15 Easiest LPN Programs to Get Into – 2023

Written By: Jennifer Schlette MSN, RN

It's no secret that a career as an LPN can be extremely rewarding – you get to make a difference in people's lives, work flexible hours, and have the stability of a job. But where do you start your journey? Do you know what are the easiest LPN programs to get into? To help anyone looking to become an LPN but unsure where to begin searching for their perfect program, I've put together this handy guide of the 15 easiest accredited LPN programs to get into in 2023. So take out those highlighters; it's time to discover which schools can make your dream job come true!



Suppose you're considering a career in nursing. In that case, the difficulty of getting accepted into a Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program may be weighing heavily on your mind. The answer may surprise you: while some programs may be trickier than others, the truth is that if you put in the work, your chances are good. Of course, it doesn't hurt to slap on a smile and don your nicest interview outfit—you'll want to make a great first impression with those admissions counselors! With some luck and hard work, one day, you could be wearing scrubs and ready to take on whatever job comes your way as an LPN.


The saying goes, "all good things come to those who wait." Well, that might only be true if you're looking to pursue a career as an LPN—the easy to get into LPN programs last around a year, so you won't have too long of a wait! For example, Utah state University’s program is only one year to complete. Louisiana State University’s LPN training is only three semesters. Of course, this all depends on individual programs and your own level of educational preparedness. But still, it doesn't take terribly long to dive into this rewarding field. And after that? A lucrative and worthwhile career awaits.


Cost isn't something anyone looks forward to when deciding which Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program to enter. However, depending on the institution, it might be the determining factor.

Many of the easiest LPN programs to get into come with a relatively low price tag in comparison to other degrees. For example, Utah State University’s tuition will run you around $11,000 for an instate resident and around $35,000 for an out-of-state resident. SUNY Canton will cost you $7,070 for your tuition regardless if you are an in state or out-of-state resident. If you take longer than a year to complete your degree, then where you live will affect the cost of your tuition. That's right - some affordable courses available don't require you to sacrifice the quality of education. So if you need an economical yet comprehensive LPN program, look no further! With just a bit of research and looking around, you're sure to find a program that fits your budget.


The typical coursework in the easiest LPN programs to get into is by no means a cakewalk. It still requires hard work and dedication to stay on top of all the course material. The classes involve lectures, labs, clinicals, online learning, and exams. Students should be prepared to learn topics such as anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, nutrition, gerontology, communication skills, and basic health assessment. Granted, it's not rocket science, but it certainly is no walk in the park either - it takes time and effort to master everything that needs to be learned for the successful completion of an LPN program.


Well, to begin with, by no means are LPN programs easy to get into or easy to complete. When we say, ‘Easiest To Get Into’, we simply mean these LPN programs are easier to get into compared to other LPN programs. To compile this list of the easiest to get into LPN programs in the nation, we have factored in the overall school acceptance rates as provided by the U.S. Department of Education.

However, since these are the overall school acceptance rates, the exact LPN program-specific acceptance rates may not match up. As there are no available LPN program-specific acceptance rates, by using the overall school acceptance rates we have tried our best to come up with this list of the easiest LPN programs to get into.


(Based on the overall school acceptance rates, the following are the 15 easiest accredited LPN programs to get into in the nation for the year 2023.)

1. University of Arkansas Community College - Morrilton, AR

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

If you're looking for an exciting new healthcare career, look no further than the LPN program at the University of Arkansas Community College! Take advantage of this comprehensive program and its amazing selection of course options – from specialized medical terminology classes to advanced clinical simulation classes. Not only will you be attending one of the easiest LPN programs to get into, but you will gain invaluable knowledge and skills, and you will also enjoy every minute of it! You will get personal support from expert faculty members and a state-of-the-art learning environment tailored specifically for its students. Whether you're exploring a new venture or seeking to build upon your existing studies, enrolling in the LPN Program at UACCM is sure to be a rewarding experience! This program is 57 credits which can be completed in eighteen months.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into University of Arkansas Community College LPN:

Being accepted into the University of Arkansas Community College Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) Program is no easy feat. In order to qualify, applicants need to demonstrate a strong academic record with at least a 2.5 GPA in pre-requisite courses.

How to Get Into University of Arkansas Community College LPN:

Now that you've checked off the requirement of a 2.5 GPA on your pre-requisite courses let's take a look at those classes. First up, Anatomy and Physiology one and two must be taken at the same school, with no more than two attempts. Otherwise, you may need to receive a blessing from the nursing program chair. As if that weren't enough to tackle, don't forget you still have to complete a Nursing Assistant course and score a 102 on the Pre-Admission Examination test - now nicknamed Pax Test. Of course, all these tasks are manageable as long as you keep organized - so get to it!

2. Annenberg School of Nursing - Reseda, CA

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

Those interested in becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) should look no further than the Annenberg School of Nursing! The experienced and qualified program staff will guide you on your educational journey, providing you access to the latest industry knowledge and experience in the classroom. Plus - there are tons of reasons why the LPN program is top-notch! This institution prides itself on offering the most up-to-date curriculum through cutting-edge technology and one-on-one advisement with mentors and faculty. Who says learning has to be boring? This easy LPN program to get into does not allocate credits to their program. They use hours. So, with that being said, you will need to complete 1,680 hours of coursework in four 12-week sessions.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Annenberg School of Nursing LPN:

There may be no GPA listed for admission, but that just means that the school evaluates each applicant on a case-by-case basis. The admissions team genuinely cares about the success of its students. It is prepared to make a detailed assessment of each applicant. Now that's encouraging!

How to Get Into Annenberg School of Nursing LPN:

So you're thinking of joining the Annenberg School of nursing, huh? Well, first things first: make sure you've got your ducks in a row before diving in to ensure you meet all their criteria. You gotta have a high school diploma or equivalent if you're over 18; then come California driver's license/ID and a social security card to sweeten the pot. For the rest of what they need, there's a TEAS exam, a physical exam, background check, a drug screen... and for good measure, some letters of recommendation, a questionnaire, and an interview with the head honcho! All this considered – nothing' like dream-chasing to get you through it all.

3. Bolivar Technical College - Bolivar, MO

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

Bolivar Technical College's LPN program is like hitting the career jackpot! This easy to get into LPN program boasts a wide range of courses, this program is ideal for anyone wanting to take their nursing skills up a notch. With the generous support and experienced instructors who know their stuff, you can't go wrong with this program. And don't forget the fabulous networking opportunities that becoming a Bolivar Tech student provides – potential employers will be lining up for miles for graduates of this program! You will need to complete 62 credits over one year.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Bolivar Technical College LPN:

This program also does not list any GPA requirement for admission.

How to Get Into Bolivar Technical College LPN:

So you've looked at this amazing program, but some of the requirements leave you feeling that test-taking pressure is turning your stomach. Don't worry – there's nothing to fret over here! All you need to do is provide your high school transcripts for evaluation and a background check. Beyond that lies two exams that shouldn't ruffle too many feathers: a general admission test which will be a piece of cake, and the TEAS exam. So take a deep breath of composure, and slide into the application process with ease!

4. Athena Career Academy - Toledo, OH

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

Are you looking to add some qualifications to your resume? In that case, Athena Career Academy's Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) Program could be the answer. As an LPN student of one of the easiest LPN programs to get into, you'll have a variety of classes to choose from ranging in topics such as pharmacology and nursing theories, fundamentals of nursing. All of these courses will give you proficiency in skills such as IV insertion and taking vital signs. Nowadays, it really pays to get ahead with formal education, so why not add the LPN Program at Athena Career Academy to your list? With their experienced faculty, you can get ahead and reach the next level in your career. You will need to complete 1300 hours of education. If you choose day classes, these hours will take around 1 year to complete. If you choose night classes, the curriculum will take you sixteen months.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Athena Career Academy LPN:

The LPN program at Athena Career Academy may sound intimidating, but there is no need to be intimidated. Without a minimum GPA requirement, everybody has an equal chance of succeeding. It's like giving one big hug to everyone who wants to pursue this career and saying, "Go ahead - you can do this!"

How to Get Into Athena Career Academy LPN:

The LPN program at Athena Career Academy involves several steps to be admitted. Attend an informational meeting with an admissions representative is nailing the first step, and then complete your online application for admission. After that, you have to have an individual meeting with a financial administrator for funding arrangements and take a State of Ohio Disclosure Course. Oh! And don't forget to attach a photocopy of your high school transcript/ GED, government identification, and social security card, plus an I94 card and passport if applicable. What's more? You should also possess evidence of having received Basic Life Support certification from the American Heart Association and finish a physical examination.

Did you think I was done? No, not yet. Seriously though, drug screening within 90 days, immunizations and health records, background checks and fingerprinting, signing an enrollment agreement, and attending an orientation session – the list goes on. But when you successfully complete all of the admission requirements for Athena's LPN program, the possibilities for what life could look like after graduation are endless.

5. Professional Skills Institute - Maumee, OH

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

Professional Skills Institute is home to another one of the easiest LPN programs to get into and offers a comprehensive Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program. Centered around caring for individuals and their families, this program gives you the tools to make a difference in your community and the nursing profession. With hands-on training in real-world healthcare environments, guided lectures, and evidence-based clinical laboratories, this program will equip you with the knowledge and practical skills you need to thrive as a licensed nurse. In addition, faculty members strive to support each student in achieving professional success so they can make their mark on the world of healthcare. You will need to complete 65 credits over 48 weeks.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Professional Skills Institute LPN:

Are you a student looking for the perfect LPN school to attend but don't want the pressure of a high GPA requirement? Then look no further than Professional Skills Institute! They provide all the same great qualifications without that pesky GPA getting in your way.

How to Get Into Professional Skills Institute LPN:

Applying to the LPN program at Professional Skills Institute? 18 years of age and a high school diploma -- or better yet, a GED or higher education credential -- are a must. A valid State or Federal photo ID is also required. Oh, and that's not it -- you need to have some basic reading comprehension and strong verbal skills under your belt. But wait, there's even more: You're also expected to achieve a minimum adjusted individual total score of 41.2% on the TEAS exam! To top it all off, you must submit verifications that prove completion of BCI and FBI background checks - no excuses!

6. Herzing University - Birmingham, AL

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

Herzing University might be your place if you have ever wanted to become an LPN. This 48-credit program to be completed over one year offers a comprehensive program that provides students with all the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their careers. During the first year, students are provided with a strong foundation in the medical sciences, preparing them for clinical experiences. After successfully completing these clinical core courses and practical exams, graduates are prepared to take on professional Licensed Practical Nurses roles across multiple healthcare settings. You’ll also receive an impressive addition to your resume - not to mention many career opportunities! You can make your dream of becoming an LPN come true at Herzing University.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Herzing University LPN:

Some students might consider achieving a 2.0 GPA impressive, but that's merely the minimum requirement for entry into Herzig University.

How to Get Into Herzing University LPN:

To be eligible for admission into this easy LPN program to get into, all you need is a high school diploma or equivalent; once that's taken care of, it's just a matter of meeting their cumulative GPA requirements. Folks with a GPA of 3.50 - 4.00 can just sit back and relax - no further requirements for admission and minimal work for your perfectionist side! For those whose GPAs come in between the 3.00 to 3.49 mark, there may be an additional requirement in the form of a "B" grade in Anatomy & Physiology - totally worth it! And those with lower GPAs of 3.48 to 2.0 still have nothing to worry about either - provided they ace the TEAS test with a 48 composite score or better. Take that first step towards nursing greatness today, and get ready to unleash your inner Florence Nightingale!

7. Utah State University - Logan, UT

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

Utah State University's LPN program offers a uniquely rewarding educational experience. With courses split between classroom instruction and on-site training experiences, students can learn in various settings that prepare them for the real world. In addition to general medical concepts like biology, anatomy, and physiology, this easy to get into LPN program covers pharmacology, nutrition, and infection control. After completing a minimum of 45 credits over one year, you will be prepared to take your passionate nursing practice to the next level with great enthusiasm!

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Utah State University LPN:

Suppose you were considering the LPN program at Utah State University and were worried that the hurdles would be too high. In that case, you can relax: there's no minimum GPA requirement!

How to Get Into Utah State University LPN:

The only criteria you need to be eligible is a high school diploma or equivalent, plus an application and successfully completing several pre-requisite courses: Anatomy and Physiology I & II, Statistics, Chemistry, and Introduction to Writing. Remember, you will need a B- or better in these courses. You will be allowed to take each course three times with a maximum of ten total attempts. You'll also need to pass the HESI A2 exam with 75% or better - an allowance for two attempts per application cycle is granted! To cap it all off, include your personal statement and resume to ensure success in your application. Don't let this opportunity pass you by; meet these admission requirements today!

8. Mercyhurst University - Erie, PA

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

The LPN program at Mercyhurst University is the stuff of legends! Boasting an outstanding curriculum, comprehensive training experience, and many hands-on learning opportunities, students enrolled in this program can look forward to a bright and successful career in nursing. With convenient class schedules available, no matter what your current work or study schedule looks like, you'll find a way to make this program work. When you're done, you'll be ready to take your career as a licensed practical nurse to the next level. Suppose you want to become a well-rounded and knowledgeable professional prepared for nursing success. In that case, the 30-credit LPN program at Mercyhurst University is the obvious choice, being completed in three months.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Mercyhurst University LPN:

GPA is often viewed as something of a daunting figure. Still, Mercyhurst University has defied expectations with its LPN program: no minimum GPA exists. You don't have to rack up a 4.0 GPA just to be eligible!

How to Get Into Mercyhurst University LPN:

Ready to become an LPN by attending one of the easiest LPN programs to get into and make your nursing dreams a reality? If you want to apply, you'll need more than just dreams and ambition - a high school diploma or GED certificate is a must. You'll also need to prove your worth by showing off the 16 units of courses you've taken in various subject areas during high school – everything from English and Social Studies to Math (including Algebra!) and Science with lab experience. In addition, the university requires an assessment test - basically getting you to hit the books again. So brush up on your physics formulas and history timelines and prepare for one of life's biggest career leaps! Satisfy all that pre-requirement stuff, like physicals, drug testing, and those federal/state/child abuse clearances, and you're almost there.

9. Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science & Technology (CPI) - Pleasant Gap, PA

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

CPI is leading the charge to equip tomorrow's nurses with today's best practices. The LPN program at CPI allows students to learn hands-on in a professional setting, utilizing state-of-the-art medical equipment and techniques. You will receive intense training focused on safety, patient advocacy, and communication – all essential facets of exemplary nursing care. Even better? This program is 1564 hours that can be completed in one year full-time and two years part-time.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science & Technology LPN:

At Central Pennsylvania Institute, aspiring Licensed Practical Nurses can breathe a sigh of relief - no matter your cumulative GPA, you can still apply for the LPN program!

How to Get Into Central Pennsylvania Institute of Science & Technology LPN:

The admission requirements to this easy LPN program to get into may seem daunting, but don't worry – it's worth it! Aspiring nurses must submit their applications with the associated fees, take a pre-admission test at CPI, provide high school transcripts and references, and conduct a personal interview with the coordinator. Additionally, you’ll need to ensure that your CPR certification is up to date and secure a criminal record check and a Child Abuse Clearance. Nurses-in-training must also get a physical exam, drug screens, lab tests, and immunizations before enrollment. Honestly, the list isn't so bad after all – it requires dedication and commitment!

10. Louisiana State University Shreveport - Shreveport, LA

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

Louisiana State University's Licensed Practical Nursing program is another one of the easiest LPN programs to be accepted into and is the one-stop destination for students looking to embark on a rewarding career in the field of healthcare. With its diligent approach to training and comprehensive syllabus, this program can provide you with the tools you need to pursue a lucrative career in the nursing world. Comprised of 1,540 hours, this three-semester program consists of classroom-based theory and clinical placements. The LSU LPN program is designed to give students an understanding of theoretical concepts and tangible "real-world" experience. In addition, the supportive learning environment fostered by experienced faculty members provides each student with personalized guidance - helping them shape their bright future!

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Louisiana State University Shreveport LPN:

While the minimum GPA requirement is only 2.00, a higher GPA can make all the difference in getting the most out of your education. After all, no one wants to be the student with just the bare minimum — so aim high and set yourself up for success with that extra GPA!

How to Get Into Louisiana State University Shreveport LPN:

Suppose you've ever had your eye on the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) program at Louisiana State University. In that case, you'd better be ready to bring your A-game. You'll need an ACT Composite score of 20 or SAT Composite of 1030. You'll also need to show that you're up for a challenge in English OR Math – an ACT English score of 18 or an SAT ERW score of 500, an ACT MATH core of 19, or a Minimum SAT Math score of 510.

Wait! There is more. For the LPN program at Louisiana State University, the admission requirements are for applicants to meet one of three options. Option 1 involves completing or being on track to complete the Louisiana Board of Regents High School Core Curriculum with a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. In contrast, option 2 requires slightly more courses if a student wants to attempt to earn a GPA as high as 2.5. As a final alternative, you can try your hand at testing. If you fancy yourself a scholar who can pass HiSet's 15-point subtest and 4-point essay, this program isn't out of the question for you. Whichever option you decide on, after meeting that requirement, you will be bounding down the path toward your practical nursing dreams!

11. SUNY Canton - Canton, NY

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

Are you interested in learning more about the Licenced Practical Nursing (LPN) program at this easy to get into LPN program? Put your mind at ease; this comprehensive program will cover all your nursing needs. Through coursework and clinical practice, students will be equipped with the theoretical knowledge and practical experience needed to become a fully qualified LPN. The rigorous combination of theoretical and practical components makes the program challenging yet rewarding – perfect for anyone looking to develop those sweet healthcare skills while making a real difference in their community. This program is 36 credits and will require one year to complete.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into SUNY Canton LPN:

At Suny Canton, Your GPA is not a factor in deciding your admission status.

How to Get Into SUNY Canton LPN:

Although GPA is not a factor in the admission process, other factors will be considered. SUNY Canton follows a rigorous set of admission criteria to ensure that its incoming students will have the necessary tools and foundation to excel during their college years. Suppose you're looking to get your degree at SUNY Canton. In that case, you must meet certain expectations, such as having a high school diploma and an average grade of 75 or higher in high school coursework. A minimum score of 275 is required if you're taking GED tests. And if exams aren't your thing – no problem! You may be granted exemption from the ACCUPLACER test if you achieve a minimum NYS English Regents score of 75, a SAT verbal score of 420+, or an ACT score ranging from 17-36 in both English and Reading sections. If not, you will need to earn a minimum score of 60 on the ACCUPLACER test for Reading and 75 on the ACCUPLACER test for Sentence Structure. You will also need to be at least seventeen years of age at the time of applying and submit a complete application.

Now let’s talk math. You'll need to qualify based on Algebra math proficiency, and you can do this in one of several ways: by completing two Math Regents with a score of 75 or higher, three Math Regents with the same score, MAT 092 Intermediate Algebra with at least a B grade, equivalent college-level courses such as College Algebra or Trigonometry with at least a C grade, or (for those lucky enough to attend) regent exemptions for those who took it in high school. Get your equations right, and you might be qualified to enter this esteemed university.

I hope you did not think I was done. Now, moving on to Bio. SUNY Canton has some rigorous admission criteria for prospective students, including requiring a grade of 75 or above for Biology or Living Environment on the New York State Regents Exam. But don't worry if you didn't ace your last high school Biology class- SUNY Canton also lets you get in with some other fancy accreditations like passing Basic Lab Biology from Nursing ABC with a "C," or higher, or getting an Anatomy and Physiology I grade of C or better. You could also opt to take a college-level biology course and earn a C or better. However, if you went to one of those super exclusive regent-exempt secondary schools, don't worry - SUNY Canton will look at your application sympathetically and on a case-by-case basis.

Finally, we come to Chemistry. You are in the clear if you took high school chemistry and passed with a 65 or better. You could also have a 'B' or higher in Nursing ABC's CHM 095: Basic Lab Chemistry or you can complete college-level work such as Introduction to Chemistry with a 'C' grade or better. For those schools that don't use the New York State Regents system for secondary school, because you would be except, there's still hope - exceptions can be considered individually.

12. Beckfield College - Florence, KY

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

If you are looking for an exciting nursing program to start your career, check out the easy to get into LPN program at Beckfield College! With their renowned faculty and cutting-edge training, this is sure to be the perfect opportunity for anyone wanting to learn hands-on techniques and gain the qualifications necessary to pursue a successful career in nursing. You'll have the opportunity to study various topics such as anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, and more! Plus, there's ample time allotted for clinical experience so that you can get acquainted with the actual practice of nursing. This program is 64.5 credits and can be completed over fifteen months.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Beckfield College LPN:

Again, like many other programs on this list, your GPA is not a deciding factor in your admittance to this program.

How to Get Into Beckfield College LPN:

Interested in applying for the Practical Nursing Program at Beckfield College? Then you are in luck, as admission criteria are clearly outlined. First and foremost, you must possess a High School Diploma or GED Certificate. You will need to show a great score in one of three areas: an ACT from within the last five years, an SAT from within the last five years, or a TEAS that meets the twelve-month requirement. One of the most important requirements for getting accepted into Beckfield College's LPN program is acing the Wonderlic Basic Skills Test with a minimum score of 265 in quantitative and qualitative categories. All this said, there are only two opportunities per year to apply – so get cracking!

13. ECPI University - Virginia Beach, VA

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

The Licensed Practical Nursing Program from ECPI University, another one of the easiest LPN programs to get into is a must for anyone looking to leap into this ever-rewarding career. With some of the best instructors in the industry, you can rest assured you'll be learning from knowledgeable and highly experienced professionals - and enjoy it, too, with the dynamic approach they take to teaching! Every lesson will push you one step closer to achieving your dreams of becoming a great LPN. This program is 48.5 credit hours and can be completed over 60 weeks.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into ECPI University LPN:

Rest assured, ECPI does not list a minimum GPA for their LPN program.

How to Get Into ECPI University LPN:

Aspiring LPNs should take heart in the admissions requirements for ECPI University's program - a Personal Admissions Interview, an Application for Admission and Enrollment Agreement, your high school transcript (or GED scores), and some extra points if you manage to ace the Admissions Assessments.

To enroll in the LPN program at ECPI University, you must prove your competency by knowing your stuff on the Test of Essential Academic Skills, be it version I or V. And no cutting corners here; the requirements are high and unshakable - if you score below 80 Reading and 51 Math on TEAS I, only a provisional acceptance is possible. However, there's always a way around the tight restrictions: if you score between 75-79 in Reading and 42-50 in Math, then all that stands between you and total success is the dreaded MTH099 course! Your Reading minimum should be 58.3, with a Math minimum of 55—at least until 55.3. Reading and a still-on-point 55 Math means provisional admission but close success.

14. CUNY Medgar Evers College - Brooklyn, NY

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

The LPN program at CUNY Medgar Evers College isn't just any nursing program; this program is one of the easiest LPN programs to be accepted into and is an opportunity to unlock the secrets to success in the nursing field. From their brief twelve-month course of study, students receive quality instruction from experienced professionals who have been through the ropes. With core courses like health promotion and disease prevention as well as specialized areas such as medical terminology and anatomy, not only will you be eligible for state licensure upon graduation but also become confident in your skill set that you can take out into the profession. All of this and more await you if you choose to take on the challenge of this highly esteemed degree. This program is 18 months long, where you will complete 12 credits in core requirements and 39 credits in your nursing courses.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into CUNY Medgar Evers College LPN:

Applying to the LPN program at CUNY Medgar Evers College doesn’t have to be an anxiety-inducing experience! Unlike other nursing school programs, there’s no requirement for a set GPA.

How to Get Into CUNY Medgar Evers College LPN:

You will need more than a high school diploma to be accepted into the CUNY Medgar Evers College LPN Program. Not only do you need to have completed all basic skills coursework and taken and passed all three areas of the CUNY Skills Assessment Examinations, but you must also achieve a satisfactory score on the NLN Pre-entrance Examination. To top it off, admission requirements also call for current medical clearance, CPR Certification from American Heart Association, and, most importantly complete satisfactory Physical Examination record, which should include required Hepatitis B testing. So if becoming a Licensed Practical Nurse is your dream, the first step is ensuring these credentials are in check!

15. Colorado Mesa University - Grand Junction, CO

School Acceptance Rate:


Program Details:

Are you looking for a program that is the perfect fit for you? Then step right up to the LPN program at Colorado Mesa University. You'll hit the ground with beneficial clinical labs and insightful didactic courses. The experienced faculty will guide you through all the ins and outs - from comprehensive pharmacology to invaluable nursing principles. This program is 58 credits and can be completed over two years.

What is the Minimum GPA Required to Get Into Colorado Mesa University LPN:

Colorado Mesa University does not look at your high school GPA. They do, however, look at the GPA you have achieved on your pre-requisite courses. You will need to have a 3.0.

How to Get Into Colorado Mesa University LPN:

Applying for the LPN program at Colorado Mesa University can be intimidating. Still, luckily there are clear criteria in place to help you show off your skills. The first step to becoming an LPN at this easy LPN program to get into is completing an application. You must have an overall Kaplan score of 67 or higher, a pre-requisite GPA of at least 3.0, and excellent GPAs in the required science courses - BIOL 209/209L, 210/210L, and 241. If you have any medical certifications or work experience (think C.N.A., EMT, or medical assistant), that could give you additional points during the application process! The PN Admissions Committee looks closely at all these elements when selecting applicants to interview - so if you make it through this gauntlet, you should know that you've earned a place among the top contenders!


The starting annual salary graduates of one of the easiest LPN programs to be accepted into can expect is $37,150. This equates to an hourly wage of $17.86 or $714 weekly. This means your monthly income would be $3,100.

(Source: U.S.US Bureau of Labor Statistics)


The average salary that an experienced graduate of one of the easiest LPN programs to be accepted into can expect is $51,850 a year or a monthly income of $4,320. This is an hourly rate of $24.93 or $997 a week.

(Source: U.S.US Bureau of Labor Statistics)


If you're looking for an easy ticket into LPN school, look no further! To ensure your odds are improved for admission into these easy to get into LPN programs, here are three tips that should do the trick.

1. Research is key:

Thoroughly review each program's LPN admission requirements, read all the feedback they receive online, and make sure it fits with what you want from higher education.

2. Have a flawless application:

Ensure your applications are flawless and stay in line for any deadline before submitting. A neat little packet full of 'you' is what the admission committees look for in their new LPN students, so be sure not to miss out on this valuable opportunity to show off your potential.

3. Practice makes perfect:

Practice interview etiquette and build valuable presentation skills before interviews - this could make a major difference in where you stand against your fellow LPN candidates.


So, there you have it! I’m sure you now are able to answer the question, what are the easiest LPN programs to get into? We hope this article has been helpful for those of you who are looking into becoming an LPN but aren't quite sure where to start. And remember, even though the 15 easiest accredited LPN programs to get into in 2023 may be easier to get into than others, that doesn't mean they'll be easy once you're enrolled – so make sure you choose a program that feels like the right fit for you and not just one that will accept you with open arms. Good luck on your journey to becoming an LPN!


1. Are Easy To Get Into LPN Programs As Respected As Hard To Get Into LPN Programs?

Whether an LPN program is competitive or not doesn't actually affect the respect that comes with the title of an LPN. Ultimately, what matters most is how well you do your job and care for your patients. So if you're considering becoming an LPN, don't worry too much about which type of program to choose - they're equally respected by those in the medical field.

2. Typically, When Do Easy To Get Into LPN Programs Start?

Most easy-to-get-into programs start at least twice a year, usually around spring and fall. So worry not if you missed the start of your desired program -- chances are they'll be starting up another soon anyways. Just look around, and we promise you'll find something that fits your timeline and needs. And if all else fails, just don't be too tardy next time!

3. What Is The Minimum GPA Required To Get Into The Easiest LPN Programs?

The minimum GPA to get into the easiest LPN programs to get into can be elusive for prospective students. Still, luckily there is an answer - however, it varies by school! While some schools require a fairly strong GPA of 3.0 or higher, others may only need a 2.0. Making sure to research each program's requirements is essential when planning on diving into nursing studies. Good luck navigating the waters while trying to find that sweet spot where you meet all the criteria for entry – it may just make all your hard work that much more rewarding!

4. What If My GPA Is Below The Minimum Required GPA For The Easiest LPN Programs? Can I Still Make It?

Believe it or not, the minimum GPA required for entry into an LPN program doesn't have to be a roadblock. With hard work, determination, and a strong understanding of healthcare fundamentals, you may still be accepted into your chosen LPN program. Start by brushing off the basics; take a refresher course in anatomy, physiology, and math to feel confident when re-submitting your application. Plus, engaging in relevant activities that demonstrate your commitment to the nursing field will give you a leg up in the application process. After all, your GPA isn't the only stat that matters when it comes to being an aspiring LPN; minus points on one metric can easily make up for if you show initiative and ambition elsewhere.

5. Do I Need Any Work Experience To Get Into The Easiest LPN Programs?

If you're looking to become a Licensed Practical Nurse and wondering if any work experience is required, the answer might be simpler than you think - nope! With that said, there are multiple reasons why previous work experience could help your application. For example, depending on the state and program, previous work in the medical field might give you an advantage when it comes to tuition costs or even priority enrollment. But at the end of the day, it's not mandatory! So if you don't have any work experience but have been dreaming of applying to an LPN program – go for it!

6. Is An Interview Required To Get Into The Easiest LPN Programs?

Getting into LPN programs can be a daunting yet rewarding experience since it's easy to feel like one is running an obstacle course. But be reassured: in most cases, you won't need to put on that power suit and prepare for a job interview for the easiest LPN program — phew! However, on some occasions, you may still be asked a few questions over the phone (like asking about your motivation to join the program) or even have a face-to-face meeting with the board members, so don't throw away those resumes just yet. All in all, as long as you prove you are eager to learn nursing skills and techniques, nothing should stop you from getting accepted.

7. When Is The Application Deadline For Easy To Get Into LPN Programs?

The application deadline for easy to get into LPN programs is always just around the corner! It's like a constantly moving target - one week, it might be in two months, and the next week it could be right around the corner. Regardless of when it is, you'll want to make sure you're aware of the exact date so that you can submit your application on time. After all, no one wants to miss out on an opportunity they had their sights set on! It's easier said than done, given that programs vary from state to state and college to college. Still, with some luck and determination, that ticking clock shouldn't catch you by surprise!

8. Will Applying Early Increase My Chances Of Admission Into The Easiest LPN Programs?

Applying early is no guarantee of admission into the easiest LPN programs, but it certainly doesn't hurt your chances! Although many high-achieving students may zero in on the so-called "easiest" programs, the reality is that some additional effort and planning can go a long way for applicants. Taking the time to apply as early as possible may show your commitment to securing a spot in the program, and carefully proofreading your application materials can help showcase your talents and abilities. So while there's no substitute for effort and diligence in nursing school admissions, an early start never hurts!

9. Do The Easiest LPN Programs To Get Into Offer Affordable Tuition Costs?

Navigating the complexities of finding an affordable and accessible Licensed Practice Nurse (LPN) program can be a daunting task. Yet fortunately for aspiring nurses, some of the easiest LPN programs to get into offer tuition costs that don't break the bank. Not only does this mean aspiring nurses can move quickly toward the career of their dreams, but it also means that the cost of entry remains within reach without breaking the budget. So, lesson learned—for those considering a career in nursing, your academic dreams just might fit your pocketbook!

10. Do The Easiest LPN Programs To Get Into Offer Scholarships?

The answer to this popular query is simple: you better believe it! While many LPN programs vary greatly regarding their admission requirements and prerequisites, most offer a financial aid package for eligible students. Scholarships are an increasingly popular way for organizations, individuals, businesses, and institutions of higher learning to support future generations of healthcare professionals. Not only do these scholarships supplement the cost of tuition and reduce the burden of student debt, but they also provide much-needed recognition for the hard work and dedication that goes into pursuing a career in nursing.

11. Will The Faculty Of The Easiest LPN Programs To Get Into Be Experienced?

Regarding the easiest LPN programs to get into, no one can fault prospective students for wondering if the faculty will be experienced. After all, it may seem hard to believe that experienced teachers and professionals would be available in what appears on the surface to be the easiest of programs! However, don't let appearances fool you: most LPN programs with an eased entrance process will have a roster full of knowledgeable and qualified educators who are experts in their field. What's even more encouraging is that they're likely passionate instructors who want nothing more than to help students succeed. So despite the easier admissions procedure, you can rest assured that your educational experience won't lack quality or expertise.

12. Is Easy To Get Into LPN Programs Hard To Complete?

Easy to get into LPN programs? More like easy to start, grueling to finish! What do you think of when you hear about "easy" programs? Too good to be true? The same could be said of easy to get into LPN programs - from the outside, it might look simple enough, but the inside is another story. Known for their challenging and highly-demanding curriculum, LPN programs are not for the faint of heart! Sure, it might have been easy to get in, but trust us on this one - completing the program will take your absolute best. Don't let the initial appeal lull you into a false sense of security - these programs are no joke!

Jennifer Schlette MSN, RN
Jennifer Schlette is a registered nurse in pediatric critical care in New York City. She is the former Director of Undergraduate Nursing at a college located in New York. After obtaining her BSN from the College of Mount Saint Vincent, she went on to complete her MSN.