6 Accelerated Nursing Programs in Alabama (BSN & MSN) – 2024

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Do you want to be a nurse even though you already have a bachelor’s degree in a field unrelated to nursing? Accelerated Nursing programs in Alabama will help you realize your dreams. Registered nurses with Bachelor in Nursing Science degrees earn $66,910 a year, and demand for their services is projected to increase by more than 8 percent in the next 10 years. Accelerated BSN programs will give you credit for the coursework you’ve already completed so that you can enter the RN workforce more quickly. Get started today by reviewing this list of the best Accelerated Nursing programs in Alabama for 2024.


Following is the List of 4 Accelerated BSN Programs in Alabama for 2024

1. Samford University, Birmingham

Ida Moffet School of Nursing, named after an incredible nurse who served as a healer for more than 70 years, stays true to the goal of providing outstanding compassionate patient care. It was founded 90 years ago and has continuously evolved to suit the needs of modern-day nursing. To give its students the best hands-on practice, the school offers varied on-site experiences throughout its 1320 clinical sites across the world. This gets them ready to embark on a nursing career with a global perspective and deeper understanding of different cultures.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing Second Degree can help you become a professional nurse in just 5 semesters. The program starts every Fall and offers a comfortable pace, with no classes scheduled during the summer session, allowing students to manage their family and job responsibilities simultaneously. To apply for admission, you must have earned a minimum GPA of 2.7 on a scale of 4.0 in your prior bachelor’s degree. The coursework is a combination of liberal arts and science, giving you a perfect grounding for professional nursing

2. University of South Alabama, Mobile

The University of South Alabama has worked towards making the coastal region healthier with its transformative nursing programs. With a health network that includes a Children’s and Women’s Hospital, University Hospital, Mitchell Cancer Institute, Physician’s Group and College of Medicine, the university provides its healthcare students with numerous hands-on training opportunities. The college of nursing, with its well-equipped campus provides a conducive learning environment where students and faculty actively engage in research and scholarly activities.

The 12-month accelerated BSN/MSN pathway is offered twice each year, in January and July. The college is highly selective in its admissions, so ensure you apply well before the deadline with all the pre-requisites in place. You must have earned a GPA of 3.0 at the least, in your degree as well as in your completed pre-requisite coursework. Within 12-months you will earn your BSN. As a pathway towards an MSN, the first 12 months also covers 3 bridge courses in pharmacology, pathophysiology and health assessment that can be applied towards your graduate degree, provided your grades match up to the college’s progression policy. Once you progress, the course takes you through specialty courses where you will prepare for a career in informatics, nursing administration, clinical nurse leader or clinical nurse specialist.

3. University of North Alabama, Florence

Anderson College of Nursing at University of North Alabama offers some of the top-ranking nursing programs in the south. Training nurses since 1973, its diverse student population is nurtured in a caring environment where they learn the necessary skills to embark on a fulfilling nursing career. The college is student-centered and is consistent with the university’s mission of providing innovative, inclusive, engaging, evolving and global education where everyone, including faculty and students “roar with excellence.”

The BSN Degree Accelerated option is a 16-month program, offered in January each year. You will need to complete all the required prerequisite courses in your previous degree or before starting with this program. The junior year will take you through nursing fundamentals and foundations of evidence- based practice. The senior year builds up on the knowledge by offering advanced nursing courses in mental and adult health, maternity and pediatrics and nursing leadership. If you are interested in applying, you must know that a GPA of 3.0 will be required in your previous degree or on all the specified prerequisite courses.

4. University of Mobile, Mobile

University of Mobile is one of the most beautiful Christian colleges in the nation. Its campus is located close to downtown Mobile and just 45 minutes from the beach, offering students best of urban life and recreation. The Nursing School at the university offers nursing programs where students are trained under an accomplished faculty in a small sized class. The personalized attention and vast experience of the faculty ensures graduates are equipped with the knowledge, skills and critical thinking to handle any kind of a clinical situation, be it in a hospital, or even in specialized healthcare centers like Alzheimer units or psychiatric centers.

University of Mobile’s ABSN program in AL is offered in both, online and on-campus mode. It is typically meant for those who already hold a degree, are looking for a change in career and are self-motivated as this program is intensive and requires proper time management and dedication. You will need to complete pre-requisite courses in human growth and development, human anatomy, microbiology and pathophysiology to be eligible for this program.

Following is the List of 2 Accelerated MSN/Entry-level Masters Programs in Alabama for 2024

1. University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham

Since its start in 1950, UAB School of Nursing has been offering top ranking nursing programs in the state of Alabama. Its strong alumni network of 16,000 nurses is carrying forward the legacy of the college across the globe by making their mark, working as clinicians, executive nurse leaders, deans and directors of nursing schools, nurse scientists, university presidents and professional leaders.

If you are someone who wants to make a career change to nursing, then the Direct Entry MSN program in AL offered by UAB will be perfect in providing the professional expertise in a short duration. The 16-month program is a full-time study, where you will be required to complete the coursework and then apply for licensure. The curriculum focuses on healthcare technology and transitional care. On completion of this program you will be well prepared, to either work as a nurse practitioner, clinical nurse leader or take up a position in nursing and health systems administration. In order enter this program you must have earned a GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 in your previous degree from a regionally accredited institution. The program starts in Spring with applications closing in September, so ensure you apply well within the deadline with all the pre-requisites in place.

2. University of South Alabama, Mobile

The University of South Alabama is synonymous with quality education in the Gulf Coast region since 1963 and its nursing school is no different. It offers a number of nursing programs to cater to the academic needs of its ever-growing student population. With a robust healthcare network, the nursing school has been at the forefront of research and employment ready education.

The Accelerated BSN/MSN Pathway is a 12-month full-time study that is offered twice a year in January and July. The program is rigorous, so you must be well-prepared to dedicate all your time towards it. At the end of 12 months you will earn your BSN, take the licensure exam and then progress towards the specialty coursework that will prepare you for advanced nursing positions. Failure to pass the licensure exam will have your seat withdrawn from the program. The specialty courses are offered online; however, you will complete your clinical training in faculty facilitated preceptorships. To be eligible for this program, a minimum GPA of 3.0 in your first degree along with completion of the pre-requisite coursework that includes English Composition & Literature, Biology with Lab, Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology, Statistics, Chemistry and General Psychology is required.

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