10 Best LPN Programs in Oregon – (Online & Campus-Based)

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As a licensed practical nurse in Oregon, you’ll be a valued member of the healthcare team at the nursing home, hospital or home healthcare agency where you’re employed. Employment opportunities for graduates of LPN programs in Oregon are expected to rise by 13 percent in the next 10 years, and you can expect to make an average salary of $66,190 a year. LPN programs in the Beaver State go out of their way to accommodate their students’ needs; you’ll find online and campus-based learning options. Ready to find out more? Keep reading for further information on the 10 best LPN programs in Oregon for 2024.



Based on our Ranking Methodology, the following are the 10 best nursing schools for LPN programs in Oregon.

1) Chemeketa Community College - Salem

Chemeketa Community College
The LPN program offered by Chemeketa Community College provides a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical experiences to nursing aspirants. Counted among the well-known LPN schools in OR, the focus of the college is to instill values like integrity and professionalism in students while preparing them to become competent healthcare professionals.

This one-year practical nursing course consists of 60-credit hours with the important core practical nursing courses divided into three terms – term I (9-credit hours), term II (10-credit hours), and term III (10-credit hours). The curriculum is well-defined and to promote holistic learning; the course structure is optimally divided into theoretical classes, lab practical, simulation room exercises, and clinical sessions. The training equips you with both conceptual knowledge and hands-on experience that is sure to benefit you in your professional career. To graduate, you have to secure at least “C” grade in every nursing subject.

2) Central Oregon Community College – Bend

Central Oregon Community College
Central Oregon Community College offers a number of programs in the field of healthcare including its LPN program. The course focuses on developing a learning attitude while inculcating the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and teamwork among students.

The 9-month practical nursing program prepares you to work as an entry-level practical nurse under the supervision of a doctor or registered medical practitioner. During the training, you will receive exposure to a number of nursing courses. Theoretical classes will lay the foundation for concepts while lab practical and simulation room exercises will provide you a chance to apply theoretical concepts into practice. Further, you will work under experts’ supervision in clinical sessions to gain invaluable experience of handling patients on a real-time basis. Upon graduation, you can start working in a variety of healthcare settings or alternatively pursue an associate degree in nursing.

3) Rogue Community College - Medford

Rogue Community College
The LPN program of Rogue Community College is designed to meet the education needs of nursing aspirants as per the requirements of the healthcare industry. Its academic curriculum is focused on evidence-based learning, which helps to transform students into competent professionals.

This one-year practical nursing program starts in January and will educate you on the key aspects of providing holistic care to patients, administering medications, and monitoring injectable drugs. To provide you personalized attention, student intake is restricted to only sixteen per year. The course curriculum consists of both theory classes and lab practical in addition to having scheduled simulation room exercises at regular intervals. What's more, you will receive hands-on experience through clinical sessions, which will be arranged in a variety of healthcare settings including hospitals, nursing homes, and private clinics, among others. After graduation, you become eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for Practical Nurses (NCLEX-PN).

4) Mt. Hood Community College – Gresham

Mt. Hood Community College
The focus of the LPN program offered by Mt. Hood Community College is to prepare students for a successful career in the healthcare domain. The college emphasizes the need for experiential learning and encourages students to become an equal stakeholder in the learning process.

This full-time practical nursing is a 15-month program which starts once during the Spring semester each year. For imparting quality training, the total enrollment in the course is capped at 24. The curriculum has been divided into four different quarters with a total of 52 credits - first quarter (12-credit), second quarter (12-credit), third quarter (15-credit), and fourth quarter (13-credit). Many of the courses will be offered on weekends, evenings, or online; thereby mandating a strong commitment from students in terms of scheduling and time management. To gain hands-on experience, you will receive training at various clinical sites under the supervision of a qualified instructor.

5) Lane Community College – Eugene

Lane Community College
Contributing to the cause of community health and education, the LPN program offered by Lane Community College focuses on providing an academic environment of collaborative learning. Students are mentored to develop the right kind of attitude for the healthcare field, in addition to being encouraged to be proactive and humane in their professional approach.

The one-year practical nursing program is divided into three semesters - winter (PN101-16 credits), spring (PN102-16 credits), and summer (PN103-13 credits). The course structure is well-conceptualized, attaching equal importance to theoretical and practical components of study. Classroom sessions will help you to clear conceptual doubts while during the lab practical, simulation room exercises, and clinical sessions, you will have plenty of opportunities to hone your skills and also receive valuable hands-on experience. In order to earn the certificate, you have to score at least "C" grade in each educational course during the program.

6) Institute of Technology - Salem

Institute of Technology
Institute of Technology has designed its practical nursing program with the focus on providing extensive practical exposure to students. The real-world training exercises are extremely beneficial for students as it prepares them to hit the ground running.

The 44-week practical nursing program contains a total of 1,190 hours of intense theoretical instructions and clinical sessions. The 48-quarter-credit-hour coursework comprises of 19 theoretical courses and four clinical sessions. Classes are scheduled from Monday to Thursday, and theoretical instructions cover physiology and human anatomy, pharmacology, nursing, and surgical care, ethical and legal issues related to nursing procedures, communication, and leadership. Upon graduation, you can apply for the position of an entry-level practical nurse in a variety of healthcare settings.

7) Concorde Career College – Portland

Concorde Career College
The focus of the practical nursing program offered by Concorde Career College is on the all-round development of students. The college helps students realize their career dreams by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge required to perform well in the healthcare industry.

This 13-month LPN program in Oregon can be pursued either in daytime or the evening class format. The curriculum consists of a wide range of courses including the important ones like immunology, surgical nursing, gastrointestinal care, psychology and mental well being, human body and anatomy, health and nutrition, cardiovascular care, teamwork, and leadership. Both theoretical instructions and lab practical go hand in hand to provide you complete conceptual clarity and practical exposure. Clinical sessions, on the other hand, further accelerate your professional development by equipping you with real-world training experience. Upon graduation, you become eligible to take the National Council Licensure Examination for practical nurses (NCLEX-PN).

8) Sumner College - Portland

Sumner College
Backed by strong research and excellent industry relations, Sumner College has remained at the forefront of delivering quality education and professional training. Its LPN program is detailed and comprehensive, which help the nursing aspirants to provide expert care to the sick and needy.

The practical nursing program is 50-week long and is divided into five terms - term I (14.5-credits), term II (17.5-credits), term III (17.5-credits), term IV (14-credits), and term V (12-credits). In total, the course consists of 75.5-credits with a curriculum combining theoretical instructions, lab practical, simulation exercises, and clinical demonstrations. The multi-term course structure is conceptualized and delivered in a manner that helps students to maximize their conceptual clarity and practical exposure. During the program, you will receive in-depth training on basic and advanced levels of surgical nursing, health and nutrition, human anatomy, psychology, therapies, pediatrics, pharmacology, communication skills, and leadership among others.

9) Pioneer Pacific College - Beaverton & Springfield

Pioneer Pacific College
If you are exploring the possibility to become an LPN in Oregon, the practical nursing course offered by Pioneer Pacific College could be considered. The program is quite comprehensive in its coverage, and you have the option to choose from two different locations to pursue the course.

The 50-week LPN program is offered at two campuses - Beaverton and Springfield. The course curriculum consists of a wide range of subjects including surgical care, physiology and anatomy, health and wellbeing, psychology, maternal healthcare, leadership, and teamwork. For practical exposure, you will receive real-world training during the clinical sessions, which are scheduled in a variety of healthcare settings. In addition, exercises in the simulation rooms also help you to expand your professional outlook. Upon completion of the certificate, you can start working as a practical nurse under the supervision of registered medical practitioner in hospitals, healthcare centers, infirmaries, and private clinics among others.

10) Oregon Coast Community College – Newport

Oregon Coast Community College
The LPN program offered by Oregon Coast Community College can help you to attain a respectable position in the healthcare industry. Both theoretical and practical aspects of nursing are emphasized by the college, which helps students to maximize their learning experience.

The practical nursing is a one-year course, which is only available for students who have been accepted into the associate degree in nursing program. The 50-credit course is divided into three terms - term I (16-credit), term II (17-credit), and term III (13-credit). For effectively delivering the course, a combination of theoretical instructions, lab practical, and clinical sessions are used. During the training, you will receive exposure to important aspects of nursing care including surgical operations, pharmacology, health and nutrition, immunology, communication, teamwork, and leadership. To graduate, you are required to score at least "C" grade in each of the nursing courses.


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