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If you’re a medical assistant in the Bee Hive State who wants to be the best that you can be, check out medical assistant programs in Utah. A diploma or a certificate from an MA program will allow you to pursue certification, and employers prefer working with certified MAs. As a certified medical assistant, you’ll earn significantly more in Utah than the average MA salary of $38,160 a year, and you’ll be best positioned to take advantage of the 34 percent growth rate the profession is projected to see over the next 10 years. Get started actualizing your full career potential by reading about the 10 best medical assistant programs in Utah for 2024.


(Based on our Ranking Methodology, below are the 10 best Medical Assistant programs in Utah. The list includes both campus-based and online programs.)

1) Bridgerland Technical College - Logan

Program: Certificate

Located in Logan, Bridgerland College’s certificate program prepares you to fulfill both the front office administrative as well as the back office clinical responsibilities of a multi-skilled medical assistant. The curriculum can be completed in 10 months or 1200 hours.

You will develop skills under the guidance of well-trained faculty in taking patient history, recording vital signs, giving injections, performing minor surgical procedures and executing office functions like scheduling appointments, billing and coding, and basic accounting. Towards the end of the coursework, you will also gain hands-on experience through an externship of 180 hours.

Upon graduation, you will be able to explore a variety of employment opportunities as the college boasts of an impressive placement rate of 96%.

2) Mountainland Technical College - Lehi

Program: Certificate

To become a medical assistant in UT, Mountainland Technical College offers you a certificate program that can be completed in a short period of just 900 clock hours or 300 calendar days, non-inclusive of holidays and weekends. To be eligible for this program, you must have earned your high school diploma.
The coursework prepares you to smoothly perform functions such as filling prescriptions, giving injections, and drawing blood thus giving you the confidence to smoothly execute your duties at health organizations in a professional manner. This program is available to you in three different time slots, that is, mornings, afternoons and even evenings, so you can choose a schedule convenient for you.
Apart from this, on finishing the course, you can take the certification examination to become a certified medical assistant as well as take the CPR and first aid exams.

3) Davis Technical College - Kaysville

Program: Certificate

Davis Technical College offers a medical assistant certificate program that can be completed in just 15 months or 1400 hours. This medical assistant program in UT prepares you for administrative as well as clinical functions of a medical assistant. The coursework teaches you to manage a physician’s office by maintaining records, greeting patients, taking calls, billing and coding, and processing insurance claims. You will also be well versed with patient examination, recording vital signs, administrating medication, and dressing of wounds. After completing all the courses, you will go on to gain hands-on experience at a physician’s office.

Upon graduation, you will well-prepared to take the national certification exams to become a certified medical assistant.

4) Utah State University - Logan

Program: Certificate

Utah State University offers a 45-credit certificate program that prepares you to work alongside nurses and doctors as an entry-level medical assistant. Being a vital part of a clinic, hospital, or health organization, you are required to perform multifarious tasks in both administrative and clinical settings.

This medical assistant school in Utah trains you to perform duties like answering phone calls, updating medical records, billing & coding, and arranging hospital admissions. Additionally, the training also covers clinical and laboratory responsibilities like sterilizing medical instruments, authorizing prescription refills, and much more.

The main coursework includes subjects such as anatomy and physiology, administrative competencies, phlebotomy and clinical laboratory, and clinical competencies. Upon completion of the first semester, it is also mandatory for you to complete an externship of 160 hours or 4 credits, divided strategically as 40 hours of administrative and 120 hours of hands-on clinical experience.

5) Uintah Basin Technical College - Roosevelt

Program: Certificate

If you are looking for a career as a multi-skilled professional in the rapidly developing healthcare sector, then the medical assistant certificate program of the Uintah Basin Technical College is the program for you. Through its formal education, practical training, and real-time experiences, the college imparts you with excellent skills and knowledge required to smoothly work in the office setting of a health organization.

This is a full-time day program of 940 clock hours that can be wrapped up in a short time frame of 34 weeks. The main coursework includes medical terminology, medical anatomy and physiology, and business communications. To gain eligibility for this program, you will have to pass tests in spelling and language and also pass drug screening.

On completion of your education, you will get the opportunity to showcase your skills through job opportunities in different types of medical care settings like family practice, pediatric practice, surgical and outpatient clinics.

6) AmeriTech College - Draper & Provo

Program: Diploma

AmeriTech College offers a 43-credit diploma program in medical assisting that can be completed in just 12 months, enabling you to kick-start your career rather rapidly. You have the flexibility of completing this program on a full time or part-time basis, as per your convenience. This diploma runs for 43 weeks or 3 semesters, teaching you everything from medical terminology, human anatomy, physiology to examination of patients, medication administration, medical asepsis, minor surgical procedures and much more under the mentorship of experienced professors.

The program also includes an externship of 4 credits or 180 hours for real-time learning that allows the application of classroom concepts. Furthermore, the compact classroom with limited students facilitates one on one attention, making for effective learning.

Upon completion of your education, you can aim for employment opportunities in health care centers, physician’s offices, or other allied health care centers as a medical assistant, phlebotomy technician, and even an EKG technician.

7) Independence University - Salt Lake City

Program: Associate

Independence University offers a tailored online 19-month associate degree program for medical assisting aspirants. This 95-credit curriculum gives you the flexibility of completing the coursework at your convenience and time. The training helps you master professional skills in both clerical and clinical functions such as recording patient history, measuring vital signs, administering injections, collecting laboratory specimens, managing the reception by greeting patients and answering phone calls in a professional manner.

Some of the courses you will study include computer fundamentals, psychology, medical billing and coding, medical asepsis, skeletal and muscular systems, medical insurance, phlebotomy, clinical procedures, and pharmacology. Furthermore, you will also complete an externship of 5 credits where you will gain experience in real-time settings. To prepare you for this externship the college will train you at its facilities during the weekends in Salt Lake City. This residency program is a hassle-free experience as the college takes care of your food, transportation, and accommodation requirements.

The college also motivates you to take healthcare-related certification exams by covering a part of your fees.

8) Salt Lake Community College - Jordan

Program: Associate

Beginning in the fall semester of each year, Salt Lake Community College offers you an associate degree program in medical assisting. This is a dynamic four semester-long program crafted in a way to develop and enhance distinctive skills such as leadership, risk management, communication, and patient care to help you work immaculately alongside doctors and other hospital staff. The college aims at creating a conducive learning environment through its compact classrooms, well-trained faculty and a variety of latest equipment like automated blood cell counters, Picillo chemistry analyzer, CR, and DR X-ray machines and interpretive ECG machines.

The course incorporates vital coursework in radiology, teaching you the fundamentals of x-rays and radiographic equipment. It also includes courses in electronic health records, clinical pharmacology, medical math, clinical pathology, and more, adding up to a total of 49 credits.

Upon completion of your classroom training, you will also undergo an unpaid practicum of 200 hours that would be arranged by the faculty. Upon graduation, you can take the national certification examinations and find placements soon after, considering that the college’s placement rate is at 100%.

9) LDS Business College - Salt Lake City

Program: Certificate

LDS Business College offers you a medical assistant certificate course that helps you develop in cognitive and psychomotor learning areas, enabling you to perform not only front office administrative duties but also fulfill back office medical and laboratory responsibilities. The curriculum focuses on courses in medical law and ethics, medical charting, medical scheduling, clinical medical assisting and medical lab procedures, earning you a total of 29 credits. Apart from this, you will also be experiencing an unpaid practicum of 3 credits at the end of your classroom training, giving you the hands-on experience, you need.

Upon completion of your education, you will also become fluent in your written and oral communication skills, preparing you for entry and mid-level medical assisting roles. Additionally, the college requires you to complete a course in Christian values before starting the core courses.

If you are interested in advancing your knowledge and skills, the college offers an associate degree that allows a seamless transfer of credits you have earned from the certificate program.

* LDS Business College will officially be renamed Ensign College on Tuesday, September 1, 2020

10) Dixie Technical College - Saint George

Program: Certificate

To become a medical assistant, you require well-rounded training in administrative, laboratory, and clinical duties. Dixie Technical College offers you a certificate curriculum that trains you to fulfill all such responsibilities enabling you to work seamlessly alongside physicians, nurse practitioners, and other physician assistants. The coursework focuses on teaching you medical terminology, phlebotomy, recording vital signs, and also performing clerical tasks such as scheduling appointments, maintaining records, billing and coding and insurance processing in a medical office setting.

This 1049 clock hour or 1-year program gives you the flexibility of choosing a schedule as per your convenience, with a 9 am to 3 pm, and 10 am to 1 pm time slot to choose from, including 12 lab hours every week. Apart from preparing you for the national medical assistant certification exam, the course also prepares you to take certification exams in Phlebotomy and EKG.


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