17 Best Online MHA NO GRE Programs For 2024

Written By: Darby Faubion BSN, RN

If you are a professional working in the healthcare industry, you know that healthcare is ever-changing. Changes in healthcare require leaders who are well-prepared to strategically manage business and lead healthcare teams. Healthcare administrators support the delivery of services and care that impact patient populations. Online NO GRE programs are one-way industry-leading professionals are developed and step into these roles. If you have considered pursuing a graduate degree in healthcare leadership, the best online MHA NO GRE Programs for 2024 featured in this article are a great place to start. As you continue reading, you will find information about master's in health administration programs and how you can succeed as a student.


What Exactly Is an MHA NO GRE Program?

Master's in Health Administration (MHA) programs are graduate degree programs that prepare students to integrate managerial and clinical competencies, preparing them for leadership roles in the healthcare industry. The GRE test (Graduate Record Examinations) is a standardized graduate admissions test that is accepted worldwide. The test evaluates a person's ability to communicate through analytical writing, quantitative reasoning, and verbal reasoning to determine an applicant's likelihood of succeeding in a graduate program. Campus-based and/or online MHA NO GRE Programs are master’s in health administration programs that do not require submission of GRE test scores as a stipulation for admission.

3 Top Benefits of Online MHA Programs That Do Not Require GRE

Although some online MHA programs still require prospective students to take the GRE and have satisfactory scores before admission, many colleges and universities do not. The common thought behind removing the GRE requirement is that the examination may not be the best predictor of a student’s potential for success. College and university faculty offer different opinions about whether the GRE should remain a standard for admission. While there is a strong argument that the Graduate Record Examinations should be given and there are disadvantages of not taking it, there are also benefits of not requiring the GRE for admission. A few benefits of choosing MHA online NO GRE programs include the following.

1. Forget the test anxiety!

GRE test scores may not be an excellent way to predict an applicant's chances of success in a graduate program, like the online MHA NO GRE Programs, because some test-takers experience test anxiety. Test-takers with anxiety may not score well. By choosing a program that does not require GRE scores, you can avoid the stress of trying to achieve high scores as a condition of admission.

2. GRE scores do not have to be submitted.

Many colleges and universities prefer to look at an applicant’s overall academic achievements instead of using the scores from one test. If you took the Graduation Record Examination and did not score well, choosing an MHA No-GRE program will allow you to apply without submitting the scores.

3. All applicants are considered equally.

If you apply to an MHA program that does not require GRE scores, you will not have to worry about competing with applicants who have taken the exam and may have scored higher than you.

How Long Are Online MHA NO GRE Programs?

The amount of time it takes to complete the best online MHA NO GRE Programs may be determined by several factors. A few examples are whether a student is enrolled on a part-time or full-time schedule, whether courses need to be repeated, or if it becomes necessary to have an extended absence from the program. The average length of the programs is from fifteen months to two and a half years.

The master's in health administration program offered at the

University of Missouri

is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Management Education. It is one of several excellent online MHA programs that don't require GRE scores for admission. Students can typically complete the program, which includes forty-two credit hours of combined core coursework and an individual research project, in two years of full-time enrollment.

George Mason University

, the master’s in health administration program is designed to prepare “health care professionals with strategic, business, analytic, and decision-making skills needed to successfully navigate the evolving health care industry." Students enrolled in the program complete forty-seven credit hours, including a Capstone Practicum. This program can be completed in thirty-two months.

Ohio University

offers an MHA program designed for completion in two years that is delivered exclusively online. It is an ideal choice for busy people who want to advance their careers as leaders in healthcare.
Ninety-six percent of graduates of the

Seton Hall University

master’s in health administration program are offered upper-level management positions within 90 days of graduation, making this program one of the best online MHA NO GRE Programs we have found. The program provides a structured two-year sequence during which online students complete coursework and intensive clinical experiences.

How Much Will Online MHA NO GRE Programs Cost?

The cost of online MHA NO GRE Programs varies from one school or program to another. While some programs can be completed for as little as $12,000, others cost as much as $61,000 or more.

Stony Brook University’s

Program in Public Health offers a Master of Health Administration degree program that is CAHME-accredited. The program is offered 100% online and can be completed in two years of full-time enrollment. Applicants who wish to attend part-time may do so and can work at their own pace to complete the program within a five-year maximum time limit. Students learn the skills needed to become highly qualified professionals in health management with an in-depth understanding of population health competencies. At a rate of $582 per credit hour for New York state residents and $963 for non-residents, tuition for the fifty-one-credit hour course is $29,682 (residents) to $49,113 (non-residents).
The Master of Health Administration program at

Capella University

, one of the featured online MHA NO GRE Programs in this article, is designed in alignment with the National Center for Health Care Leadership Competency Model (NCHL). Students may choose one of four specializations on which to focus their studies: General Health Administration, Healthcare Informatics, Healthcare Leadership, and Healthcare Operations. Capella Universities offers students the unique opportunity to earn a degree on their terms using the FlexPath option, a self-paced learning format that allows students control. The FlexPath tuition and learning design involves paying $2,400 for each 12-week billing session. Although only two courses can be taken simultaneously, the FlexPath option does not limit the number of classes students may take during each session. There are no deadlines or classroom discussions. Students who choose the FlexPath option can complete their degrees for as little as $12,000. Learners who prefer a more structured academic format may choose the GuidedPath option, which offers faculty guidance and an active peer community. Students using the Guided Path can earn their degree for $19,260.

Duquesne University

, you can focus your MHA degree in one of three specializations: Healthcare Compliance & Risk Management, Population Health, or Health Informatics & Data Analytics. The MHA degree includes coursework designed to promote critical thinking and effective communication, as these skills help healthcare leaders promote successful, financially secure, and patient-focused healthcare facilities. The program includes forty-two credit hours at a rate of $1,426 per credit hour, with an average tuition for the program totaling $61,404.

What Is the Curriculum Like in MHA Programs That Do Not Require GRE Scores?

Online MHA programs without GRE include coursework that is focused on the development of leadership qualities and business management. Students learn principles of leadership, decision-making strategies, how to use effective communication, and legal issues in healthcare.

With interdisciplinary coursework provided by the Carl H. Lindner College of Business and the College of Allied Health Sciences, The

University of Cincinnati

is home to one of our featured online MHA programs that don't require GRE scores for admission. The program curriculum consists of forty-semester credits, including introductory courses, core courses, and a two-part capstone experience. Students enrolled in this program take the following courses.

◦ Health Systems Management: Principles of Leadership
◦ Health Care Finance: Analysis and Decision-Making
◦ Health Policy: Legal and Ethical Issues
◦ Health Quality: Evidence-Based Decision Making for Managers
◦ Health Care Marketplace: Strategic Success

Southern New Hampshire University

offers a thirty-six-credit-hour master's in health administration program. Program faculty instruct students on utilizing effective communication skills, interpersonal skills, cultural competency, collaborative practices, and financial principles to monitor, interpret and analyze data necessary for strategic planning and decision-making. The courses listed below are examples of classes in the required curriculum.

◦ Global Health and Diversity
◦ Biostatistics
◦ Economic Principles of Healthcare
◦ Health Policy and Law
◦ Strategic Human Resource Management

The master’s in health administration program at the

University of Scranton

requires students to complete forty-seven to fifty-three credits, including an internship that involves 150 hours of fieldwork. Additionally, students have the option of one of two specialties, MHA: Health Informatics or MHA: Global Health. Classes in the master's in health administration online program include the following.

◦ Healthcare Statistics and Research Methods
◦ Health Services and Systems
◦ Healthcare Planning and Marketing
◦ Healthcare IT Management
◦ Grants Writing and Management

University of Scranton

students who choose to add a specialization add nine credits and 150 hours of fieldwork to their academic plan. In addition to the coursework required for the master’s in health administration, MHA: Health Informatics students take Introduction to Health Informatics, Community Health for Health Informatics, and Health Information Policy and Governance. Students enrolled in the MHA: Global Health Specialization will add Global Health Management, South American Health Systems, and European Health Systems.

Florida Atlantic University

offers one of the best MHA online NO GRE programs available. At FAU, classes have summer and fall start dates. The program, which can be completed in fifteen months, follows an intensive curriculum including the following courses.

◦ Communication Skills for Business Professionals
◦ Service Design and Patient Experience
◦ Healthcare Operations
◦ Global Health Issues in Healthcare Delivery
◦ Public Health in Pandemics

Admission Requirements

Nothing says “professionalism” like being prepared and getting things done right the first time. If you are considering applying to one of the best MHA online NO GRE programs, it is essential to take the time to make yourself familiar with their admission criteria. Gather all necessary documents and other deliverables as soon as possible and, if you can, submit them with your application. Colleges and universities typically set their admission requirements, being careful to align with their accrediting agency/agencies. Although there may be some differences in the criteria for admissions, most MHA NO GRE online programs have similar minimum admission requirements.

General admission requirements usually include:

◦ Possessing a Bachelor’s Degree
◦ Submit copies of all post-secondary transcripts
◦ Submit resume
◦ Professional letters of reference
◦ Submit a Statement of Purpose

To be considered for admission to the online master's in health administration NO GRE program at

New York University

, at least one year of full-time experience working in a United States healthcare-related role is preferred. Other requirements include, but are not limited to, the following.

◦ Submission of two essays:

The first essay should outline short-term and long-term professional goals. The essay should address how your goals, past experiences, professional goals, and personal qualities are aligned with achieving these goals. The second essay should address the complexities of a healthcare issue of the applicant’s choice and describe how the master’s in health administration program at NYU will help address the issue.

◦ Resume

including employment and professional history in chronological order. The resume should include your title, dates employed, and whether employment was part-time or full-time. Also include any additional activities such as volunteer work, public service, academic or professional honors, or relevant publications.

◦ Two letters of reference

from people who can attest to your professional and academic achievements and potential.

Penn State University

has designed its master's in health administration program to meet the educational needs of mid-level career professionals who wish to change positions within the healthcare industry or advance within the organization where they are currently employed. The university encourages applicants to have at least three years of full-time professional work experience, preferably in healthcare, and to be actively employed in a healthcare setting before applying for admission to the program. Other admission requirements include, but are not limited to, the following.

◦ Possess a baccalaureate degree

from a regionally accredited United States institution or a tertiary degree comparable to a four-year bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited U.S. educational institution.

◦ Personal Statement

that describes personal, professional, and academic background. Explain why you are interested in the healthcare industry, and how an online MHA degree can contribute to your future goals.

◦ Interview:

Admissions faculty review all applications to determine if an applicant will be asked to participate in an interview. The interview is intended to assess the applicant's potential for success in the profession and an online program. Candidates who score above an established threshold of scoring on their written application will be invited to an interview, which is used to form the basis for offers of admission.

Loyola University at Chicago

will accept its first cohort in the fall of 2021. With a focus on preparing graduates who will possess the skills, professional values, and knowledge required to be an effective leader in healthcare administration, the MHA at Loyola is on track to be one of the best online MHA NO GRE Programs. Candidates for admission should meet the following criteria.

◦ Possess a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution
◦ Show proof of a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale for their most recent degree
◦ Demonstrate competency by having completed at least three credits of undergraduate or graduate coursework with a "B" or higher within the past five years in EACH of the following:

1. Accounting
2. Statistics
3. Economics

7 Important Questions to Ask Yourself While Selecting the Right Online MHA NO GRE Program

Choosing which college or university you want to attend is an important decision. As you research online MHA NO GRE programs and begin making plans for your academic and professional future, there are a few questions you should ask yourself.

1. “Am I disciplined enough to remain committed to an online program?”

While online healthcare administration learning has its advantages, it does require discipline to stay focused. One of the drawbacks of distance learning is no instructors are standing over you to make sure you are completing assignments or taking advantage of study time. If you are unsure of your ability to remain focused without face-to-face interaction with faculty or classmates, a hybrid class or on-campus learning may be a better choice for you.

2. “Do I want to choose a specialization or earn a general master’s in health administration?”

Choosing to focus on a specific concentration of health administration is not a requirement. However, many colleges or universities that offer online MHA NO GRE programs have the option of specialty focus courses. Healthcare Informatics, Healthcare Leadership, Health Systems Management, and Post-Acute Care Management, and Public Health are a few examples. If there is an area of health administration that is of particular interest to you, choosing a college or university that offers that specialty as an add-on to its master’s in health administration program is a good idea.

3. “Should I go to school part-time or full-time?”

Some schools that offer MHA online NO GRE programs give students the option of choosing between part-time and full-time enrollment. Other programs may offer either part-time or full-time, but not both. Earning a graduate degree involves a curriculum that covers in-depth material. Consider the question of whether you should attend school part-time or full-time carefully before deciding. You want to make sure that you leave enough time in your schedule to study and to keep up with personal and professional obligations.

4. “How will I pay for my master’s in health administration degree?”

While the long-term benefits of earning a master's degree can be financially rewarding, you have to get there first. Proper planning can help alleviate some of the worry or stress that comes with financial obligations, both personal and academic. The schools that offer online MHA programs that don't require GRE, like those featured in this article, have financial advisors that prospective students can speak with about the cost of programs and anticipated fees. Take the time to get as much information as possible about the average price of the program. Make a list of your financial obligations that are not school-related. Compare those expenses with your income and determine whether you need to seek financial aid or apply for scholarships.

5. “Should I continue to work full-time while in school?”

Everyone you ask will have an opinion regarding whether you need to continue working full-time while in MHA school. However, only you can make that decision. For some people, going to school full-time and working full-time may be too much. If you are one of those people, you may want to consider part-time enrollment in school or requesting a change in your work schedule or the amount of time you work. The most important thing is to make sure you have balance so that you don’t become overwhelmed and feel like giving up.

6. “Who are the people I am going to have as a support system?”

Every person needs a support system. When you are in healthcare administration school, you will find that having supportive people can take a lot of stress from you. You may have a family member or friend who can watch the kids one or two afternoons each week so you can have uninterrupted study time. Maybe your spouse or significant other can commit to handling specific household chores that you would typically do. Identify the people you feel you can depend on and talk to them about your goals. Do not be afraid to ask them if you can rely on them for support and help while you are in school.

7. “Am I really ready for this???”

It is not uncommon for adult learners to decide they want to return to school for a graduate degree, only to find themselves second-guessing their decisions. There is nothing wrong with questioning yourself. Just make sure you are asking for the right reasons. If you have come far enough in your professional journey that you now want to achieve more goals, or you are ready to advance your career, this could be the perfect time for you. Make a list of the pros and cons related to pursuing your degree through online MHA NO GRE programs and write down your reasons for wanting to do it. Having your goals and dreams in front of you will help you process things and decide with a clear mind.


(These online MHA programs do not require applicants to take the GRE.)

1. New York University - New York

2. Penn State University - Pennsylvania, PA


Health Policy & Administration

3. University of Missouri - Columbia, MO

4. George Mason University - Fairfax, VA


Health Systems Management

5. Seton Hall University - South Orange

6. University of Scranton - Scranton, PA


Health Informatics and Global Health

7. Ohio University - Athens

8. University of Cincinnati - Cincinnati, OH

9. Southern New Hampshire University - Manchester, NH

10. Florida Atlantic University - Boca Raton, FL

11. Stony Brook University - Stony Brook

12. Capella University - Minneapolis, MN


General Health Administration, Health Care Informatics, Health Care Leadership, and Health Care Operations

13. Duquesne University – Pittsburgh


Health Informatics & Data Analytics, Healthcare Compliance & Risk Management, and Population Health

14. Loyola University Chicago – Chicago


Healthcare Business Intelligence, Healthcare Community Engagement & Partnership, and Post-Acute Care

15. Roberts Wesleyan College – Rochester

16. Mercy College of Ohio - Toledo

17. East Tennessee State University - Johnson City


Career Opportunities Post Completion of This Program

Graduates of online MHA NO GRE programs work in a broad range of health administration positions. A few examples of possible job opportunities after completion of one of these programs are listed below.

Clinical Manager:

Handles administrative aspects of patient care; responsible for scheduling staff, developing company policies, overseeing the operating budget, and managing information systems.

Director of Health Information Management:

Oversees the organization of electronic health records and programs, manages health information staff, ensures patient data is accurate and confidential and that records systems are aligned with federal regulations.

Hospital Administrator:

Supervises department heads within the facility, evaluates staff performance, creates plans for quality improvement, makes and/or approves business decisions related to the facility and ensures efforts that promote positive patient outcomes are implemented by all staff.

Earning Potential Post Completion of This Program

MHA online NO GRE programs equip students with in-demand skills in the healthcare industry. As reflected in the chart below, PayScale.com reports after completion of a master's in health administration degree, graduates can begin earning an hourly wage of $37.21, the equivalent of $6,420 monthly or $77,396 annually. As individuals with an MHA gain work experience, income earning potential increases, with some earning more than $100,000 yearly.

Per Hour $37.21
Per Month $6,450
Per Year $77,396
(Source: PayScale.com)

Job Outlook Post Completion of This Program

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a health and medical services management job growth of thirty-two percent from 2019 to 2029. The increase is expected to bring over 133,000 new jobs in health administration, which indicates the favorable likelihood that graduates of online MHA NO GRE programs will be able to secure employment.

The Bottomline

Statistically, the healthcare industry is one of the most secure industries for finding and keeping stable, profitable employment. If you have reached a point in your career where the thought of earning a master's degree in health administration is a step you are ready to take, there is no time like the present. The best online MHA NO GRE Programs for 2024 featured in this article offer an excellent opportunity for individuals to earn a master’s degree and pursue a position in health administration.


Is there a benefit to submitting GRE scores to an online NO GRE required MHA program?

It is possible that submitting GRE scores could be helpful. If the school offering the MHA program is very selective regarding offers of admission, someone who has taken the GRE and scored well may benefit from submitting the scores. Keep in mind, if you plan to submit your scores, it is best to submit them with your original application and other documents instead of waiting until you feel like you have to “prove yourself” for a post in the program.

Can students in NO GRE required MHA programs get federal student aid?

Yes, they can. Students in any college or university program can apply for federal student assistance by submitting a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Once the application is submitted, eligibility will be determined according to financial means and need. If you plan to apply for financial assistance, apply as soon as possible to give time for processing and determination of eligibility.

Are online MHA NO GRE programs as good as online MHA programs that still require GRE scores?

Whether GRE scores are required or not is not what determines the quality of the program. Some schools have chosen to remove mandatory GRE scores from their admission criteria for various reasons. When deciding on an online MHA program, you need to make sure the program is accredited. Accreditation is a process by which a school or program meets minimum quality standards, ensuring that students receive a high-quality education from well-prepared and experienced educators.

Darby Faubion BSN, RN
Darby Faubion is a nurse and Allied Health educator with over twenty years' experience. She has assisted in developing curriculum for nursing programs and has instructed students at both community college and university levels.