Best LPN/LVN Program in Every State – 2023 Rankings

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Welcome to our page with the listing of the Best LPN/LVN program in every state across the nation.

Nursing Schools listed in our list of “Best LPN/LVN Program in Every State” provide students with rigorous high-quality employable LPN/LVN education. These schools are well reputed and have a history of excellent NCLEX-PN Pass rates.

How Did We Rank The Best LPN Program In Every State?

We gathered a list of all nursing schools offering LPN/LVN programs in every state and then ranked the Best based on the following three factors:

• Average NCLEX-PN First Time Pass Rates of Recent Five Years – 40% of Overall Score
• Academic Quality (Enrollment Rate, Graduation Rate & Retention Rate) – 30% of Overall Score
• Editorial Staff Ratings and Nursing School Reputation – 30% of Overall Score

The data required for our rankings was gathered from IPEDs, State Board of Nursing Websites, U.S. News & World Report, Niche, Grad Reports, Rate My Professors, and the official school websites.



Read on to find out about the best LPN/LVN Program nearest to you in this state-by-state roll call.

#1 in Alabama

Lawson State Community College, Birmingham   ( Visit )

Founded in 1073, Lawson State Community College’s LPN boasts of one of the highest pass rates on the NCLEX-PN exam in Alabama. The college provides a solid foundation in core nursing topics within three terms. You mainly learn about the fundamental of nursing, health assessment, adult health nursing, maternal nursing, and psychosocial nursing.

#1 in Alaska

Alaska Pacific University, Anchorage   ( Visit )

If you are keen on enrolling in one of the best LPN programs in Alaska, then Alaska Pacific University offers an evidence-based LPN coursework that prepares you to provide safe nursing care in varied healthcare settings. Here, within as little as two semesters, you can complete your training and explore entry-level positions in the rewarding field of nursing. The program is offered in a hybrid format, with classes offered online. Students visit the campus only thrice a week for simulation experiences.

#1 in Arizona

Northland Pioneer College - Show Low   ( Visit )

Counted among the best LPN programs in Arizona, Northland Pioneer College’s LPN program is not only affordable but also offers an individualized learning experience. The college’s tuition rate is one of the lowest in the state, so you can actually graduate debt-free. Also, should you choose to advance to an ADN program, you can seamlessly continue for the second year, upon completion of which you will become a Registered Nurse.

#1 in Arkansas

Black River Technical College, Pocahontas   ( Visit )

The best LPN programs prepare you with evidence-based knowledge to face the challenges of the ever-changing health care system. Black River Technical College offers one such LPN program that is highly recognized in the state of Alaska. Spanning 10.5 months, the program is a fine balance of on-campus lectures, simulation learning, and diverse clinical experiences.

#1 in California

Copper Mountain College, Joshua Tree   ( Visit )

Are you looking at enrolling in one of the best LVN programs in California that is also military-friendly? If so, you must learn about Copper Mountain College’s LVN program. The college offers veterans several benefits including funding opportunities and assistance at every step of their college life. The LVN program is offered on-campus, with classes held five days a week.

#1 in Colorado

Colorado Mesa University - Grand Junction   ( Visit )

Did you know that at Colorado Mesa University almost all graduates find a suitable placement within 12 months of graduation? One of the best LPN programs in Colorado that boasts of a consistently high NCLEX-PN pass rate, this LPN program prepares you with the skills and knowledge to work as a caregiver in various types of settings including hospitals, long-term facilities, and ambulatory care settings.

#1 in Connecticut

Porter and Chester Institute of Enfield, Enfield   ( Visit )

If you are eager to join the nursing workforce quickly, then enrolling in the Porter and Chester Institute of Enfield’s LPN program can be considered. Here, within 15 months you will learn about nursing fundamentals, life science, nursing perspectives throughout the lifespan, medical-surgical nursing, maternal-child nursing, and mental health nursing.

#1 in Delaware

Delaware Technical Community College-Terry, Dover   ( Visit )

Delaware Technical Community College’s LPN program is a 39-credit coursework that offers on-campus classes in the evenings and during the weekends. The college offers a well-rounded education through a combination of didactic learning and diverse hands-on learning experiences at affiliate clinical sites. These clinical placements often translate into lucrative employment opportunities post-graduation.

#1 in Florida

Cape Coral Technical College, Cape Coral   ( Visit )

When searching for the best LPN programs in Florida you cannot overlook Cape Coral Technical College’s LPN. The college is known for its excellent training and low tuition rates. What’s more, here you will complete your training under the individualized attention of its instructors within as little as 13 months.

#1 in Georgia

Chattahoochee Technical College, Marietta   ( Visit )

Chattahoochee Technical College’s LPN program is designed to finish within 3 semesters of full-time studies. The coursework is grounded in evidence-based nursing care. Whether your goal is to enter the field of nursing or build a solid foundation of nursing knowledge, the college ensures you leave with the skills and knowledge to excel in your entry-level nursing position as well as be prepared for advanced nursing education.

#1 in Hawaii

Kapiolani Community College, Honolulu   ( Visit )

Graduating from one of the best LPN programs in Hawaii not only provides you with an edge in the employment market but also ensures you stay ahead of the competition when seeking admission into an advanced nursing degree. Here, to graduate with an LPN, you are required to complete 44 to 46 credits. Also, the college allows you to seamlessly pursue an ADN by completing an additional three-semester coursework post the LPN courses.

#1 in Idaho

Carrington College, Boise   ( Visit )

At Carrington College, completing your LPN training can be a cakewalk, considering the solid support the college offers to help you succeed. Among the popular LPN programs in Idaho, here, if you enroll, you will be able to take advantage of financial aid opportunities, tutoring, excellent real-world clinical experiences, and robust career services.

#1 in Illinois

Joliet Junior College, Joliet   ( Visit )

Being one of the best LPN programs in Illinois, this LPN program of Joliet Junior College has been recognized for the high-quality education it offers. With an almost 100% NCLEX-PN pass rate, the college prepares students for success through a rigorous coursework. Also, because the school maintains connections with local universities, should you decide on a BSN in the future, you will be able to make a seamless transition to a four-year nursing school.

#1 in Indiana

Ivy Tech Community College-Northeast, Fort Wayne   ( Visit )

The LPN program at Ivy Tech Community College aims at building a robust foundation in nursing by making you equipped with the skills and knowledge required to deliver safe patient care. Here, you can graduate within a year and explore employment opportunities in diverse clinical settings. Furthermore, if you wish to earn a BSN or MSN, the college’s transfer agreements with four-year universities can make it rather easy for you to take your nursing education to the next level.

#1 in Iowa

Kirkwood Community College, Cedar Rapids   ( Visit )

Kirkwood Community College can launch your career in nursing within one or two years. This LPN program is one of the sought-after LPN programs in Iowa, the reason being its near-perfect NCLEX-PN board exam pass rate. The program trains you in the essentials of medical, surgical, geriatric, maternal-child, pediatric, and mental health nursing.

#1 in Kansas

North Central Kansas Technical College, Beloit   ( Visit )

At North Central Kansas Technical College, the LPN training combines theoretical classes with extensive clinical experiences at various clinical sites. Also, should you choose to pursue your bachelor’s education, the college offers a seamless transfer to Fort Hays State University’s Health Studies B.S. program, thereby saving you considerable time and costs.

#1 in Kentucky

Somerset Community College, Somerset   ( Visit )

The LPN program at Somerset Community College can be completed in as little as 11 months. With an emphasis on practical learning, the college provides students with hands-on learning experiences at community agencies. Here, you also have an option of completing your AAS by completing additional education requirements.

#1 in Louisiana

Baton Rouge Community College, Baton Rouge   ( Visit )

If you are someone who prefers the convenience of online and hybrid classes, then Baton Rouge Community College will be a good option. Here, while you can complete the didactic coursework online, you are required to attend only the clinical training at various clinical sites. To graduate, you must complete a 50-credit coursework.

#1 in Maine

Maine College of Health Professions, Lewiston   ( Visit )

Maine College of Health Professions’ LPN program is a three-semester coursework that requires completing 35 credits. The college boasts of an impressive pass rate on the NCLEX-PN, no wonder all the program graduates find suitable placements soon after they graduate. The program trains you in various topics such as the concepts of practical nursing, and concepts of practical nursing for mental health. The program also includes an NCLEX-PN course to prepare you for the licensure exam.

#1 in Maryland

Hagerstown Community College, Hagerstown   ( Visit )

Counted among the well-known LPN programs in Maryland, Hagerstown Community College’s LPN constitutes a fine balance of didactic lectures, laboratory learning, and clinical experiences. Here, within 16 months the college trains you to provide patient care to acute and chronic patients in various types of healthcare settings, after which you will be eligible to take the NCLEX-PN exam.

#1 in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Bay Community College, Wellesley Hills   ( Visit )

The LPN program at Massachusetts Bay Community College is a 10-month program that starts in the Fall semester. The college prides itself on consistently high pass rates of its graduates on the NCLEX-PN. The program is offered on a full-time basis and includes theoretical classes, lab sessions, and clinical experiences to provide you with a well-rounded training. Upon graduation, you can explore employment options in various healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, and community health facilities.

#1 in Michigan

Muskegon Community College, Muskegon   ( Visit )

Muskegon Community College offers a high-quality and affordable LPN program. The college prepares practical nurses with the professional knowledge and skills to provide safe patient care in a variety of healthcare settings. To graduate, you are required to complete all the courses with a 2.3 GPA or above. If you wish to complete the AAS degree, you can enter the associate degree program with an advanced placement.

#1 in Minnesota

Rochester Community and Technical College, Rochester   ( Visit )

The Rochester Community and Technical College’s LPN program is a 39-credit curriculum that spans 2.5 semesters. To launch your career in nursing, the college educates you on topics such as pharmacology, nursing fundamentals in the care of older adults, family and mental health concepts, and adult nursing. Integrated into the curriculum are well-designed clinical experiences at area clinical sites.

#1 in Mississippi

Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, Perkinston   ( Visit )

The LPN program at Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College comprises one semester of pre-requisites after which you proceed with three semesters of LPN coursework. The coursework is designed not only to prepare you for the NCLEX-PN exam but also to allow for a seamless transition into the ADN degree. Also, after the completion of the first semester, you can take the CNA exam and become a certified nurse assistant. This way, you can start working in a patient care setting while still completing your LPN coursework.

#1 in Missouri

State Fair Community College, Sedalia   ( Visit )

If you are seeking affordable LPN education in Missouri, then State Fair Community College’s LPN program can be your best bet. Besides lower tuition costs, the college also offers excellent training. Here, you will practice clinical skills at its state-of-art simulation lab and various clinical sites in the area. The program is offered in a hybrid format, and also allows for a seamless transition into the ADN program.

#1 in Montana

City College Montana State University Billings, Billings   ( Visit )

City College Montana State University Billings offers you the flexibility of completing your LPN training from the comfort of your home with limited visits to the campus. Also, you can complete your clinical training near home, making it rather convenient for students to juggle other life commitments with this LPN program. Upon completion of the program, you can explore employment options in a variety of settings.

#1 in Nebraska

Metropolitan Community College Area, Omaha   ( Visit )

By completing your LPN program in Metropolitan Community College Area’s small-sized classes, you will build a foundation in adult nursing, the professional role of a nurse, family nursing, the concepts of health assessment & therapeutic interventions, and pharmacology. Graduation requires the completion of 30 credits, after which you will take the NCLEX-PN and kickstart your nursing career.

#1 in Nevada

Unitek College, Reno   ( Visit )

Do you wish to launch your nursing career as soon as possible? If yes, Unitek College’s career-driven LPN curriculum that takes 12 months to complete can be the right choice. Through a well-designed coursework and high-fidelity simulation technology, the college prepares you for a successful entry-level nursing career. You will learn about nursing fundamentals, introduction to pharmacology, medical-surgical pediatrics, and maternal and newborn nursing.

#1 in New Hampshire

Harmony Health Care Institute Inc., Merrimack   ( Visit )

Faculty that comprises experienced nurses, flexible schedules, and individualized attention are some of the reasons that the LPN program offered by Harmony Health Care Institute Inc. is a popular choice in the state of New Hampshire. Here, to complete the program, you will go through 606 clock hours of didactic classes, in addition to 196.5 hours of lab learning. Also, you hone professional skills in a real-world healthcare setting by completing 340.5 clock hours of practical experiences and 30 hours of externship.

#1 in New Jersey

Salem Community College, Carney's Point   ( Visit )

If you desire to gain your practical nurse training in a close-knit environment, then Salem Community College should be on your list. Here, everyone knows everyone by name and the personalized attention that you receive will help in building a solid foundation in professional nursing. The 44-week program includes simulated lab sessions and hands-on experiences in a variety of healthcare settings.

#1 in New Mexico

New Mexico State University, Carlsbad   ( Visit )

One of the top-ranking LPN programs in New Mexico, New Mexico State University’s LPN program will equip you with marketable skills and knowledge to provide competent patient care in various settings, including hospitals, clinics, ambulatory facilities, physician offices, and home health agencies. Here, you will learn about common health divisions, medication dosage calculation, physical assessment, basic theory & practice, and maternal/child health deviations.

#1 in New York

AMG School of Nursing, Brooklyn   ( Visit )

Located in the heart of downtown Brooklyn, AMG School of Nursing’s LPN program prepares students for rewarding entry-level nursing positions. The college emphasizes practical learning and has clinical affiliations with health care centers in the New York Metropolitan area. Additionally, to make you job-ready, its simulation lab that replicates a hospital environment allows ample hands-on practice in a non-threatening set-up.

#1 in North Carolina

Gaston College, Dallas   ( Visit )

Counted among the well-known community colleges in the Old North State, at Gaston, you will receive individualized attention. The 44-credit LPN curriculum is designed to prepare you through extensive hands-on experiences at various prominent healthcare centers in the area. Upon completion of the program, you will be eligible to take the licensure exam and explore varied job options, locally and as well as across the state.

#1 in North Dakota

Lake Region State College, Devils Lake   ( Visit )

In 11 months, you complete your LPN training at Lake Region State College and kickstart your nursing career. Here, applications are accepted on a rolling basis, so you can apply throughout the year. The LPN program not only makes you eligible for the NCLEX-PN but also allows for a seamless transfer to an ADN or BSN program.

#1 in Ohio

Washington State Community College, Marietta   ( Visit )

Are you keen on enrolling in an LPN program that boasts of high licensure exam pass rates and placement rates for its graduates? If yes, then Washington State Community College’s LPN program can be a good option. The college enjoys a reputation of an above-average pass rate on the NCLEX-PN and a near 100% placement rate. Here, to make you job-ready, you will practice clinical skills at various sites, including hospitals, preschools, schools, and physician’s offices.

#1 in Oklahoma

Kiamichi Technology Center, Durant   ( Visit )

Kiamichi Technology Center has played a significant role in serving the health needs of the local communities. Its LPN program trains you through didactic courses and extensive hands-on experiences at area healthcare facilities so that when you leave the college, you can immediately join the nursing workforce. Here, you will learn about nursing fundamentals and practical nursing skills that prepare you to provide safe and compassionate patient care.

#1 in Oregon

Chemeketa Community College, Salem   ( Visit )

Chemeketa Community College provides you with a conducive learning environment where you gain critical thinking skills and evidence-based nursing knowledge. Here, not only will you be trained under an experienced faculty, but you will also earn an LPN without burning a hole in your pocket as the college offers affordable tuition costs.

#1 in Pennsylvania

Community College of Beaver County, Monaca   ( Visit )

If you desire personalized education from one of the reputable LPN programs in Pennsylvania, then Community College of Beaver County’s LPN can be zeroed down upon. Here, you will study theoretical concepts in a close-knit environment and practice clinical skills at extensive partner clinical sites. The LPN program spans three semesters and requires you to complete around 40 credits.

#1 in Rhode Island

Community College of Rhode Island, Warwick   ( Visit )

The only public LPN program in Rhode Island, graduating from Community College of Rhode Island will prepare you to meet the health needs of the local community and also build a strong base for a thriving nursing career. The LPN training emphasizes patient-centered care, critical thinking, teamwork & collaboration, and professionalism.

#1 in South Carolina

Trident Tech College, Charleston   ( Visit )

The 43-credit LPN curriculum offered by Trident Tech College is well-rounded, combining general education core courses with clinical and nursing courses. You will gain a strong foundation in basic nursing care skills, nursing care management, pharmacology for nurses, health promotion for families, patient-centered nursing care, and human growth & development.

#1 in South Dakota

Southeast Technical College, Sioux Falls   ( Visit )

Upon completing the one-year LPN program at Southeast Technical College, you will be equipped with skills to work in various health care settings across South Dakota and throughout the nation. Here, you can tailor your learning schedule, based on your preference, so you enroll in either the part-time or full-time schedule. Also, the college delivers its coursework through on-campus and online classes, making it rather feasible for you to complete your education.

#1 in Tennessee

Tennessee College of Applied Technology, Knoxville   ( Visit )

Tennessee College of Applied Technology is a military-friendly school so if you are a veteran, you can expect solid support at every step, starting from admission until you graduate. The college’s LPN program is offered on a full-time basis and takes 12 months to complete. You will be educated on nursing fundamentals, mental health, medical-surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, pharmacology, and medical-surgical nursing.

#1 in Texas

Laredo College, Laredo   ( Visit )

One of the best LVN programs in Texas, Laredo College should be high on your list if you desire to complete your practical nursing training in the Lone Star State. With a 12-month coursework, the college covers every aspect of entry-level nursing, starting with basic nursing concepts and then advancing to the complex topics in practical nursing.

#1 in Utah

Bridgerland Technical College, Logan   ( Visit )

Bridgerland Technical College offers one of the well-known LPN programs in Utah. This LPN program trains you with employable nursing skills through a two-semester coursework. Here, you will apply your theoretical knowledge immediately to practice at the college’s simulation lab and at a clinical site. This engaging learning experience makes you confident to join the workforce immediately after you graduate.

#1 in Vermont

Vermont Technical College, Randolph   ( Visit )

The LPN program at Vermont Technical College is offered in the ladder format, where you start with your practical nursing training and then continue with an ADN and BSN, should you desire to continue your education. The college provides excellent practical training, where you can practice skills at its high-fidelity simulation lab, before beginning the clinical experiences in a real-world setting.

#1 in Virginia

Eastern Shore Community College, Melfa   ( Visit )

By starting the LPN program at Eastern Shore Community College, you will gain a solid understanding of nursing fundamentals which prepare you to work in a variety of healthcare settings. The college offers a supportive learning environment where not only will study under the guidance of a committed faculty. Also, here you gain an education without breaking the bank due to its affordable tuition rates.

#1 in Washington

Yakima Valley College, Yakima   ( Visit )

If you desire to work as an entry-level nurse in Washington, then enrolling in the LPN program offered by Yakima Valley College can be a good idea. Within four quarters, the college prepares to take the NCLEX-PN and explore a wide variety of employment options throughout the state and beyond.

#1 in West Virginia

Mercer County Technical Education Center, Princeton   ( Visit )

At Mercer County Technical Education Center, you will leave the college, equipped with the relevant academic and technical skills for a successful kickstart to your nursing career. Here, during the 11 months of your training, you will undergo didactic lectures, laboratory demonstrations, technical presentations, and clinical experiences at various area healthcare facilities.

#1 in Wisconsin

Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton   ( Visit )

Fox Valley Technical College emphasizes critical thinking and communication to prepare you to work in varied health care environments and interact with diverse patient populations. Also, here, learning goes beyond the classroom, so you can get involved in various student clubs, and also benefit from the wide array of student resources.

#1 in Wyoming

Northern Wyoming Community College District (Gillette/Sheridan), Sheridan   ( Visit )

At Northern Wyoming Community College District (Gillette/Sheridan), your LPN training will comprise well-designed theoretical coursework which is complemented by extensive hands-on experiences at its high-tech simulation centers and clinical sites across the region. Also, should you desire to pursue a BSN, the college’s partnership with the University of Wyoming helps you to seamless transfer credits towards the four-year degree.