7 Accelerated Nursing Programs in Virginia (BSN & MSN) – 2024

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Registered nurse employment in Virginia offers job security and a high salary: RNs in the Old Dominion State make $81,860 a year on average and demand for their services is expected to increase by 8 percent over the next decade. It’s not too late for you to become a registered nurse even if you majored in another subject in college. Accelerated Nursing programs in Virginia can typically be completed in two years or less, and many of them are offered online so you can integrate them with your current job and family responsibilities. Find out more by reading below about the best Accelerated Nursing programs in Virginia for 2024.


Following is the List of 6 Accelerated BSN Programs in Virginia for 2024

1. Eastern Mennonite University, Harrisonburg

Eastern Mennonite University is known for its affordable and rigorous nursing programs. It believes in providing education that is based on the biblical values of service to others. The school emphasis on building a health community and has its nursing students actively participate in social outreach programs not only in the U.S. but in other countries as well. Graduates are well-trained to work in any kind of clinical setting, including community-based health services, primary care, education, mental health, critical nursing, medical-surgical nursing, home health nursing as well as international clinical settings.

The 15-month Accelerated Second Degree Nursing Program in VA offered at EMU starts in May and concludes in August the following year. The schedule for this full-time program is quite hectic, and occasionally you might also have to make yourself available on weekends for clinical rotations. To apply for this program, you need to have a bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 2.8 and pass all the pre-requisite courses such as anatomy, chemistry, psychology and microbiology with a 3.0 GPA or higher.

2. George Mason University, Fairfax

George Mason University School of Nursing has for more than 40 years carved a niche for itself in preparing professional nurses to take on the challenges of an evolving health care industry. Being closely located to the country’s capital, its students enjoy an array of opportunities in terms of clinical experiences, internships and employment options. Moreover, an exposure to world-class heath care facilities and a diverse patient population hones nursing skills and knowledge in the best possible way.

The 12-month Accelerated Second Degree BSN program at George Mason offered only once every year during the fall semester, is a full-time option for students looking to transition into a career in nursing. Due to limited seat availability, selection is quite competitive. Core nursing coursework includes subjects such as Community Health and Epidemiology, Advanced Technologies for the Accelerated Pathway & Application of Intermediate Nursing Technologies. Apart from rigorous classroom and lab sessions students must participate in clinical practice sessions at various healthcare sites spread throughout the national capital area.

3. Radford University Carilion, Roanoke

4. Marymount University, Arlington

The university’s Malek School of Health Professions is known throughout the state for training a knowledgeable, skilled and caring workforce of healthcare professionals. Its Nursing Department stays true to its goal of providing excellent education, service to community and commitment to lifelong learning. Graduates shine, imbibing values of ethical reasoning, mutual respect, leadership, compassion, service and advocacy that are taught to them, during their solid grounding at the nursing school. Through its partnerships with healthcare agencies in Washington D.C., students are offered a bevy of hand-on experiences in challenging metropolitan clinical settings.

Malek School of Health Professions has exclusively designed an ABSN program in VA for individuals seeking to shift careers and enter the field of nursing. You must complete all the required pre-requisites before entering this program. This rigorous program within a very short span will cover topics such as Introduction to Leadership, Management, & Advocacy, Illness Management in Adults I and II, Principles & Applications of Nursing Technologies and Mental Health Promotion & Illness Management.

5. Shenandoah University, Winchester

The Eleanor Wade Custer School of Nursing at Shenandoah University provides an exceptional educational experience to its students. It focuses on learning beyond the classroom and offers abundant opportunities to grow, while studying and even after graduation. Participation in various engaging activities through Sigma Theta Tau and its student and alumni associations is fostered. Eleanor’s close-knit environment allows one on one mentoring, where the teacher takes the role of a career guide. To gain an understanding of professional nursing in a global scenario, international trips are offered through its International Cross-Culture Center.

The BSN Accelerated Second Degree Track at Shenandoah will prepare you for professional practice as a nurse in less than 15-months’ time. Intensive classroom studies, practical lab training sessions and extensive clinical learning experiences at various hospitals and community clinics in the area makes this program quite challenging and time consuming, so you are advised not to take up any sort of employment while being enrolled. After graduating you need to pass the NCLEX-RN before taking up a job. You will also have the option to further your nursing education by pursing an MSN, DNP or PhD program.

6. Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Nursing is ranked amongst the best nursing schools in the nation. With its outstanding education, research and collaboration it has been instrumental in shaping the careers of its students. Its faculty comprises of experts and their drive to excel in innovative research has led to the school consistently ranking in top nursing schools that are funded by the NIH. To enable this positive academic outcome, VCU provides a world-class environment of 61,5000 square feet that is well equipped with technology and modern amenities.

VCU offers two different pathways for students interested in pursuing a second-degree in Nursing and fulfill their dream of becoming a registered nurse.

Option 1: The Accelerated B.S. is a fast-track and intensive 19-month program, during which you will have to attend classes all year round including the summer semester.

Option 2: Second degree seekers in Nursing can also opt for the traditional 2.5 years BSN track. Classes do not meet during the summer semester.

- Both these programs are a combination of classroom studies and clinical learning experiences at VCU Medical Center and other healthcare settings in the Richmond area.

Following is the List of 1 Accelerated MSN/Entry-level Masters Programs in Virginia for 2024

1. University of Virginia, Charlottesville

The UVA School of Nursing offers an unparalleled learning environment where nursing students thrive. It is well- equipped with all modern facilities such as lecture halls, hi-tech classrooms, meeting rooms and common areas that help create the perfect space to learn and bond with peers and faculty.

The Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Direct Entry to Nursing is a 24-month program that prepares you to take the NCLEX-RN as well as the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) certification. This is a popular Direct Entry MSN in Virginia starting in May and includes 2 summers. It’s a full-time program, with classes 2 ½ days a week and the rest for clinicals. You are required to fulfill pre-requisite coursework in Human Anatomy, Physiology, Statistics, Lifespan Development and Microbiology. As the college is highly competitive in its admission process, you are required to have earned an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.30 and grades A or A- in each pre-requisite course.

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