, for the traditional MHA, although no prior healthcare experience is required, it is highly recommended to have one to enhance your chances of admission. However, if you are applying to the executive track, you must have at least five years of relevant work experience. Additionally, to apply to either of these two master's of healthcare administration programs in New York, you must submit a resume, a statement of purpose, unofficial transcripts, and two letters of recommendation.

Key Highlights

• The executive program although primarily online requires you to attend two on-campus sessions that last one week each. These on-campus sessions cover courses in microeconomics, healthcare organizations & behavior, population health, quality improvement, healthcare innovation, and healthcare finance.
• The college also offers dual degrees in MHA/MPA, MHA/MBA, in addition to a BS/MHA. While the dual master’s programs will broaden your learning curve in two complementary fields, the combined bachelor’s/master’s degree where you complete the bachelor’s and MHA seamlessly within five years can save you one year of time and tuition costs.

2. Columbia University in the City of New York - New York

Programs Offered: MHA (full-time), MHA (part-time), and Executive MHA (Campus)

About the School: Are you aspiring to change the world? Do you see yourself playing leadership roles in various types of settings including hospitals, healthcare organizations, consulting & insurance companies, or health departments? Well then, you should consider graduating from one of the top accredited MHA programs in New York like the one offered by Columbia University to ensure you are trained in the vital competencies of analytical thinking, communication, financial analysis, strategic thinking, and resource management. The college offers three tracks, a full-time MHA, a part-time MHA, and an executive MHA track, all three offered on-campus. While the full-time two-year track enrolls students without any prior healthcare experience, the part-time track which spans 28 months requires you to have at least one year of experience as a healthcare professional. On the other hand, the 24-month executive MHA is open to mid-level healthcare professionals who are keen on advancing their careers. Regardless of the track, with the thorough professional preparedness, Columbia boasts of an impressive placement rate, having almost all of its MHA graduates find suitable placements soon after they graduate.

Program Details: The 45-credit MHA program, no matter the track, emphasizes three main areas of healthcare administration, including political, economic & legal aspects, healthcare management, and an understanding of the public health system. The executive track builds on your professional experience and expands it through a combination of didactic courses, case studies, simulation experiences, and interdisciplinary teamwork. The full-time track which provides you with a solid foundation in health care management requires you to attend classes five times per week. On the other hand, the part-time track suits the needs of working professionals, having classes two to three nights each week. Now, if you enroll in the executive track, you will attend classes from Thursday to Sunday once every month, for a period of 24 months. All these three MHA programs in New York are cohort-based, offering plenty of opportunities to make connections and network with future leaders.

Admission Requirements: To be eligible for this MHA in New York, regardless of the program, you must have a bachelors’ degree from an accredited university. Although the full-time track admits students without any prior experience, for the part-time track, you must have a minimum of one year of work experience in healthcare, whereas for the executive track at least seven years of healthcare experience is required.

Key Highlights

• This MHA program, regardless of the track, includes 4.5 credits worth of electives. If you have taken these electives at another college, you may be able to transfer them towards this MHA, provided you gain the approval of the college.
• Each track includes a unique hands-on experience in the form of a hospital simulation. Through this intense experience, you will spend two days in a hospital where you work as part of a team to gain first-hand experience of the administrative affairs of a hospital.

3. New York University - New York (Online)

About the School: If you are a working professional, seeking to enroll in one of the online MHA programs in New York, then you may want to learn about the MHA program offered by New York University. Keeping the needs of working students in mind, the college not only offers classes online but also provides the added convenience of a part-time schedule. Ranked among the nation’s top healthcare management programs according to the US News & World Report, despite being an online program, the college offers the same quality and resources as other accredited MHA programs in New York that offer in-person classes. Here, the immersive virtual classroom with not more than 15 students, makes for an intimate learning experience, where not only your peers but even your instructors know you by your first name. Moreover, its faculty coming from diverse professional backgrounds, bring rich learning insights to the classroom to prepare you for the state’s dynamic work environment.

Program Details: This accredited MHA program in New York can take your career as a mid-level executive straight to the senior level of leadership within 28 months of part-time study. The program expands on your professional experiences, strengthening the skills and knowledge required to navigate through the complex issues of US healthcare organizations. The 33-credit curriculum trains you in managing healthcare organizations, health policy, leadership, communication, financial accounting, health policy issues, statistical analyses, and strategic management in healthcare administration. The program also educates you on entrepreneurship skills, financial decision making, public policy & management, human resource management, health economics, marketing, and healthcare law & ethics. Also, included are courses in capital investment, data visualization, data analysis, and continuous quality improvement. Finally, as a culminating experience, you will undergo an advanced simulation at a healthcare organization, working as part of a team to apply the newly gained knowledge to practice.

Admission Requirements: To be eligible for this program, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Also, to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria, in addition to having at least one year of work experience in the US healthcare industry, you must submit your resume, letters of recommendation, and transcripts. Additionally, the college requires you to demonstrate skills in quantitative analysis, either through work experience, a GRE or GMAT score, or by completion of a college-level quantitative course.

Key Highlights

• The college offers robust career services right from the very beginning of the program. You can benefit from one-on-one counseling services, networking events, and easy access to vast online resources and career guides.
• The college’s faculty consists of experts, with more than 70% of them being doctorates.

4. Hofstra University - Hempstead

Programs Offered: MHA (Campus or Online)

About the School: Whether you are looking at the convenience of online study or seek the personalized learning experience of in-person classes, at Hofstra University, you can achieve a career advancement the way you prefer it. Counted among the best MHA programs in New York, the program provides a wholesome learning experience, including internships, workshops, and electives along with core didactic courses. With the healthcare industry growing at a phenomenal rate, program graduates have gone on to find promising career opportunities in various types of settings, including hospitals, managed care organizations, ambulatory care, home healthcare facilities, non-profit organizations, and consulting companies. This is among the few MHA programs in New York that enroll students from any background and not just particularly from the healthcare field. Nonetheless, to make up for the lack of practical exposure in healthcare, the college fosters taking up an internship during the program.

Program Details: Whether you enroll in the online or on-campus track, to graduate you are required to complete 48 credits, comprising 39 credits in core and 9 credits in elective courses. Should you opt to complete your chosen concentration in either Operations Management or Long Term Care Administration, an additional nine-credit coursework is required. The program starts with building your foundation in core topics such as the U.S. Health System, health policy & analysis, health law & ethics, healthcare economics, health care finance, health management & leadership, data analysis, epidemiology, and health information systems. The three elective courses that you must complete can be chosen from courses ranging from behavioral health administration, performance improvement & risk, public health, to ambulatory care administration. As part of the hands-on learning, you will complete a 300-hour internship at a healthcare organization in the New York City metropolitan area.

Admission Requirements: Eligibility into this MHA in New York requires you to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Also, two letters of recommendation and a current resume must be submitted to fulfill the basic admission requirements.

Key Highlights

• To enhance your marketability, the college offers two optional concentrations in Operations Management and Long-Term Care Administration. Although finishing this additional coursework is not required to earn your MHA, completing it will help you gain specialized skills in either of the two areas.
• The college has a strong alumni network which can open up several networking opportunities to positively some of your future employers who are currently holding leadership positions in prominent healthcare organizations across the nation.

5. Stony Brook University - Stony Brook (Online)

About the School: If you are searching for an accredited master of healthcare administration program in New York that prepares you for a career as a health manager with a deep understanding of population health, then Stony Brook University’s MHA program can prove to a rather suitable choice. Offered in an online format, you can earn your degree within two years, remotely from any location. Under the able mentorship of an accomplished faculty, through asynchronous virtual classes, you can juggle demanding coursework with life’s other responsibilities, be it a job or family obligations. Equipped with the latest tools relevant in today’s healthcare management, graduates of this program are playing varied roles such as that of a director of ambulatory operations, director of an emergency department, financial services investigator, and population health specialist, to name a few.

Program Details: This MHA in New York can be completed within two years on a full-time basis or stretched up to five years if enrolled part-time. The 51-credit coursework empathizes population health with a solid grounding in health management principles. Some of the topics you learn include human resources management, health finance, health law, health strategy, health leadership, health quality & information systems management, and health operations management. You also master concepts in health governance, fundamentals of healthcare management, biostatistics & epidemiology, health systems performance, and social & behavioral determinants. The program ends with a three-credit experiential learning course, where you apply your theoretical knowledge to practice at a healthcare organization.

Admission Requirements: To qualify for admission, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Additionally, you are required to submit three letters of recommendation, all official transcripts, a personal statement, and a resume. As, such the GRE or GMAT scores are not required, however, if you haven’t completed the quantitative undergraduate courses, then it is highly preferable to submit them.

Key Highlights

• The college actively engages in the community to improve health by implementing several long-term initiatives.
• Here, as a student of one of the best MHA programs in New York, you can get involved and not only impact the lives of people but also build a wide network of professional connections.
• Stony Brook offers several scholarships and financial aid opportunities, in addition to the employer tuition waiver program which is available to the employees of the university.

6. Roberts Wesleyan College - Rochester (Online)

About the School: Roberts Wesleyan College’s MHA program is not only counted among the best MHA programs in New York but is also well-recognized as one of the top military-friendly programs in the nation. So, if you are a veteran or serviceman, at Roberts Wesleyan College, you will seamlessly be able to transition into student life, navigating your journey starting from admissions, through graduation. Regardless of your previous background, when you enter this MHA program, you will take a curriculum that is exam-free, having your evaluations based on papers, presentations, and projects that you complete during the program.

Program Details: Designed keeping the needs of working students in mind, to earn the 43 credits, you will complete the coursework entirely through online classes. Although this accredited master of healthcare administration program in New York is primarily offered through the web, if you prefer in-person instructions, you can instead opt for weekly once on-campus classes that are held in the night. Equipped with future-ready skills in healthcare & management, most students graduate within 18 months to embark on a successful career in healthcare management. Here, you will progress through the program as part of a small cohort of 15 to 18 students. Throughout the program, you will master concepts in healthcare systems & organizations, organizational leadership, healthcare research methods, healthcare informatics, health insurance, strategic planning, health policy, ethics & law, and health organization transformation.

Admission Requirements: The college requires you to have a minimum GPA of 2.75 in your bachelor’s degree. Additionally, to qualify for admission, you must have at least two years of work experience in healthcare. Furthermore, you must submit all official transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and a professional resume.

Key Highlights

• Each course is five to eight weeks long. This means you will take only one course at a time, focusing solely on one topic before moving onto the next one.
• If you have earned your B.S. in Health Administration at Roberts Wesleyan, then you can earn your MHA within as little as 14 months. This is because you will not repeat three courses worth of nine credits that you have already completed in your B.S. coursework.

7. Utica University - Utica (Online)

About the School: The healthcare field is growing exponentially and as an aspiring healthcare manager, you can only expect a bright future in this career. Well, whether you are seeking to climb the career ladder or desiring a career switch, at Utica University, you will leave with the skills and knowledge that can be applied to the real-world challenges of healthcare administration. Being mentored under a faculty who have years of experience under their belt, here the first-hand insights you receive, prepare you to play leadership roles in diverse types of healthcare environments. Furthermore, as one of the most affordable online MHA programs in New York, here in addition to tuition discounts for military students, regardless of your background, the college offers several merit-based financial aid opportunities to further reduce costs.

Program Details: This program is a 36-credit coursework that takes two years to complete. As a graduate of one of the well-known online accredited MHA programs in New York, you learn mainly through asynchronous online classes with occasional synchronous live sessions where you interact in real-time with peers and faculty. The coursework comprises nine courses in administration and health systems, in addition to two electives. You will take courses in accounting, financial management, ethical & legal issues, leadership in marketing, data analysis, and human resource management. Furthermore, courses in healthcare systems mainly focus on healthcare informatics. Also, the two elective courses that you must complete offer a wide choice of course options to help you reach your career goals. Finally, to earn your degree, you will complete a capstone project where you will apply the MHA knowledge to practice in a professional healthcare setting.

Admission Requirements: Similar to most other sought-after masters of healthcare administration programs in New York, to be considered for admission, the college requires you to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Also, although prior healthcare experience is not required it is highly recommended. Additionally, the college requires you to submit a personal goals statement, letters of recommendation, all official transcripts, and a detailed resume.

Key Highlights

• If you are aspiring to obtain your licensure as a Nursing Home Administrator, then for the two elective courses, it is recommended that you choose Perspectives in Gerontology and Nursing Home Administration as your course options.
• The college offers transfer credits for courses previously completed at any accredited college, provided they are equivalent to the college’s MHA courses and you have earned a minimum of grade “B” in them.



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