10 Accelerated Nursing Programs in Missouri (BSN & MSN) – 2023

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Regretting you didn’t graduate from a college in Missouri with a Bachelor of Nursing Science degree? It’s not too late. You can graduate with a BSN from one of the Accelerated Nursing programs in Missouri within two years or less. These programs also offer online options so you won’t have to put your job and family responsibilities on hold. As a BSN-prepared RN in the Show Me State, you’ll earn a salary of $71,860 a year on average. Employment opportunities for RNs with BSNs are expected to increase by 7 percent in the next 10 years. Take the first step by reviewing the best Accelerated Nursing programs in Missouri for 2023.


Following is the List of 9 Accelerated BSN Programs in Missouri for 2023

1. University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia

Having its first-class graduate in 1920, the Sinclair School of Nursing University of Missouri Health has today, come a long way in terms of its education and facility development. Little wonder that it is one of the largest producers of BSN graduates in the state and almost 98 to 100 percent of its graduates find placement upon graduation. The nursing department being at the forefront of research and scholarly activity, what with it earning large grant awards, students benefit from this environment where innovation and discovery buzzes all through the year.

The Second-Degree Nursing Program in MO offered by Sinclair School of Nursing will take up to 15-months to complete. As part of the curriculum you can hone your skills at the state-of-the-art simulation center and through the clinical practice experiences at renowned institutions in the region. After passing the NCLEX-RN you will be ready to take up employment as a nurse in a variety of settings including hospitals, mental health facilities, outpatient care centers and community clinics.

2. Saint Louis University, Saint Louis

Saint Louis University’s School of Nursing has been a pioneer of nursing education for 90 years. It was the first school in the nation to offer an accelerated B.S.N. A top-ranking school, its graduates have been doing consistently well on the NCLEX-RN, with 94.4% of them successfully passing the exam in 2017. The school demonstrates excellence in education, research and service in accordance to the university’s Catholic Jesuit values. It focuses on the holistic development of students, nurturing the mind, body, heart and spirit.

To apply for the one-year Accelerated B.S.N. Option that begins once every year in May, you must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college. Although the program does not have an official application deadline, due to limited number of seats being available you are advised to apply as early as possible. As part of the curriculum you will be taught diverse subjects such as about Pharmacotherapeutics for Nursing Care, Complex Care Theory and Synthesis of Nursing Concepts and will participate in clinical experiences at various healthcare sites.

- Saint Louis also offers a Junior-Entry Accelerated Option for students who do have a bachelor’s but have earned at least 77 undergraduate credit hours.

3. University of Missouri-Kansas City, Kansas City

The School of Nursing and Health Studies is located in Hospital Hill, a neighborhood that is home to many public hospitals. Students enjoy the advantage of studying right in midst of a healthcare hub, with the school’s many partnerships with area institutions where they go on practice professional skills and lay their hands on some of the best internships and jobs. Besides, the school of Nursing offers unique interprofessional development opportunities where students collaborate with other health sciences students and gain better understanding of patient care in more holistic manner.

Within 2-years, you can complete the Accelerated BSN at UMKC and realize your goal of making a career shift to the high rewarding nursing field. The program lays a strong emphasis on ensuring students are job ready and to achieve this, the curriculum includes 1200 hours of extensive clinical learning. Clinical training takes place at the state-of-the-art skills laboratory, the high-fidelity simulation center and various well-known healthcare facilities which the school has partnered with. Post-graduation you will be able to work in variety of areas including adult health, pediatric, obstetric, mental health, community health and emergency care nursing.

4. Truman State University, Kirksville

Truman State University is a top-ranking school in the Midwest region of which the nursing department is part of. The nursing department adheres to the university’s policy of providing student centric, impactful and great value education. Apart from practice experiences in the simulation lab and clinicals, students are provided with learning opportunities in Philippines, South Africa, Costa Rica and other locations. This not only enhances understanding of nursing practice but also exposes students to varied experiences which enrich their lives.

The 18-month ABSN program, approved by the Missouri State Board of Nursing trains students for a career in nursing. Courses are taught by a passionate team of faculty, who will be there to help you out throughout the program. The state-of-the art Nursing Simulation Center (NSC) at Truman State, equipped with the latest medical equipment provides a great practical learning opportunity to its nursing students. Your decision-making and critical thinking skills will be put to test on life-sized anatomical models. During the clinical experience part of the curriculum you apply knowledge and skills gained on real life patients.

5. University of Missouri-St. Louis, St. Louis

The UMSL College of Nursing is an equal opportunity college that was established in 1981. It prepares students to become professional nurses that go on to take significant roles as clinicians, scientists and educators. It partners with more than 100 clinical partners in acute care, primary care and community care to give a well-rounded clinical experience, making students employment ready for varied clinical settings. Striving to raise its research profile the school provides an environment that is conducive for scholarly activity and evidence-based projects.

The Accelerated BSN option is a fast-paced, 15-month program that begins during the summer and ends in summer the following year. Curriculum is designed to ensure students receive the same kind of training as a regular BSN in a condensed period. You need to complete all general education courses prior to starting classes in the first semester. This program perfectly blends theory into practice through its intensive clinical experience sessions, where students will have the opportunity to apply knowledge and skills gained to real-life situations.

6. Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College, St. Louis

Goldfarb School of Nursing at Barnes-Jewish College has been around since 1902 and its 11,000 strong alumni are playing significant roles in the nursing profession all across the state and beyond. To give students the feel of real-time bed-side patient care, its simulation labs use authentic hospital supplies and equipment in its six labs that create an exact replica of surgical, operating room, critical care, maternal and pediatric clinical environments. Furthermore, its many clinical partnerships including the Washington University Medical Center campus, where nursing students can hone their skills, go a long way in establishing a strong foundation.

The fast-track, 12-month Accelerated Track to a Nursing Degree is an intensive program, where you will spend 40-50 hours a week attending classes, training in the lab and practicing at some of the top hospitals in the region. The program starts thrice every year (Spring, Summer & Fall). Due to its rigorous schedule, only students who are highly motivated and can devote time and energy are recommended to apply. Curriculum focuses on diverse subjects such as adult care, childbearing, pediatrics, mental health and community patient populations. You will progress as a cohort with students from diverse academic backgrounds making the whole experience enriching.

7. Research College of Nursing, Kansas City

Research College of Nursing has been imparting quality nursing education for more than 110 years. This rich history coupled with its state-of-art modern facility serves well to students, who get a solid grounding in nursing. Over the years the college has evolved its teaching strategies to prepare a generation of nurses that are critical thinkers and decision makers. Its small sized classes nurture each student’s career aspirations and creates an environment of healthy interactions. Moreover, this helps provide an array of opportunities and develop a spirit of lifelong learning.

The ABSN program in Missouri offered by Research College of Nursing provides you an opportunity to enter the nursing field in as little as 12 months. The college recommends aspiring students to begin their application process at least 16 months before the actual start date. Prior to enrolling, students are required to earn a bachelor’s degree and complete 9 credit hour pre-requisite courses at Rockhurst University. Due to the admission being very competitive, to have an edge you are advised to complete a minimum of 2 science courses (Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology or Chemistry). If you meet the admission requirements you can apply to this program though the NursingCAS website.

8. William Jewell College, Liberty

Jewell Nursing has been offering quality nursing education since 1970. Its 1,500 graduates are working across the globe in diverse work environments including hospitals, pediatrics, critical care, transplant, oncology, obstetrics, metal health and cardiology, to name a few. Being recognized for its quality of graduates, Jewell has earned many affiliations with hospitals, home health centers, public schools, health departments, community health agencies and senior and mental health care centers. This translates into exceptional clinical experiences and employment opportunities that help shaping the career of its students.

The Accelerated Nursing Track option at William Jewel offers a great opportunity for individuals in Missouri planning for a quick entry into nursing to complete their education at a fraction of the time and cost compared to a regular BSN degree. This 12-month program starting in late May and concluding in May the following year, trains students to provide safe and effective nursing care to patients in a variety of healthcare settings. Post completion of this program you need to pass the NCLEX-RN before starting work as an RN.

9. Cox College, Springfield

Cox is a private college that has been dedicated to the educational needs of healthcare students for more than 100 years now. Its small student-faculty ratio creates a productive learning environment where open discussions take place and allows professors to give personalized attention to students. Cox provides students with varied hands-on experiences at its many clinical partner sites. Additionally, its interprofessional education gives nursing students a better understanding of every aspect of patient care, thereby helping them to broaden their learning curve.

The 16-month BSN Accelerated Option at Cox is a 120-semester credit hour program, where 26 credits will be awarded for your prior degree, and in order to graduate you must complete 31 credit hours in general education courses and 63 credit hours in major nursing courses. This is a full-time, 4 semester cohort program beginning in the Spring semester. Prior to applying for this program, you need to earn a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution.

Following is the List of 1 Accelerated MSN/Entry-level Masters Programs in Missouri for 2023

1. Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, MO

The School of Nursing at Saint Louis was established in 1928. Being located on the Medical Center Campus, students are encouraged to engage in interprofessional education with their peers from other health sciences. This widens the learning curve, bringing in a holistic approach towards patient care. The school is well-equipped to provide a conducive learning environment, what with its modern classrooms, graduate research and simulation labs, large lecture halls and conference rooms.

The 21-month accelerated track is the first Direct Entry MSN program in Missouri. The program prepares you to successfully take the NCLEX-RN and the Clinical Nurse Leader Certification exam. Upon graduation you will be able to provide patient care in varied clinical settings by applying evidence-based practice and effective interprofessional communication. Being a non-nursing graduate, your previous degree will help you get a wider base of knowledge. The nursing coursework progresses from fundamentals to advanced courses such as Advanced Clinical Studies and Quality Improvement and informatics. To hone your practical skills, you will have to undergo 1000 hours of clinical training that starts from the first semester itself. To be eligible for this program you must complete the pre-requisite coursework in Human Anatomy, Human Physiology, Microbiology and Statistics.

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