12 Best Illinois LPN Programs – 2024

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Looking for a relatively quick way to jumpstart your nursing career in Illinois? Consider enrolling in one of the LPN programs in Illinois. Licensed practical nurses in Illinois have a number of exciting career options in nursing homes, clinics, home health and hospitals, and they make good money, too: On average, LPNs in the Land of Lincoln earn $58,840 a year. Whether you’re looking for a program that offers online courses, or you want to attend campus classes, you’ll be sure to find an LPN educational experience that will meet your unique needs. Get started by perusing the information below on the 12 best LPN programs in Illinois for 2024.



Based on our Ranking Methodology, the following are the 12 best LPN programs in Illinois (Online & Campus).

1) Ambria College of Nursing - Hoffman Estates

Ambria College of Nursing
Ambria College of Nursing is the only private nursing school offering a ladder program which allows you to progress from an LPN to RN to BSN with seamless ease. It is located in Hoffman Estates and embraces the vision to create nurses who are not only competent in their field but are critical thinkers as well. In addition to providing a tranquil ambiance for learning, the college also provides scholarships to deserving applicants.

The duration of this LPN program in Illinois is 12 months and classes commence in September every year. To be eligible for this program you must be at least 18 years of age, must hold a high school diploma and possess an active CNA license. The college offers flexible options when it comes to choosing an appropriate LPN course as it offers both day and evening training sessions for full-timers and part-timers. Combining a total of 48 credit hours, the coursework builds up the skills of students by incorporating subjects such as fundamentals of nursing, nursing pharmacology, nursing of a newborn and mother and anatomy and physiology.

2) Southeastern Illinois College – Harrisburg

Southeastern Illinois College
Nestled in Harrisburg, the Southeastern Illinois College was founded in 1960 and offers one of the lowest tuition costs in the Midwest region. The campus spread over 90 acres of land, is home to a plethora of clubs and organizations, where you can enhance leadership skills and network with fellow students.

The LPN course at Harrisburg starts every fall. The college offers 60 seats for full-timers and 20 seats for part-timers where preference is given to students who already reside in Southeastern Illinois College District. This 52- credit hours curriculum is aimed at not only honing nursing skills but building the basics of English language for communication purposes. Nursing courses are particularly focused towards providing preventive, restorative and rehabilitative nursing care, with courses building upon each other. You will enhance these professional skills during the experiential learning you receive at its lab and various clinical sites, including HMC Ferrell Hospital, Hardin County Hospital, Herrin Hospital and Hamilton County.

3) Joliet Junior College – Joliet

Joliet Junior College
Joliet Junior College has earned the reputation for offering a quality LPN course to nursing aspirants in Illinois. The college is known for its high pass rates on the licensure examination, indicating a superior teaching methodology. Established in 1901, the college is home to a host of clubs and organizations which provide ample recreational and learning opportunities for students. The academy is equipped with high-end simulation labs for the holistic training of nursing students.

Combining classroom and clinical experience, the college offers a 12-month certificate course in practical nursing, which takes in students twice a year, in the fall and spring semesters. The 46-semester hours of curriculum is quite rigorous and aims at honing both the mental and physical skills required to become an efficient practical nurse. One feature that makes this program unique is that part of the coursework is available in online/hybrid format, enabling you to learn at your convenience.

4) Lake Land College – Mattoon

Lake Land College
Lake Land College, Mattoon nurtures values of team-spirit and strives to foster quality education to the community. Some of the perks you can enjoy at this college include a well-equipped library and a futuristic fitness center.

Classes for this 1-year LPN course in Illinois are held on the main campus at Mattoon as well as at the Effingham Kluthe Center. The full-time course comprises a total of three semesters and 41 program hours where both theory and clinical classes are scheduled from Monday to Friday. The strenuous curriculum requires students to perform a variety of sensory and motor skills to ensure maximum patient satisfaction. An overall GPA of 2.00 is required in all courses to graduate. The LPN program here is well known for its high board pass rate, high job placements, dedicated faculty and sim labs.

5) Danville Area Community College – Danville

Danville Area Community College
Encouraging an enriching environment in learning and technical training, Danville Area Community College will help you kickstart your nursing career. Located in East Central Illinois in Danville, the college has been in service for over 70 years. The 75-acre campus is laced with several historic buildings which have been revamped for administering effective education.

You can opt for this 12-month LPN training if you are keen on becoming an entry-level nurse. The 42-hour coursework is designed to teach you basic and advanced concepts of nursing and effective communication skills. Completion of general education and the American Heart Association Healthcare Provider certification” is required before applying. This full-time course will train you to gain observational experience in laboratories and clinical settings.

6) John A. Logan College – Carterville

John A. Logan College
John A. Logan College in Carterville follows the principle of providing high-caliber education which is both accessible and affordable to all. Some of the distinguished attributes that the college prides itself on are qualified faculty members, a well-stocked library, a large conference center, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a conducive learning environment.

The college offers an LPN program with two flexible options. The full-time course, which requires a total of minimum 36 credit hours of study can be completed in nine months. This course is divided into 3 semesters starting from the month of August. The part-time course which can be completed in sixteen months is spread across 5 semesters and requires a minimum of 35.5 credit hours of study. The curriculum is an intensive one, which incorporates subjects like anatomy and physiology, mental health nursing, clinical nursing, maternal and newborn health. The college has a compulsory requirement for students to maintain at least a grade “C” or higher in all these courses for both full-timers and part-timers.

7) Illinois Eastern Community College – Olney

Illinois Eastern Community College
If you want to become an LPN in Illinois, you can opt for the 40-week practical nursing course at Illinois Eastern Community College, Olney where quality and affordability goes hand-in-hand. The college runs with a mission to serve not only its nursing students but the community as-a-whole by fostering exceptional patient-care techniques.

The coursework is spread across 3 semesters of spring, summer and fall. The curriculum of the LPN program culminates in 44 credit hours, where 1 credit hour equates to a total of 50 minutes of theory or 100 minutes of clinical practicum. In order to sharpen your nursing skills, the curriculum covers subjects such as nursing, general psychology, human anatomy and physiology, human growth and development and clinical nursing.

8) Verve College - Oak Brook

Verve College
Located in Oak Brook, Verve College has been churning out dynamic practical nurses since 2008. The institute is equipped with modern infrastructure and well-maintained simulation labs to bring about holistic development among nursing students.

Accredited by the ABHES, the fourteen to fifteen-month practical nursing course at Verve College is a strenuous one requiring a total of 1080 hours of devoted study. The college offers both the options of day and evening classes. For working professionals, the college provides the option of weekend classes as well. Verve College integrates a learning methodology which induces both theory and practical sessions in classrooms and laboratory simulations respectively. In order to graduate students must score a minimum grade “B” in their coursework and must pass the ATI Exit Exam with a 94% or higher score.

9) Harper College – Palatine

Harper College
Harper College, Palatine, educating more than 35,000 students every year, has carved its own niche in the field of healthcare education by earning its place as one of the largest community colleges of the country. Established in 1965, the college is equipped with state of art nursing laboratories, where nursing students are provided with ample practice until they gain the expertise to work in real-time clinical settings.

Designed to train students for a bright career in the nursing field, the college offers a 38-credit hour LPN certificate. The college starts this course twice a year in summer and fall. In fall, classes are held only during evenings and weekends while summer session offers a full-time day course. To earn your certificate, you must complete the coursework with a minimum grade of “C” in courses that include nursing fundamentals, advanced pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, maternity and pediatrics and psychology, On successful completion of the program , you can take the licensure exam and work as an entry-level nurse or opt transitioning into an RN program.

10) Capital Area School of Practical Nursing – Springfield

Capital Area School of Practical Nursing
Established in December 1957, Capital Area School of Practical Nursing is a well-known name among students who want to take their nursing skills to the next level. Accredited by ACEN, the institute has an ensemble of well-established faculty members and caring staff.

This nine-month LPN program starts twice a year in the months of August and February. The intensive coursework is divided into 4 quarters and consists 868 hours of theoretical studies and 462 hours of clinical practicums, summing up to a total of 1330 hours of learning. Classes and clinical sessions are scheduled only during the day-time. Theory classes are held from Monday to Friday while clinical training is offered at various healthcare settings in the area on a 4-6 weeks rotational basis.

11) Career Center of Southern Illinois - Red Bud

Career Center of Southern Illinois
Career Center of Southern Illinois based in Red Bud has a separate campus for the nursing department located in the picturesque Randolph County which is named - The Beck School of Practical Nursing. In addition to maintaining a high standard of education the college also offers various scholarships.

The institute offers a full-time LPN course of 11 months which commences in the months of January and July. Consisting a total of 1440 hours of learning, the coursework includes studying of nursing fundamentals, medical-surgical, pediatrics, maternity nursing, growth and development, anatomy, microbiology, pharmacology, mental health nursing and community health. The program is rigorous in nature and requires a daily commitment of few hours of study. To enhance nursing skills, you will go through an array of clinical experiences at a variety of clinical sites throughout Randolph, Monroe and St.Clair Counties.

12) ATS Institute of Technology – Chicago

ATS Institute of Technology
ATS Institute of Technology located in Chicago, is an option for career-oriented students who want to explore their possibilities in the field of healthcare. The institute prepares students for facing global nursing challenges through effective teaching methods which encompasses hands-on training.

If you are keen on making an entry into nursing in a short duration of study, then this LPN, offered thrice a year can be considered. You can opt for a full-time schedule and complete this program in 12 months. Working professionals can choose evening classes while pursuing current work commitments. This three-semester coursework will culminate in obtaining a Practical Nursing certificate, after which you can take the NCLEX-PN and go on to work in a variety of nursing departments such as physical, occupational and respiratory therapy, maternity, pediatrics, psychiatric health and medical and surgical nursing.


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