20 Exciting Jobs You Can You Do with A BSN Degree Besides Nursing

Written By: Brittney Bertagna, BSN, RN

If you are a nurse with a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) and you are tired of your current work situation you might be thinking, what can you do with a BSN degree besides nursing? Besides working as a traditional bedside nurse, there are many jobs and career options you can pursue with a BSN.

Continue reading to find out 20 exciting jobs you can do with your BSN degree besides nursing. On top of the traditional bedside nursing career option, there are plenty of other options which might be more appealing to you. Whether you are an experienced RN looking for a change in your day-to-day or a new grad looking to explore what possibilities are available before settling into one career, we have different kinds of jobs you can do with your BSN degree that are not nursing.

Can You Do Other Jobs With A BSN Degree Besides Nursing?

Yes, absolutely you can. Once you hold a bachelor’s degree, or more specifically a BSN, there are many career options that open up. Getting a bachelor’s degree can lead to a variety of job opportunities while there are many positions that only require a bachelor’s degree regardless of the specific subject area. This article will specifically discuss positions which require a BSN that is not your typical nursing role.

What Percentage Of BSN Nurses Choose To Do Other Jobs Besides Nursing?

Too little, too late: 500K nurses are leaving the bedside by the end of 2022 writes “Statistics project that 500,000 seasoned nurses are expected to retire between now and the end of 2022, creating a shortage of 1.1 million nurses.” This statistic is shocking when you consider this is just the projection for the upcoming year, based on the previous 2 years.

Nurses have advanced in their careers and have utilized their BSN degree in different areas prior to the pandemic. This shift could help with limiting burnout in the profession, giving nurses yet more job opportunities that are not limited to just nursing. The jobs you can do with a BSN degree besides nursing are plentiful. A good number of people who possess a BSN are seeking employment elsewhere in order to achieve a greater level of satisfaction and to utilize their skills in other areas to serve their communities.

Top 7 Reasons Why BSN Nurses Choose To Do Other Jobs Besides Nursing

You may want to move on from a permanent RN position for various reasons. There are plenty of other jobs you can do with a BSN degree besides nursing and below are just a few reasons why nurses may want a change of pace from the more traditional nursing jobs.

1. Stress:

The road to earning a BSN can be stressful, and the stress doesn't stop once you land your first real nursing job. There are many things that are out of your control when you are a nurse which can add to the never-ending stress that comes with being a nurse. Finding the work-life balance that works with your lifestyle is important for many nurses, which could lead some BSNs looking for different jobs other than nursing jobs.

2. Long hours:

Especially in current times, the never-ending nursing shortage can contribute to extremely long and exhausting hours at work. There are certain work environments that seem to have constant overtime available if you are strong enough to handle it. Traditional nursing roles can be very draining, both mentally and emotionally. Nurses should focus on finding a work environment that values their personal life, and allows them to care for themselves first.

3. Normal hours:

A career in traditional hospital bedside nursing means your job is open 24/7 365 days a year. That means that by definition, there is always a possibility you might be working at any hour of the day. This can make it extremely difficult to balance work and home life without significantly impacting one of them. Many nurses prefer to work a more traditional American schedule of Monday-Friday 9-5.

4. Personal Growth Opportunities:

Regardless of the field of work, there is always the opportunity to learn new skills. With a BSN you have a wide range of skills and expertise to offer many different fields of study. Because of this, you have the opportunity to try new things and see what is the right fit for you.

Keeping yourself in this mode will ensure you do not feel trapped and remain as fulfilled as possible, reducing the risk of burnout. A change of career with a BSN can improve your overall outlook on life and keep you from settling into too much of a routine where you are no longer providing the best care you can.

5. You want to be part of a solution and not part of the problem:

Healthcare can be a very controlled and regimented environment, and the way policies and procedures are done may not necessarily align with what you know to be the best thing for patients. Outdated policies and procedures can create an almost calloused mindset to the way things are done, and lead to an unsafe or toxic work environment.

As a nurse, you see patterns and trends within your community that may not necessarily align with your personal values. Because of this, you may feel inclined to provide your insight to the solution of a problem rather than having to follow along in order to keep your job.

6. Mandatory vaccines:

Many healthcare facilities are mandating that their staff get the newly FDA authorized COVID vaccine and for many nurses, they feel their rights are being violated. As healthcare professionals, nurses are responsible for the physical and psychological well-being of patients and their health care wishes must be granted. Many nurses feel they are not being given the same respect and have opted to lose their current position and start somewhere else.

Healthcare has become somewhat controversial over the last few years and there are many strong feelings that fall on both sides. There are even nurses who are vaccinated themselves but who don’t believe a blanket mandatory vaccine is the best choice for the public. But whatever the reason, many nurses have either found themselves without jobs or have voluntarily left a position that mandated a vaccine.

7. You have a knack or skill that can be put to use somewhere else:

Whether your skills include the ability to teach and spread information easily, or you have a knack for sales, the skills you learn from a BSN can translate to many different areas of work. Writing is something you enjoy, and you may have a talent for completing large assignments that can translate to any healthcare products. There are so many skills and jobs that you can do with a BSN that are not directly related to patient care.


(Discover 20 exciting jobs you can do with your BSN degree besides nursing.)

1. Nurse Educator

While it is within the nursing career and will utilize your education and experience, this is one of the best careers with a BSN degree besides nursing that may provide you with the change you are looking for. There are many different levels of education that come into play for nurse educators but not all roles would require that you go back to receive another degree. Many facilities need a dedicated nurse to help with training the staff, or to help with the rollout of new policies and procedures that will be offered.

Becoming a nurse educator can shift your nursing mindset from just patient care to spreading your nursing knowledge and expertise to others in a different setting. As a result, the patient and medical facilities will benefit on a continuous basis as well.

2. Health Coach

With a BSN you have more education and a better understanding of the human body than most of the general population. As a health coach, you are able to use your knowledge from your BSN to assist others in their personal health. Others may understand their medical condition, but might not understand what they can do about it on their own on a daily basis. Health Coaching can bridge the gap between the patient’s abilities to take their life into their own hands and those who might be perpetuating a cycle of suffering for themselves that can be avoided.

3. Researcher

It takes a special kind of person to conduct medical research. The “behind-the-scenes” development and research in all areas of medicine takes patience, drive, determination to understand the importance. With a BSN you can be a huge part of the research team and assist in both clinical skills, writing, and implementation as well as data collection and entry. A career in medical research will constantly be changing and keep you on top of the most up-to-date information. People who are goal-oriented and enjoy repetition in a laboratory setting might benefit from this career, as they can use the data collected to form a deeper understanding of the subject matter they are studying.

4. Writer

From blog writing to educational curriculum writing, if you enjoy writing then there are writing jobs for you! Having a BSN can make you more desirable to potential clients because you have the insight of a nurse, which could be invaluable to their next project. Because you have a bachelor’s degree, you have experience with many different writing assignments already that can translate into a unique perspective for your clients.

Having a BSN means you already have writing experience that can give you the ability to complete writing tasks relatively easily and thoroughly. Your understanding of the human body and disease processes can greatly impact others through your writing and may allow you to help more people than you would have if you remained in a traditional nursing role. When it comes to the other jobs you can do with a BSN degree besides nursing, there are plenty of opportunities for writing related to healthcare. Writing provides a powerful medium for expressing opinions, perspectives, as well as raw data and spreading academic knowledge.

5. Legal Nurse Consultant

As a legal consultant, you are responsible for researching specialized cases and employee reports in preparation for legal documentation of the case. You are also expected to make recommendations about legal proceedings, law enforcement investigations, and insurance cases. Having a BSN will prepare you for the professional preparation that is required before working within the court system.

6. Tech (IT) Nurse

The world of technology is an ever-growing industry. With many advances in the industry within the last decade or so, a nurse's perspective on how technology can be used to enhance healthcare could be invaluable to the system as a whole. There are many opportunities for nurses to be involved in making decisions about the use of technology in healthcare in a way that is safe for the entire industry.

Working clinical experience and a BSN provide you with the best exposure to how technology can both hurt and help the nursing industry and hospitals across the nation. Over the last few years, telehealth has become a staple item in most healthcare facilities. With the convenience it has provided both its providers and patients, it will only continue to grow in many areas of medicine.

7. Pharmaceutical Sales

One of the other jobs you can do with a BSN degree besides nursing, that many often forget about, is sales. With a BSN you can provide a unique skill set and have a baseline knowledge to propel your career into a more flexible lifestyle. Pharmaceutical sales is one example of an area that a BSN could explore.

There are many flexible, work from anywhere type jobs within the world of sales. Your work experience positions you as knowledgeable about many different classifications of drugs, possess exceptional people skills, and understand how the system works. A position in pharmaceutical sales can provide you with the flexibility in your schedule that you are looking for and still allow you to make an impact on the healthcare system.

8. Political Activist

If you are interested in politics and being involved in advocating for the nursing profession as a whole, consider being a political activist. Lobbyit.com gives a good explanation of the difference between activists and lobbyists and states “activists perform the function of advocating either for or against some cause, idea, or other such issues affecting people.” Political mandates and legislation can greatly impact the role of a bedside nurse, with a BSN you have a deeper understanding than most politicians in how the healthcare system actually works in real life. Without nurse political activists, politicians and policymakers are not able to truly understand the nurse's perspective which could be harmful to the overall healthcare system.

9. Nurse Lobbyist

One of the other jobs you can do with a BSN besides nursing is work as a nurse lobbyist. A nurse lobbyist, as described by the above website, you will “work to influence the decisions of Congress, politicians, and public officials to get important issues introduced as bills and attempt to get them passed into law.” This is an amazing career path for those interested in the political or governmental aspects of healthcare.

10. Business to Business Sales

Combining your healthcare knowledge within business sales can be a turning point in a company. Nurses within a sales position can sell business to business, business to consumer, business to government depending on the product. Someone who enjoys talking to people and who would like to promote products they believe will help others may be interested in this position.

One example of this type of job would be a sales representative for medical devices who travels around to doctors' offices within a specific territory. It is your responsibility to introduce a new product or device that your target audience is interested in and explain why and how it can help them meet their business and healthcare goals. You will not be directly selling to patients or consumers of the product, but rather, you will be selling to the decision-makers of healthcare companies like upper management and medical professionals.

11. Healthcare Marketing Consultant

The world of online marketing and promoting a well-organized healthcare system has become more important over the last few years for companies to stay relevant. Another job you can do with a BSN degree besides nursing is marketing. With a BSN, you are able to understand the full image of healthcare and that perspective could be incredibly valuable to many companies. A nurse with marketing experience has great potential to speak directly to your ideal client and relate directly to your patient struggles.

12. Community Organizer

Being involved with the community can help bridge the educational gap between public health and nursing skills. Under this umbrella you can work hands-on with the public outside of the clinical setting and make a meaningful impact within the community you wish to serve. An organizer brings individuals of a community together who share a similar goal or objective. There are many community outreach programs that could benefit greatly from a nurse's perspective.

13. Grant writer

Financial requirements within a medical organization are continually increasing and will not be far from satisfied. As a grant writer, you will be expected to write proposals, complete applications, and submit grant requests, on behalf of an organization to directly access government money and privately fund projects within the healthcare system. This can have an enormous impact on healthcare as it can provide the funding needed to either complete an existing project or add to one that is already benefiting others. It is also needed for those businesses that need funding in order to open up possibilities for an organization that is simply lacking the funding to make big things happen. If you enjoy writing, don't want to be a bedside nurse but still want to change the current healthcare system, this job is for you.

14. Fitness Coach

Similar to the health coach, this position can give you an outlet to help clients improve their overall health in a different way. Fitness and physical activity is a critical part of everyone's life, and some people just don’t know where to begin, or know what to do even if they did start. With your guidance, they would be able to change their life to reach their fitness goals after, than if they did it alone. The fitness and diet industry can be very misleading and sometimes even dangerous, so your job would be to guide others through all of the information with reliable and reputable sources. Your role would be to bridge the gap between fitness fads and evidence-based best practices. Becoming a fitness coach is one of the other jobs you can do with a BSN degree besides nursing that can have a huge impact on others for the rest of their lives.

15. Healthcare Compliance Specialist

Within any healthcare facility, it is very important to have compliance specialists to ensure that industry standards are met and practiced safely. In a position like this, you will be able to use your BSN to analyze the practicality of certain healthcare practices and compare it to what is or is not being done. Compliance within the healthcare industry is a huge factor in preventing risks and capitalizing on the integrity of medical professionals. If you are interested in learning more check out How To Become a Health Care Compliance Officer to find out more about this profession and where to begin.

16. Aesthetic Nursing

As an aesthetic nurse, you typically work in a spa or med spa type facility, but some nurses do travel to clients' homes. Depending on the state you are practicing in, and what type of facility you are working at, different treatments and procedures are allowed to be performed. This role is almost like a nurse meets esthetician, if you find that you are interested in seeing what it takes to be an aesthetic nurse be sure to check out, How To Become An Aesthetic Nurse for more information on what aesthetic nurses do and don’ts.

17. Business Owner

Becoming a business owner in any capacity can be a great option for anyone with a BSN. Because you work directly with patients, you have established great people skills that can translate across many areas. Nurses also hold leadership roles within a medical setting which is also vital in the success of a business. A BSN degree allows you to pursue any career path that you desire using the knowledge from school and the real world. There are many possibilities to explore.

18. Tourism

One of the other interesting jobs that you can do with a BSN degree besides nursing is to apply your nursing experience and skills to become a hospitality manager, event coordinator, or housing manager. A career like this could give you the interaction with people that you may be looking for and is much different than traditional nursing jobs. Likewise, healthcare may be a lot more like nursing than you might think. In healthcare and tourism, there is a lot about the job that you cannot control, your experience as a nurse could easily translate to lift the lowest spirits and be prepared for anything.

19. Communications Manager

Clear communication in healthcare is essential for safety and efficiency. Communications managers will manage a variety of communication channels. Using your working experience and knowledge from your BSN, you can provide additional support in areas that typically break down. Being an efficient communicator is a skill and can help manage and process problems your company may face.

20. Insurance Authorization

As an insurance authorization specialist, you will be reviewing charts, verifying insurance, and tracking down orders from doctors' offices. A job like this is more of an administrative role rather than direct patient care nursing but is still a great way to make an impact within the healthcare field. While you will still use your critical thinking skills on a daily basis, your focus instead will be on your knowledge of the medical system and fully evaluating the needs of the patient.

What Are The Most Common Other Jobs BSN Nurses Choose To Do Besides Nursing?

As you can see, there are so many other jobs you can do with a BSN besides nursing. To summarize a bit, here are the top 3 non-traditional nursing options we find are most practical and engaging.

1. Nurse Educator:

In many ways, this job is very similar to the day in the life of a traditional bedside nurse. Nurses are educating their patients every day, and that includes family, friends, and caregivers as well. A nurse educator's role involves training and educating future nurses, staff members, faculty, etc. by utilizing what you have learned from your nursing degree, but also by incorporating your first-hand experience on the floor. This can also be one of the more rewarding professions because of the way you are able to inspire and teach people things they may not have previously known.

2. Legal Nurse Consultant:

If you are someone who already has legal experience or who knows that they have an interest in the judicial system, this could be a very easy transition for you. As a legal nurse consultant, you will be an expert on a particular subject matter and could be called upon to explain medical jargon, or to present your expert assessment on a particular case. There are many avenues you can go down in both the medical and legal systems so there is an endless need for specialized nurse legal consultants.

3. Nurse Writer:

If you enjoyed writing assignments while you were getting your BSN this could be a really easy transition for you. Because of the variety and flexibility that writing jobs offer, many nurses are drawn to a work-from-home situation or want to become a freelancer and have complete control of their clients and schedule. There are so many different writing styles and sales channels that written content is never going to go away. If you received your BSN degree online, you already have a leg up on the competition because you know how to work at your own pace and know what works for you. Because there is so much writing to be done when you are getting a BSN, it seems to be a perfect fit for anyone who enjoys the work.

My Final Thoughts

You no longer have to wonder “what can I do with a BSN degree besides nursing?” now that we have provided you with lots of options. These 20 exciting jobs you can do with your BSN degree besides nursing can shift your working environment to better suit your lifestyle. A change in working environment and focus on something new can be all you need to enjoy your career and improve your job satisfaction. There are many other jobs you can do with a BSN besides nursing and we hope for this article to propel you in the right direction. Let this be a gateway to a better life within an industry you love and can see yourself making a difference in.

Brittney Bertagna, BSN, RN
Brittney Bertagna is currently a nurse and writer in Las Vegas, NV. After receiving a bachelor’s degree in business administration she completed nursing school and became a registered nurse. While working a night shift in the neonatal ICU she went back to school to get her second bachelor’s degree in nursing from Western Governors University. Now she enjoys working with children in the surgical setting as well as with her adult patients as an infusion nurse.