6 Accelerated Nursing Programs in Connecticut (BSN & MSN) – 2023

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Accelerated Nursing programs in Connecticut are for people like you who want to become a registered nurse but majored in another field in college. They can be completed in a much shorter period of time than traditional BSN programs, and many of these programs are offered online so you can work your job and family responsibilities around your coursework. Registered nurses with BSNs in the Nutmeg State average $94,260 a year in salary on average, and demand for their services is projected to increase by more than 4 percent within the next decade. Get started by reading this list of the best Accelerated Nursing programs in Connecticut for 2023.


Following is the List of 5 Accelerated BSN Programs in Connecticut for 2023

1. University of Connecticut, Avery Point, Stamford, Storrs & Waterbury

University of Connecticut School of Nursing is synonymous with pioneering nursing education for more than 75 years now. Living up to the state’s flagship university’s mission of excellence, its beautiful campus is well equipped with modern technology and amenities that would make student life comfortable. A library that ranks among the nation’s top 30 research resources is one of its many such specialized services that make its environment rich and conducive for learning. Expanding its research portfolio, its Center for Nursing Research continuously strives towards innovation and discovery by facilitating both student and faculty research.

UCONN offers a Nursing Accelerated Second Degree Program (CEIN/BS) in CT beginning January every year at four of its campuses in Avery Point, Stamford, Storrs and Waterbury. This program has been designed to give individuals credit for their previous bachelor’s degree and build upon it. During this one-year program, you will undergo rigorous nursing focused, 45-credit hour classroom and clinical training that will fully prepare you to take up entry level nursing positions in healthcare settings across Connecticut.

2. Fairfield University, Fairfield

The Marion Peckam Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies trains its students to take on the challenges of the dynamic healthcare industry by equipping them with nursing skills, hands-on experience and Jesuit values and ethics to improve health outcomes of community. Students embrace Egan’s caring environment where small size classes make mentoring effective and help develop close bonds. Being respected for its nursing education, it has earned strategic partnerships within the community in Greater Bridgeport, where students get ample opportunities to practice skills at a patient’s bed-side. By serving patients from diverse backgrounds and economic status, graduates are ready to work in any kind of clinical setting.

The Second-Degree Nursing Program in CT offered by the Egan School of Nursing and Health Studies will take you only 15 months to complete. The program starts in June and ends in August the following year. You need to complete all the pre-requisites and non-nursing courses before being admitted into this program. The school offers financial aid to qualified students to help lower the cost burden. You will also receive professional advice and career counseling to help ensure your transition into nursing is smooth.

3. Quinnipiac University, Hamden

Having its nurses stand out in any clinical setting, the Quinnipiac University School of Nursing emphasizes on wholesome patient care, including the spiritual, cultural and psychological aspects. To facilitate this, it offers a vast array of clinical experiences in a variety of areas including acute care and geriatric care. Students apply the acquired knowledge by providing holistic care. Making nursing students ready to be part of a healthcare team, Quinnipiac offers opportunities to collaborate with students pursuing other health sciences programs where they effectively communicate with one other and come up with innovative solutions to eventually improve patient outcomes.

Quinnipiac's Accelerated BS in Nursing program not only prepares students to take the NCLEX-RN exam but also for challenging nursing experiences in a variety of healthcare settings. This 12-month program beginning in August every year focuses only on core nursing courses. Coursework must be completed in a sequence and covers diverse nursing topics such as Care of Children and Families, Holistic Nursing Integration Lab and Contemporary Issues and Roles in Nursing. Practical training in simulation labs and clinical sites, which is an integral component of this program, will help you gain the required nursing job skills.

4. Southern Connecticut State University, New Haven

The Department of Nursing at Southern Connecticut State University was established in 1969 and since then has grown to become a nursing school of repute in Connecticut. Students are prepared to provide evidence-based nursing care with compassion to patients from varied backgrounds. Small wonder that students find easy placements upon graduation and the major chunk of Yale-New Haven Health System being SCSU alumni is only testament to this fact. To empower its students with a global perspective, international experiential learning trips are offered where students provide care to underserved populations around the world.

The Accelerated Career Entry (ACE) program at SCSU has been designed for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in another discipline who are interested in transitioning into the nursing profession. Admission to this program is very competitive and only 30-36 students are accepted each year. You will receive general education credits for your previous degree and you must also complete all the required pre-requisites prior to applying. Post completion of this fast-track, 12-month program you will earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing that will enable you to take the NCLEX-RN and take up entry-level nursing positions or pursue graduate studies.

5. University of Saint Joseph, West Hartford

University of Saint Joseph Nursing Department prepares students to become professional nurses and take up significant positions in hospitals, academia, health care agencies, pediatric intensive care, critical care, psychiatric facilities, neonatal intensive care and neonatal intensive care. Its faculty comprises of experts who actively carry on research and scholarly activity, both nationally as well as internationally. Graduates learn to practice nursing with care, integrity, ethics and commitment towards a healthier society. Its Guyana Immersion Program is a unique opportunity where students explore nursing and the challenges that come along with it in a developing country.

The Accelerated Second Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (ASD) at USJ begins in May and ends in August the following year. For 15 consecutive months that includes 2 summer semesters, this curriculum combines comprehensive coursework and clinical training to prepare you for a career shift to nursing. This program lays a strong emphasis on job-ready-nursing skills through risk-free training at its state of the art simulation laboratory and through experiential learning with real-life patients at clinical sites throughout the West Hartford region.

Following is the List of 1 Accelerated MSN/Entry-level Masters Programs in Connecticut for 2023

1. Yale University, West Haven

The Yale School of Nursing was established in 1923 and today is one of the prominent nursing schools in the country. In its endeavor to make global health better the school goes beyond the campus and actively involves the college community in various initiatives. Students are provided with valuable learning experiences where they work with global populations around the world. Locally, too students are exposed to health promotion programs, where they enhance their hands-on skills in real world settings.

If you are considering a nursing career after earning a degree from another field, then Yale offers a Direct Entry MSN program in Connecticut. This program will lay the groundwork with basic as well as advanced nursing knowledge. The accelerated track combines art and science components in its curriculum to give a well-balanced learning experience. The nursing school offers varied experiential learning experiences through its interdisciplinary association with the School of Medicine and the Physician Associate program, where students work in collaboration with their peers. Furthermore, to enhance auscultative and observational abilities you will avail the resources at the Yale Center for British Art and the Yale School of Music.

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