20 Best Texas LVN Programs – 2024

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The demand for licensed vocational nurses in Texas is continuing to rise, with about a 17 percent increase in the demand for these licensed professionals by the year 2030 according to information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. It typically takes about two years or less to complete the coursework to become an LVN, whether you choose to get a certificate or a degree. Because there are more than 60 programs that are approved by the Texas Board of Nursing from which to choose, we have ranked the 20 best LVN programs in Texas to make it easier for you to find an appropriate program that is near you or that will provide you with the training to reach your vocational nursing goals for your future.


How long are LVN Programs in Texas?

Vocational nursing programs in TX can generally be completed in 18 months or less, depending on the school you choose. If you would prefer to get an Associate's degree, this could take about 2 years to get done in order to meet the requirements to obtain your

Program Type Program Length
Certificate / Diploma 12 to 18 Months
Associate Degree 2 Years
(Source: In-House Research)

How Much do LVN Programs in Texas Cost?

While choosing a program that will allow you to get your diploma or a certificate may be a little but quicker than getting your Associate's degree, the cost can vary between schools. Training coursework can cost you just a couple thousand dollars to over $35,000 for a certificate or diploma, while getting a two-year degree can set you back anywhere from around $6,800 to more than $51,000.

Program Type Program Cost
Certificate / Diploma$2,220 - $35,360
Associate Degree$6,830 - $50,790
(Source: In-House Research)

Why NCLEX-PN Pass Rate is an Important Factor While Selecting an LVN Program in Texas?

Although there will be plenty of jobs on the market for vocational nurses in this state, it is a highly competitive market. This means that employers wish to choose nursing professionals who really know their stuff and can perform the job duties with competence and compassion. Choosing an educational program that boasts a high NCLEX-PN pass rate is a good way to ensure that you receive the right training and know-how to put you in the bracket with some of the top candidates for finding a job once you graduate. Overall, programs in this state have a higher pass rate than the national average.

NCLEX-PN Pass Rates
YearTexas National
Taken % Passed Taken % Passed


Based on our Ranking Methodology, the following are the 20 best LVN programs in Texas (Online & Campus).

1) Alvin Community College - Alvin

Alvin Community College
Alvin Community College has been serving students in the city of Alvin for the past 65 years. This suburban college with its small student faculty ratio of 17:1 offers personalized attention in a close-knit college environment. It serves a diverse student community with its many innovative and affordable programs of study.

The one-year Certificate in Vocational Nursing, just in a short period, with its intensive curriculum prepares you for a career in nursing. On completion of the program you will be able to deliver safe and competent patient care. The program is offered in a cohort format and starts every June. To earn your certificate, you must score a minimum of ‘C’ grade in all the required nursing courses. The curriculum is well-rounded, covering basic fundamentals of entry level nursing.

2) Lone Star College - Cyfair, Kingwood, Montgomery & Tomball

Lone Star College
Lone Star College is located conveniently, close to Houston, providing you with an easily accessible study option. This makes it one of the viable and affordable options to pursue LVN training. Graduates of the college, equipped with professional skills and knowledge usually find employment in hospitals, long term patient care and other healthcare facilities.

This 12-month VN program with a selective admission policy is a fast-paced employment ready track. It is a combination of learning in the classroom, simulation lab and clinical experiences. Aiming to provide students with flexibility, some courses of the program are offered online. Upon graduation, you will be eligible for the NCLEX-PN exam as well as to work as a nurse in a variety of settings under a Registered Nurse.

3) Texarkana College - Texarkana

Texarkana College
Texarkana College is located on a beautiful 90-acre campus that includes a two-acre nature reserve. Being just one mile away from Interstate 30, it provides easy access to students from several parts of the region. Moreover, the area offers a host of sports, hunting and fishing opportunities that students would love to indulge in.

The LVN program here is a one-year entry level nursing program offered in Fall and Spring. To be eligible for this program you must complete a coursework in Anatomy and Physiology along with a lab session. The program is designed to prepare you with knowledge and skills required to practice nursing in health, illness, maternal, neonatal and pediatric conditions. Upon completion you will get a firm footing in nursing and in the future can even consider furthering your education by enrolling for an LVN to RN transition program, offered by the college.

4) South Plains College - Levelland, Plainview & Reese

South Plains College
outh Plain College, a two-year college known for providing employment ready programs offers the vocational nursing program at its Lubbock campus. The campus is equipped with 77,000 square feet of technologically advanced instructional facilities.

If you are keen on becoming an LVN in Texas, then you could consider this 12-month program that is offered twice a year, in January and August. It is a full-time program, which includes the summer semester and you are required to attend classes five days a week. The program is intensive and leaves little room for any additional commitment. To earn your certificate, you are required to score a minimum of ‘C’ grade in each of the nursing courses. The coursework starts with basic nursing concepts and covers maternal/neonatal, pediatrics, mental health nursing. To be eligible for this program you must be a high school graduate and complete a coursework in Anatomy and Physiology and Vocational Nursing Concepts.

5) St. Philip's College - San Antonio

St. Philip's College
St. Philip’s College, a community college located in San Antonio, Texas is one of the oldest and largest nursing programs in the state of Texas. It offers a VN program through the Central Texas Technology Center which is in New Braunfels.

Vocational Nursing certificate program here is a full-time 12 months course. You will require putting in 40 hours per week, Monday through Friday. Classes are held at the Central Texas Technology Center and around 25 students are admitted once every year. A combination of 560 hours of didactic classes and 880 hours of clinical experiences thoroughly prepare you for a position as an entry level nurse. You will learn about fundamentals of nursing, human anatomy, nursing in various specialties and communication skills.

6) Baptist Health System School of Health Professions - San Antonio

Baptist Health System School of Health Professions
The School of Health Professions part of the Baptist Health System has been synonymous with providing quality healthcare services in the region for more than 100 years. Being a faith-based health system; this LVN school in TX provides nursing education grounded in the principles of compassionate and competent patient care. Extensive use of technology, lab simulations and an array of clinical rotations prepare students for a robust start in this fulfilling career.

The LVN is a year-long program, starting in January and August, where you will be well prepared to take up entry level nursing positions in various clinical settings, including hospitals, long term care, physician’s offices and home health clinic. To enroll you must complete a coursework in Anatomy, Physiology and Lifespan Growth Development, preferably along with a lab, especially if you aspire to pursue a professional nursing program in the future. During the three semesters of this program, you will learn basics of nursing, pharmacology, essentials of medication and applied nursing skills.

7) Victoria College – Victoria, Cuero, Gonzales & Hallettsville

Victoria College
You could choose from any of the four Victoria College locations to pursue a career in nursing. The college offers quality education in terms of a dedicated faculty, conducive learning environment, excellent clinical experiences and an employment ready curriculum. Well, even after graduation you will be assisted by its student services department that aids in finding jobs and, also creates a platform for lifelong learning opportunities.

This Vocational nursing program’s curriculum is well-designed to train you in providing patient care to a diverse population in varied clinical settings. Introduction to psychology, pharmacology, fundamentals of nursing concepts, medical-surgical nursing, maternal, neonatal nursing, pediatrics, mental illness are some of the courses you will take. At the end of your coursework you will complete a course in NCLEX-PN preparation. A minimum grade of “C” is required in all these courses in order to earn your LVN certificate.

8) Laredo Community College - Laredo

Laredo Community College
Laredo Community College, situated near the banks of Rio Grande is a 60-acre campus. The campus’ seven buildings offer state of the art facilities such as a well-equipped library, an academic and technology building, and a fitness center. Established in 1947, the college serves the counties of Laredo, Webb, Jim Hogg and Zapata.

If nursing is your calling, then pursuing this 12-month LVN certificate program will give you an entry into this fulfilling career. The three-semester curriculum covers every aspect of basic nursing, combining theory with practical experience. While in the first semester the emphasis will be on nursing concepts and skills, during the last two semesters, you will learn advanced courses in nursing and patient care.

9) Hill College – Hill County Campus in Hillsboro & Johnson County Campus in Cleburne

Hill College
Hill College offers a vocational nursing program at its Hill County campus in Hillsboro and Johnson County campus in Cleburne. The Hill County campus in Hillsboro is built on 73.8 acres of land compromising 20 buildings. The Johnson County campus overlooking the beautiful lake Cleburne, has six buildings where 1,000 students pursue their career goals.

The one-year Vocational Nursing Program starts once every year at Hill County (January) and Johnson County (August). To be eligible, you must complete a coursework in Anatomy, Physiology and General Psychology, with a minimum of ‘C’ grade. Once enrolled, you will go through three semesters of rigorous study where you are required to complete courses in nutrition, pharmacology, nursing in health and illness, pediatric and neonatal nursing, with a minimum grade of ‘C’ to earn your certificate of graduation. You can then go on to take the licensure exam and work as an entry level nurse in a variety of clinical settings.

10) Navarro College - Corsicana, Mexia & Waxahachie

Navarro College
Navarro College has its main campus located in the historic town of Corsicana. To serve its growing student population it started campuses in Mexia and Waxahachie and an online division of study. Its small sized classes and dedicated faculty help nurture academic goals of nursing students.

The Vocational Nursing program is offered in Fall each year at three campuses in Corsicana, Waxahachie and Mexia. You will attend classes and clinical five days a week. Although there is no pre-requisite requirement, the college has a selective admission process and requires a satisfactory score on the TEAS test. Once enrolled, you will complete 576 hours of theory and a minimum of 840 hours of clinical instructions. Each semester includes one online course; vocational nursing concepts in the first semester, growth and development in the second and mental health course in the third.

11) Rio Grande Valley College – Pharr

Rio Grande Valley College
RGV College is conveniently located in Pharr, providing an easy access to students coming from different parts of the Rio Grande Valley. The college efficiently serves to the growing healthcare needs of the valley’s population by training students to become competent healthcare professionals.

This full-time LVN program is offered multiple number of times in a year, so you can start whenever you are ready. It takes 13 to 19 months to complete this program, precisely 1765 clock hours. The didactic classes and clinical experiences make you proficient in performing health assessments, medication administration, CPR and life support in emergency situations and Foley Catheterization. These skills will help you gain employment as an entry level nurse in an array of clinical settings. For working individuals there is a part-time option, where classes are offered in the evening.

12) Galen College of Nursing - San Antonio, Louisville & Tampa Bay

Galen College of Nursing
Galen College of Nursing provides a wholesome learning environment through its strong emphasis on clinical experience. With a small student faculty ratio, students are effectively mentored, and this reflects in the college’s NCLEX pass rates, with 91% of graduates successfully passing the exam on the first attempt.

This LVN is offered four times a year in January, April, July and September. While the full-time program can be completed in 12 months, part-time takes 21 months. The coursework entails completing 600 hours in didactic sessions and 840 hours in clinical training. You will gain knowledge and skills in various aspects of nursing such as nursing fundamentals, medical-surgical, mental health, maternal and geriatric nursing. After gaining ample hands on experience in the lab, students go on to work in real-world clinical settings where they further hone their professional skills.

13) Austin Community College – Austin

Austin Community College
Austin Community College is known for offering high quality and affordable nursing education. It particularly focuses on career ready training that is much in demand. For this very reason graduates are sought after by employers in the region.

If you are keen on working as an entry level nurse in hospitals, long term clinics and healthcare facilities, then completing your vocational nurse training in the “Lone Star State” can launch your career in nursing. This LVN certificate program can be completed by either taking classes during the day or evenings/weekends. To graduate you must complete 36 credits in nursing within three semesters. The college strongly recommends limiting work commitments as the curriculum is quite intensive in nature. To successfully graduate, you must earn minimum of “C “grade in all nursing courses.

14) Tyler Junior College – Tyler, Lindale, Jacksonville & Rusk

Tyler Junior College
Tyler College has made it convenient for students to enter the field of nursing by offering its LVN program at multiple campus sites. An excellent faculty and teaching methodology complemented by state-of-the-art facilities enable a positive academic outcome. Students graduate with job-ready skills, small wonder that the college boasts of excellent placement rates. Being located right amidst the medical hub in Tyler is an added advantage when it comes to clinical experiences and searching for employment.

This LVN course in Texas is ideally meant for those who are keen on entering the health care field by completing a nursing program in just 12 months. The coursework is rigorous and prepares you to become a professional patient care-provider and an efficient member of the healthcare team. Before starting with the LVN coursework you must complete pre-requisite courses in Anatomy and Physiology. Upon completion of 44 LVN credit hours, you will be able to think critically and solve problems that help in the process to provide excellent individual patient care.

15) Lamar State College – Orange

Lamar State College
Lamar State College celebrates 50 years of excellence in education. Its diverse student population is trained by an experienced faculty who provide individualized attention in an enriching learning environment. Lamar nursing graduates go on to work in hospitals, physician’s offices, outpatient medical centers, long-term facilities and home health agencies.

This LVN program is ideal if you want to become a nurse in a short duration of time. With a year of full-time study and approximately 40 hours each week of class hours you can earn an LVN Certificate at Lamar. While the day program is offered twice a year, the evening program starts only once a year. Your coursework will include basic nursing skills, medical administration, pharmacology, mental health, maternal-neonatal nursing, pediatrics and lifespan growth and development.

16) South Texas College – McAllen, Weslaco & Rio

South Texas College
South Texas College offers nursing aspirants in Texas a conducive learning environment where they can flourish as competent nurses. The McAllen campus is located amidst hospitals and healthcare facilities, providing a ready employment market for fresh graduates. Additionally, its highly trained faculty and state-of-the-art simulation center facilitate in students achieving their career goals.

You can start a career in nursing by completing this three-semester vocational nurse program in TX that is offered at three campus locations. The coursework entails completing 46 credit hours in nursing courses, including, nursing of patients across the life span, essentials of medical administration, advanced nursing skills, maternal-neonatal nursing, pediatrics, and a review course, preparing you for the licensure examination. Before you begin with this coursework, you must complete pre-requisite courses in Anatomy and Physiology. The program is offered in spring and fall.

17) Vista College - El Paso, Beaumont & Lubbock

Vista College
Vista College prepares capable healthcare professionals to serve the community by providing excellent patient care. The curriculum taught by an experienced team of instructors is designed keeping in mind the changing trends in the healthcare sector. You will receive ample career assistance upon graduation and even after that.

This LVN diploma program can be a stepping-stone to a fulfilling future in nursing, where you will gain knowledge and skills to work as an entry level nurse in hospitals, nursing homes, physician offices, government run agencies and home healthcare providers. By completing a total of 1185 clock hours, you will be able to wrap up the program in less than 15 months.

18) Concorde Career College - Grand Prairie & Dallas

Concorde Career College
Whether you choose the Grand Prairie or the Dallas campus that is close to Texas Health Resources, Concorde Career College offers a host of student friendly services to enrich your learning experience. Nursing programs here emphasize on ample hands on experience and clinical training, so that you can start providing effective patient care as soon as you graduate.

You can complete this LVN program in just 12 months and start working as an entry level nurse at various heath care settings. Of course, this is after you successfully pass the licensure exam. The curriculum prepares you with the required skills, knowledge and abilities to provide preventive, therapeutic, rehabilitative and restorative care. To ensure students hone their skills and are job ready, hands-on training is offered in simulation and real-world clinical settings.

19) El Centro College - Dallas

El Centro College
El Centro is a community college located in Dallas, Texas. The college is part of the Dallas County Community College District. Having a 25% Hispanic student population, the college is also member of the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities. The college being located in central downtown provides easy access to students from all parts of the Dallas county.

This one-year Vocational Nursing program will lead to a Level II certificate on completion. The program is offered at the El Centro campus and requires you to complete coursework in Anatomy, Physiology and Communication or Public Speaking to be eligible. You will learn to provide nursing care to chronically and acutely ill patients by studying a curriculum that comprises of courses in essentials of medication administration, basics of nursing, maternal, neonatal and pediatric nursing.

20) The Chicago School of Professional Psychology – Dallas

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
Dallas Nursing is a non-profit institution that endeavors in training quality nurses. DNI graduates with their job ready skill set and knowledge are known to be making strides in healthcare facilities, regionally. The college mainly focuses on nursing that is deep rooted in compassion, empathy and values.

The LVN program offered by DNI can be completed, either in 51 weeks of full-time study or in 68 weeks, when you opt for a part-time schedule. The curriculum integrates biology, psychology and sociology. It trains you in vital nursing skills required for patient care, medical terminology, administration of medication, healthcare assessment and nursing intervention. Upon completion of the program you will be well prepared to successfully take the NCLEX-PN and perform patient care in a variety of clinical settings.


How to Obtain My LVN License in Texas?

The end goal is to get your license so that you can get a job as an LVN in Texas. However, there are several steps that you must take to get to where you want to be.

• Earn your diploma/certificate/degree in coursework approved by the Texas Board of Nursing.
• Complete your examination application and a criminal background check.
• Register with Pearson Vue to take the NCLEX-PN.
• Pass the Texas Nursing Jurisprudence Examination.
• Receive an authorization to test, or ATT, from Pearson VUE and schedule your NCLEX-PN.
• Pass the NCLEX-PN and get your license.

How Much Will I Earn?

LVN salary in Texas is averaged in at about $53,000 per year. While you may not make that much just starting out, there is great growth opportunity in this state. You could make as much as $30 per hour in TX, with more experience and a proven track record of competency on the job. In fact, an LVN in this state can make up to $63,600 a year.

Type Salary Range Average Salary
Hourly$19.98 - $30.58$25.41
Monthly$3,460 - $5,300$4,400
Annual$41,550 - $63,610$52,850
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

LVN Earnings in this State vs National Average

Texas National Difference
Number %
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Job Outlook for LVN Graduates in Texas

The state of TX is one of the highest employers of LVNs in the country, making this occupation one with great expected growth and security. Skilled nursing facilities, home health care, and assisted living facilities continue to be some of the largest employers of vocational nurses in this state, with those numbers continuing to grow. As individuals live longer due to healthcare advances, the elderly population will rise, giving LVNs more places

Employment 10 Year New Job Growth
Projection (2020-2030)
2020 2030 Number %
(Source: careeronestop)

Projected LVN Annual Job Openings in Texas (2023-2027)

Year New Jobs Replacement Jobs Annual
Job Openings
(New + Replacement)
2023 1,167 5,703 6,870
2024 1,213 5,749 6,962
2025 1,390 5,926 7,316
2026 1,490 6,026 7,516
2027 1,570 6,106 7,676
Total Job Openings in the Next 5 Years 36,340
(Source: Compiled using data from U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

6 Best Metro Areas in Texas to Work as an LVN

The top two regions for an LVN to work in this state are the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington and Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land areas, allowing for about two-thirds of the jobs in this sector. Lakewest Rehabilitation & Skilled Care in Dallas requires nursing staff for outpatient rehabilitation to long-term care. Optimum Personal Care in Sugar Land also employs LVNs for many types of care. If you would prefer to care for patients in the comfort of their own homes, you may want to look into Regent Management Services in Spring, TX, or Children's Home Health Care in Fort Worth.

Rank Metro Area Current
Average Salary
Hourly Monthly Annual
1 Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington 14,900 $26.59 $4,610 $55,320
2 Houston-The Woodlands-Sugar Land 12,160 $26.65 $4,620 $55,420
3 San Antonio-New Braunfels 5,780 $25.93 $4,500 $53,940
4 Austin-Round Rock 3,130 $27.17 $4,710 $56,510
5 McAllen-Edinburg-Mission 1,970 $22.95 $3,980 $47,730
6 El Paso 1,750 $22.95 $3,980 $47,730
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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