10 Best MHA Programs in Florida – 2024

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MHA programs in Florida present a great professional development opportunity both for healthcare professionals looking to get out of direct care and for non-professionals looking to get into a new field. Many of these programs are conducted online so you won’t have to relocate or give up your current job to enroll. With a Master’s Degree in Health Administration, you can join the team at a hospital or clinic as a healthcare manager or a health services administrator. Florida MHA graduates earn salaries that average $119,520 annually. Interested in finding out more? Get started by reading about the 10 best MHA programs in Florida for 2024.



(Based on our Ranking Methodology, we have ranked the 10 best campus-based and online MHA programs in Florida.)

1. University of Miami - Coral Gables (Campus)

About the School: If you are keen on making a positive impact on healthcare delivery, what better than a leadership position in healthcare administration. Considered one of the best MHA programs in Florida, the University of Miami’s MHA program prepares you for leadership positions in healthcare. The college provides a conducive learning environment under the mentorship of an acclaimed faculty. Furthermore, it offers several networking opportunities to build relationships with industry experts. Ranked among the US News & World Report’s top-ranking MHA programs in the nation, here within 18 months, you can graduate and join the 45,000-plus strong workforce of healthcare managers around the world.

Program Details: This is one of the few MHA programs in Florida that can make you a passionate healthcare leader in less than two years. The 40-credit curriculum aims towards enhancing your skills in management, decision-making, and process improvement. To earn the graduation credits, you will complete the required courses and electives. The coursework is comprehensive and covers every aspect of healthcare management. You will learn about accounting, digital transformation, professional communication, valuation & financial decision making, public policy & health, public policy, statistics, quality management, human resource systems, and marketing management. You will also master concepts in population health, legal aspects of healthcare administration, and health & medical decision-making.

Admission Requirements: To apply to this MHA school, you must submit your online application via BusinessCAS. To be eligible, you must have an undergraduate degree from an accredited college. Also, GMAT or GRE scores are required. Additionally, the college requires you to submit a professional resume, letters of recommendation, and all official transcripts.

Key Highlights

• To make your education affordable, the college awards merit-based scholarships, the application for which is the same as the application to the MHA program, so you are not required to fill out a separate application. Nonetheless, the assessment for the scholarship is more competitive than admission, and only highly deserving candidates will be considered for the reward.
• Through this MHA program in Florida, you can start your Champion Certification in Six Sigma. As a certified champion, you will be adept in the implementation of the Six Sigma strategy which is widely used in healthcare organizations across the world.

2. University of South Florida-Main Campus - Tampa (Campus)

About the School: Graduating from one of the best MHA programs in Florida, like the MHA offered by the University of South Florida-Main Campus, prepares you for successful healthcare leadership, regardless of whether you are a recent graduate or a mid-level professional. Through rigorous didactic courses and extensive field experiences, the college ensures you are equipped with the latest tools to navigate through the complex decisions of managing a healthcare organization.

Program Details: This is a 54-credit coursework that includes 9 credits in core courses, 21 credits in management & policy, 18 credits in finance, economics & decision making, and 6 credits in a final culminating experience. While the core courses strengthen your base in systems of public health, population assessment, the courses in finance & economics educate you on financial management, research methods in public health, health finance applications, quantitative analysis, information systems, and health economics. Thereafter, as the final culminating experience, you complete an internship and an advanced seminar in healthcare management.

Admission Requirements: To qualify for this MHA in Florida, you must have a baccalaureate degree in any discipline. Furthermore, the college requires you to submit a statement of purpose, a resume, and two letters of recommendation. Though a GRE is not required, it is recommended if it can strengthen your application.

Key Highlights

• USF also offers a dual degree in MHA and MPH for those interested in gaining expertise in two complementing fields of healthcare administration and public health. Should you choose to enroll in this program, you will require completing 96 credits, out of which 9 credits are common to the MHA and MPH curriculum.
• Graduates of this program are currently working at prominent healthcare organizations, including Kaiser Permanente, Tampa General Hospital, and Moffitt Cancer Center, to name a few.

3. University of Florida - Gainesville (Campus)

About the School: Are you shortlisting master of healthcare administration programs in Florida that offer the flexibility of part-time and full-time schedules? If so, you may want to learn about the University of Florida’s MHA program. Here, you can choose to enroll in the full-time schedule and complete the program within two years, or take part-time classes and graduate after three years. Healthcare Administration is one of the most promising careers currently, more so in aftermath of the pandemic. Well, if you are someone with enhanced interpersonal and analytical skills, then, here, by gaining employable education, you can explore job positions in a variety of settings, including hospitals, home care agencies, consulting firms, insurance companies, and healthcare organizations.

Program Details: To earn your MHA, regardless of the schedule, you are required to complete 57 credits or 21 courses. While the full-time track requires two years, if you enroll part-time you will graduate in three years. The full-time track starts in the fall, whereas the part-time schedule begins in summer. The program educates you on our healthcare system, concepts in public health, information management, health care data analytics, health care finance, healthcare data analytics, medical terminology, and strategic management in health administration. Also, you learn about legal & ethical issues, health insurance, and health economics. Your training ends with a capstone in health administration.

Admission Requirements: To qualify for this master of healthcare administration program in Florida, be it the part-time or full-time track, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Also, you are required to submit a current resume, three references, a statement of purpose, and two personal essays. Additionally, GRE or GMAT scores are required, more so if your GPA is lesser than prescribed.

Key Highlights

• This MHA in Florida offers an internship opportunity of three months in a wide variety of organizations, including, the Mayo Clinic, Orlando Health, Price WaterhouseCoopers, VA Medical Center, to name a few. In fact, these experiences not only provide for insightful learning but also offer either a monthly stipend or an hourly wage.
• The part-time track, although primarily campus-based, combines on-campus learning with few online classes, thereby providing you the flexibility to work full-time while pursuing this degree.

4. University of Central Florida - Orlando

Programs Offered: MHSA (Campus) and EMHA (Online)

About the School: University of Central Florida ranks among the most innovative master of healthcare administration programs in Florida as per the US News & World Report. So, if you are keen on receiving an education that is in tune with the current trends in healthcare administration, then you are in the right place. Here, based on whether you are starting straight after college or already holding an executive position in healthcare, you can enroll in the on-campus MHSA or the online EMHA and embark on a career as a healthcare administrator, manager, or leader. Also, with campuses spread across Central Florida, if you enrolling in the on-campus MHSA program, you will find it rather hassle-free to commute to take classes. Furthermore, should you choose the online EMHA track, the college, known for its stellar online education, connects you with up to 30 other cohort members, through which you can build lifelong connections.

Program Details: If you are an experienced mid-level professional, checking out online MHA programs in Florida, then the executive online MHA track will be a perfect fit. Not only will graduate within two years, but you will also be able to juggle a job as you can complete the program by taking only two courses per semester. On the other hand, the on-campus MHA is meant for students without any experience. While the MHA track requires completing 51 credits, for the executive online program, you must earn 42 credits. Regardless of the track, you must complete pre-requisite courses in foundations in healthcare finance and economics before starting with the coursework. Both the programs comprise core courses, electives, and an internship. Some of the topics you will gain knowledge on include healthcare organization management, healthcare human resources, issues & trends in health, healthcare finance, epidemiology, and case studies in health law.

Admission Requirements: To be eligible for either of these MHA programs in Florida, you must have an accredited bachelor’s degree. Also, you must submit a resume, letters of reference, and all official transcripts. Furthermore, for the online executive track, in addition, relevant work experience of at least three years is required.

Key Highlights

• The college awards fellowships to highly deserving students. These fellowships will enhance learning and provide you with valuable real-world experience, especially if you are entering the program straight out of baccalaureate college.
• The elective course that forms a part of your coursework offers a wide range of course options, ranging from healthcare ethics, healthcare risk management to health disparities and strategies.

5. Florida International University - Miami (Hybrid or Online)

About the School: Are you a compassionate person who is highly motivated to make a difference in healthcare? If your answer is yes, then you are cut out for a career in healthcare administration. With the state’s large baby boomer population, the healthcare industry requires an expanding workforce to manage the financial and human resources of a healthcare organization. Florida International University counted as one of the best MHA programs in Florida, offers you a hybrid and a fully online MHA track. While the hybrid track offers 50% of classes on campus, the other track is 100% online. Equipped with skills in critical thinking, leadership, problem-solving, and analytical reasoning, almost all the graduates of this MHA school have found suitable placements, soon after leaving the college.

Program Details: The hybrid program is a fast-track track curriculum that can help you graduate within as little as 18 months, whereas the online track spans two years. The quick pace for the hybrid track is because you complete courses in the eight-week format, whereas with the fully online program each course lasts for 16 weeks. However, both these MHA programs in Florida offer the same curriculum and require you to complete 48 credits for graduation. Some of the topics you will gain expertise on include economic decision analysis, financial management of health systems, health law & legal aspects, leadership & organizational behavior, quality assessment, design & management of health information systems, strategic planning, ethical decision making, human resource management and the management of long-term care systems.

Admission Requirements: This MHA in Florida, regardless of the track you choose requires you to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Also, the college requires you to submit a personal statement, a resume, and all official transcripts.

Key Highlights

• Both the tracks offer you the opportunity to obtain your training and certification in Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. By adding this credential to your resume, you will not only beat the competition in the job market but also gain innovative skills in systems process improvement.
• The fast-track hybrid program, in addition to offering the advantage of graduating six months earlier also works out cheaper than the online program.

6. University of North Florida - Jacksonville

Programs Offered: MHA (Campus) and EMHA (Online)

About the School: Earning a master of health administration will be the most prudent step you can take for a bright leadership career in the field of healthcare. If you are seeking to achieve your career goals in an environment that provides rich exposure and innumerable networking opportunities, then you are in the right place. University of North Florida’s MHA programs are among the popular master of healthcare administration programs in Florida that can prepare you to excel as a manager, administrator, or healthcare leader. When you enter this college, you will be surrounded by individuals who are passionate about improving healthcare. Moreover, the college, located in the heart of Jacksonville’s thriving healthcare environment, amidst prominent hospitals, nursing facilities, and the corporate office of the Florida Blue makes it rather favorable for you to land an internship or placement.

Program Details: The campus-based MHA enrolls students without any prior healthcare experience, whereas, for the executive MHA online track, you must be a mid-level healthcare professional. While both programs span 20 months, the MHA being more comprehensive requires 45 credits as against the executive track that comprises 30-credit worth of courses. Now, if you are wondering about the difference between the two tracks, then with the campus-based track the coursework is designed to impart broad-based knowledge, whereas, the executive MHA track further deepens your professional knowledge in leadership and healthcare management. The MHA track, offered with 3-year part-time and 2-year full-time schedule options, educates you on healthcare finance, health organization delivery, health economics, health information technology, policy & law, quality management, project planning, human resource management, healthcare financial management, and epidemiology. On the other hand, the executive track focuses on healthcare leadership, financial management, research methods, in addition to the concepts included in the MHA program.

Admission Requirements: To qualify for this MHA program in Florida, regardless of the track, you must have an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.0. Also, you must submit a resume, two letters of recommendation, and all official transcripts. For the executive track, to qualify, you must also have three years of relevant experience in healthcare.

Key Highlights

• The online executive MHA track includes three on-campus seminars, each lasting for up to four days. These three sessions provide opportunities to network not only with faculty but also with industry leaders.
• As a student of either of these MHA programs in Florida, you will enjoy hands-on learning experiences through a residency that could last anywhere from one semester to one year. This experience will not only provide for valuable learning but also pay you a monthly stipend.

7. Barry University - Miami (Campus)

About the School: Barry University offers aspiring healthcare leaders a unique learning experience where the focus remains on health administration courses that are taught by a faculty who have years of experience as healthcare executives. As a graduate of this MHA program in Florida, you will be prepared to face the challenges of the complex and ever-changing healthcare industry. Equipped with skills in critical thinking, decision making, communication, you will be able to contribute to healthcare by playing leadership roles in hospitals, health care systems, insurance & managed care, state health agencies, and private healthcare organizations. At Barry, you can continue working full-time, as the program offers flexible schedules that can easily fit into your busy life.

Program Details: This master of healthcare administration program in Florida is a 51-credit curriculum that spans two years. To put it simply, you will complete 14 courses, 1 elective, 1 capstone, and 1 internship to earn your degree. You will master concepts in principles of health services administration, managerial epidemiology, health care policy, healthcare economics, health promotion & disease, health law & ethics, biostatistics, and finance & delivery of healthcare. The program also takes you through healthcare marketing, health information systems, and healthcare leadership. Additionally, the practicum which is a requirement for graduation can be completed in a specialty area, based on your goals. You can enter this program either in the all or spring.

Admission Requirements: To qualify for this MHA in Florida, you must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Additionally, two letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, and all official transcripts are required to be submitted.

Key Highlights

• The college also offers a dual degree in healthcare administration and public health. Should you desire a solid foundation in these two complementing fields, then you require completing a total of 60 credits, after which you can explore a variety of career opportunities.
• The college has strong partnerships with major healthcare organizations in South Florida. Some of the recent affiliations include Cleveland Clinic, Memorial Health Care System, and Jackson Memorial Hospital, to name a few. These healthcare sites can provide for varied internships as well as placement opportunities.
• Among all the MHA programs in Florida, Barry’s MHA stands out for offering hospital partnership cohorts. Through these tie-ups, the college offers its MHA program on-site at a partner healthcare facility, making it a great option for employees to advance their education right at own their workplace!

8. Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton

Programs Offered: MHA (Campus), EMHA (Campus or Online)

About the School: Florida Atlantic University offers the MHA program through its College of Business which was established in 1964 and is known among the largest business schools in the nation. Aspiring MHA students have two track options, one for students without any prior work experience and the other designed for working professionals seeking to advance their career. Also, the college offers maximum flexibility in class schedules to match the needs of working students. Committed to its mission of producing dynamic leaders, it offers relevant education in tune with the constantly evolving healthcare industry. Through a fine blend of didactic courses and experiential learning, you will gain exceptional skills in leadership, decision making, and critical thinking.

Program Details: Counted among the best MHA programs in Florida, with two options, whether you are straight out of college or a mid-level executive, you will have a program to help you reach your career goals. While the MHA track is offered only in the on-campus format, the executive MHA track can be completed either online or in the in-person format, depending on your preference. Regardless of the track you enroll in, you will progress through it as a cohort under the mentorship of its world-class faculty. Both these tracks require completing 30 to 31 credits. Because you enter the MHA track without any prior experience, in addition to core courses and electives, the curriculum also includes an internship to provide you with valuable hands-on experience, whereas the executive track does not have this requirement. Instead, the EMHA track offers an optional study abroad opportunity which you can take to gain global exposure. Whatever track you may enroll in, you will gain knowledge in core topics of business communication, healthcare finance, organizational behavior in healthcare, research methods for healthcare management, planning & marketing, health policy, and health law.

Admission Requirements: To be eligible for this MHA in Florida, regardless of the track, you must foremost have an undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Additionally, you must submit a current resume, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation, and all official transcripts. Furthermore, the executive track in addition to these requirements also mandates at least four years of healthcare-related work experience.

Key Highlights

• If you enter either of the two tracks with a minimum GPA of 3.3, you may be eligible to win a tuition award as the college awards merit-based tuition awards to two deserving MHA candidates.
• The executive track is one of the few MHA programs in Florida, that also includes the Lean Six-Sigma Green Belt Certification.
• The executive MHA tracks begin with a one-credit Leadership Bootcamp. This experience exposes you to the latest trends in healthcare management.

9. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University - Tallahassee (Campus)

About the School: Are you are recent graduate, aspiring to gain a comprehensive education in healthcare administration? If your answer is astounding yes, then Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University’s MHA program will be a befitting choice. Not only does the college prepare you for a promising management career, but the rich environment that it offers values diversity and embraces students from all races and ethnicities. In fact, the college also is one of the prominent producers of African American healthcare leaders in the state. Here, as a graduate of one of the best MHA programs in Florida, you can explore a variety of job positions post-graduation, including that of a CEO, COO, financial officer, and management analyst.

Program Details: This on-campus MHA program is offered with part-time and full-time schedules. Classes are mainly offered during the evenings to allow working students to continue with their employment. The curriculum comprises 55 credits in core courses and a capstone. As a graduate of this program, you will demonstrate vital professional competencies such as enhanced communication, critical thinking, an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of healthcare delivery, and utilization of information technology. Towards the end of the program, you must complete a capstone wherein you apply newly acquired professional skills to complete the project. This five-semester program includes courses in legal aspects & ethics in health, financial management, healthcare marketing, health information system, quality management, and strategic planning in healthcare.

Admission Requirements: Similar to other MHA programs in Florida, to meet the minimum admission requirements, you must have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Additionally, you are required to submit all official transcripts, a resume, three letters of recommendation, a personal statement, and your GRE score.

Key Highlights

• This is one of the well-known MHA programs in Florida, proudly offered by a top-ranking public HBCU, so if you are searching for an African-American-friendly MHA school in Florida, this program will be your best bet.
• In the last semester of the program, you will gain practical real-world experience through a residency. To be eligible for this fieldwork, you must have completed all courses with a minimum grade of B.

10. Rasmussen College-Florida - Ocala (Online)

About the School: If you are shortlisting online MHA programs in Florida, then you may want to add Rasmussen College’s MHA program to your list. Here, not only will you enjoy the convenience of taking classes from the comfort of your home, but you will be able to take classes as per your schedule. Also, this program offers affordable tuition costs and takes less than two years to complete.

Program Details: This is a 48-credit curriculum that takes 18 months to complete. The 12 courses of the program that are offered through online classes train you in healthcare policy, ethics & laws, healthcare quality management, healthcare operations management, population health, financial management, and leadership, healthcare informatics, strategic planning, and evaluation of healthcare data.

Admission Requirements: To be eligible for this program, you must have a bachelor’s degree in any field. Also, you are required to submit all official transcripts, a resume, and a personal goals statement.

Key Highlights

• This is one of the unique MHA programs in Florida that offers a competency-based curriculum called Flex Choice. Through this design, you can quickly move through the courses, spending less time on topics you already are competent at.
• The program acknowledges your past education and allows you to transfer credits, provided you meet the eligibility criteria.



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