20 Best Virginia LPN Programs – 2024

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If you want to become a licensed practical nurse but aren't quite sure what you need to do, we've got the information that you need to get on your way. There are thousands of practical nursing jobs available across the state, so there will always be employment opportunities, especially in the larger metropolitan regions. To get started, there are more than 80 LPN programs in Virginia from which to choose. We know that's a lot, so we've taken the time to rank 15 of these programs so that you can find the classes that will fit in with your goals of obtaining your license to work as a practical nurse in VA.


LPN Program Length in Virginia

You can complete your courses to earn a diploma or a certificate in as little as 12 months. If you would prefer to get your Associate's degree, it will typically take at least two years.

Type Length
Certificate / Diploma 12 to 18 Months
Associate Degree 2 Years
(Source: In-House Research)

LPN Program Cost in Virginia

On the low end of the scale, a certificate or degree can cost just over $2,400 while some degrees can cost more than $56,000. Most programs fall somewhere in the middle of this range.

Type Cost
Certificate / Diploma$2,470 - $39,120
Associate Degree$7,540 - $56,180
(Source: In-House Research)

Why NCLEX-PN Pass Rate is an Important Factor While Selecting an LPN Program in this State?

The NCLEX-PN is the examination that you will take to ensure that you have the knowledge and skills to work in the field as a practical nurse. Many employers choose schools that consistently provide graduates who can pass this exam. Across the state, the passing rate for graduates is slightly lower than the national average. This makes it especially important for you to choose a practical nursing program in VA that will set you up for success by helping you to learn all you need to know to pass the NCLEX.

NCLEX-PN Pass Rates
Year Virginia National
Taken % Passed Taken % Passed
2013 1,592 78.89% 58,575 84.63%
2014 1,515 79.21% 55,491 82.16%
2015 1,359 79.25% 50,979 81.88%
2016 1,304 78.76% 47,345 83.70%
2017 1,118 80.50% 46,948 83.85%
2018 1,32084.09%47,04485.93%


Based on our Ranking Methodology, the following are the 20 best LPN programs in Virginia (Online & Campus).

1) Virginia Beach School of Practical Nursing

Virginia Beach Technical & Career Education Center
With the focus of serving the communities, the practical nursing offered by Virginia Beach Technical & Career Education Center prepares you for a noble and satisfying career in the healthcare industry. The center has a legacy of over 40 years, and since its inception in 1972, it has consistently produced quality nursing professionals.

This LPN program in Virginia is an 18-month course with a curriculum focused on imparting a balanced combination of theory and practical knowledge to students. To impart quality education, the college maintains a small class size with low student to faculty ratio. Clinical sessions are arranged at various hospitals and rehabilitation centers including Sentara hospitals, Virginia beach Psychiatric center among others. For the first nine months, classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday while for the next nine months; you will take classes on Monday and Tuesday while attending clinical Wednesday through Friday.

2) Danville Community College- Danville

Danville Community College
Danville Community College prepares aspirants for a rewarding career in the field of nursing. The focus of the LPN program is on imparting values and skills to students that will help them to understand the changing reality of the industry and become good healthcare professionals.

This Practical nursing course is a two-year, full-time, 65-credit course which has been divided into four semesters - semester I (12-credit), semester II (17-credit), and semester III (14-credit), and semester IV (9-credit). Theoretical instructions and clinical sessions are an integral part of the coursework and will help you to get conceptual clarity as well as hands-on experience. The curriculum covers a range of courses, i.e., from nursing care to surgical operations and psychology to maternal care. The exposure to these courses will help you to widen your knowledge base while preparing you for a deserving professional career. On successful completion of the program, you become eligible to take NCLEX-PN examination.

3) Valley Career and Technical Center - Fishersville

Valley Career and Technical Center
Valley Career and Technical Center focuses on the holistic development of students that goes beyond just covering the academics. This is done by providing a vibrant learning environment to aspirants wherein equal impetus is placed on learning both theoretical and practical aspects of nursing care.

This LPN school in VA offers 18-month program containing a total of 1,460 program hours. The course is divided into three levels - Level I and II (558 program hours), and level III (462 theory hours and 440 clinical hours). The training will provide you in-depth exposure to a range of nursing subjects including human anatomy, nutrition, surgical nursing, pharmacology, pediatrics, maternal care, communication, and leadership among others. For successful completion of the program, you are required to score at least "C" grade in all the nursing subjects.

4) Central School of Practical Nursing – Norfolk

Central School of Practical Nursing
Striking a fine balance between theory and practice is necessary for LPNs and keeping this in mind, the Central School of Practical Nursing has developed its nursing curriculum. Further, the school encourages participative learning by providing students various opportunities to work in teams during their on- and off-campus projects.

This 18-month LPN program is divided into two levels with each spanning a period of 9 months - level I (368.5 theory hours and 126.5 clinical hours) and level II (498 theory hours and 499 clinical hours). The level I (September-June) will educate you about the basic concepts of nursing care besides providing information on the social and biological aspects of healthcare science. The training in level II (August-May) is more advanced and help you understand the intricacies of surgical nursing, maternal and child care, pharmacology, leadership and team spirit, communication skills, and holistic patient care management.

5) Chesapeake Public Schools - Chesapeake

Chesapeake Public Schools
If you are looking to become a practical nurse in Virginia, the practical nursing program offered by Chesapeake Public Schools could be considered. The course structure is designed diligently, and curriculum puts equal emphasis on theory and practice for all-round development of students.

This 18-month, LPN program begins in September every year and is divided into three levels spanning across four semesters. In the first two levels, you will learn about fundamental concepts related to nursing and surgical care, human anatomy, and psychological health. The level III of the program contain around 1000 hours of instruction that will be delivered in a full-time format. During the first two semesters, only theory classes are scheduled while the next two semesters consist of both theoretical instructions and clinical sessions. The combination of theory classes and hands-on training help you to gain a strong understanding of concepts and their application areas.

6) ECPI University - Newport News, Northern Virginia, Roanoke & Virginia Beach

ECPI University
By offering LPN program at multiple locations, ECPI University provides prospective students with an added advantage of location flexibility. The focus of its coursework is to help nursing aspirants develop critical thinking while encouraging the spirit of teamwork and collaboration.

The practical nursing is a 15-month program and offered at Newport News, Northern Virginia, Roanoke, and Virginia Beach campuses. This 48.5-credit course trains you in the fundamentals of nursing care, surgical nursing, pharmacology, health and nutrition, and psychology among others. The curriculum contains 1,658 contact hours in which you will receive theoretical instructions by faculty members in the classrooms while for the hands-on experience, lab practical and clinical sessions are scheduled under the guidance of trained instructors. After graduation, you can start working as a practical nurse in hospitals, nursing homes, or private clinics. Alternatively, you can pursue higher studies in the field of nursing.

7) Rappahannock Community College - Glenns & Warsaw

Rappahannock Community College
Offered at Glenns and Warsaw campuses, the LPN program of Rappahannock Community College helps you to find a rewarding place in the healthcare industry. The courses are delivered by exceptionally knowledgeable faculty members who have extensive experience in their own areas of expertise.

The three-semester practical nursing is a 46-credit hours program. In the first semester (14-credit hours), you will learn about various terminologies used in the nursing field besides getting an orientation of the overall healthcare science. The second semester (17-credit hours), on the other hand, will equip you with the knowledge of psychology and pharmacology. In the final third semester (15-credit hours), concepts related to health and nutrition, sociology, and emerging trends in the nursing field will be discussed in detail. In order to earn the certificate, you are required to score at least "C" grade in all the nursing courses of the curriculum.

8) Massanutten Technical Center - Harrisonburg

Massanutten Technical Center
Massanutten Technical Center is serving the educational needs of society by providing affordable and quality nurse training to students. The center works in close coordination with industry that helps aspirants to remain updated and stay ahead of the competition.

The session for this 18-month LPN training in Virginia begins in the month of August every year. During the pre-clinical instruction phase, you will learn about the basic concepts of nursing, health, nutrition, and pharmacology. The second phase of the training is 36-weeks long and has been divided into classroom teaching (15-hours/week) and nursing care exercises (14-hours/week). In the second year of study, a regular schedule of full-time classes and clinical sessions will be followed. After graduation, you can apply for the entry-level practical nurse position in hospitals, private clinics, nursing homes, psychiatric centers, and rehabilitation centers among others.

9) Virginia Western - Roanoke

Virginia Western
The LPN program offered by Virginia Western is quite comprehensive in its conceptual and practical training. The course structure and its delivery are planned in a manner that every single aspect related to nursing gets covered in the curriculum. Well-maintained infrastructure consisting state of the art laboratories and simulation rooms aid the overall learning experience.

The one-year practical nursing program is a 42-credit course and expected to enroll around 35 students for the session beginning in January. The course has been divided into three semesters – spring, summer, and fall. The scheduled theory classes are well complemented by lab practical, and simulation-room exercises. To provide real-world experience to students, clinical sessions are arranged in healthcare centers, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, and other patient-care facilities. In order to successfully earn the certificate, you have to secure at least "C" grade in all the nursing courses.

10) Eastern Shore Community College - Melfa

Eastern Shore Community College
The emphasis of the LPN program offered by Eastern Shore Community College is to convert students into industry-ready professionals who can successfully take on the challenges of the healthcare industry. The college also helps students to develop a knack for aspects of shared learning and community service.

The 50-credit practical nursing program has been divided into three semesters - semester I (18-credit), semester II (17-credit), and semester III (15-credit). During the first semester of study, you will learn the psychology principles and human anatomy while in the second semester; the course work teaches you about intricacies of Health, nutrition, and Pediatrics nursing. In the final third semester, you study about Pharmacology and evolving trends in the field of nursing. After completion of the program, you can find employment in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and private clinics.

11) Mountain Empire Community College - Big Stone Gap

Mountain Empire Community College
The LPN program offered by Mountain Empire Community College focuses on providing a life-long learning experience to nursing aspirants. The vision of the college is to inculcate both moral and professional values among students while preparing them to take on changing realities of the healthcare sector.

This practical nursing program is a 12-month course that enrolls students in both spring and fall semesters. The 51-credit curriculum has been divided into three semesters, and the course structure is conceived to provide students a comprehensive coverage on nursing and surgical care. To strike a balance between theory and practical, the training gives equal emphasis to classroom teaching, lab practical, simulation-room exercises, and clinical sessions. In terms of career prospects, you can find a rewarding entry-level nurse position after successful completion of the certificate. To complete the course, you have to earn a total of 51-credit while achieving at least "C" grade in every nursing course.

12) Prince William County Public Schools – Manassas

Prince William County Public Schools
Prince William County Public Schools focuses on the holistic development of students by providing them an ideal environment for collaborative learning. State of the art infrastructure that includes airy classrooms, laboratories, simulation rooms, and a host of other support services help to facilitate the learning process further.

The LPN program is an 18-month course which has been divided into two stages - preclinical stage (9-month) and clinical stage (9-month). The former stage consists of theoretical classes which are scheduled at Manassas while the latter providing hands-on experience is delivered at a variety of healthcare settings in the county area including Birmingham Green, Virginia Clinical center among others. The combined training consisting of both theoretical knowledge and practical experimentation will help you immensely in your professional career. After graduation, you become eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN). You can also pursue a higher degree in the field of nursing post this course.

13) Centra College of Nursing - Lynchburg

Centra College of Nursing
The LPN program offered by Centra College of Nursing is designed to help students inculcate values like logical thinking, team-work, leadership, and experiential learning. Along with professional skills, nursing aspirants are also trained on important human values like compassion, kindness, patience, concern, consolation, and sympathy among others.

Practical nursing is a 12-month course which starts in the months of January and August every year. The course has been divided into three semesters which help in the course delivery while aiding the learning process. Theoretical classes are scheduled at Central Virginia college while clinical sessions are delivered at Virginia Baptist and Lynchburg General Hospitals. The coverage of the curriculum is quite comprehensive and will help you to have a promising career in the healthcare field. The successful completion of the program will qualify you to take the NCLEX-PN examination.

14) Ultimate Health School - Manassas

Ultimate Health School
If you are exploring an opportunity to become an LPN in Virginia then practical nursing offered by Ultimate Health School could be a good option to consider. The course stresses on developing critical thinking among students by providing opportunities for collaborative learning to students.

The course curriculum of the LPN contains 1,344 clock hours and is offered in three different formats depending on the timing of the class - morning class, evening class, and weekend class. You will gain conceptual knowledge during the classroom instructions while for the hands-on training; lab practical, simulation exercises, and clinical sessions have been planned. All this exposure will help you to develop desired nursing skills and perform well in your professional career. After earning the certificate successfully, you can choose to either work as an entry-level nurse or pursue higher education in the field of nursing.

15) Standard Healthcare Services, Inc. College of Nursing - Falls Church

Standard Healthcare Services, Inc. College of Nursing
Standard Healthcare Services, Inc. College of Nursing is well-known for its effective teaching-learning process. The college makes use of innovative pedagogy methods and emphasizes on providing practical exposure to nursing aspirants through lab practical, simulation exercises, and clinical sessions.

You have an option to choose from a full-time (13-months) or part-time (17-month) format for the LPN program. The curriculum contains 1,350 contact hours which are further divided into 950 theory hours and 400 clinical hours. The course will be delivered in three phases with each phase containing a total of 450 contact hours. You will learn about a range of nursing concepts including fundamental nursing care, surgical nursing, human anatomy, psychological well-being, and maternal care. During the clinical sessions, you will be trained to put theoretical concepts into practice under real-world conditions. Upon completion of the course, you become eligible to take NCLEX-PN examination.

16) Lord Fairfax Community College - Middletown & Fauquier

Lord Fairfax Community College
Lord Fairfax Community College has remained at the forefront of providing quality training to nursing aspirants. The teaching philosophy of the college is driven by shared learning and hands-on training which will help you to inculcate professional skills desired for a successful career in the healthcare domain.

The one-year LPN program consists of 49-credit and has been divided into three semesters-fall semester (19-credit), spring semester (17-credit), and summer semester (13-credit). During the training, you will learn about the host of nursing subjects that include a basic and advanced level of nursing and surgical care, pharmacology, health and nutrition, ethical and legal aspects of providing services, leadership and teamwork, psychological well-being, maternal care, and effective communication. The mandatory requirement for graduation includes scoring at least "C" grade in every nursing course that you take during the program.

17) Wytheville Community College - Wytheville

Wytheville Community College
Wytheville Community College is one of the well-know LPN schools in VA that prepares students for a promising career in the healthcare sector. The college focuses on providing a vibrant academic environment where learning by inquiry and experimentation dominated the agenda.

Practical nursing is a 21-month program that starts in the fall semester each year. The 52-credit course has been divided into five semesters (two preclinical semesters and three clinical semesters) with the curriculum adopting a well-balanced approach towards the teaching-learning process. During the first two semesters, classes are scheduled two days a week while for the remaining three semesters; classes are held four days a week. In order to complete this program, you have to secure at least "C" grade in all the nursing courses. Post the graduation, you can start working as a practical nurse in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, nursing homes, and infirmaries among others.

18) Fortis College – Norfolk & Richmond

Fortis College
The LPN program offered by Fortis College provides students the flexibility of choosing from its two campuses in Virginia. Another distinguishing aspect of the course is its hybrid nature which combines both classroom and online modes for imparting education to nursing aspirants.

The 60-week practical nursing program is offered at Norfolk and Richmond campuses. The training process includes the delivery of theoretical concepts in the classrooms while clinical sessions are arranged in a range of real-world medical facilities. The combination of classroom teaching and hands-on experience will help you to become a productive professional in the healthcare field. You will also take a number of courses online, making the learning process convenient while saving resources in terms of time and cost. The successful completion of the course will allow you to sit for National Council licensure examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

19) Eastern Virginia Career College - Fredericksburg

Eastern Virginia Career College
Strong industry partnerships and emphasis on experiential learning are guiding principles that define the working philosophy of Eastern Virginia Career College. The LPN program offered by the college comprehensively covers a wide range of nursing care concepts which help the student to perform well in their professional career.

The 45-week practical nursing is offered in both day and evening formats. The program consists of 45-credit hours, and the course structure is divided into three semesters - semester I ( 15-credit hours and 351 contact hours), semester II ( 18-credit hours and 413 contact hours), and semester III (12-credit hours and 424 contact hours). In sum, the curriculum contains 1,188 contact hours which have been categorized into 610 theory hours, 152 lab hours, and 426 clinical hours. On successful completion of the certificate, you can take the National Council Licensure Examination for practical nurses (NCLEX-PN).

20) Henrico Adult Education - Henrico

Henrico Adult Education
The high success rate in the NCLEX-PN exam testifies the quality of LPN program offered by Henrico Adult Education. The emphasis of the program is to encourage lifelong learning and holistic development of students by providing a conducive learning environment to them.

The 18-month practical nursing is divided into two parts - practical nursing I (part-time format -9 months) and practical nursing II (full-time format - 9 months). The curriculum contains a total of 1,424 clock hours – 752 theory hours, 436 clinical hours, 39 simulation hours, and 197 skill hours. The course structure integrates theory classes, lab practical, and exercises in simulation rooms in a well thought out manner. Clinical sessions are also part of the syllabus and provide a good opportunity to receive hands-on experience in real-world circumstances. In order to graduate, you have to score at least 77% marks in each nursing course.


How to Obtain My LPN License in Virginia?

Once you finish all of the classes that are required to complete your program, you have several more steps as provided by the Virginia Department of Health Professions Board of Nursing to complete to get licensed.

Register with Pearson VUE to take the NCLEX-PN.
• Review Virginia's Laws of Nursing then apply for licensure with the Virginia Board of Nursing.
• Complete the required criminal background check.
• Receive your authorization to test and schedule your NCLEX-PN.
• Pass your examination and receive your license.

How Much Will I Earn?

While LPN salary in Virginia is a little lower than the national average by about 6 percent, the rate of pay for your work is still substantial. You might start out making around $19 an hour, but with time and experience, you can earn up to $30 per hour. The average yearly salary is around $52,800 if you have a few years of experience and work full time.

Type Salary Range Average Salary
Hourly$19.06 - $30.73$25.38
Monthly$3,300 - $5,330$4,400
Annual$39,640 - $63,910$52,790
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

LPN Earnings in this State vs. National Average

Virginia National Difference
Number %
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Job Outlook for LPN Graduates in Virginia

Becoming an LPN in Virginia is a good career choice because job growth in this profession is expected to grow by more than 11 percent by 2030. One-fourth of employees in the nursing profession are LPNs. LPNs are needed to work under the supervision of physicians or registered nurses. Within the next five years, it is anticipated that there will be more than 10,000 job openings available for the licensed practical nurse in this state. This number consists of not only replacement jobs for those who retire or advance in the field but new positions created due to the increasing number of individuals who will require medical care over the next decade.

Employment 10 Year New Job Growth
Projection (2020-2030)
2020 2030 Number %
(Source: careeronestop)

Projected LPN Annual Job Openings in Virginia (2023-2027)

Year New Jobs Replacement Jobs Annual
Job Openings
(New + Replacement)
2023 230 1,660 1,890
2024 280 1,710 1,990
2025 330 1,760 2,090
2026 360 1,790 2,150
2027 400 1,830 2,230
Total Job Openings in the Next 5 Years 10,350
(Source: In-House Research)

6 Best Metro Areas in Virginia to Work as an LPN

If you live near a bustling metropolis in Virginia, your chances of grabbing a great position are excellent. However, you'll still have plenty of opportunities in the lesser-populated regions as well. The Virginia Beach area, which includes Norfolk and Newport offers the greatest number of employment positions for the skilled practical nurse. Nurse Next Door provides home health care for seniors and those with certain disabilities, while Glenburnie is a Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.

A close second in job options is the Richmond area, which includes Norfolk and Newport News. Medical Facilities of America has Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centers in both Virginia Beach and Norfolk. For home health care in Newport News, you might want to check out Riverside Home Health Agency.

While not on the same scale as the metro regions listed above, Roanoke also offers some excellent prospects for jobs. Companion Home Care and The Harmony Collection at Roanoke are just two of the employers you may encounter on your job search.

Rank Metro Area Current
Average Salary
Hourly Monthly Annual
1 Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News 3,860 $24.37 $4,220 $50,680
2 Richmond 3,260 $25.75 $4,460 $53,560
3 Roanoke 1,210 $23.99 $4,160 $49,900
4 Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford 570 $23.33 $4,040 $48,530
5 Charlottesville 540 $26.02 $4,510 $54,130
6 Lynchburg 500 $23.69 $4,110 $49,280
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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