12 Reasons why an MBA/MPH Dual Degree is Worth it

Written By: Raymond Aguirre, RN, BSN, PHN, CHPN

If you are interested in a public health career but also want to learn more about business administration, you may be glad to learn that there is actually such a thing as a dual MBA/MPH program. It is a unique kind of program and one you do not hear about often. But is an MBA/MPH dual degree worth it? Taking up two degrees may seem like a daunting idea at first glance. However, if you are willing to challenge yourself a bit, you will find that this type of advanced degree is a worthy endeavor. Here are 12 reasons why an MBA/MPH dual degree is worth it.


(Following 12 reasons will convince you why an MBA/MPH Dual Degree is totally worth it.)

1. You will have many careers available to you.

Among the biggest reasons why an MBA/MPH dual degree is worth it is that it opens the door to many career possibilities. The MBA will allow you to work across many sectors, and there are multiple areas within various organizations where your skills will come in handy. Some things you can do with an MBA include consulting, finance, marketing, and operations. Likewise, there are also many things you can do with an MPH degree, which include exciting careers in epidemiology, health education, and environmental safety.


2. Your unique credentials will make you more competitive.

Any graduate degree can give you an edge in the job market. But what would make you even more attractive to future employers is having multiple, complimenting credentials that demonstrate you are versatile and skilled in many areas.

3. An MBA/MPH dual degree offers great salary potential.

One of the top reasons why an MBA/MPH dual degree is worth it is that it can lead to very high-paying careers. It is common for management and executive-level positions to offer six-figure salaries. As an example, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the median income for medical and health services managers is 50.13/hour or 104,280 per year. With an MBA/MPH dual degree, you can also work in other industries and command a similar salary.

4. Your skills will be in demand.

The job market is hungry for good leaders, and with an MBA/MPH dual degree, you will be able to provide a critical need to the job market. Your skills will be coveted because not only will you have the skills to run organizations, but you will also have the knowledge to promote and protect public health.

5. You can choose to work in the private and the public sector.

Private industries and public entities both offer unique benefits to their workers. If you want the flexibility to choose where to work, then an MBA/MPH dual degree is worth it. With this degree, you are highly qualified to meet the demands of corporations, government agencies, and non-profit institutions.

6. You can potentially acquire two degrees in an accelerated fashion.

An MBA/MPH dual degree allows you to finish two degrees simultaneously, rather than taking them as two completely separate programs. This means that you can do both fairly quickly. One example of this is the program at the University of California, Berkeley which will allow you to complete the MBA/MPH degree in a little as 2.5 years. That is a lot quicker than the average time it takes to acquire one graduate degree at a time, which is about 2 years each.

7. You have an opportunity to study at prestigious universities.

If studying in well-known institutions is something you value, then an MBA/MPH dual degree is worth it. Programs like these are not very common and a quick search online will yield links to some highly regarded universities. Some examples include UC Berkeley, Drexel University, UCLA, and Yale University.

8. Your ideas will be valued.

Acquiring an MBA/MPH dual degree will enhance your expertise in multiple areas. This means that people will seek your counsel in matters as diverse as drafting department budgets to disease prevention. Your opinion will be valued by many professionals and that will make you an indispensable member of your organization.

9. You will have a secure future.

Job security is a top priority for many people and understandably so. Luckily, an MBA/MPH dual degree sets you up for success in jobs that are stable and viable well into the future. Among some of the top ten growing industries in the United States today include those that can utilize the talents of someone with an MBA/MPH dual degree. Some of these industries include healthcare, mental health, sales, marketing, and finance.

10. You will gain both practical and theoretical knowledge

One other reason why an MBA/MPH dual degree is worth it is because it gives you the opportunity to gain both practical and theoretical knowledge. An MBA trains you in hands-on skills such as management, finance, and marketing. Meanwhile, an MPH curriculum is heavy on research and data analysis. By having both degrees, you will gain different, but complementary high-level competencies.

11. You will advance your profession.

Whether you are a licensed clinical health practitioner or a seasoned administrative professional, an MBA/MPH dual degree can give you the tools to advance your profession. In other words, you will not only benefit yourself with this degree, but you will also elevate your colleagues as you apply your unique knowledge to the specific needs of your field.

12. You will have the chance to solve widespread issues.

With an MBA/MPH dual degree, you can expect to make far-reaching changes not only in your workplace but also in society as a whole. The MBA/MPH dual degree opens opportunities to careers that allow you to influence policies that can have a systemic effect. This means that you will not simply be stuck behind a desk throughout your career following orders. You will have the power to influence communities.

Summing It Up

As you have read here, an MBA/MPH dual degree is beneficial on so many levels. But is an MBA/MPH dual degree worth it? That is a fair question to keep asking as you weigh the costs and benefits of pursuing this degree. Listed here are 12 reasons why an MBA/MPH dual degree is worth it. But these are just general benefits that are meant to guide, rather than dictate, your decision-making process. Every person’s situation and goals in life are unique and only you can make the final determination as to whether an MBA/MPH dual degree is truly right for you.

Raymond Aguirre RN, BSN, PHN, CHPN
Raymond M.E. Aguirre is a registered nurse with years of experience in the medical field. He currently works as a public health nurse and has years of experience in home health, hospice, and skilled nursing facility settings.