6 Best MHA Programs in Maryland – 2024

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A degree from one of the many MHA programs in Maryland prepares you to advance in management positions within the growing healthcare sector. This professional development path can prepare you to become a program director, a clinic administrator, a healthcare information specialist, or a hospital executive. It’s a particularly popular choice for RNs and other patient care clinicians who want to expand into leadership roles. With a Master’s degree in Health Administration in the Old Line State, you can earn $148,650 annually. Want to learn more? This list of the 6 best MHA programs in Maryland for 2024 will get you started.



(Based on our Ranking Methodology, we have ranked the 6 best campus-based and online MHA programs in Maryland.)

1. Johns Hopkins University - Baltimore (On-Campus)

About the School: The healthcare industry in Maryland is booming and how! If you aspire to lead a prominent healthcare organization in the state, then you must first consider obtaining your degree from one of the best MHA programs in Maryland. Johns Hopkins University’s MHA program should be high on your list for the excellent professional preparedness it offers. Besides, the school of public health at Johns Hopkins which offers the MHA program is proudly one of the first and largest public health schools. As a graduate of this college, you’ll join the large network of healthcare leaders, who are excelling in varied leadership roles in a variety of settings such as insurance, non-profit organizations, and the government.

Program Details: The curriculum is a rigorous coursework of 79 credits. During the first term of the program, you will learn about statistical reasoning in public health, fundamentals of financial accounting, quantitative tools, health economics, strategic leadership & decision-making, and financial management. In addition, you’ll be taught about the legal & ethical issues in healthcare and organizational learning. The second year of the program is spent completing an MHA residency. In addition, the second year also entails completing a capstone project.

Admission Requirements: To qualify for this program, you must have a baccalaureate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. In addition, you must submit supporting documents such as letters of recommendation, official transcripts, a resume, and a statement of purpose.

Key Highlights

• This MHA program has consistently won accolades for excellence in education and the U.S. News & World Report’s recognition is only one among the many.
• This MHA program in Maryland not only provides you with an exciting opportunity of honing practical skills through a 12-month administrative residency but also gets you paid for it!
• If you are a promising student, you can earn a 75% discount on the tuition cost. If eligible, you can opt to take 75% in the second year of the program or break it into two cuts, 25% in year one, followed by 50% in the second year.
• The college also offers a number of institutional scholarships which are need-based and merit-based for full-time MHA students.

2. University of Maryland - College Park (Online)

About the School: If you are keen on earning an MHA from one of the best public health schools, then you have the University of Maryland as an excellent option. Not only is this public school ranked among the U.S. News & World Report’s top schools, but also its MHA program is counted among the best MHA programs in Maryland. Here, you will be trained for healthcare leadership and interprofessional collaboration in an enriching environment where the college leaves no stone unturned to help you achieve your career and academic goals.

Program Details: This is a 46-credit rigorous curriculum that includes 12 core courses, 1 elective, an internship, and a capstone project. Offered through online classes, the program allows you to juggle your education with a full-time job. The coursework starts with the foundations of public health and progresses to train you in key competencies of healthcare administration. You’ll master concepts in healthcare informatics, health, economics & analysis, healthcare human resources management, and health law & ethics. Besides, the program includes courses in financial management, healthcare leadership & communication, and public health research methods.

Admission Requirements: To be eligible for this MHA in Maryland, you must have an undergraduate GPA not lower than 3.0. In addition, you must be prepared to submit three letters of recommendation, a resume, a statement of purpose, and all your official transcripts. A GRE or GMAT is not required.

Key Highlights

• The college offers a unique dual degree of an MHA and a Doctor of Medicine. While the MHA is offered by the school of public health, the medical degree is offered by the university’s school of medicine. This dual degree takes a total of five years to complete.
• The college offers several networking opportunities outside the classroom. You can become a member of any of its MHA student organizations and build meaningful professional connections.
• University of Maryland offers a number of funding options to make your education affordable. You can apply for a scholarship or graduate assistantship, based on your needs and preference. In addition, here, you can also apply for a travel & research award to fund your trips to professional conferences and events.
• Because the college is located in the Washington DC area, MHA students can expect to secure some great internships at a variety of healthcare settings, including federal & state health agencies, private healthcare organizations, insurance, and non-profit healthcare agencies.

3. Mount St. Mary's University - Emmitsburg (Online)

About the School: As a Catholic university, Mount St. Mary's University’s MHA training is grounded in faith-based values, and produces exceptional healthcare leaders who are committed to the service of humanity. Counted among the best MHA programs in Maryland, here, you can enroll part-time or full-time and conveniently earn your degree through synchronous and asynchronous online classes.

Program Details: This online master of healthcare administration program in Maryland is designed to suit the needs of working students who desire maximum flexibility. Here, each class is eight weeks long, so you can focus on one topic at a time. The coursework comprises a total of 12 courses. Depending on the number of courses you take each term, you can graduate within one or two years.

The 36-credit coursework covers important topics in healthcare administration such as organizational communications, legal & ethical issues, healthcare accounting & financial management, economics for healthcare managers, healthcare informatics, and leadership assessment & development. You also gain proficiency in healthcare strategic management and healthcare operations. The program ends with a practicum where you will apply your knowledge in evidence-based practice and the Six Sigma methodology.

Admission Requirements: The ideal candidate for this program must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of at least 2.75 or have at least three years of relevant work experience, or a promising GRE or GMAT score, any one of the three eligibility criteria. Further, to complete the application process, you must submit your official transcripts, a resume, and also a GMAT/GRE score, if required.

Key Highlights

• The college offers affordable tuition costs compared to most other online MHA programs in Maryland. Besides, here you need not pay a fee for the application as it is free!
• Here, you can apply to a number of funding options to further reduce the cost of your MHA. In addition to scholarships and financial assistance, you may even get a discount from your employer. Also, because the college has reimbursement agreements with community colleges, you can avail of a concession from your previous college.
• The college allows a transfer of up to nine credits, provided you have the approval of the program director. Students who receive the transfer are able to graduate sooner and with lesser costs.
• Because the program integrates Lean Six Sigma into the MHA curriculum, when you complete the program, you will leave as a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

4. University of Baltimore - Baltimore (Online)

About the School: Do you see yourself at the helm of affairs in a healthcare organization? Do you have it in you to thrive in a challenging environment? If yes, then you are right for a career in healthcare administration. University of Baltimore’s MHA program can be a great place to start your journey in this promising healthcare field. Counted among the reputed MHA programs in Maryland, this MHA program has also earned the recognition of the U.S. News & World Report. Also, if you desire the flexibility of online classes along with the individualized attention of in-person classes, then here, in-person classes are offered every Saturday, in combination with an online coursework.

Program Details: This MHA in Maryland is a 39-credit coursework that broadly covers management, quantitative, finance, and informatics-related courses. The management-related courses educate you on healthcare systems, policy issues in healthcare, quality management, and human resource management. Further, you’ll master quantitative tools for health systems management, health planning, and program evaluation. Additionally, courses in healthcare finance and informatics teach you about healthcare information systems, private health insurance, and health finance & economics.

Admission Requirements: To qualify for this MHA program, you must have completed your bachelor’s degree from an accredited college with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Also, the college prefers candidates with healthcare experience. To complete your online application, you must submit a statement of purpose, official transcripts, and a resume.

Key Highlights

• To make your education affordable, the college offers several options, including scholarships, grants, loans, and student employment options. To know the eligibility criteria ensure you contact the college’s financial aid office.
• The MHA program is taught by an accomplished faculty, comprised of leaders, having several years of experience.

5. Uniformed Services University - Bethesda (On-Campus)

About the School: Do you aspire to play a pivotal role in the military health system? If so, then Uniformed Services University’s MHA program can prepare you to serve the military in the dynamic role of a healthcare leader. Out of all the MHA programs in Maryland, this is the only such program that produces healthcare professionals for the military health system. If you are a civilian student, wondering if graduating from this program makes you obliged towards service to the U.S. government, then there is no such service obligation, however, active service members may be obliged to serve, based on the regulations applicable to them because of their sponsored MHA education.

Program Details: This MHA program in Maryland is an 81-credit rigorous curriculum that comprises didactic and experiential learning. The two-year program starts with one year of didactic training, followed by one year of residency. The didactic courses thoroughly prepare you by strengthening your knowledge in topics such as healthcare finance, global health, healthcare law, healthcare economics, and quality assessment & improvement in healthcare. You’ll also master concepts in patient safety, managerial epidemiology, and strategic planning & marketing for healthcare systems. Upon graduation, you will be adept at playing leadership roles within the military health system, in state and federal healthcare organizations, and also in the private healthcare system.

Admission Requirements: While the program mainly admits students having a background in healthcare or policy, promising students who do not fulfill this criterion can still apply, provided their academic record is outstanding. Besides, three recommendation letters, a resume, and a personal goals statement must be submitted.

Key Highlights

• Of all the master of healthcare administration programs in Maryland, this program stands out for providing you with practical experiences tailored to match your goals. You will apply your knowledge in healthcare administration, policy, and leadership at various sites in the National Capital Area, including private and public healthcare facilities.
• Military-trained personnel have no financial obligation towards their MHA education as the entire cost of education is funded by the federal government.

6. University of Maryland - Adelphi (Online)

About the School: At the University of Maryland, you can complete your education in healthcare administration without ever stepping onto the campus. If you want to obtain high-quality MHA training from the comfort of your home, then enrolling in this MHA program in Maryland can be your best bet.

To make you proficient and job-ready in this competitive healthcare field, the curriculum is aligned with evolving needs of the healthcare industry. Whether you want to develop healthcare strategies or gain exceptional leadership skills, upon graduation, you’ll be well-versed to explore diverse leadership roles within the healthcare field.

Program Details: This master of healthcare administration program in Maryland is a 42-credit curriculum. The program starts with an orientation course which may be waived, provided your previous degree is from an accredited school. The core courses cover several topics in management and healthcare administration.

You’ll start with courses in organizational behavior and statistics for managerial decision-making, progressing to advanced topics, including the business of healthcare, financial management, strategic financial management, legal aspects of healthcare, long-term administration, and strategic issues in healthcare leadership. Upon completion of the program, you’ll be prepared to take the following certification exams, including the Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives Exam and the Certified in Public Health Exam.

Admission Requirements: To be eligible for admission, you must foremost have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0. In addition, you must submit a copy of your transcripts along with a resume, a personal goals statement, and letters of recommendation.

Key Highlights

• The college has been offering online education for almost 75 years. With these many years of experience in serving the needs of working adults, it has evolved and refined its online teaching pedagogy to offer MHA students the most engaging online learning experience. Besides, this truly online program saves you the costs of textbooks as all the learning content is available in digital format without any additional cost.
• If you come from a military background then you’ll be supported with tuition assistance and several other veterans benefits.
• If eligible, you’ll be able to transfer up to six credits from your previous education.



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