10 Best LPN Programs in Georgia – (Online & Campus-Based)

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There is a nursing shortage across the state of Georgia, creating job openings for those who wish to become licensed as practical nurses. With the majority of people living longer, there are expected to be almost 2,250 job openings for practical nurses across the state each year. Employers are looking for those who have received excellent training from one of the LPN programs in Georgia that have been approved by the Georgia Board of Nursing. To help you in choosing the right educational institution, we have ranked the 10 best of the 22 programs available in Georgia.


LPN Program Length in Georgia

To become an LPN in Georgia, you will need at least one year of education and hands-on training. You can achieve this in 12 to 18 months for a diploma or certificate, or you may choose to obtain your associate degree in as little as 2 years.

Type Length
Certificate / Diploma 12 to 18 Months
Associate Degree 2 Years
(Source: In-House Research)

LPN Program Cost in Georgia

Depending on the diploma/certificate coursework that you choose, you might have to pay as little as $2,220 to more than $35,440. Likewise, an associate degree can cost nearly $50,000.

Type Cost
Certificate / Diploma$2,220 - $35,440
Associate Degree$6,840 - $50,900
(Source: In-House Research)

Why NCLEX-PN Pass Rate is an Important Factor While Selecting an LPN Program in this State?

We have some good news for you when it comes to practical nursing programs in GA. The passing rate for the NCLEX-PN in this state is higher than the national average. However, you will still want to compare the pass rate when choosing an institution to ensure that you will achieve the level of competence to work in real life situations. Employers also keep track of which educational facilities consistently record high NCLEX-PN pass rates, making it easier for you to find a job in the area of your choosing when you graduate from one of these facilities.

NCLEX-PN Pass Rates
Year Georgia National
Taken % Passed Taken % Passed


Based on our Ranking Methodology, the following are the 10 best nursing schools for LPN programs in Georgia.

1) Southeastern Technical College – Vidalia & Swainsboro

Southeastern Technical College
To tackle the evolving paradigm in the nursing field, Southeastern Technical College, Vidalia has adopted a multi-faceted approach. The institute focuses on experiential learning by encouraging teamwork and out-of-the-box ideas. Experienced faculty members of the college act as growth catalysts and are committed to achieve excellence in teaching and innovation.

STC offers an LPN program at Swainsboro and Vidalia campuses starting in both Spring and Fall semesters. This diploma is a 3-semester long day course and requires a minimum of 60 credit hours for successful completion. The curriculum features carefully selected core and specialized courses to help you learn the nuances of providing competent patient care. What's more, you will receive professional training during clinical sessions to thoroughly understand the real-life challenges in the healthcare field. For securing admission, you must be a high school graduate with a minimum grade point average of 3.0.

2) Chattahoochee Technical College – Marietta

Chattahoochee Technical College
Chattahoochee Technical College has been serving the quality education needs of six county areas in GA. The institute offers an LPN program at its Marietta campus and is well-known for its globally competitive academic practices. The campus offers a great learning environment and plenty of opportunities to socialize with students from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

The practical nursing diploma program spans across three semesters and to impart individualized training, the total intake is restricted to 24-30 students. The coursework teaches you to provide holistic nursing care with special focus on developing critical thinking and a sound clinical judgment. Pre-requisite courses are offered at multiple campuses and even online so, you complete these courses with utmost flexibility and convenience. The LPN courses however can only be completed at the Marietta campus.

3) Augusta Technical College – Augusta, Waynesboro, and Thomson

Augusta Technical College
Successfully establishing a new milestone in the field of education, Augusta Technical College, is known for its unique academic philosophy and teaching pedagogy. The institute has produced many path-shapers in different academic disciplines and offers research-based experiential learning for students. Global perspective, freedom of inquiry, and emphasis on collaboration are some of the other key highlights of the college.

The 18-month LPN course offered by ATC is a day program which requires a minimum of 57 credit hours for successful completion. The course is offered in the Fall semester at Augusta, Thomson, and Waynesboro locations each year. The curriculum is divided into four terms and features a combination of theory classes, simulation labs, and clinical sessions. To successfully complete this certificate, you need to score at least "C" in all nursing courses. Upon graduation, you can apply for the position of an entry-level nurse in hospitals, clinics, or allied health care centers.

4) Georgia Piedmont Technical College – Newton

Georgia Piedmont Technical College
Since its inception in 1961, Georgia Piedmont Technical College has been focused on producing quality professionals to match changing needs of the healthcare industry. With a strong support of more than 950 faculty and administrative staff, the institute has consistently met the high standards of academic rigor. The college boasts a vibrant, multi-cultural atmosphere with students from more than 80 countries being part of its campus.

The practical nursing diploma program offered by the college is a 57 credit hours course and prepares you to work at an entry-level nursing position in the healthcare field. The course begins in both Spring and Fall semesters with maximum number of student enrollment limited to 28 in each term. You must complete five prerequisite courses with minimum “C” to become eligible for the admission process. During the program training, you will receive exposure to a variety of nursing and medical-surgical fundamentals besides getting real-world experience through clinical sessions. In sum, this program prepares you to adopt skills for holistic patient care.

5) Lanier Technical College - Oakwood

Lanier Technical College
If you are looking for an eventful career in the field of nursing, Lanier Technical College, Oakwood could be a great place to start with. Brimming with diverse ideas, LTC brings to the table a conducive environment for learning and growth. The college is well known for its collaborative approach, and practices collegiality and cooperation as a part of its organizational culture.

This LPN program in Georgia is offered in both Spring and Fall semesters. It is a 12-month long day program and involves both theory classes and practical training. You will take courses in human anatomy, medical terminology, nursing fundamentals, medical-surgical, maternity nursing and nursing leadership. You will undergo extensive training during the clinical sessions which are scheduled 2-3 times per week. The mandatory admission requirements to the course include taking the essential academic skills test and completing core subjects before the commencement of classes.

6) Wiregrass Georgia Technical College - Valdosta, Ben Hill, and Coffee County

Wiregrass Georgia Technical College
Spirit of inclusiveness and achieving global leadership are the guiding principles behind the working of Wiregrass Georgia Technical College, Valdosta. Complimenting the vision of the institute are - impressively built infrastructure, illustrious faculty members, and considerate administrative staff. The college offers a vibrant academic culture and tremendous growth opportunities for students. Thanks to campuses at multiple locations – Valdosta, Ben Hill, and Coffee County – you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

This LPN program at the Valdosta campus begins in Spring and Fall semesters, while Ben Hill and Coffee County offer the program in Fall and Spring semester respectively. To impart personalized training, the college has a policy to cap maximum student intake to 30 in each term. During this course, you will learn fundamentals of nursing, surgery, health sciences, nutrition, clinical calculations, and leadership. In addition, you will receive real-world training in a variety of healthcare settings under the able guidance of an experienced instructor. This will help evolve your practical knowledge and make you ready for your professional stint.

7) Central Georgia Technical College – Macon, Milledgeville & Warner Robins

Central Georgia Technical College
Central Georgia Technical College, Macon is admired for the creation of new knowledge frontiers in the field of healthcare education. The institute provides an unmatched platform to tackle the pressing issues facing the nursing discipline and invites you to become part of the solution for the greater good of society. Needless to mention, the college boasts an impressive combination of human and non-human resources.

To become an LPN in Georgia, the nursing program offered by CGTC could be considered. The program is offered at Macon, Milledgeville, and Warner Robins locations in both Spring and Fall semesters. This course is 75 weeks long and requires you to complete a total of 57 credit hours. You will learn conditional and occupational courses during your training besides getting exposure through clinical sessions set in diverse healthcare settings. You will be eligible to work as an entry-level nurse in hospitals, nursing care centers, and other patient care facilities, upon successful completion of the program.

8) Albany Technical College - Albany

Albany Technical College
The reputation that Albany Technical College, Albany has built over the years is testimony to its ethical leadership and globally responsible behavior. It is the place where you find an amalgamation of rich culture, team spirit, and more importantly, a sense of community. The institute promises to offer a memorable learning experience that will help you to achieve new heights of success in your career.

The 57-credit LPN program offered by ATC consists 9 credits of core general education courses and 48 credits of occupational courses that will train you to face challenges in the nursing field with confidence and aptness. While theoretical instructions will help you to build a strong conceptual foundation, clinical sessions will ensure that you apply classroom knowledge in real-world circumstances. Summing it, the training prepares you to provide competent and holistic nursing care to patients. On completion of the coursework and clinical training, you will earn a diploma in practical nursing which, in turn, makes you eligible for pursuing an advanced nursing degree or start a career as an entry level nurse.

9) Coastal Pines Technical College – Waycross, Baxley, Alma, Golden Isles & Jesup

Coastal Pines Technical College
Fostering the spirit of inclusiveness and meaningful employment, Coastal Pines Technical College, Waycross has emerged as a pioneer in the field of nursing and healthcare. The institute aims to become a global leader in imparting quality education and boasts exceptionally qualified human resources supported by a world-class infrastructure.

This LPN is a diploma that requires completing 57 credits in liberal arts, science and nursing courses. The well-rounded curriculum is complemented by a variety of guided clinical experiences where you will put the acquired knowledge to practice. You will particularly gain expertise in medical surgical nursing, nursing leadership, and maternal nursing. To graduate, maintaining a grade point average of 2.75 is a mandatory requirement. This 5-semester long course will help you excel in providing holistic patient care and upon graduation; you can pursue a wide variety of opportunities in entry level nursing.

10) Savannah Technical College - Savannah

Savannah Technical College
Savannah Technical College is a name to reckon with in the field of nursing education. The institute has a rich academic legacy and its focused approach to the holistic development of students sets it apart from the rest. The college encourages experiential learning and promotes the development of professional skills through its intensive field training exposures. You can choose between Savannah and Liberty locations as both campuses offer the practical nursing program.

Among one of the best LPN schools in GA, STC offers a course for aspiring LPNs, starting in both Spring and Fall semesters. The course spans across five terms and requires you to complete a minimum of 57 credit hours to graduate. The meticulously designed curriculum covers all nursing aspects comprehensively and thanks to the inclusion of clinical sessions, you will have ample opportunities to hone your professional skills. Upon successful completion of this course, you can go for an entry level nurse position in a healthcare setting, of course this is after passing the NCLEX-PN examination.


How to Obtain My LPN License in Georgia?

Once you graduate from your approved practical nursing program in GA or just before completing your coursework, you will want to be sure you complete all of the steps required to get your license.
• Make sure you meet all of the requirements and apply for licensing with the Board of Nursing.
• Register with COGENT systems and have your fingerprints scanned for your background check.
• Complete your registration for the NCLEX-PN with Pearson VUE.
• Receive your authorization to test.
• Schedule and pass your examination and obtain your CPR card.
• Get your license from the Board.

While you will need to renew your license every two years to continue working in the state of Georgia, you will not need to complete any hours of continuing education coursework.

How Much Will I Earn?

LPN salary in Georgia can be 9 percent lower than what others in this field make in other areas of this country. While you may begin your career making around $18 an hour, this amount may increase to about $29 per hour depending on your place of employment and the amount of experience you gain while working in the field.

Type Salary Range Average Salary
Hourly$18.60 - $29.34$24.44
Monthly$3,220  - $5,090$4,240
Annual$38,680 - $61,030$50,830
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

LPN Earnings in this State vs National Average

Georgia National Difference
Number %
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

Job Outlook for LPN Graduates in Georgia

In this state, there is expected to be more than 19 percent new jobs created for LPNs within the next few years. This doesn't take into consideration the aging nursing population and those who will be retiring in the next few years. While there are always larger medical facilities that will need your skills and expertise as a practical nurse, there is a growing number of smaller facilities that are designed to handle the long-term care needs of an older population with a myriad of ever-increasing health problems. Many of these problems are due to the high levels of obesity in this state.

Because there will be such a demand for practical nurses in the coming years, employers often offer incentives to new employees. These incentives may be in the form of sign-up bonuses, flexible scheduling, and higher rates of pay.

Employment 10 Year New Job Growth
Projection (2020-2030)
2020 2030 Number %
(Source: careeronestop)

Projected LPN Annual Job Openings in Georgia (2023-2027)

Year New Jobs Replacement Jobs Annual
Job Openings
(New + Replacement)
2023 420 1,810 2,230
2024 440 1,830 2,270
2025 520 1,910 2,430
2026 550 1,940 2,490
2027 630 2,020 2,650
Total Job Openings in the Next 5 Years 12,070
(Source: In-House Research)

6 Best Metro Areas in Georgia to Work as an LPN

The Atlanta metropolitan region hires has the greatest number of LPN positions in the state. In addition to Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, and other major cities are included in this region. If a hospital is your preferred working environment, you might want to think about positions at Egleston Hospital, Emory Saint Joseph's Hospital, or Northside Hospital. If you prefer more of a one-on-one work experience, you might enjoy working for Home Helpers, CaraVita Home Care, Right at Home, BrightStar Care, or Homewatch CareGivers.

There are also plenty of job opportunities in the other metro areas, including Augusta and all of Richmond County. Augusta University Medical Center and Home Instead Senior Care are just two places where you might wish to work.

Rank Metro Area Current
Average Salary
Hourly Monthly Annual
1 Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Roswell 10,920 $26.03 $4,510 $54,140
2 Augusta-Richmond County 1,600 $23.84 $4,130 $49,580
3 Savannah 930 $24.10 $4,180 $50,130
4 Macon 800 $23.71 $4,110 $49,310
5 Columbus 750 $22.44 $3,890 $46,680
6 Athens-Clarke County 500 $24.20 $4,200 $50,340
(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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